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Racist New York Times Mocks Black Americans; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Look The Other Way

Can we expect mocking and degrading black Americans to become a staple at the New York Times?  Or was this just a one time incident?  And who at the New York Times should be held responsible for such blatant racism, such total disregard and hatred for black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why The New York Times hates black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why the New York Times accepts the debasing of black Americans to satisfy their own agenda?  If Fox News had written this editorial, Al “Uncle Tom” Sharpton would be calling them racist.  Jesse “Uncle Tom” Jackson would be filing a lawsuit.

And yet, for the New York Times to have used government layoffs, a very slight downsizing in the over all employment in the government work force, as justification for writing an editorial blasting racism as the reason for the loss of jobs, deflecting the cause for these eliminations onto conservatives and Republicans (who by in large support smaller government) itself evokes racism – and The New York Times knows it!

Black Americans are being used as puppets by The New York Times and most probably don’t even know it.  Black Americans are being intentionally taken advantage of and used by The New York Times in their slimy, yellow journalistic endeavor to help the Democrat Party.  In other words – The New York Times looks upon black Americans as being ignorant, uneducated, illiterate fools that are too stupid to see it, The New York Times, is mocking them, pointing their fingers and laughing at them.

Most black Americans will undoubtedly remain silent.  The Democrat Party, which is in league with The New York Times, has trained them to fall in line and march to their orders.  And those black Americans with a mind of their own – conservative blacks – are too few in number to make a difference right now; and every time they try to speak up they are shot down by the millions of black American pawns in the pocket of the Democrat Party, as well as the millions of white liberals who find comfort in justifying their own “latent racism” by condemning and excoriating black conservatives who would dare to have the courage to reject the “me, me, me” mentality liberals have, for generations, ingrained in America’s “minorities”.

Writes The New York Times:

The cutbacks hurt more than just services, they hit black workers particularly hard.  Millions of African-Americans — one in five who are employed — have entered the middle class through government employment, and they tend to make 25 percent more than other black workers. Now tens of thousands are leaving both their jobs and the middle class. Chicago, for example, is laying off 212 employees in the upcoming fiscal year, two-thirds of whom are black.

Did you catch the racism?

The New York Times is insisting, through subtext, that black Americans can only make a living, can only get ahead in life, in America, by being employed by the federal government; by being taken care of by the federal government; by being dependent on the federal government for everything in their lives, including jobs.  That is the blatant racism of The New York Times which will be overlooked by most black Americans.

What is missing, what is untold, is the story of how the federal government, its economic policies, structure of taxation and regulatory demands have confiscated an enormous amount of wealth from the private sector.  What The New York Times will not report is that should the federal government reverse its draconian anti-business, anti-capitalist policies (and this will happen more under Republican control than Democrat) millions, and millions, of high paying, highly competitive jobs will be created.  Enough jobs for all Americans (who want jobs), including for black Americans.

What the racist New York Times will not inform black Americans of is that unemployment within the black community can be decimated, permanently wiped out, should our federal government take a more pro business approach to solving the economic woes we all are currently feeling the effects of, instead of writing racist fodder for the Democrat Party.

Want more blatant racist, and Democrat butt-licking from The New York Times?

Many Republicans, however, don’t regard government jobs as actual jobs, and are eager to see them disappear. Republican governors around the Midwest have aggressively tried to break the power of public unions while slashing their work forces, and Congressional Republicans have proposed paying for a payroll tax cut by reducing federal employment rolls by 10 percent through attrition. That’s 200,000 jobs, many of which would be filled by blacks and Hispanics and others who tend to vote Democratic, and thus are considered politically superfluous.

We are “eager to see them disappear” not because we are salivating at the prospect of seeing even more black Americans thrown into unemployment, but because government is too vast, too encompassing, too controlling; because the more government jobs there are, the more of our money is being taken away to support their salaries.

