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Getting Paid To Rape Your Children – Liberals Support it; Public Schools Encourage It…

How “safe” are your children, really, once they are under the watchful eye and influence of the public education system?  Are you even aware the public school you send your children to is working behind closed doors, and with extreme, radical left-wing and liberal organizations, to draw up curriculum which encourages your children, and their peers, to engage in sex with one another?

Every public school in America that is teaching children “safe sex” is engaged in a vicious canard with long-lasting repercussions including emotional and psychological damage, the scars of which never heal.  Once you relinquish your virginity, that’s it.  Whatever the reason, public education cannot wait for your children to “do it”.  They are eager and salivating for the opportunity to indoctrinate your children in sexual activity with verbal descriptions and “artistic” imagery and illustrations, provide them with every reason why abstaining is abnormal and unrealistic, and even accommodate them with “protection” such as condoms and birth control.  And they are damned incensed when conservatives attempt to interfere.

So it ought to come as no surprise that the Tennessee Bill 3310, which promotes abstinence only and specifically “warns against gateway sexual activity” is being met with scurrilous derision and venomous outrage by liberals, Planned Parenthood in particular.

Planned Parenthood Director of Education Elokin CaPese told WMC-TV that the bill is broad and unrealistic. Its prohibition of “gateway sexual activity” demonstrations would include health education models, she said.

Such as?

Holding hands and kissing could be considered gateways to sex.  Planned Parenthood said that allowing state government to define local sex education curriculum could backfire.

But somehow allowing Planned Parenthood to “define local sex education curriculum” hits it out of the ballpark?  Somehow kids who engage in sex, however “safe”, are more healthy, are less at risk of becoming pregnant, or getting VD, STD”s or AIDS than kids who abstain from sex?  Planned Parenthood is worried that this bill will “backfire” because it might lead to kids not being able to hold hands in school?

Here is what the bill states:

(1) Exclusively and emphatically promote sexual risk avoidance through abstinence, regardless of a student’s current or prior sexual experience;
(2) Encourage sexual health by helping students understand how sexual activity affects the whole person including the physical, social, emotional, psychological, economic and educational consequences of non-marital sexual activity;
(3) Provide factually and medically-accurate information;
(4) Encourage students to communicate with a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult about sex or other risk behaviors;
(5) Address the benefits of raising children within the context of a marital relationship and the unique challenges that single teen parents encounter in relation to educational, psychological, physical, social, legal, and financial factors;
(6) Discuss the interrelationship between teen sexual activity and exposure to other risk behaviors such as smoking, underage drinking, drug use, criminal activity, dating violence, and sexual aggression; and
(7) Educate students on the age of consent, puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, and the financial and emotional responsibility of raising a child.

Where in the hell does it say anything about not holding hands, or punishing students who do?  And even if a public school prohibited its students from holding hands while in school, or on school property, during school hours, there is nothing unconstitutional about that.  It might be, to a degree, going overboard.  On the other hand, it is hardly as offensive as encouraging kids to “go all the way” with one another, which is what so-called “safe sex” education promotes, and what teachers encourage as they instruct their students in this type of curriculum.

Planned Parenthood, of course, is not the only organization that supports raping children in this manner.  The Democrat Party supports this form of rape, as do all liberal organizations.  This is one of the myriad differences between conservatives, who support abstinence-only education and liberals.  What exactly is the benefit of intentionally putting children in harms way by promoting such risky, dangerous and irrational behavior?  To say liberals just want kids to be “safe” when/if they do engage in sex is another canard. Liberals want kids to engage in sex at such a young age, and they want kids to be as “prepared” as possible for when that times comes.  If they didn’t, they would support “abstinence-only”.  That we all know some teenagers will engage in sex is still no reason to encourage all teens to engage in it – and teaching “safe sex” education, and instilling them with ideas of “normalcy” and making the experience as “comfortable” for them as possible only entices young teens with impressionable minds to let down their guard and give into temptations they are better off waiting to indulge in.

Conversely, abstinence-only teaches kids that sex, while it is a normal part of the human experience with ample rewards, holds risks and consequences for those who engage in it at young ages, who do it not out of an actual love for one another, but out of a lust caused by an imbalance in their hormones.  (And it is appropriate to refer to this type of behavior as lust rather than love because their hormones are “raging” and puberty is sending all kinds of messages to their brains that kids cannot fully process or understand.)  It is imperative teachers not betray the teacher/student confidence and relationship by instructing kids that it is “normal” for them to partake in sex.

