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“Lamestream”, “Blamestream” Or “Shamestream” – Liberal Media Is All The Same Stream

A “livid” Star Jones (did you have to think for a moment who that is?) is hyperventilating over a Sarah Palin interview with Matt Lauer in which Palin addressed the liberal media as “lamestream” on several occasions, and Lauer let her get away with it without interrupting her.

“Star was watching the interview in the green room and she was absolutely floored that Sarah Palin as a guest on the Today show was basically calling everyone on set lame.”

How “offensive” is it, really, calling liberal media “lamestream”?  Whether it’s ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, it’s all the same media, and it has been that way for over fifty years.  Liberal media has always gone after conservatives and Republicans, while defending its own liberals, entertainers and politicians alike.  Jones, who does some “lawyering” on the side, can file defamation and slander charges against Palin, if she thinks her choice of “lamestream” went too far.  Otherwise, she can just suck it in.  But if she needs some “Fresh Air”, NPR has a glowing tribute to Rachel Maddow that might soothe her and make her forget about Sarah Palin’s “outrageous” and “offensive” use of words to describe her beloved media outlets.

In the meantime, here are some less “offensive” clips and use of play on words from Rachel Maddow herself:

These clips ought to work better for Star Jones than a paper bag!

How The Left Repeatedly Rapes Women/Girls – And Why Leftist Women Love It

How many times a day do we hear how “rabid” and “extremist” conservatives are with regards to women, “women’s rights”, sexuality and “reproductive rights” and sex education vs. abstinence education?  The Left is even more “rabid” and more “extremist” when it comes to fighting for, and promoting, these concepts.  And is is all the more reason we, as conservatives, need to be more vigilant, more supportive of the social issues, even, and especially, in political campaigns, and why we ought to reject the both the Left’s assertion that social issues are not issues politicians should be meddling in (in particular from a religion stance) and that block of conservatives themselves who fear social issues will not win conservative politicians the necessary seats in congress to keep the House, take back the Senate and reclaim the White House.

The Left is relentless in its attack on conservatives (including conservative women) for having values which are consistently pro-life, pro-American and even pro-woman.  The Left cannot abide the fact that after forty plus years of “sexual revolution” and “sexual liberation” there are still tens of millions of Americans ( including women) who renounce, reject and revolt against them and their liberal/socialist agenda of raping women/girls of both their virginity at very young ages and their minds – which the Left ever is seeking to control.  And women/girls are being raped by the Left, which includes liberal, pro-abortion feminists, the MSM, the Democrat Party, the ACLU, the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) and a host of groups, organizations and activists who are committed to the destruction of American values and morals and will use whatever methods they can to ensure they are destroyed and stay destroyed.  But, how do they do it?

Just take a look at virtually any given story, on any given day, in the “Women” section at the Arianna Nation, for example.  Stories like, Why Sleeping With 75 Men Didn’t Make Me Promiscuous, Is It Time To Retire The Word ‘Wife’?, There Were How Few Women At The Contraception Rule Hearings?,Helen Gurley Brown Turns 90 — And Has A Few Words For You – these are just a few of the “Women’s” stories that rotate daily on the Arianna Nation that are intended to pass for “inspirational”, “inspiring”, “uplifting” and “progressive” reading.

The problem?  They all center around the belief that women have been so mistreated by men, and male dominated societies for hundreds, thousands of years, now it is time for them, women, to experience “freedom” and “liberation” for themselves, at the expense of giving up their most powerful weapon, their greatest source of strength, lowering their self-worth and relegating themselves as no better than the men they purportedly hate and despise by engaging in the exact same behavior they hate and despise men for.  But those “backward” and “religious extremist” conservatives (living in the time of yore) just keep getting in the way.

Yes, we, as conservatives, have a very real problem with women sleeping with men (and men sleeping with women for that matter) and the messages that sends to our young American boys and girls who are being educated to believe that sleeping around with various partners is not dangerous, promiscuous behavior.  The indoctrination they receive is a form of mind rape, and when they actually give in to temptation (because there are no responsible adults holding them back) they are being raped of their virginity and self-worth.

The Left, which hates family, despises marriage, loathes women who choose to stay at home to raise their children and is intolerable towards all men and women who choose to remain celibate and virgins until after they are married, heavily promotes and encourages abortion rights, the use of contraception and “safe” sex education to counter a culture and a society of people who do love family, love marriage, and love women, and respect women enough to not sully them by taking away their virginity – which does empower women in ways that, once her virginity is gone, her sexuality no longer has the same charismatic strength and charm it once possessed.

