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Clueless Peter Beinart Insults All Americans, Black and White (Mostly Black)

Will we ever reach a point in America where a white conservative, Newt Gingrich, can speak openly and honestly of how poorly black Americans are being treated by the Democrat Party, and of how little understanding a majority of black Americans have in knowing they are being intentionally used to propagate a liberal agenda that can only move forward, that can only survive, when most blacks and other “minorities” are kept in poverty and where their minds are kept darkened and diluted with racist, anti-white propaganda?  Liberals and the Democrat Party take the intelligence of black Americans for granted and, unfortunately, there is still a large portion of black Americans which give legitimate cause for why the Democrat Party can so easily take the intelligence of black Americans for granted.

Peter Beinhart, writing for The Daily Beast, attempts to slam Newt Gingrich because he dared to call President Obama the “food stamp” President, in reference to the fact that 47 million Americans are now on food stamps, and that black Americans ought to demand jobs not welfare checks.  How on earth can anyone find this “insulting” to black Americans, unless black Americans really only want to stay at home collecting welfare checks?  Beinhart calls Gingrich “ignorant”.

Gingrich’s problem isn’t racism; it’s ignorance. Only someone profoundly ignorant of African-American politics would suggest that black Americans have spent the past few decades seeking food stamps, not jobs.

The past few decades are not what is at issue.  The past few years, certainly since Obama took office, have seen an increase in black Americans demanding more free “goodies” from government and from Obama’s “stash”.  Black Americans who voted for Obama did so expecting he would deliver to them these free “goodies” in any number of government provided (but taxpayer funded) programs to assist them.  Black Americans aren’t exclusive to this idea, but more than any other group of Americans, they now feel they have been duped by Obama, and many blacks who once supported Obama are now openly criticizing him for not giving them more than they feel they deserve.

All Democrats, black and white, voted for Obama with the idea in mind that an Obama win would mean they would get something in return for their vote.  Obama never once during his campaign emphasized the importance and value of hard work over government assistance.  Obama has not done that as President.  His policies during his first two years, when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, weakened our economy which in turn forced more businesses to lay off more workers, which in turn created more unemployment and put more people on welfare and government dependence including food stamps.  So Gingrich rightfully labeled Obama the “food stamp” President, much to the astonishment of Beinhart.

But for Gingrich—a veteran politician from the state of Georgia, speaking at a debate in South Carolina on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday—not to understand why calling the first African-American in the Oval Office the “food stamp” president would offend African-Americans is simply amazing. The most plausible explanation is that Gingrich inhabits a cultural and intellectual bubble. A bubble called the Republican Party.

More Americans are falling into poverty, or closer to it, because of the anti-business, anti-capitalist agenda the Democrat Party has put forward since 2006.  These initiatives have grown and bloated the size of government, skyrocketing the cost of paying for the programs Democrats have created and expanded.  The number of Americans who have found themselves being provided government assistance in one or more forms is dramatically increasing.  And every time Republicans fight to halt government expansion they are called racist because Democrats, and liberals like Beinhart, insist a smaller government puts black Americans at a disadvantage.

Is more welfare or more jobs the answer to black poverty?  Because Democrats tout more welfare, whereas Republicans tout more jobs.  And for that, we are called racist, insensitive, bigoted, ignorant.  Beinhart is in his own little bubble, and it isn’t comprised with a shred of intellectuality or common sense.

If increasing the size of government, expanding already existing programs and creating even more programs to provide assistance to an ever larger pool of Americans who are out of work, is the answer to poverty in America, is raising taxes on business in order to pay for larger government and more government programs the solution to poverty in America?

In other words, if raising taxes on business, who in turn will have to pass that cost on to their customers, who in turn will stop purchasing from them, or purchase less, which in turn will slow and lower the profit base, which in turn will cause business owners to stop hiring, and/or lay off employees in order to stay afloat, which in turn creates more unemployment and more Americans on welfare and government assistance, which in turn causes government to expand and Democrats to call for raising taxes even more on business in order to pay for new government expansion – all of which creates this never-ending cycle of liberal madness, how are black Americans, any Americans, “helped” if the only way they can be “helped” is when government is large enough to provide every American with enough assistance to keep them from starving, from being thrown out of their homes, from falling further into poverty and despair – if the only way government can do this is to grow and expand by raising taxes on business which causes more and more businesses to lay off more employees – if business failure is the cause for more Americans forced to seek government dependence because government is ever-increasing their taxes, lowing their profits and making it harder for business owners to keep their employees and stay in business?

