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Mafia Style Unions Create Unemployment, Not Jobs: The “Right To Work” Is Solely Up To Business

Unions do not create jobs.  What do they create?  Unions create headaches for both business owners and their employees, and unions create unemployment for employees laid off from businesses who can no longer afford to keep them on because unions have muscled their way in, mafia style, and taken over a business owner’s right to run his/her business how they want.

S. S. blogger, Roger Bybee, doesn’t know business, and he doesn’t know Wisconsin.  In the Arianna Nation, he warns that Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, is waging a “War against Workers“, and that such a “war” is “crippling the activities of public employee unions”.  Well – isn’t that “crippling” effect among unions a good thing for the workers in Wisconsin, the businesses in Wisconsin and all Wisconsin citizens who now will not be forced to pay more for products and services?  Or – is it better for everyone if they are forced to pay higher and higher prices for products and services because business are forced to pay higher and higher wages to their employees?  The extra cost has to come from somewhere, and it is always passed down to the next person/business.  In the meantime, the unions rake in big bucks from unions dues, (protection money), mafia-style.

We all want higher paying jobs, better benefits, job and pay raise securities, medical and health insurance provisions, time off, etc.  For most businesses (predominately small business) this added burden causes businesses to either lay off employees to cover the extra expenditures of the remaining workforce, or to simply go out of business altogether after the unions have bled them dry, mafia style.

What liberals and otherwise pro-union supporters don’t talk about is that when businesses are forced, by unions, to pay more for an employee, and pay more into that employees overall benefit package, that money has to come from somewhere.  Where that “somewhere” is ought to be obvious, and is obvious to conservatives.  Businesses simply drive up the cost of their products and services and pass that cost onto their consumers, who can either pay the extra cost, if they can afford it, or find a competitor.  What in all likelihood happens to a business’s revenue when their customer goes to a competitor?

Now, what happens if a customer stays with a business who has raised their price to cover the mafia-style union enforced employee wage/salary increase?  The customer is left with that much less money for either their own business, or household.  When one business customer must pay more for a product or service it is receiving from another business, that business, likewise, must raise the price of its products and services to its customer base.  This causes an unnatural chain reaction, a domino effect, in that every business is forced to eventually raise its own prices for its own products and services to cover the additions costs they have had to incur to purchase the products and services they need to remain in business.

When that customer is a person – say a grocery shopper – who is paying more for a product which is now more expensive because the manufacturer of that product had to raise the cost to offset its union’s demands for higher employee wages/benefits; because the grocery store has to further raise the cost of that product to offset its loss incurred from having to pay more to put that product on its shelves, that shopper is also left with less money, which stretches their household budget, forcing them to reserve, conserve and spend less.  Everyone suffers when consumers, whether that is business to business transactions or a person grocery shopping, slows the flow of cash in an economy.  In very simple terms anyone ought to comprehend, the less money coming into a business, the more unhealthy that business is financially.  When a business is unhealthy, financially, how healthy are its employees, financially?

What happens when the customer refuses to pay the extra cost?  They find a competitor who can deliver the products and services they need, at a cheaper cost, obviously.  (And most likely this business is non-union.)  That business which has lost a customer to a competitor has less revenue, which means they have less money available to pay not only their employees, but the rest of their business related costs.  In the meantime, unions have made a killing on union dues, mafia-style.

When push comes to shove – is a business going to pay more money to save an employee their job, or is that business going to cut one or more employees from the workforce to save their own business?  And if a business, even one that is unionized, goes belly-up, what “protections” do those unions provide to the employees who are now out of work?

The inevitable result from this is that there is  “survival of the fittest” going on among all businesses.  Those business that have more capital, more cash flow and more investment in their business are better able to stay afloat, while other (small businesses in particular) are forced to fold because they cannot compete.  Non-union businesses, even in the small business sector, are better able to compete because they don’t have unions bearing down on them, pressuring them for more money, mafia-style.

There is no Constitutional demand that all, or any, business be unionized.  The only people who ever benefit from having unions in their business are the unions themselves.  How do unions benefit anyone when all they are really looking out for is themselves?  Employees might think their (union) jobs are more secure, and they will receive a higher wage, better benefits, etc, than a non-unionized business.  However – if a business goes under because of unions demanding they pay more to their employees, money which does not actually exist unless they raise the cost of their products and services, and those businesses lose customers to non-unionized competitors, how are those employees benefited by unions when they are laid off?

American businesses have a right to run their own businesses their own way.  When mafia-style unions barge in to a business, demanding that business pay more to their employees those unions are effectively taking the right to run a business away from the business owner.  And, by the way, it is understood that unions are not barging in for free.  They damn well expect to get their mafia-style “cut” and “tribute”.

Unions, and union pensions, also are directly responsible for many unbalanced state budgets, and the reason why your state’s Governor and legislature wants to raise taxes in your state.  Either abolish teachers, police, firefighters and hospital unions and all public unions – or begin having public union employees pay more into their own pensions that go towards balancing states budgets.  Good luck with that in Blue states.  Or – will teachers only teach, police only protect, firefighters only slide down those poles, hospital personnel only saves lives if they are being paid what they feel they are worth, depending on the salary they feel a mafia-style union can negotiate they feel they deserve?  And remember – whatever is negotiated is paid for by taxpayers, who don’t have any say in the matter.

