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Who Is Brett Kimberlin? Conservatives Need To Know! (Inform The MSM Too)

Apparently Brett Kimberlin is an American terrorist who stops at nothing to silence his critics, including intimidation and murder.  He is also a liberal activist (surprised?) who has been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry.  And, one more thing – we are all supposed to be deftly afraid of him coming after us if we speak about him, literally.

Kimberlin seems intent on silencing everyone, any way he can, who speaks about him.  But isn’t that an act, a form, of cowardice in of itself, from someone who does not want to put on a defense?  Isn’t it the coward who uses verbal threats and intimidation tactics from a far distance so as not to actually have to confront the person they are attacking?  And isn’t that the epitome of liberalism?

Kimberlin spend time in prison for his terrorist activities and while there he began suing everyone, including the victims of his attacks.  Despite his lifelong criminal activity, he is, or has been, supported by liberal foundations.  We might understand why Soros would support him.  Do we understand why “Unfunny Girl” Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry gave him money?  Who else is contributing to him, and has any of this money been used in his intimidation of all the bloggers who have written about him?  What is their connect to Kimberlin?  How closely related to Kimberlin’s activities are they?  And – why haven’t they been questioned by the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. for their involvement?  What, and who, is protecting and sheltering these liberal elites from prosecution?

There is a very suspicious, evil and criminal element loose in America that is helping Kimberlin evade further prosecution.  That same criminal element is aiding the likes of Soros, Streisand, Heinz-Kerry and anyone who is, or has, funded Kimberlin.  Their intent is to silence not free speech, but conservative speech and those conservatives who have courageously written about Kimberlin and exposed his criminal past and his current dealings.

Our silence is what Kimberlin is counting on.  Our silence provides Kimberlin, and all his assorted associates, the cover they need to freely operate, to freely attack, harass, intimidate.  Kimberlin is apparently able to do this shielded within his Justice Through Music Project, which brings together popular bands and musicians who in turn help get young people involved in politics (the Democrat Party) and to protest on behalf of the Democrat and liberal agenda and to get out the vote.

We still have not answered the question – do any of these musicians know of Kimberlin’s past?  And if they do, is that why they associate with him?  What about the young people who are being sucked into this “Music Project”?  Do they know they are getting involved in, and committed to, a “Project” run by a terrorist?  And exactly what kind of “justice” is being called into action?  Well, anything that supports liberalism and helps defeat conservatism.  That’s how they define “justice”, and that undoubtedly attracts young people who have been inundated with anti-American rhetoric their whole public-school lives.

We must not be afraid to demand to know exactly what Kimberlin is up to.  We must not be afraid to demand to know how involved Soros is in funding Kimberlin and sheltering him.  We must not be afraid of the retribution he apparently wages against his critics, and for some reason is not arrested or prosecuted for.  We must not be afraid to take a stand.  Whatever Kimberlin is allegedly capable of doing, we must stand up to it.  Whatever proof of intimidation and harassment Kimberlin has conducted against his adversaries must be published and republished, and spread wide and far throughout the blogosphere.  We must press the MSM to become more actively involved in this as well.  We must press for more disclosure from Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and anyone else known to be, or to have been, involved with Kimberlin.  We must continue to find and expose all others involved with Kimberlin.

Who is Brett Kimberlin?  And who is Brett Kimberlin to think he can intimidate us?

Treat Captured Terrorists Like Terrorists – Not Like A New Born Baby Or The Family Pet

Now might be the best opportunity available to become an anti-American terrorist, if you listen to anything the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) has to say on the matter of prisoner “torture” and enhanced interrogation techniques, which include water-boarding and sleep deprivation.  And on that note, just how many anti-American terrorists does the Arianna Nation continuously give aid and comfort to by writing anti-American trash every day?

The point of the so-called “torture” techniques is obvious to anyone with a drop of American blood in them: to extrapolate vital and timely information from captured combatants (terrorists) and use that information to save many more lives, as many as possible, from being murdered.  For any hot-blooded, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist wanna-be, the chance to kill American soldiers is hard to pass up.  If we (America) were actually to give up on these techniques, which are used selectively and deliberately on very specific individuals, and used very rarely anyway, wouldn’t that do more to embolden terrorists?  In other words, if a terrorist knew, in the back of his head, that all the while he was killing Americans he was not the least bit worried about being captured because if he was, there would be a nice, comfortable, cushy bed in a big room waiting for him; a nice hot meal, three times a day; a shower and a toilet; a lawyer, paid for by American taxpayers; even a Qur’an and a prayer carpet (for the Muslim terrorist).