Women and girls are being educated to believe that “equality” means, and includes, the right of women and girls to partake in free, open sex, the same as men and boys do; that “equality” means, and includes, that because a man cannot get pregnant, a right to end an unwanted, unintended pregnancy must be available to women to even the playing field.

Conversely, these same women and girls are being educated to believe that remaining a virgin until married, or at least going through with a pregnancy which was unintended (rather than having the abortion) is akin to a religious philosophy of subservience to men and to a male dominated society.  If any of this is true, men themselves ought to be more courageous and step up to defend women who reject liberal feminism, reject the sexual “liberation” movement – and reject killing an unborn child who is the victim of an unintended pregnancy.  Men also ought to be more chivalrous when it comes to women by supporting them and their position to remain virgin until married.  The best way men can do that is to remain virgins themselves.  That is real equality among the sexes.

Women who call themselves feminists, and subscribe to liberalism and Leftism, do so primarily because they are driven by their hatred of men and the fact that men can have all the sex they want and never get pregnant.  Also because men, for so long, have held real power over them and their lives.  Most of that, in America, has been, by now, rectified and amended.  Women, in America, are just as equal to men, as men are to women – under the U.S. Constitution.

Of course men still cannot get pregnant, and that biological fact still infuriates liberal feminists to no end.  And women still do not possess the same physical strength and endurance as do men, which is why they have no place, and no business, being put in military combat roles where they not only endanger themselves, but their units as well, along with their missions and operations.  And that is why they (liberal feminists) are so vocal when it comes to abortion rights, access (the freer access the better) to contraception and why they demand so-called equal rights protections and special rights and privileges be guaranteed to them.

And that is why they (liberal feminists) love being raped, and why they love raping new generations of young girls.  This form of rape, which is a fantasy to them, feels good and is liberating, soothing and intoxicating.  And it is also why they look upon conservative women with spite and a vindictiveness unparalleled to the men they despise.  Such conservative women are traitors in their eyes.  Which is why they so vilify Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and other conservative women – and why, when Leftist men satirize, dehumanize and degrade conservative women, liberal feminists never cry “sexism”.

The best way for conservative men and women to counter this madness is to join together, equally, to renounce Leftist, liberal ideology.  The more men and women that do this, the more the ideology of liberal feminism will be shuttered and confined to the kook-house of their creating where it will, having nowhere to spread, will self-combust and implode on itself, dying the death it deserves.

For the sake of America, and for the sake of America’s youth, and future generations – let’s get these liberal feminists to that nunnery!

Politicians Wrong On History One Thing, Politicians Wrong On Policies Another

So politicians get their historical facts wrong.  There is little harm in that.  Laughing at Barack Obama for misstating the number of American states is one thing.  He said there were 57.  Ridiculing Joe Biden, and all his many gaffes is entertaining too.  Even Sarah Palin gets history wrong – or does she?  All, or most, politicians flub on historical facts from time to time, and it can be fun pointing out their errors.  What is not fun, what is not funny, is when politicians make huge mistakes with regards to political policies, legislation and laws which have a direct, and over-all negative and depressing, impact on all of us.

What is fun or entertaining about having to live under the oppression of a political party whose values include a repressive tax system, a huge expansion of government, fewer and fewer opportunities for entrepreneurs and risk takers, less overall freedom for all Americans – and having to listen to this party (it’s the Democrat Party, if you didn’t already guess) do nothing but talk about the problems we face today and deflect those problems onto America’s so-called “racist” and “genocidal” past?  What solutions to America’s problems do Democrats ever propose?

Illegal immigration?  Just legalize them all.  Americans out of work?  Just keep giving them more and more unemployment compensation, and keep extending it.  Americans in poverty?  Let government help them who can’t, or don’t want to, help themselves – but never let them off the welfare system.  Children “starving”?  Let the schools feed them three times a day, at taxpayer expense.  A failed war on drugs?  Just legalize drugs.  Too many girls and women becoming “unexpectedly” pregnant?  Abortion to the rescue under the guise of taxpayer subsidized contraception.

Democrats do have solutions.  But all these “solutions” revolve around higher taxes, more government, more government dependence and less person freedom (except for the freedom to kill an unborn child) for all Americans.  What kind of solution is that?