Most kids do abstain from sex during their teens.  If a majority of kids can find within themselves the willpower and the courage to remain virgins through high school and even college – why do we want Planned Parenthood trying to undermine and exploit, and expose, our children to risks and dangers they need not have to worry about, on the basis that because only a small percentage of teens ever do give into temptation and peer pressure, therefore every child ought to be instructed in “safe-sex” education, and ought not be discouraged from engaging in it as long as it is “safe” sex?

How The Left Repeatedly Rapes Women/Girls – And Why Leftist Women Love It

How many times a day do we hear how “rabid” and “extremist” conservatives are with regards to women, “women’s rights”, sexuality and “reproductive rights” and sex education vs. abstinence education?  The Left is even more “rabid” and more “extremist” when it comes to fighting for, and promoting, these concepts.  And is is all the more reason we, as conservatives, need to be more vigilant, more supportive of the social issues, even, and especially, in political campaigns, and why we ought to reject the both the Left’s assertion that social issues are not issues politicians should be meddling in (in particular from a religion stance) and that block of conservatives themselves who fear social issues will not win conservative politicians the necessary seats in congress to keep the House, take back the Senate and reclaim the White House.

The Left is relentless in its attack on conservatives (including conservative women) for having values which are consistently pro-life, pro-American and even pro-woman.  The Left cannot abide the fact that after forty plus years of “sexual revolution” and “sexual liberation” there are still tens of millions of Americans ( including women) who renounce, reject and revolt against them and their liberal/socialist agenda of raping women/girls of both their virginity at very young ages and their minds – which the Left ever is seeking to control.  And women/girls are being raped by the Left, which includes liberal, pro-abortion feminists, the MSM, the Democrat Party, the ACLU, the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) and a host of groups, organizations and activists who are committed to the destruction of American values and morals and will use whatever methods they can to ensure they are destroyed and stay destroyed.  But, how do they do it?

Just take a look at virtually any given story, on any given day, in the “Women” section at the Arianna Nation, for example.  Stories like, Why Sleeping With 75 Men Didn’t Make Me Promiscuous, Is It Time To Retire The Word ‘Wife’?, There Were How Few Women At The Contraception Rule Hearings?,Helen Gurley Brown Turns 90 — And Has A Few Words For You – these are just a few of the “Women’s” stories that rotate daily on the Arianna Nation that are intended to pass for “inspirational”, “inspiring”, “uplifting” and “progressive” reading.

The problem?  They all center around the belief that women have been so mistreated by men, and male dominated societies for hundreds, thousands of years, now it is time for them, women, to experience “freedom” and “liberation” for themselves, at the expense of giving up their most powerful weapon, their greatest source of strength, lowering their self-worth and relegating themselves as no better than the men they purportedly hate and despise by engaging in the exact same behavior they hate and despise men for.  But those “backward” and “religious extremist” conservatives (living in the time of yore) just keep getting in the way.

Yes, we, as conservatives, have a very real problem with women sleeping with men (and men sleeping with women for that matter) and the messages that sends to our young American boys and girls who are being educated to believe that sleeping around with various partners is not dangerous, promiscuous behavior.  The indoctrination they receive is a form of mind rape, and when they actually give in to temptation (because there are no responsible adults holding them back) they are being raped of their virginity and self-worth.

The Left, which hates family, despises marriage, loathes women who choose to stay at home to raise their children and is intolerable towards all men and women who choose to remain celibate and virgins until after they are married, heavily promotes and encourages abortion rights, the use of contraception and “safe” sex education to counter a culture and a society of people who do love family, love marriage, and love women, and respect women enough to not sully them by taking away their virginity – which does empower women in ways that, once her virginity is gone, her sexuality no longer has the same charismatic strength and charm it once possessed.

Women and girls are being educated to believe that “equality” means, and includes, the right of women and girls to partake in free, open sex, the same as men and boys do; that “equality” means, and includes, that because a man cannot get pregnant, a right to end an unwanted, unintended pregnancy must be available to women to even the playing field.

Conversely, these same women and girls are being educated to believe that remaining a virgin until married, or at least going through with a pregnancy which was unintended (rather than having the abortion) is akin to a religious philosophy of subservience to men and to a male dominated society.  If any of this is true, men themselves ought to be more courageous and step up to defend women who reject liberal feminism, reject the sexual “liberation” movement – and reject killing an unborn child who is the victim of an unintended pregnancy.  Men also ought to be more chivalrous when it comes to women by supporting them and their position to remain virgin until married.  The best way men can do that is to remain virgins themselves.  That is real equality among the sexes.