“Actual jobs’ are ones in which are created by the private sector because there is a need and a demand for them, and because these jobs satisfy and fill that demand.  There is a worth, a value, in having those private sector jobs, and business owners are willing to pay wages and salaries accordingly to ensure these positions are filled.  In other words – this is money being paid to employees, through private funds, which is not lost but invested wisely.  What “demand” do government jobs satisfy say in the Education, Transportation, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Labor and Energy?  Other than to enlarge government, and provide Democrats and Liberals reasons for raising taxes and keeping taxes perpetually, unfairly high, these federal departments have no value, no substance, no purpose.

Black Americans are not unequally, dis-proportionality unemployed because of conservatives and Republicans.  Rather, the high unemployment rate among black Americans is a result of a master plan engineered by liberals and the Democrat Party to keep them in poverty, unemployed and dependent on government.  The effect of this is to keep black Americans united within the Democrat Party itself – a powerful voting block to ensure Democrats remain in power.

What can be more racist than that?

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Al Sharpton: “Authentically Black” Or An “Authentic” Black American Sell Out/Uncle Tom?

According to Al Sharpton, among others, who have decried the rise of Republican candidate Herman Cain, he is adamant that any black American who holds conservative views, such as Herman Cain, cannot possibly be a real black person.  Of Herman Cain, says Sharpton:

I would assume he is either socially ignorant or playing games to get votes, that he couldn’t possibly have grown up and come to that conclusion unless he was one or the other.”

For anyone who has actually ever listened to Herman Cain speak, to call him “socially ignorant” is a racist, bigoted and “ignorant” statement to make, even coming from the prominent and esteemed race baiter/racist, Al Sharpton himself.  His contention that Cain is “playing games for votes” is pathetic.  How many times have we listened to Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other so called “authentically black” Americans play the race card in front of black audiences to garner support for liberal Democrats “to get votes”?

Herman Cain grew up in the “deep south”, being born in Tennessee, during segregation and Jim Crow.  For Al Sharpton, who has no claims to the south whatsoever, having been born and grown up in Brooklyn, NY, to claim that Cain has “forgotten his roots” or has abandoned them for votes, shows Sharpton’s desperation.  He is losing his control over black America.  More and more blacks are turning away from Sharpton’s racist, anti-black rhetoric and embracing the pro-black wisdom of Herman Cain, despite Sharpton’s unfounded claim that Cain’s views are the ones “at odds with a majority of the black community” in America.

One has to wonder whether it’s white people Sharpton hates more, or if it is black people he more despises.

Sharpton’s definition of “authentically black” means that a black man or woman must oppose freedom and independence and embrace slavery to, and complete dependence on, government.  In other words, the definition of being “authentically black” is the same definition of being a liberal.  And should a black man or woman denounce this, should they rather embrace the concept of freedom and liberty, in Sharpton’s anti-black and racist mind, these black Americans are the real sell outs and Uncle Tom’s.

Could it be that Al Sharpton is the one putting on the “black face” here, pretending to be black, mocking blacks, degrading blacks, all at the expense, and for the amusement of, white liberals?

Herman Cain, as former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is a self made man.  This irritates race baiters like Sharpton because Cain never went looking for a handout from the federal government.  And Sharpton knows that any black American looking for a handout must first go through him, or Jesse Jackson, or some other middle man, and pay tribute to them for protection, counsel and representation.

In other words, Sharpton is running a mafia-like scam and racket within the black community.  It’s not criminal in the legal sense, but it is, and most reprehensible, in the moral sense.

It is Sharpton who hates black Americans who can, and want to, think for themselves.  Because those blacks that can have no need to pay Sharpton to think for them, or speak for them, on their behalf.  And that takes money of out Sharpton’s pockets.

Sharpton wants “authentically black” Americans to remain engrossed in the distorted lies and propaganda that liberalism – and white liberals – have disseminated for decades; that blacks still live under an umbrella of white racism in America; that blacks continue to be left out and held down because of white racism in America; that blacks are being intentionally denied economic, financial and educational opportunities because of white racism in America.