When we need real solutions to real problems – we get bombarded with more and more problems, and a President (and his wife) who would rather spend his, and her, time, and our tax dollars, vacationing in Hawaii, and abroad and/or playing golf.  This is not how leaders lead.  This is how pompous, arrogant, self-centered, dimwitted kings and dictators, indignant snobs and the egotistical upper-class echelons of society who inherited their wealth, or had their status handed to them, while away their time.  America needs solutions to the problems we face, not more talk of those problems, or “solutions”, which only deepen and widen, the problems we already know we face.  Where are the solutions to the problems Democrats are always bringing up?

While we have not heard any real solutions coming from the Democratic debates – because Obama is thus far running unopposed.  We have heard plenty of solutions from all the Republican candidates.  Remember Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan?  It was soundly ridiculed by Democrats and Democrat puppets in the MSM for not taking into account the fact that millions of poor Americans who now pay no federal taxes would in fact have to pay 9% under Cain’s plan.  Democrats, as they always do, spoke only of the problem.  And while it is a huge problem, which would force people to pay 9% in taxes they are not required to do now, it is a problem with such a simple solution – just exempt the first 50 thousand dollars from federal taxation, and all those Americans originally exempt from paying federal taxes would continue to be exempt, including millions more Americans.  And the 9-9-9 plan still works.  What solutions are Democrats putting on the table?

What solutions do Democrats ever propose, other than raising taxes on the “evil” super-rich to pay off the debt they, Democrats, created in the first place?  Money which would never go towards paying off any debt, but rather into ever-expanding government programs Democrats love to keep going.  Programs which, every year they are in existence, see an automatic increase in spending.  Programs which Democrats never want to cut.  And when Republicans try, Democrats cry racism.  What solutions are Democrats working on?

Millions of Americans are needlessly out of work, just as hundreds of thousands of businesses, small and large, are needlessly forced to trim their budgets, cut their staff, eliminate health care and other benefits – all in order to stay alive and competitive in an economy which has been savagely raped by liberals and Democrats.  Recessions happen.  Predictably, they occur on average every twenty years.  What is the Democrat’s solution to the one we are still in and still suffering from now when we should have recovered long ago?  And what are Democrats doing about it?

That is – other than blaming Republicans, infusing into their language non-existent racism and non-sequitors regarding America’s past, casting the rich as “evil” and “greedy”, as the enemy and the sole reason for our economy’s disastrous downfall (but never injecting themselves as responsible for anything that has gone wrong).  Democrats speak about problems, problems, problems – but never propose any viable solutions.  What are the bloody solutions Democrats have up their sleeves?

Republicans, on the other hand, have solutions which will get our economy moving, put millions of Americans back to work, increase revenues, decrease debt and put America back into competition with the world’s economies.  But because these solutions all revolve around putting more of your own money in your own pockets, Democrats balk at any such proposals.

Democrats are not working on any problems, nor are they working on any solutions to these problems which plague us no end.  Instead, Democrats are working on their tan lines, their golf swings, their wardrobes, adding an extension to their home (or buying another), and ways in which they can evade paying federal taxes so they can keep as much of their money (provided to them by we the taxpayer-people) as they can get away with.  And Democrats are also constantly working on new marketing technique to sell themselves to you as champions of the people.  But behind the scenes they are working on even more ways to raise your taxes, limit your freedoms and force you on their government created programs and keep you there for ever.

The solutions Democrats propose?  More taxes, more government, more government intrusion into your lives and your businesses.  Are these solutions to our country’s problems?  Or do they only create more problems which never have any solutions, or any end in sight, but which Democrats can feed off of to win more votes and more seats?

And – how does perpetuating a party’s majority in congress, who only talks about the problems (which they, largely, are responsible for creating) without providing real solutions, benefit any one of us who are the benefactors of these problems?  In other words – how does it make sense, how does it work to our advantage, to keep voting into power the party (Democrat) which has created most of the problems we face today; which does not want these problems to go away or to ever be solved; which has plans for creating even more problems?

Republicans have the solutions.  And Democrats hate them for it.  Why?  Because Democrats have gone to great lengths in creating all these problems in order to keep themselves in power.  It isn’t very nice of Republicans, then, to come along and spoil all the fun Democrats have had exasperating and compounding all of America’s miseries at our expense.  Is it?

Isn’t it more logical to vote in a party (Republican) that will actually put forth real solutions to our problems once and for all?  Or, come the 2012 November election, are we going to let Democrats continue to have their very expensive, very extravagant and lavish “fun”, and play their games, at our expense and make us, our children, our children’s children, ad infinitum, pay the bill?

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