That is the very, very long and unnecessary way around the solution to a problem which is best answered by less government and lower taxes and regulation on business.  Do that and businesses will have more money and be more competitive and profitable, which will see fewer business laying off employees and more businesses hiring employees.  The more businesses hiring employees, the fewer people there will be on welfare and food stamps.

The fewer people there are on welfare and food stamps, the less likely Barack Obama will be dubbed the “food stamp” President, and perhaps Peter Beinhart can finally get a good night’s sleep knowing black Americans aren’t being “insulted” by such rhetoric.

I don’t doubt that Newt Gingrich wants to help African-Americans, just like I don’t doubt that George W. Bush wanted to help Iraqis. But in politics, if you want to help people, it’s a good idea to learn something about them first.

On the other hand, for someone, like Beinhart, who thinks Black Americans are too stupid to think for themselves, who wants black Americans to remain too stupid to think for themselves, if more black Americans were employed, making a living, and less dependent on government, wouldn’t they be smart enough to think for themselves – to themselves – and know that welfare and more government was never the solution to their poverty but the problem?

Isn’t it Peter Beinhart, not Newt Gingrich, who is really being “insulting” to black Americans?

Eleanor Clift Sleeps With The RINO’s

Eleanor Clift has been doing some political dumpster diving, and has found herself a real piece of garbage.

Anyone who has heard of Eleanor Clift knows she is a bleeding heart, liberal.  So it ought not come as a shock to learn that in her column for The Daily Beast “LaHood:  GOP doesn’t care about jobs” she uses Republican Ray LaHood, current Transportation Secretary as a backdrop and pawn to further her liberal agenda of tearing Republicans apart.  Why LaHood?  Because LaHood, to his discredit, is a RINO – Republican In Name Only.  And liberals, like Clift, never miss a beat to pit one Republican against another.  And yet, for all Clift’s attempts in her column to put a wedge between Republicans, she could not have picked a worse, a more pathetic, Republican RINO for her cause.  Using LaHood as the wedge to pry apart the Republican/conservative movement which has fought vigorously to overturn the disaster and havoc that has been the Obama Administration is like using the late Robert Byrd as a wedge to bridge the gap between blacks and white supremacists.

In her opening paragraph Clift shows how inept she is when it comes to Republicans – real Republicans.  Writes Clift:

Democrats aren’t alone anymore in sounding the alarm about the paralysis gripping Congress these days.”

Well, congratulations, Eleanor.  You “have found you a new companion”, and you are welcome to him.  Nobody in the conservative camp wants to be associated with this incorrigible whiner and turncoat, or anyone who insists the “GOP doesn’t care about jobs”.

She uses a quote from LaHood from The Daily Beast and Newsweek (both of which she is affiliated):

I’ve been in Washington 35 years… and I’ve never seen a time when people have put their own personal political feelings over how we can get the economy moving.”

For those of us who are conservative, is it any wonder why we gratefully throw LaHood to the Democrats?  Look at the political makeup of Washington for the past 35 years.  Politicians have always made the greatest of attempts to “put their own personal political feelings” ahead of everything else.  However, except for two years during the George W. Bush Administration, from 2004 to 2006, when Republicans controlled all three branches, and during the Obama administration from 2008-2010, when Democrats controlled all three branches, every other congress in the past 35 years has either been Democrat controlled with a Republican President, or vice versa.  In other words, congress and politicians, including Ray LaHood, were putting “their own person political feelings” on the proverbial table, but without the majority control they otherwise would have needed, they were forced to compromise, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

We know exactly the results of what would have happened if, back in the 1980’s, a Democrat, instead of Ronald Reagan, was in the White House.  We know exactly the result of what would have happened if, under the Presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton, congress was majority Democrat, not Republican.  We know how much danger and peril our country would have been put in if there either had not been a Republican in the White House, or Republican controlled congress when a Democrat resided in the Oval Office.

How do we know?

Because we lived through the 2008-2010 election cycle, when Democrat President, Barack Obama, and the Democrat controlled House and Senate used their majority during this most turbulent of times to begin their destruction of the American economy.  By 2010, when Republicans took back control of the House, the Democrats had already wreaked their havoc, causing unemployment to rise to over 9%.

But leave it to Clift and RINO LaHood to complain that “Republicans do, and have done, nothing.”