Fine.  But all black Americans, “authentic” or not ought to realize that the white racism that is alive and well in America can be found most prominently and directly within liberalism and the Democrat Party; that it is Al Sharpton who has willingly enslaved himself to liberalism and the Democrat Party; that he wants all black Americans to put on the shackles anew, to renounce and abandon conservatism, because it teaches and instills the idea that we really are all created equal.  He also wants black Americans to continue paying him for his “services”.

For – it is impossible for Sharpton, and other “authentic” black American sellouts, to make their living – to make a living – when they have made that living, and based that entire living, on the premise that black Americans are still unequal in America, and still have a long way to go to being equal in America.

Know this – so long as black Americans continue to listen to, heed, pay attention to (and pay money to) black garbage like Al Sharpton, they will continue to be told (sold) a counterfeit bill of goods, and they will continue to remain enslaved to the liberal premise that they are unequal.  And thus, if they believe they are unequal, they will live their lives as though they are unequal and they will never make any attempt find equality because their education into equality begins and ends with the manipulative teachings of Al Sharpton.

Herman Cain is the real deal.  Herman Cain is a real black American and a real “authentic” American.  Herman Cain is living proof any black American can been born into poverty and rise above, and out, of it to become wealthy and independent.  Herman Cain is living proof that equality among black and white Americans does exist.

Al Sharpton, conversely, is living proof that idiocy is indeed color blind.

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Herman Cain is Right – Blacks Have Been “Brainwashed” By Liberals And Liberalism

When Presidential candidate Herman Cain, a black conservative, said that black Americans had been “brainwashed by liberals, Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher countered with his own slant, calling Cain’s remark “racist and bigoted.  There are a number of striking qualities to all of this, the most striking, perhaps, is that for decades we have been told that black Americans cannot be racists themselves.  (That was only reserved for whites because of slavery and segregation)  Now comes clear evidence that indeed black Americans can be racists, and often speak with racist undertones.  But it is not Herman Cain who is the racist.

Belcher, who is black, by the way, and a liberal, said about Cain’s remark that it was Cain who was the bigot and racist; that it was Cain who was attacking the intelligence of blacks by saying they had been brainwashed by liberals.  And what did Herman Cain say that so riled Belcher?  Said Cain:

African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.  I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative. So it’s just brainwashing and people not being open minded, pure and simple.”

So according to Belcher, Cain, although he is a black American, is a racist because he would have the audacity to even suggest other blacks look into the “conservative point of view”.  Because, as Belcher, a black liberal, knows, should more and more blacks begin to see that it is liberalism, and the Democrat Party, that is inherently racist; when more and more blacks begin to understand that it is conservatism and those values associated with conservatism that can free one’s mind and remove the stigma, the liberal imprint and the brainwashing mechanism that has caused millions of blacks into believing only government can care for them and provide for their every need, Democratic strategists and black liberal sellouts like Belcher will be out of a job.

And this is the “real teachable moment”, contrary to Belcher.

And it is Belcher who is the bigot and racist.  As are all liberals who keep on insisting that blacks are little children lost; that blacks must be taken by the hand by liberals and guided to the open arms of government (federal, state and local) where they can be looked after – clothed, fed and housed.  It is Belcher and all liberals who are being condescending toward black Americans, certainly not white conservatives and certainly not Herman Cain.

Belcher continues with his own racist and twisted remarks saying:

Well — well, liberals didn’t have a history of Jim Crowe or slavery so it’s different.

So Belcher, who seems to have a real problem with Jews in the article cited, has just admitted the liberal belief that because of slavery and Jim Crow, liberals, including blacks, cannot be racists – although he calls Cain “racist”, and he himself appears to have hostility to Jews.   But Cain is a conservative, so in Belcher’s warped, his own, racist mind, Cain is the sell out for suggesting that blacks ought to open up their minds more to other points of view, in this case conservative views.  And because, in Belcher’s view, Cain has sold out black America, and because Cain is a conservative, there is nothing hypocritical with referring to Cain as a racist.