Women who call themselves feminists, and subscribe to liberalism and Leftism, do so primarily because they are driven by their hatred of men and the fact that men can have all the sex they want and never get pregnant.  Also because men, for so long, have held real power over them and their lives.  Most of that, in America, has been, by now, rectified and amended.  Women, in America, are just as equal to men, as men are to women – under the U.S. Constitution.

Of course men still cannot get pregnant, and that biological fact still infuriates liberal feminists to no end.  And women still do not possess the same physical strength and endurance as do men, which is why they have no place, and no business, being put in military combat roles where they not only endanger themselves, but their units as well, along with their missions and operations.  And that is why they (liberal feminists) are so vocal when it comes to abortion rights, access (the freer access the better) to contraception and why they demand so-called equal rights protections and special rights and privileges be guaranteed to them.

And that is why they (liberal feminists) love being raped, and why they love raping new generations of young girls.  This form of rape, which is a fantasy to them, feels good and is liberating, soothing and intoxicating.  And it is also why they look upon conservative women with spite and a vindictiveness unparalleled to the men they despise.  Such conservative women are traitors in their eyes.  Which is why they so vilify Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and other conservative women – and why, when Leftist men satirize, dehumanize and degrade conservative women, liberal feminists never cry “sexism”.

The best way for conservative men and women to counter this madness is to join together, equally, to renounce Leftist, liberal ideology.  The more men and women that do this, the more the ideology of liberal feminism will be shuttered and confined to the kook-house of their creating where it will, having nowhere to spread, will self-combust and implode on itself, dying the death it deserves.

For the sake of America, and for the sake of America’s youth, and future generations – let’s get these liberal feminists to that nunnery!

Respect for Women Means Being Abstinent And Pro-Life

We can blame women directly for men’s ill-behavior toward them.  If women don’t want men acting like “animals”, women ought not to encourage them to give into “animalism” and the behavior for which women decry as being sexist, degrading and anti-woman.  It is the fault of women – those women who themselves have no respect for themselves, their own bodies and that of life itself.  And it is also the fault of men – those men who enjoy having sex with women, but do not want to marry them first.

If a woman is an advocate of “free” sex, sex before marriage and sex with multiple partners, what kind of a man is she going to attract other than a man who himself only sees women as sex objects, someone to delight in for a few minutes and whom he never has to see again?  What does any woman expect, the lower she lets slip her moral standards, the reaction to a man is going to be who is literally being invited to partake in her, ravage her body and then walk away without having to worry about the consequences?

In other words, men who truly respect women do not have sex with women outside of marriage, and women who want men to respect them don’t flaunt themselves in front of men, for men and to attract men for the sole purpose of sex.  Having sex, wanting sex and engaging in sex is human nature.  But humans are not the animals they once were, long, long, long ago.  Either women need to start respecting themselves, and their own bodies, by keeping their bodies closed until they are married, or women need to shut up and stop whining about how men are “sexist pigs”.   Either women want to be degraded, taken advantage of, used, treated like a piece of meat, chewed up and then spit out – or they want to be shown more respect.  Men don’t respect “loose” women any more than women respect “loose” men.

Women can’t expect men to be both respectful of them, but also lustful towards them.  Women can’t expect men to behave cordially around them, if women themselves are saying “come here” with their eyes and fingers.  Women can’t expect men to look away from women the more of themselves they put on full display.

So, how does any man – how is it expected any man will – as a boy who learns in school that having, and experimenting with, sex with girls is a normal part of adolescence and growing up, then grow up to respect women after he has spent his teen years “making friends with” as many teen girls as he could?  And girls are being taught the same thing as well, with regards to boys and their bodies.   Here, on the one hand, there is a demand from liberal feminists that kids know all about “safe” sex and how to have “safe” sex with one another (because they are going to do it anyway, and public school teachers, rather than take up a position of responsibility reverse course and instill irresponsibility) and on the other hand, liberal feminists are outraged, horrified and “shocked” with the amount of “gambling” going on in a girl’s or woman’s “back room”.  It’s a dangerous double standard being played by women.

Teaching kids sex at their age, and sex before marriage is normal, does not instill respect in one another.  Whether boys and girls abstain from sex before marriage or not, the longer they hold off into their adulthood, until they are married, the more respect they will have for one another and the fewer unwanted pregnancies and STD’s that will result..