There is a difference between a captured terrorist who we are holding, and a captured prisoner of war.  An enormous and fundamental difference that the Arianna Nation, and liberals in general, do not seem, or want to seem, to see or understand or differentiate between.  Terrorists are not fighting for a country but for an idea.  Terrorists are not wearing their country’s military uniform or waving their country’s flag or banner.  They are wearing whatever garb they happen to have in their personal wardrobe, and ideally clothing that can easily conceal explosives.  Terrorists are not operating on direct orders from a legally recognized national leader, President, dictator, etc.  Rather, terrorists are taking their orders from another terrorist higher up, who, in turn is taking their orders from another terrorist higher up the ladder, and so on until it reaches the top terrorist.

Conversely, a prisoner of war is understood, by definition, to describe a soldier apprehended who is wearing their country’s military uniform, who is fighting for, and on behalf, and sanctioned through, their country’s government; and who is fighting on direct orders from their country’s top leader, whether that be its President, dictator, or whoever is legally recognized to be running the country.  And we do have rules on how to treat those prisoners, and valid reasons as to why we treat prisoners of war with less hostility and more respect than we do with terrorists, even though in both cases, whether it be the terrorist or prisoner of war, they are both trying to kill American soldiers.

The Arianna Nation has described the enhanced interrogation techniques as “worthless” because:

A nearly three-year-long investigation by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats is expected to find there is little evidence the harsh “enhanced interrogation techniques” the CIA used on high-value prisoners produced counter-terrorism breakthroughs.”

This, despise the fact that there is not only even less information to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that treating terrorists with human compassion and a deep and abiding respect actually deters others from becoming terrorists, but that in doing so – that is, in treating terrorists more humanely, more kindly and considerately, more pleasantly, tenderly and lovingly, we are actually encouraging more people to become terrorists because, and it all goes back to this – for any hot-blooded, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist wanna-be, the chance to kill American soldiers is already too irresistible and hard to pass up, even knowing that being captured may very well include “torture” techniques being used on you to extract vital information we think you may know (whether you do or not) about your band of terrorists, their whereabouts, their activities and what they have planned next and where they will carry out their next terrorist attack.  How, and why, in the hell is a terrorist expected to give up this information if, instead of throwing a towel over their head and submerging them in cold water, we place a three coarse meal in front of them and provide them with legal counsel at our own expense?

Liberals are sympathetic to terrorists, especially those terrorists that are anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-democracy.  The only real difference between a liberal and a terrorist is that terrorists carry out what liberals only dream and fantasize about carrying out.  Not convinced?  Look at the “Occupy” movement.  They are planning some rather impressively radical activities which are coming closer and closer to being defined as terrorism.  So, in a sense, liberals are beginning to move from the “dream” stage to the reality stage of terrorism and actually becoming terrorists.

We have to do something with the terrorists we capture.  And we have to make every attempt possible to extract whatever information these terrorists might know about their band, and about any upcoming attacks.  Why does doing this incense liberals and make them uncomfortable, and uncomfortable to be Americans?

It may be true that you can “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  And it may also be true that “one hand helps another”.  It may also be true that “one act of kindness comes back to you threefold”.  However, we are dealing with terrorists who are willing to blow themselves up, and as many innocent women and children and elderly as they can for what they believe in.  And what they believe in all pertains to the after-life, not life on this planet.

But, when we are able to capture one of them, put a towel over their head and submerge them in cold water; when they feel death gripping them, and earthly life slipping away, slowly, agonizingly, under that duress they begin to appreciate this life all the more, and are not so eager to join their fellow comrades who have already made it to the after-life.  It is at that moment where our military has the best opportunity available to gain valuable information and prevent another terrorist attack from occurring, and save lives.  Why would we squander that opportunity because it makes pathetic, worthless liberals, like those affiliated with the Arianna Nation, uncomfortable and sad to be Americans?