The question then that needs to be asked to all liberals, and to Belcher himself is – why do liberals oppose blacks having an open mind, and why do blacks themselves continue to support a party (Democrat) and a destructive ideology (liberalism) that ever seeks to keep their minds shut?

For generations blacks have believed. and have been brainwashed by liberalism into believing, they could only find salvation, real hope,  in liberalism and government.  Herman Cain is doing all he can to dispel this lie and wake black America up, open their eyes and expand their minds with the truth.  For that, Cain is labeled the racist.

All Cornell Belcher has shown in his interview is that even blacks like himself can be vile, despicable racists.  Herman Cain is both showing up people like Belcher and shutting them up.  White Americans have been pointing out the racism within liberalism for decades.  Mostly this has been ignored.  Now, Herman Cain, a black man and a conservative is doing much the same.  His comments are not being ignored; cannot be ignored; will not be ignored.

Herman Cain is forcing liberals to show their true racist colors  – and that those colors come in both white and black.

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Why Liberals Always Play The “Conservatives Are Racist” Card

Very simply, it works.  And liberals do it to deflect, detract and distract black Americans from their own racist streaks.

We’re still discussing, analyzing (and mostly mocking)  Morgan Freeman’s silly, misdirected tirade against the Tea Party.  This was not long after the Tea Party “suffered another setback” when Maxine Waters put in her two cents.  Now we have a brand new rant from an old, tired face, Janeane Garofalo,  She has called Republicans racist for Supporting Presidential contender Herman Cain.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Tea Party, it is a:

• Grass roots movement within the Republican Party that is fighting to bring back the core conservative values which they, and many other conservatives, feel has been watered down to the point that it has become almost impossible to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will reign in fiscal spending and reduce the size of government.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will cut taxes.   Its very name is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.

The Tea Party is largely responsible for helping conservative Republicans win back the House of Representatives in an historic sweep in the the 2010 mid term elections.  A feat, a devastating shock and a major set back which liberals have not, nor will they, ever get over.  This is why Hollywood liberals like Morgan Freeman and Janeane Garofalo play the “conservatives are racist” card; why liberal politicians like Maxine waters does; why liberal pundits like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, etc., do it; and why the liberal media establishment does nothing to expose their lies, their hypocrisy and their own racist, anti-black views which liberals have harbored for generations.  It it Janene Garafalo who is the racist!

In the above link, she has called Republicans racist for supporting Herman Cain; a business man, a candidate for President of the United States (winner of the Florida Straw Poll) and a black man.  She attests that supporting Cain helps “hide the racist element within the Republican Party”.

Ladies and gentleman – conservatives cannot seem to win.  Conservatives were called racist for opposing Barack Obama, a black man, during his successful run for the Presidency.  Now we are called racist for supporting Herman Cain, another black man, in his bid to become the second black President of the United States.

What’s going on here?

Herman Cain is both black and conservative.  This is double dynamite to liberals who view any black man or woman who rejects liberalism, who embraces conservatism and conservative values, as sell outs.  It is the reason Clarence Thomas was so vilified during his confirmation hearings; it is why Condoleezza Rice was mocked during her tenure as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush; it is why Herman Cain will not receive any support or love among most black Americans.  And if Cain wins, if he becomes the second black American President, as a conservative he will be excoriated, raked over the coals and torn to shreds by the white, liberal media establishment and Hollywood liberals like Garafalo, as black Americans like Morgan Freeman, black politicians like Waters, the majority of whom are Democrat, do nothing to stop it.

It is conservatives who love other conservatives, regardless of whether they are black or white, or even hispanic or latino, as in the case of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.  (He is very seriously being considered as a Vice Presidential candidate)  Why would conservatives, if we really were racist, support a black man for President and a latino for Vice President?