Yet, the same worthless liberal feminists that demand a very thorough teaching of sex education be taught in public schools, where impressionable young boys and girls are being told that having sex at their age is perfectly normal (and won’t be prohibited, interfered with or frowned upon by their teaching staff) are the same hypocritical women that call men “sexist pigs” and decry being degrading by the very men who, as boys, learned in public school – from the dogma of liberal feminism – that it’s perfectly normal for them to view girls and women as sex objects, and to give into their carnal desires.

Ladies and gentlemen – how does taking away the truly greatest power a woman has over a man, namely her virginity, create a respect for women?  Liberal feminists are the “Frankenstein” which created the monster in the first place.  And now they cannot control their creation.  Is anyone surprised?

Liberal feminists, “worried” about the rise, or the prevalence, of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in young girls and women, rather than teach girls and young women to respect their bodies by abstaining from sex, encourage them to “just do it”.  But liberal feminists never tell impressionable young girls that so-called “safe” sex can still result in both pregnancy and STD’s.  Is it any wonder, then, why these same liberal feminists demand there be free contraception available, and abortions?  If young girls and women “loved their bodies” enough to abstain from sex until married Planned Parenthood would be out of business.  So would liberal feminism.  Both are certainly morally bankrupt.

There is absolutely nothing “prudish” or “backward” about boys and girls, young men and women, waiting to have sex until they are married.  Women can’t demand all men stop looking upon them as mere objects if they themselves are the ones giving men the green light to “go”.  Women can’t demand men stop their “sexist” attitude towards them if they themselves have the attitude that sex in an unmarried relationship is normal and acceptable.  Women can’t blame men for degrading them if they are degrading themselves by being so sexually open with their bodies.

If respect is a “two-way street”, why do so many women allow themselves to travel down that street in the wrong direction?  Isn’t it obvious, sooner or later, there will be a collision of a consequential magnitude?

Brainwashed Teenager Argues for Right To Kill Unborn Children

The Arianna Nation “Youth Movement” has a piece written by a young teen, Alton Lu, who wants to know why pro-life Americans would have the audacity to meddle in the affairs of  teenagers and all Americans who wish to engage in sex, and demand to be provided free contraception and free abortions – paid for by you, the taxpayer – and what will happen if abortion is ever banned and if the cost of contraception is ever reverted back to the people who want to engage in sex.

Alton Lu is a poster child for what liberals, the Left and Planned Parenthood have managed to do with, and to, our youth in public schools.  Alton is sincerely afraid of conservatives and the pro-life movement.  And why not?  Liberalism has brainwashed Alton into believing contraception and abortion are constitutional rights and that “women’s health” and “reproductive rights” are at stake; that conservatives are actually putting the lives of women in danger by pushing for abortion bans and trying to reverse the contraception mandate that would force Catholic and religious hospitals and institutions to provide women with services that are counter to their religious and moral convictions.

Writes Alton:

“What happens if abortion is no longer legal? What happens if planned parenthoods across the nation are shut down? What happens when students are continually subjected to abstinence-only education and people unable to receive contraception?”

To be fair, Alton legitimately and probably does not know what abortion really is, that it is in fact the killing of an unborn child, and probably has never seen a picture of a fetus in the womb. If Alton still supports abortion, the young teen has truly had a successful brainwashing, and is an example of what can happen, what is happening, to your children in public schools all over America.

If abortion is no longer legal, women will have to give girth to their babies which means more babies will be saved from being killed in, or out of, the womb.  Liberals seem to care less about this.  Some women will seek the “back-alley abortions” at their own peril.  However, that women would, of their own free will, drive themselves to engage in such madness, is no excuse to legalize, and to keep legal, a practice which kills unborn children.  More women who do become pregnant will accept the pregnancy and give birth.  Let us hope that more and more women’s crisis centers will be in operation, run by actual women who want to help pregnant women and girls during their pregnancy, provide them with the psychological and emotion support they need, and, if they cannot keep the child, help them find a family that can adopt the child after it is born.

Having to sit through abstinence-only education ensures teenagers are receiving the proper sex education they need, need to hear and need to hear from adults and teachers placed in, and with, the responsibility of educating them.  Thus, fewer teenagers are brainwashed into believing sex at their age is normal and acceptable.