Until the day comes when our military abandons the “take no prisoner” mentality, literally, we will continue to take prisoners.  When we are at war with terrorists, who are not fighting on orders from their government, who are, for the most part, operating in small tight-knit bands, who do not recognize, accept or even acknowledge the Geneva convention rules for engaging in war, why in the hell should America or our allies extend to them (the terrorists) the benefits, perks, the courtesy and privilege, all at the expense of the American taxpayer, of being a prisoner of war?  How does providing more safety and security to the terrorist benefit America more, and provide more safety and security to America, than it does the terrorist?

Al-Qaeda: Illegal For U.S. To Kill Its Own Traitors – Still O.K. (And Legal) For Al-Qaeda To Kill Anyone

Al Qaeda has come out with a most interesting statement on human rights and dignity by questioning the “legality” of the United States Government killing Anwar al-Awlaki.  Al Qaeda!  The same group of thugs and terrorists who have committed murder on thousands upon thousands of human beings (remember 9-11?)  including Americans soldiers.  The same groups of religious zealots who use beheadings as a means of intimidation (remember Daniel Pearl?).  The same group of perverted Muslims who have taken Islam and corrupted it into a Satanic, bloodthirsty, cult.  Al Qaeda is concerned that the killing of Awlaki was in some way barbaric and inhumane and “illegal”.  Yes!  That same bloody Al-Qaeda that’s in the news everyday for blowing up innocent men, women and children using homicide bombers.

(Read here, for a previous column on the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki)

This is a translation of what Al-Qaeda has said about the Awlaki killing from a Jihadist web site:

Where are what they keep talking about regarding freedom, justice, human rights and respect of freedoms!”

Al-Qaeda, the ‘guardian angels” that they are, of course is well documented to have the market cornered on all these concepts, and has a wealth of experience dealing with these issues.  Who are these Satan worshipers trying to fool?

Ladies and gentlemen – At a time when America and its allies are at war with these terrorists; when our efforts to destroy and annihilate this unholy mob of murderers and cutthroats has only been hampered by Democrats and liberals who, in their irrational plight to remove conservative and Christian influences from every aspect of American life, society, culture, etc., and replace it with their own socialistic worldview have given Al-Qaeda and other anti-American terrorist organizations all the breathing room, and moral support, they need in order to continue their operations – we would be so stupid and fool-hearty to imperil ourselves to take seriously the call for a more “humane” response by our American military in its engagement with an enemy, Al-Qaeda, that has only acted and behaved in the most vile, reprehensible, despicable anti-humane and anti-human ways it can think of towards the human race?  By giving into Al-Qaeda, by giving into the liberal cry to disarm ourselves, disengage, disperse and disappear from the Middle East we would effectively be giving up on the human race itself and allowing Islamic perverts to gain control.  How does that make any sense?

It is liberals who want us out of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan because they have bought into the lie that Al-Qaeda attacked America for one sole reason – America’s unwanted presence in the Middle East.  In other words, if only America hadn’t been in the Middle East, if only America was not an ally of Israel, Al-Qaeda would not have attacked America on 9-11 and America would not have expended over a trillion dollars on the “War On Terror” and thousands of Americans soldiers would not have died for “Bush’s lie”.  Although we know that to be a lie, still –

Liberals are playing right into the hands of Al-Qaeda whether they know it or not.

And Al-Qaeda is not so much concerned with whether or not America committed an “illegal” killing on an American citizen, which Awlaki was before he turned traitor and joined Al-Qaeda, than the terror group is concerned with America becoming more brazen in its war against them.  Al-Qaeda is worried, and it has reason to fear and to live in its own terror.  We killed Bin-Laden, Al-Qaeda’s number one.  Awlaki is dead.  And we will continue to seek out and kill those terrorists who take their place, even if they hold American citizenship.  Suddenly, Al-Qaeda has no where to run, no where to hide where we would not find them, where we won’t go to find them – and kill them.

So of course Al-Qaeda is going to show its yellow stripes by whining and complaining that America is not “playing fair” in its war against them, all the while Al-Qaeda continues to plot more destruction, more murder, more chaos and indoctrinate and brainwash more Muslims into becoming homicide bombers.