They certainly couldn’t stop the economic train wreck Obama and the Democrats caused.  However, since gaining power back in the House, Republicans have prevented further train wrecks from occurring, and that has Clift and RINO LaHood flustered and vomiting with indignation and arrogance.  In their minds it is better to always be doing “something”, even if that “something” worsens our economy.

Said LaHood:

The crowd that was elected the last time not only came here to do nothing, they also came to put down the president. And the way to put him down is not to give him any kind of opportunity to be successful.”

The only thing RINO LaHood has right about the 2010 congress is that it was elected, with the support of tens of millions of Americans, to stop Obama and the Democrat Party.  That is exactly what this congress has been doing since taking office, and thus far they have been wildly successful.  Had Democrats regained control of the House, and kept the Senate, they would have indubitably been free to enact trillions of dollars in new spending on social programs, raised taxes on the rich and taxes in general, which would have further deteriorated our economy, shut down more businesses, thrown more people out of work and into unemployment, add millions more to food stamps and other government assistance programs and push America into a second Great Depression.

For LaHood to say Republicans “have done nothing” is sheer ignorance and stupidity, and grossly inaccurate.  Republicans have blocked the madness of the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party; a madness which bleeding heart liberals, like Eleanor Clift, stalwartly supports.

LaHood was right on another count.  Said he:

Republicans made a decision right after the election—don’t give Obama any victories.

However, he continued his statement with the type of garble and garbage we have come to expect from, and which is indicative of,  Democrats and RINO’s:

The heck with putting people to work, because we can score points,”

There is nothing, nor has there even been anything,  in Obama’s, or the Democrats, agenda to put people back to work.   Obama’s “Job’s” bill?  It’s a jobs killer.  If that ever passed and became law, the taxes enacted upon the “evil rich” would either force them to shut down their businesses and move out of the country, or shut down their businesses altogether.  Either way Obama’s “Job’s” bill would put millions more Americans out of work.

Want to put people back to work?  Cut taxes, the rate of taxation and regulations American business unfairly, unjustly sustains.

Is it really hard for anyone to understand why businesses in America close and move to other countries?  It’s not because they are looking to exploit cheap labor, it’s because politicians, Democrats and liberals, looking to exploit their socialist agenda, have run them out of the country on a rail of higher taxes and regulations that have pushed their profits way down.  If a business can make a higher profit outside of America, where is that business going to go?

Eleanor Clift is welcome to use Ray LaHood, or any RINO’s she wants in her failed attempt to cut real Republicans down to size.  A RINO is just that – a Republican In Name Only.  And while we, conservatives, have the courage and the guts to throw these people out of our camp, try getting a Democrat to throw any DINO – Democrat In Name Only out of their Camp?  Democrats like former KKK Grandmaster, the late Senator Robert Byrd.  Or the Late Ted Kennedy and his womanizing, and his involvement in the Chappaquiddick incident.  How about former President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky – while in the White House?  Democrats, Eleanor Clift included, still love him.  They still love Jimmy Carter too.

Indeed, real Republicans have morals and ethics.  We are willing to throw the garbage out, whereas the Democrats, the hoarders that they are of garbage, political garbage, save and collect everything.  Which is why they still have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in their political garbage bag.

Eleanor Clift certainly dived deep into the political dumpster for Ray LaHood.  It will be both interesting and entertaining to see what more garbage Eleanor Clift will pull out during her next political dumpster dive.  And while she is there, wouldn’t she consider throwing something away this time, like Chris Matthews or Joy Behar?

Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies! (And More Obama Lies) Part 1…

American politicians lie, by in large.  Some more than others and some politicians are just better liars than others.  It’s a fact of life that’s been with us since the founding.  They do so, Republican and Democrat alike, to gain curry and favor from constituents and secure necessary and vital donations from influential donors.  Mostly, they lie to get elected because that is all they really care about and they will do anything to make that happen   Why, then, is it so hard to accept that President Barack Obama is above such reproach?  Why then, when Barack Obama does lie (he is not anywhere near the exception to the rule) does this become a controversy when his blatant and ridiculous lies are exposed?