Fewer teenager would also be engaging in sex, which would reduce the need for contraception, and lower the risks associated with sex (STD’s, etc.), and prevent more pregnancies, unwanted or otherwise, from occurring.  It would also reduce the reason for all those “Planned Parenthoods”, therefore they will not be missed.

Abstinence-only prevents pregnancy 100% of the time it is practiced.  Sex, even so-called “safe” sex can still lead to pregnancy and sexually related diseases.  If someone, including two teenagers, want to engage in sex, they ought not be encouraged by adults, and especially teachers, and they ought not be provided free contraception – paid for by the taxpayer – to make it easier for them to do.  Neither should any american.  If you want to have sex, fine.  Pay for the contraception yourself – and man up, and woman up, by dealing with any of those “consequences” should they arise afterwards.

“This isn’t legislation for the life of the fetus. This isn’t propaganda for the sake of the women’s life. It’s a pathetic attack by narrow field of religious zealots to impose their beliefs upon all women in the United States. Now people wish to use pregnancy and labor as punishment for sex. Policymakers use the politically-correct term “Suffer the consequences.”

Pure Planned Parenthood, liberal feminist BS.  Abortion is not just a religious issue, it’s a moral issue that is one of the defining issues of our time.  People who engage in sex, if they are “punished” with pregnancy “punish” themselves.  Why should the American taxpayer be “punished” by being forced to flip the bill for someone’s irresponsibility?

“Those who do not support abortion and adamantly despise it should be at the front lines, battling for the use of birth control. The best way to stop abortions is to ensure no unwanted fetus is created. Those who do not support abortion should be crying out for true sexual education, not the useless dribble called abstinence-only. There would be no need to save the life of unborn babies if people are able to prevent a pregnancy.

The best way to stop pregnancy, unwanted or otherwise, is to not engage in sex in the first place.  We who do not support abortion are at the front lines – to demand an end to abortion and to demand an end to the liberal dogma that abortion is an acceptable form of birth control and an overall part of “women’s health”.  It’s not.

Likewise, the best way to “ensure an wanted fetus is not created” is to not engage in sex in the first place.  If you want to engage in sex, nobody is trying to take that away from you.  However, if you do engage in sex, and become pregnant, having the right to kill your unborn child – and have that child killed at our expense – is not an option, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

“True sexual education” is abstinence-only, which does empower women more so that “safe” sex.  In other words, the more a women tells a man “No” to sex, rather than “yes”, the more the woman can control, and have control, over her own body.  The “looser” she is, the less respect any man will have for her and for her body, or want to have.

“I would question those who do not agree with my ideas. A paradox has been created with those who fight to stop both abortions and prevention. If you bring down abortion, prevention must be lifted up. If you bring down prevention, abortion must be lifted up… Or there’s the off-chance these religious zealots can actually convince the people of the United States to not have sex…

Your ideas are not only “questioned” they are being challenged.  Alton, you are far too young, and far too ignorant, (a result of the public education you have received, and the liberal brainwashing you have undergone) to fully comprehend just how dangerously wrong, and wrong-headed you are.  Your youth may be your salvation.  You have time to open your eyes and see why abortion is wrong and how Planned Parenthood, the public school system and liberalism has brainwashed you.

Fighting abortion is not to suppress women, to take away rights, to keep women “barefoot and pregnant” or to take away power.  Fighting abortion is to save the lives of unborn children.  Either life has value or it hasn’t.  Conservative and pro-life Americans have more respect for life, and for your life, than the liberals who brainwashed you have for you.

We don’t want to convince you not to have sex.  We do want to convince you not to have sex until you are married.  Outside of that – if you do, why should we “suffer the consequences for your mistakes?  And – why should the unborn baby you help to create “suffer those consequences” as well?

Rush Limbaugh’s Answer To Why “Contraception Must Be free”

Rush Limbaugh asks the question, on his radio program, “Why must contraception be free”?  Liberals and Democrats, including Barack Obama, under the disguise and masquerade of “women’s health” are demanding women have access to free contraception – paid for by the American taxpayer.  Contraception, they say, saves lives, prevents diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  But that is not the real reason liberals are demanding it.  And we should not be fooled into believing and accepting that liberals and Democrats are anything other than the deviant, perverted, anti-life “culture of death” that they are.  There is absolutely nothing benevolent with their push for free contraception – paid for by the American taxpayer.  Nor does forcing religious hospitals and its staff to provide contraception and abortions have anything to do with “women’s health”, but has everything to do with Barack Obama’s, and the Democrat Party’s, socialist, anti-religious agenda.