Alwlaki’s death, as was Bin-Laden’s, is a victory for America, for morality, for the human race.  Every time we kill Al-Qaeda members that too is a victory.  And when every last member of Al-Qaeda is dead that too will be a victory for America, for morality, for the human race.  For every time we kill Al-Qaeda, we kill the lie on which it is based and bring that much more peace and sanity back into the world.

We cannot back down, we cannot back away, we cannot back ourselves into the corner liberals are trying to paint us into.  Only through our courage and resolve, our military might, our moral strength, will we push back against the real enemies of freedom, justice, human rights and of the human race – whether these enemies call themselves Al-Qaeda or whether these enemies call themselves liberals.

When Is It Right For Our Government To Kill An American Citizen?

When he is an anti-American terrorist conducting and coordinating terrorist attacks against America, its allies and its interests, contrary to Ron Paul’s warped and pathetic view.  Paul ought to know better than that, whether he calls himself a Republican or a libertarian – but especially if he calls himself an American.

The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a senior Al-Qaeda operator, and one of its most influential members, was fundamentally right and moral.  That he held American citizenship became irrelevant when he joined forces with Al-Qaeda and became a traitor.  America does kill traitors from time time.  Remember the Rosenbergs?

Ron Paul’s assertion that the killing is Unconstitutional and an impeachable offense because we did not first capture Awlaki and then give him a “fair” trial reaches far into the depths of Paul’s own lunacy and irrational thinking.  We are at war with these terrorists!  If we find, and have the chance to kill, them before they can commit further acts of terror and violence against us, thereby preventing the deaths of more American soldiers, it becomes a justifiable action, a noble and necessary tactic.

In other words – why would we wait for a time to capture him somewhere in the future when he might find himself alone and isolated, away from his comrades and innocent bystanders?   Would such a time even ever exist?  Why would we stall and allow terrorists like al-Awlaki to prepare, and carry out, more deadly attacks, killing more of our soldiers, causing more destruction and chaos, simply because he has dual citizenship with America?

Ron Paul will never win the Presidency with this type of illogical buffoonery, nor will he even win the Republican nomination for President.  How can he not know this?

Said Paul:

I put responsibility on the president because this is obviously a step in the wrong direction.  We have just totally disrespected the Constitution.”

Expect the fact that there is nothing “disrespectful” or even Unconstitutional about killing a traitor without first giving him a trial.  And Paul even called the killing a act of “tyranny”.  This form of isolationist philosophy never aided Pat Buchanan in his attempts at the Presidency – and Buchanan never stooped to Paul’s disturbing level of depraved indecency, his incendiary mockery of American law, forging such rapacious thoughts against America and American principles as calling the killing of an American born terrorist an “impeachable offense”.

And if it was “Unconstitutional” why is Ron Paul the only candidate alleging it?  No other candidate, no other American politician, Democrat or Republican, is denouncing the killing, calling it Unconstitutional, impeachable or immoral.  And other than the ACLU, and its silly cry of ‘due process”, Ron Paul hasn’t much sympathy  What does Ron Paul hope to gain by this?  More publicity?  Maybe.  But that publicity won’t generate more support for his bid at the Presidency.

Killing terrorists wherever in the world they are, is a good thing, whether they are American citizens (turned traitor) or not.  And if we haven’t the opportunity to physically apprehend them, if it is more convenient and timely to kill them rather than put our boots on the ground, risking casualty on our side doing so, and if killing them will deal such a terrible blow to Al-Qaeda and anti-American terrorism in the Middle east and around the world – why would we blow such an opportunity?

Al-Qaeda has always insisted it has time on its side; that no matter what America does, Al-Qaeda will still exist, will regroup and retrain itself in its zeal to retake the Middle East, and the world, and reforge it for, and into, its corrupted version of Islam.

The more of these terrorists we kill in the meantime, the more we will demoralize them in their vane attempt at this madness.  The more we are willing to kill them, regardless of where they are in the world, the more they will fear our retribution and know their lives are constantly in danger, giving us that much more of an edge.  The more they fear, the more they will make costly mistakes.  And the more we are willing to kill terrorists who are themselves American citizens, without wasting time with “due process”, the more American citizens with such anti-American tendencies and desires to become traitors will diminish.  What’s wrong with that?

Only Ron Paul, and maybe the ACL(screw)U thinks they know the answer to that.

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