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Why The MSM Desperately Needs George Zimmerman To Be Guilty, Trayvon Martin To Be Innocent

Until George Zimmerman turns himself in, it will be difficult to have and to find the answers to all the many questions swirling around this bizarre and baffling murder-mystery.  Until that happens, wild, rampant (and very violent) speculation will continue.  Of course, if you were George Zimmerman, and you had a one million dollar bounty on your head, placed there by a hate group – the New Black Panthers – would you be eager to turn yourself in, risking an all out assault by an angry mob looking for “street justice”?

At The Daily Beast, they are calling how some in the media are portraying Trayvon Martin as slander.  Nowhere in the article, by the way, is there any reference to slander being waged against Zimmerman, whom the MSM still regards as either a white Hispanic, or simply white.  If his name was Jorge and not George, what then might the reaction from the MSM be?

How can we explain the startling ferocity of the efforts to portray Trayvon Martin as a thug?

In attempting to piece together the “why” part of the Trayvon Martin story, and without having access to Martin (because he is dead) or Zimmerman (because he is in hiding, for fear of his life) it is only natural for reporters and investigators to search Trayvon’s past for clues as to what might have led to this unfortunate circumstance.  Why does anyone feel uncomfortable that Trayvon’s life is being researched and scrutinized?  If he was white, nobody would care.  It’s only the MSM and liberals who are up in arms.  But what can’t be overlooked or denied is the fact that Trayvon did have a criminal past, however small a role that played in his life.

We don’t yet know who the real aggressor was.  We don’t yet know who attacked who first.  We don’t yet know who was following who, or why.  We don’t yet know who the guilty party is.  However, that the MSM is outraged with some people who have allegedly jumped to conclusions and have accepted Trayvon is the guilty party, because he is black, is in itself slander and racist.  And that the MSM would ignore any evidence, any facts, anything at all that might point the finger at Trayvon, because he is black, is gross negligence and bias.

Wearing a hoodie does not make one a thug any more than “walking while black” does, or being black.  It is the American Left, liberals and the MSM that have jumped all over this story, and jumped the gun on this story, because Trayvon is black.  It’s all about sensationalism to the MSM, because Trayvon is black.  Isn’t that racist?  The MSM blames conservatives for Trayvon’s death.  Isn’t that biased?

Any comment on the Martin case must be prefaced, of course, by the acknowledgment that we’re still operating with a real deficit of information here. Other than the video and audio recordings we’ve seen and heard, everything else is rampant speculation. But the rumors themselves are still worth examining because of what they can tell us about how the human mind works during a major news event.

But still go ahead and play the “slander” game anyway?  The MSM has no qualms with painting Zimmerman as the guilty party, and blaming conservatives squarely for Trayvon’s death, despite this “real deficit of information here”.  The MSM will not even acknowledge there is a bounty placed on Zimmerman by the New Black Panthers.  But if a white person or group put a bounty on Obama, on Spike Lee (for his erroneous Zimmerman home address tweet), on any black American, what would be the end result of that?  No one from the New Black Panthers has been arrested.  Spike Lee was not arrested for endangering the lives of the occupants living at the address he tweeted.  Not even Al Sharpton has been arrested for inciting violence and encouraging mob action.

Black Americans, especially those who are outwardly and outspokenly, liberal have been accorded a free pass by the MSM, who are scared to death that by criticizing them they might inadvertently offend them.  Black Americans do commit crimes, for reasons other than revolving around America’s “racist” past.

But while race is undeniably a factor in the power of the rumors, it’s not the only one, and the connection between race-related feelings and rumor-mongering is more complicated than it appears at first glance. If we’re actually going to understand why the Martin rumors exploded, we’re going to need some more-nuanced explanations.

The “rumors” exploded thanks large in part to the MSM itself, which jumped on the “George Zimmerman is guilty, Trayvon Martin is innocent because he is black” bandwagon.  It is not inconceivable that when the MSM learned the name of Trayvon’s shooter, which by all accounts is a white, Anglo-Saxon sounding name, the MSM saw an opportunity – rare, by the way – to expound and pounce upon, and take advantage of, a ratings boom.  “White man murders black teen“.  That is all the MSM initially saw.  Of course, once it was learned that Zimmerman was, at least in part, Hispanic, by then there was no going back for the MSM.  This is why they have no choice but to continue digging themselves into a deeper hole, hoping to break daylight at some point, or at least stir up the black community in large enough numbers, hoping that will justify their own continued use of “slander” and bias against Zimmerman, and hoping that race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jacskon, Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panther Party will divert attention onto themselves and away from the shoddy, yellow journalism and horrendous coverage by them, the MSM.

Psychology is our friend here.

And what a friend it could be to the MSM, which desperately needs to have its own head examined for the way in which it has covered Trayvon Martin.  Slander?  It’s ironic the MSM uses that word.  Ironic because while they engage in slander all the time against conservatives, they have no idea the real definition of the word.  They just know it, and throwing the word out there, is controversial and a ratings winner for them.  The MSM desperately needs George Zimmerman to be guilty (not necessarily found guilty by a court) and for Trayvon to be innocent to save its own face from embarrassment and humiliation for blindly jumping into this story before it read the details.

The difference between liberals and conservatives is – liberals want George Zimmerman (a perceived white man) to be found guilty of killing, and murdering, Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, and to have “street justice” done to him.  Conservatives want the guilty person, whoever that may be, to be found out, and have justice, as defined by American law, to be done to him.  See the difference?

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