So, why must contraception be free?  The answer is obvious.  Free contraception offers every American man and women, girl and boy, who engages, who wants to engage, in pre-marital sex with multiple partners what they really want – the luxury, the freedom and the convenience to continue that practice without consequences and without cost.  Likewise, the more people engaging in sex before marriage, the less likely, and the less incentive, there will be to even get married.  Marriage, pro-family, pro-life are all counter to Democrat ideas and the more people who get married (before having sex), the more likely they are to be and to become conservatives.  Having to pay for contraception always discouraged more people from having sex.  Removing that obstacle will ensure the millions of Americans who now do engage in any unsafe, unmarried sex, including teenagers, and the millions of Americans who otherwise would have held off, a false security, an unsafe safety net which Obama and the Democrat Party have conspicuously placed before the American public.

Free contraception also removes the stigma of unmarried people engaging in sex, thus free contraception invites others, who might have had serious reservations about sex before marriage, and in particular, sex at a very young age, to be more sexually pro-active.  Having someone else pay for your sexual delights also encourages more sex between people because the cost – which is nothing – is no longer a factor in whether or not, say two teenagers, worry about those “awful” consequences of unprotected sex.  Free contraception, it must be noted, is not just about condoms, but also pregnancy preventing pills and pregnancy ending pills, and it includes free abortions.  “Just do it” certainly has taken on a new meaning.

There is absolutely no doubt liberals want people engaging in lots of pre-marital sex.  And that includes teenagers.  Here’s proof to validate that statement.  Free contraception allows the government to control, and to have more control over, one’s behavior.  Abstinence, conversely, which actually does empower women, is impossible for government to control because with abstinence there is nothing going on with which to control.  Since liberals never advocate for abstinence, but “safe” sex education, it must be accepted that their agenda supports teenage sex rather than opposes it.  And since the only “safe” sex is abstinence, which our government opposes teaching to teenagers, we can only consider our government’s motivations to be very sinister with regards to our teenagers.

Providing contraception for free, through the federal government, makes it much easier for the federal government to control people and their behavior than having them go through their doctor, which millions of Americans don’t have, and having to pay even a portion of the bill which is still expensive for millions of Americans.  Free contraception removes the middle man and makes government the only source people can, and will, go to.

There is no difference in what Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are doing than what a drug dealer does.  A drug dealer provides the fix an addict needs.  Often drugs are given away free to new users, the same as the government wants to do with contraception.  But the cost always returns.  The cost, in this case, is submission and enslavement to the Democrat Party and the socialist agenda in exchange for free contraception.

The connection between free contraception and government control over people (in particular the young and impressionable, and those more easy to sway) through providing free contraception is key to Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s socialist agenda.  In order to ensure their control they need only get people into the places which will be dispensing it – like Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, and all the “women’s health” clinics which will pop up all over the country that have nothing really to do with women’s health but rather everything to do with indoctrinating and brainwashing women (and men) into liberal feminism, socialism and the Democrat Party.  Forcing religious hospitals to provide free contraception merely takes away another safe place women and girls can go for their real health needs and education, and is done to further diminish the role of religion and morality in America.

What better way for a deviant government, and political party, to control people than providing them with free contraception (as a hook) to engage in behavior that leads to less of a civilized society?  Uncivilized societies give their governments certain rights and privileges, and excuses, to become more dictatorial, more ruthless, more powerful.  We are seeing that right now with Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

Free contraception is but another way the Democrats have devised in which to hook you, all of us, into their socialist agenda.  They would rather your mind was more on sex than on more important and pressing matters, like the fact that Democrats are doing everything they can to wreck out economy and abolish our Constitution and our constitutional rights.  And all Democrats have to do to make so many of us salivate and bend is to put the word “free” in front of something and we fall head over heels in love.

Having sex has consequences.  Even when free contraception – free, but paid for by American taxpayers – is being provided.  The government never gave anyone anything.  And certainly the government never gave anyone anything for free.  There is a cost involved with free contraception, and the question is not necessarily “why must contraception be free”?  We know why Obama and the Democrat Party demand it be free.  Rather the question is – have we become so enamored and swept away with getting something for “free” we have lost all sense and sensibility and we are willing to trade our morality and civility for a lie that ultimately will cost us what we really most hold dear – our constitutional freedoms?  Is losing that worth the price of a “free” one night stand?

