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Celebrate, And Honor, Martin Luther King By Renouncing, Rejecting Liberalism

Of all the terrible plights to have fallen upon black Americans, liberalism is the most devastating and the most damning.  Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the power and influence of the KKK – these ugly chapters in American history are all a thing of the past.  But liberalism yet remains an intense obstacle to black freedom, empowerment and independence.

When blacks were slaves, they could rightly blame white America for their bondage and for the physical and emotional scars inflicted upon them.  When blacks were “separate but equal”, segregated from white’s by Jim Crow laws and locked out of higher centers of learning and education, good jobs, proper housing and health care, blacks could rightly blame white America for their failure to rise out of poverty and for dying statistically earlier than whites.  When the KKK was at its height of power and influence, blacks could rightly blame white America for the savage beatings, lynchings, murders and other crimes committed against black Americans.

But these ugly chapters in American history are over.  However, the poverty rate for black Americans reached 25.8% in 2009, and at 15.8%, unemployment is higher for black Americans than for any other group.  More blacks drop out of high school than whites, and black on black crime still kills more blacks than white supremacists ever did.  Without slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK to intimidate them, the economic despair black Americans are now faced with, the failure to rise out of poverty, not graduating high school, joblessness and unemployment, inadequate health care and even obesity rates among black Americans cannot rightly be blamed on white America.  Neither can black Americans blame white America for the millions of aborted black babies.  For all the troubles and ill-begotten misfortunes set upon black Americans today – black Americans have only themselves to blame.

It is all well and good, and proper, to reminisce about the past, and past struggles.  History not remembered is oft repeated.  However, life today for all Americans, including black Americans, is vastly improved.  One would never know this if all they had to listen to, and educate them, was the voice of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who still cling to America’s past racism.  Would you want your children being taught from a history book printed in the 1950’s?  If not, then why does anyone still listen to the same outdated, racist rhetoric and drivel, of which can be found in a 1950’s history book, and which is still spoken of by Jackson, Sharpton and most black liberals today?

Martin Luther King lived for the future, and he spoke of the future.  His “Dream” was that blacks and whites would be united as one race and one people.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton only speak, only “dream”, of the past, and a past where whites and blacks were divided.  So does virtually, if not, all black liberals – from Cornel West, Louis Farrakhan, Van Jones and Tavis Smiley, to Harry Belafonte, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson, to Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, James Clyburn and most members of the congressional black caucus (with the exception of Allen West who is in fact a conservative), to Barack and Michelle Obama.  The result?  Black liberals are killing King’s “Dream”.

King never “Dreamed” of black Americans being or becoming dependent on government.  King never “Dreamed” of black Americans needing government assistance.  King never “Dreamed” that anything government might do to help black Americans out of poverty, to become independent and have a shot at success, would ultimately trap them in a system which breeds lifelong poverty and servitude to the government; a catch 22 where blacks who need government assistance must live in poverty in order to be eligible for enrollment, and those black Americans which live above the poverty line, who yet might be, and probably are, struggling, are nonetheless rejected.

King never ‘Dreamed” that government would betray black Americans.  King never “Dreamed’ that blacks would betray blacks.  Yet, that is what is happening now, under liberalism and liberal policies, originally set up and designed to provide poor blacks with assistance in housing, education, jobs, food, transportation, etc., but which has devolved into a sinister and evil plot by liberals to keep black Americans poor, destitute, dependent on government and voting for liberal Democrats who promise them even more government assistance in exchange for their undying servitude to the Democrat Party, and for their votes.

King never “Dreamed” black Americans would revert back to the past to live their lives in the present, or look to the future while still stuck in the ideology of America’s past.  It is, and has been, liberals and liberalism which denies blacks have the same ability as whites to be successful and which insists that black Americans are not successful now because of America’s past.  It is, and has been, conservatives and conservatism which says anyone, regardless of color, birth or financial status, and regardless of the past, has an equal opportunity to become independent and attain wealth today.

King never “Dreamed” black American youth would be prepared for the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood, and become productive, self-sufficient Americans, by being educated solely on America’s past racism, sexism, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.  Yet, it is, and has been, liberals and liberalism which has indoctrinated and infused young black Americans with a hostility and negative attitude toward America’s entire history on the basis of slavery and segregation, always omitting the fact slavery itself has existed for thousands of years; and while millions of blacks have been enslaved throughout time immemorial, so too have whites.

Liberals and liberalism use the past to explain the present and to justify their present day racist attitudes and beliefs.  Conservatives and conservatism use the past to explain past attitudes and beliefs.

Liberals and liberalism desire to keep the racism of America’s past, and the belief it still exists, alive in the present and in the future.  Conservatives and conservatism desire to keep the racism of America’s past from repeating itself in the present or in the future.

Liberals and liberalism search the past to explain all the present-day problems faced by black Americans.  Conservatives and conservatism search the present for solutions to present day problems faced by black Americans so they might be applied now and in the future, and leave the past and its problems in its rightful era and in its proper context.

Liberals and liberalism live in, and for, the past, and that part of America’s past which was not so positive.  Conservatives and conservatism live for today and tomorrow, and only study the past to know what happened, why it happened, and if a wrong was committed in the past, to make damn certain it does not occur again, now or in the future.  Dwelling on America’s past wrongs, using those wrongs to justify today’s hatred of America, to justify racism and vitriol and anti-white bigotry is not progress and does not help black Americans out of government dependence.

Resurrecting the past by keeping America’s past racism alive today only fuels the division among blacks and whites which, without the element of racism to prop up as justification for the high rate of poverty, unemployment, joblessness among black Americans, liberalism fails and liberal race baiters lose their followers and disappear into oblivion and irrelevancy.

Liberalism, with its false teachings of victim hood, is the most damning and damaging plague to befall blacks because blacks are the ones hurting themselves.

As hard as Martin Luther King fought against the brutal practices and policies which kept black Americans from realizing their own independence, and fought for the right of all Americans to share in the “Dream” and the American Dream, equally, there are legions of liberal black Americans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton fighting to keep black Americans from ever realizing their full potential.

King never “Dreamed” black Americans would fall so far, so fast.  King never “Dreamed” black Americans would fall for a lie so blatant and so obviously engineered to keep them ensnared in a never-ending cycle of poverty and government independence.  King never “Dreamed” people he had known personally would turn his own words into anti-American, anti-white propaganda.  King never “Dreamed” black Americans would give up on his “Dream”.  King never “Dreamed’ what a nightmare liberalism would turn out to be for black Americans.

And if he had, wouldn’t he want all black Americans to wake up from it?

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