Unions, just like any mafia, have destroyed the American economy and made hundreds of millions in “protection” dues.  Meanwhile, millions of people are still out of work, still hunting for a job, and still out of luck.  And unions in Wisconsin are doing everything they can to make finding a job even more difficult for Wisconsin citizens and business owners.

And Roger Bybee wants us to believe Governor Scott Walker, because he is fighting against mafia-style unions, is the problem?

Adolf Hitler Found Alive And Well In Wisconsin, Will Vote To Recall Gov. Walker (Does Not Need Voter ID)

UPDATEOne million signatures reached to recall Walker.  How many signatures bear Adolf Hitler’s name?

Wisconsin union thugs have found it near impossible to fairly acquire the amount of signatures they need in order to recall Gov. Scott Walker before the January 17th deadline.  Therefore, not being to able to do it the legal and honest way they have looked to old icons, both animated and dead to help them do it the illegal and dishonest way.  Disney icon, Mickey Mouse, has been plucked away from the Magic Kingdom to lend his name to the list, as has very dear union friend and idol, Adolf Hitler, who one can only imagine where Wisconsin union thugs found him.  Heil Liberalism!

None of this is at all the least bit alarming or suspicious to the Government Accountability Board, which is charged with overseeing the recall process and, among other duties, to ensure the highest “accountability”.  Nor does the board  in any sense of the meaning find anything about the use of these signatures to be illegal.

“We will flag them, but we will not strike them without challenge,” said board elections specialist David Buerger.

The Government Accountability Board is only concerned with whether or not the signature has a Wisconsin address and is signed within the proper time frame, before the end of the deadline.  The name itself, apparently is not to be held “accountable” by this board.  Neither are the Wisconsin union thugs that are gathering the signatures, nor the people who are signing their names “Mickey Mouse” and “Adolf Hitler”.  The only person the state of Wisconsin desires to hold “accountable” is its own Governor, Scott Walker.  In other words, the board is only considered with “a-counting” the number of signatures collected.

Why, again, is this recall being pursued?

Walker’s efforts to restrict collective-bargaining rights for public union workers in Wisconsin have attracted the ire of progressive activists in the state.

And the only way these progressives in Wisconsin can “progress” with this recall, is to commit fraud.  That is the kind of “progress” Democrats can get into bed with.  Heil Liberalism!

Apropos, then, to use Mickey Mouse as a counterfeit and fraudulent name.  And despite the fact one cannot name their newborn child Adolf Hitler, without fear of losing custody, it is safe, and legal, to use the name of Adolf Hitler if you support union thuggery.  Heil Liberalism!

Since the ACLU has not yet moved in to protect the “good” names of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler, it must be assumed they have either spoken with them both, and guaranteed their willingness to have their names associated with this union fraud, or the ACLU has received a generous kickback from the Wisconsin unions to keep out of it.  Either that, or they are too busy with suing the state of Wisconsin on other matters.

There is no irony with the ACLU suing Wisconsin’s law requiring voters to show ID before they can vote, and their silence/approval of using fake names when they do vote.  This is the ACLU, after-all.  Heil Liberalism!

The American Civil Liberties Union sued the State of Wisconsin on Tuesday over a new law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification, charging that the measure violates the U.S. Constitution.

Why does the ACLU insist a requirement to show election officials a photo ID, proving you are who you say you are, “violates the U.S. Constitution”?  Because being required to prove you are the face behind the name cuts down on voter fraud.  By cutting down on voter fraud and preventing illegal aliens, non residents, the dead, cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and one of history’s most evil “characters”, Adolf Hitler from voting – and from voting multiple times, in multiple precincts, in the same election, Democrats, liberals and union thugs lose.  In other words, the only way Democrats and liberals, and their union thug allies, can win elections is through deceit and treachery.   The more fair an election is, the more likely the election will go to Republicans.  Heil Liberalism!

The ACLU will contest the law, claiming it is a poll tax that unfairly discriminated against blacks, the poor, the disabled, and others that cannot afford to purchase a photo ID.  However:

To keep the law from being a poll tax, the measure requires the state Division of Motor Vehicles to waive the normal $28 fee for state IDs for people who seek them for the purpose of voting.

So, where is the controversy?  Wisconsin is providing free ID’s to “disenfranchised” voters and the ACLU is still spitting mad.  Free ID’s is not good enough to the ACLU, to the unions, to Democrats because it still prevents people from voting who have no right to vote, but whose vote would otherwise help the Democrats win elections.  Fair elections, in other words, are counter-productive to Democrats and liberals.  Heil Liberalism!

Heil Liberalism and screw common sense, the law, right versus wrong, moral versus immoral, and screw the entire voting process if the ACLU, the unions and the Democrat Party is allowed to get away with this.  If Scott Walker is actually recalled because fake, fraudulent names like Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler were accepted as valid by a government “accountability” board, if people are able to vote in elections using fake names and stolen identities, if the Democrat Party is using illegal aliens and the dead to secure victories and cannot be stopped – then they will never be stopped.

Democrats, liberals, the ACLU and the unions all Heil Liberalism.  They are all comfortable with their association with Adolf Hitler.  But – would you want to be associated with the Democrat Party, the ACLU, the unions who have openly invited Adolf Hitler into their fraudulent cause?  Adolf Hitler?

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