The Importance Of Teaching Our Daughters To Be Selfish

One of the more (but not necessarily the most) important things we teach our children in their early years is the concept of sharing.  This is done primarily for the benefit of the parent who does not want to sit and listen to, and watch as, children bicker, fight and scream at the top of their lungs for a toy or some thing they want, that another child has, but which is in short supply.  So we, adults, came up with the psychologically driven and motivated concept of sharing – again, driven and motivated more by our need for peace and civility than the actual child.  Janie plays with a toy for a while, and then gladly volunteers it over to Karen, knowing that Karen will, in return, return it to her, Janie.  And so forth and so on.  While it makes us happy to see the kids sharing and playing nicely, it makes us even more grateful not to have to break up a temper tantrum, which has ruined many a day.

However, as our children grow and become young adults, and enter their teen years, there is, especially for our daughters, something that every parent ought to teach young girls to be very stubborn, very greedy and selfish about, and very proud to keep to herself, and to protect, and not share with anyone, until the right time comes.  That, of course, is her virginity.  And that “right time” to share herself, it is both hoped and preferred, will be after she is married.

Unfortunately, as we are all too aware, our culture is saturated with conflicting views as to how our daughters ought to behave themselves.  What they see on television, from young actresses and singers like Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan; what they see, and are taught, in school – particularly when it comes to sex ed.; what they hear about teen sexuality and pregnancy, and “women’s right” -  largely disseminated by liberal feminist organizations who have hidden agendas; and deviant politicians who work in conjunction with feminists and other liberal groups to pass harmful laws counter to both morality and common sense have long undermined and usurped the kind of guidance a parent would want to instill in their daughters.

Parents need to be courageous enough to talk directly, and frankly, with their daughters, appropriate to their age, about their bodies and about those changes that will, or have begun to manifest.  And parents need to instill the value of chastity and virtue and why their daughters need to be courageous themselves in remaining pure, not giving into the temptations that surround them in the music they may listen to, the television they may watch, the information they may hear in a class discussion or from their peers.  Likewise, boys need to be taught the importance of self-restraint – and why they too ought to abstain from sex until married.

Young girls need to band together, and need to know they can band together, in groups to shelter and offset the immense pressure that surrounds them always by those children whose parents have not done their duty as you have, and by those teachers who would rather expose young girls, and boys, to all the misinformation being propagated about “safe sex”, and other anti-child curriculum girls, and boys, are routinely indoctrinated with in public schools.

When public schools, adults, paid by and with our taxes, instruct our children and teach them safe sex over abstinence – the only word to accurately describe what these teachers are doing is betrayal, and it is one of the most cruel and vindictive acts of betrayal from a teacher.

Teachers are betraying the trust and confidence we, the parents, and adults, place in them when we send our children off to school.  These teachers need to be fired, and we, the parents, need to be strong enough, and vocal enough, in our outrage, to see these parasites fired.

Public schools may feel they have an “obligation” in teaching safe sex over abstinence because there has always been those teenagers that do engage in sex, and many young girls become pregnant as a result.  However, how does it make sense to condone this practice by giving into numbers and statistics, and giving up on the very children public schools are commissioned with providing a quality education to?  In other words, the more children hear, from adults, that sex between teenagers is going to happen anyway, so they might as well know what they’re in for, and how to practice sex “safely” (which is an oxymoron) the more children are going to accept that – because it “is going to happen anyway” – sex between them is inevitable.  Therefore they will be more inclined to try it, experiment with it and see what it is all about.  The more teenagers having sex, the more pregnancies that result.

Nobody ever got pregnant by abstaining from sex.  But to have a teacher illustrate to a teenager in a sex ed. class how to apply a condom is a sure way to create a false sense of security among those students in that classroom.  Hence, the importance of teaching our daughters, who will be immersed in this type of anti-child garbage until we can have it removed from the schools, to be stubbornly selfish; to dismiss the false teachings of their teachers; to not be afraid to openly criticize their teachers for the harm they are causing; to rise up and be proud they refuse to give up on themselves as their teachers, as their schools, have given up on them.

That type of independence would scare the hell out of liberal feminists, and leave them speechless, choking on their own rot and filth as they slowly decay into the nothingness, the irrelevancy, that awaits them.

And besides the health benefits of saving one’s self until marriage, it still is an American virtue and value.  Why would we ever consider anything which teaches our daughters to accept they have no self-worth?  Why would we, as parents, as adults, consider anything but the utmost best for our children?