Obama, contrary to his supporters beliefs ( for example, the newest running joke of the Obama Administration which has successfully both replaced and took attention away from, its other running joke, Vice President, Joe Biden) has been telling lie after lie on every topic imaginable.  He’s done this long before becoming President, and subsequently after, with and without the help of TOTUS, the infamous “teleprompter of the United States”, and certainly with the help of his entire staff, so called czars and all the minions, puppets and lapdogs at the mainstream media.  Over Obama’s 2 and 1/2 years as President he has told some whoppers that all American ought to be aware of, especially  For example:

Obama’s Lies On Taxes: (And Taxing The Rich)

Like all liberals, Obama has lied about taxes and the disbursement of taxes, the distribution of taxes and the variation in taxes among rich and poor.  In particular his red in the face temper tantrum that the rich don’t pay their fair share; that the poor are getting poorer at the expense, and on the backs, of the rich; that the rich actually pay less in taxes than do the poor and that the only way to get our economy back on track and put people to work is to raise taxes on the rich.

Barack Obama lie #1:  The rich pay less in taxes than the poor!

If someone earns a millions dollars, and pays 35% to the federal government, that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 350 thousand dollars.  Conversely, someone making under 50 thousand dollars (and paying a lower rate) pays the federal government no where near the same amount in taxes than a millionaire.  How is it even possible to say the rich pay less, when it is mathematically impossible for that to occur?  It’s a Barack Obama lie, a liberal lie, to say the rich pay less in the taxes they earn than the poor.


Poor people either pay very little in taxes or don’t pay any taxes at all.  Ideally, with this current tax structure, anyone making under 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year would be exempt altogether from paying a federal income.   And if liberals really wanted the rich to pay the same rate as the poor, that’s easy.  Enact a flat tax, say a 15% across the board flat tax for all Americans.  Or, eliminate the income tax obligation for 95% of all Americans and replace it with a national sales tax of between 2 and 5 percent.  Then exempt the first 500,000 dollars of every individuals earnings from federal taxation.  For businesses, exempt the first 5 million dollars from all federal business taxes.  This way, at least, the less money you make the less likely you will have to pay any federal income, and with a national sales tax the government is still collecting revenue.  And  –  the “evil” rich will pay more!

Barack Obama lie #2:  Raising taxes on the rich creates jobs.

How is that even possible?  If you are a business owner and the federal government raises your taxes and takes more of your business earnings away from your bottom line are you, as a business owner, going to then use this as an opportunity to start hiring more employees, paying them a higher salary, growing and expanding your business, buying more equipment for your business, etc.?  There is that expression about “Doing more with less”.  However:


In the case of raising taxes on businesses you cannot do more with less.  You can only do less with less.  It is rich people that create the jobs in America.  Poor people have not created a single job anywhere, ever, in America.  And if a poor person did create a job, what kind of job could that possible be; who would want to come work for them; where would they get the money to pay the employee, which would have to be set at least at the federal hourly minimum wage?  Who would want to work for a poor person?  Poor people are poor for many reasons.  It is a Barack Obama lie that, if you are poor, it is because the rich don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. 

Barack Obama lie #3:  It’s Bush’s Fault

Our American economy is in a dire state and there is talk of a double dip recession, and even another depression.  Although a depression is more Democrat scare tactic that reality, Barack Obama, along with the Democrat party, helped in tanking our economy.  Prior to the Democrat takeover of the house and senate in 2006, during the George Bush Administration, our economy was in recovery and unemployment was under 5%.

Truth:  It’s Obama’s fault!

It is Obama that threw our economy under the bus, not Bush, not the GOP and not the rich.  Our economy began to stumble beginning after the Democrat majority had control and once they had the power to enact new laws and regulations which ultimately hurt business growth, job creation, the housing market, to name a few.  And when Obama became President, he, and the Democrat party took hold of their power and with no one to stop them passed a bailout scam, enacted trillions of dollars in new spending without having any way in which to pay for it, created new rules and regulations (health care and environmental in particular) against not only businesses but against the American people.  And although the House is now in safer hands, and with the 2012 election a year away and situations looking brighter for a Republican sweep, what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to the American economy will have lasting consequences and take a long time to reverse.

Barack Obama is a politician.  Like most of them, Obama lies.  And these lies of Obama are easily disprovable, despite the attempts of crony’s like those at to spin Obama’s lies into facts.  It was Rumpelstiltskin who could spin straw into gold, but Obama and his crony’s can only spin their lies into even bigger lies until those lies eventually unravel into a huge mess.  And much like Rumpelstiltskin, Barack Obama’s lies are nothing more than a fairy tale.

Update – Here is the link to Part 2: Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies!

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