Is betraying them, giving up on them, abandoning them to the wills and whims of a deviant, malicious, politically correct and motivated public school agenda, a mainstream media and liberal agenda, really showing our love to, our respect for, them?

Of Abstinence, Sex Ed – And Why Gene Simmons Is Nobody’s Role Model

Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS is publicly and unabashedly celebrating being a sex addict and all the many “romps” he has had with women over the past 30 odd years.  He’s not the only “celebrity” to have expressed their delight in the opposite sex so openly and brag about it.  Remember the late, not so great role model, Wilt Chamberlain?  Chances are Simmons will not be the last, at least not until our society and our culture begins to demand guttersnipes like Gene Simmons and Wilt Chamberlain keep it in the hanger and just “shut up and sing”, or entertain.

Gene Simmons is a large part of the reason why so many young teenagers give in to peer pressure and engage in sex.  They see their favorite singers, actors, entertainers, etc. openly talking about their own experiences, as if it was the greatest thing to happen to them, and young kids naturally want to emulate and imitate them.  And although the percentage of teens having sex is declining, Simmons, and others, (and their nonchalant attitude toward sex) remain part of the problem why more children will not abstain from sex.

Sadly, those entertainers who promote the “abstinence until marriage” message are routinely mocked and criticized for not being “realistic”.  Abstinence pledges and the rings teens wear to show their solidarity for abstinence are frowned upon more than they are accepted, which puts added pressure on these kids to renounce their abstinence pledge and give into their carnal, hormonal lust.

It’s not only entertainers that are leading kids into having sex way too early.  Shockingly, ladies and gentleman, it is their own teachers.

It is altogether fitting and proper to call it an outrage for school districts to allow their teachers to promote this type of indoctrination.  And parents not only have a right to know what their children are being taught, they have a right to complain and have it removed from the curriculum.  Indeed, all taxpayers, including those who don’t have children in these schools, have a right to voice their displeasure.  Teaching anything but abstinence constitutes an absolute betrayal of the teacher-pupil relationship.  And for an adult, and a teacher, to instill in a child the attitude of  “well, kids are going to have sex anyway, so we might as well teach them how to safely do it” is, without question, absolutely irresponsible.  An act of extreme cowardice and depravity by an adult-teacher; a capitulation and surrender in common sense and sensibility; and borderline criminal.

When a teacher, an adult (and that cannot be stressed enough) instructs a child in the “finer arts” of “safe sex” that teacher, that adult, has effectively turned their back on the child and on childhood itself.  That some children are bound to engage in sex is all the more reason to teach abstinence, not to give in, not to give up.  Children need to be told there is no such thing as safe sex; that safe sex is still harmful, psychologically, emotionally and especially heath wise.  Children need to be taught that childhood, including their teen years, is a time for education and learning, not for engaging in adult behavior that is best left until after marriage.

For whatever reason teaching abstinence only seems to be more controversial today than teaching the so called safe sex curriculum despite the fact that teaching safe sex actually encourages kids to have sex, not abstain from it.  When an adult, and one in a teaching capacity, is telling a child it is alright to engage in sex at their young age, so long as it is “safe” sex, and coupled with their favorite entertainers reiterating the same disturbing message, is it not more likely a child will ultimately engage in sex, whether it is safe or not, than have the courage and fortitude to abstain from it?

Abstinence works every time it is tried.  Not one single pregnancy has ever occurred when abstinence has been practiced.  Not one case of STD’s or HIV-AIDS has resulted from abstinence.  Why is that?

For Simmons to brag about how many women he has had sex with shows his has a lot of growing up to do.  That some teachers would promote the “safe-sex” curriculum shows they have a lot of explaining to do (and ideally they can explain that to the unemployment agency where they go to collect their unemployment insurance).  That we as a society allow teachers to promote this garbage to our children and allow our children to be influenced by entertainers like Simmons shows we have a lot of work ahead of us to push back the tide of liberal corruption that has washed into our public school system and is drowning out the quality education our children both need and deserve in order to become productive, responsible adults.

As a parent, or even as an adult, we want role models who will instill in our children common sense values that will help shape and mold their lives in positive ways.  Children, after-all, are our future.  And they always will be.  Gene Simmons deserves the respect of no one.  He demands our universal condemnation.  Teachers, like-wise, who insist that children be taught safe sex curriculum instead of abstinence only deserve more than our scorn; more than a reprimand or suspension.  They deserve to be fired.

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