Conversely, it is liberals like Garofalo, Freeman, Waters, Matthews, etc., who hate, despise and loathe any and all conservatives, including those who are black.  And it is why they see no hypocrisy, no racism whatsoever in their own words and beliefs (which are blatantly racist and filled with racist overtones) regarding conservatives, including those who are black.

Who are the real racists here?

It will be interesting to see, if Herman Cain does become the candidate of choice, whether or not liberals will insist on continuing to play the “conservatives are racist” card, and whether black Americans will oblige them, or finally begin to see liberals for the real racists that they are.  It will also be fascinating to observe liberals and their reaction to a Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or another white candidate becoming the Republican choice for President, and whether liberals will still cry “racism” for not more vigorously and enthusiastically supporting Cain.

However loud the “conservatives are racists” cry is now, and during the 2012 Presidential election, from liberals both black and white, an intriguing development is occurring in America.  Not only is America becoming more conservative, but more blacks are themselves throwing off the shackles of liberalism and embracing conservatism.  It is evidenced by the black exodus which is occurring, and for which the 2010 Census indicates.  More blacks are fleeing the oppressive, liberal north for the more inviting, conservative south which offer blacks better living conditions, less crime and more job opportunities with more competitive wages.

In the next ten years, as this steady migration among blacks from the north to the south continues, as more blacks become conservatives, as more states become “redstate” conservative states and Democrats and liberals lose even more power and influence, one thing is for sure – that cry of “conservatives are racists” will be most loudest among white liberals and less apparent within black circles.  That cry of “conservatives are racists” will be drowned out by a rousing conservative “Huzzah!” by both whites and blacks shouting in unison, in harmony, in the spirit of American conservatism, in the spirit of America itself.

And white liberals will have nowhere, or no one, to play their “conservatives are racists” card to.  Except themselves.

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Why Black Americans Need To Abandon Barack Obama

Obama tells blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight – Yahoo! News.

Who is Barack Obama calling “y’all”?

Barack Obama, addressing the Congressional Black Caucus‘s annual awards dinner Saturday night, clearly showed how frustrated and how nervous he was, as well as his overall growing distrust with, and sense of betrayal from, black Americans, a voting block he easily secured in his 2008 Presidential victory,  but one that now is being chipped away at a rate which could ultimately cost him reelection in 2012.  He sincerely believes black Americans owe him big, and ought to remain loyal to him under any conditions and circumstances.  And he has a real problem with those blacks that have publicly scorned him and are beginning to turn against him.

Obama is keenly aware that blacks are angry with him, which is why he told them to “Stop complainin’.  Stop grumblin’.  Stop cryin’.”  And it is also why he made the very conscious and very deliberate move to talk “black speech” to them.  It’s not the first time Obama has talked down to blacks with this condescending speech pattern, dropping his “g’s”.  If a white person had addressed this same crowd and spoke in the same demeaning manner in which the first black President of the United States had, that same Congressional Black Caucus would be screaming bloody racism.  So would Morgan Freeman.

And if someone who had never heard Obama speak before listened to him for the first time at this annual event, they would assume Obama was both ignorant and uneducated, and wonder how such a man could ever be elected President of the United States.  They probably wouldn’t understand that Obama was intentionally speaking in a derogatory fashion, playing to his crowd, his base, his race.  Nor would they understand why.  But those of us who do know who Barack Obama is, and his ways, understand “why” he lowers himself and speaks this way to blacks.

It is the audacity of this hopeless man, Barack Obama, in believing that he has the black vote sewn up.  And while he will still win a majority of the black vote, it will not be as large a percentage as it was in 2008.  With just over a year before we go to the polls, that percentage has the real potential to plummet even further.  Barack Obama knows this, which was his cause for frustration and anger at last night’s event.

If it does, even dropping down to seventy percent, Obama’s reelection bid will be in serious trouble.  It isn’t just the black vote but whites and Hispanics as well.  There is indeed a growing sense among all his constituents that they have been bamboozled by a man who campaigned to deliver them unto the promised land, but now realize that was another broken promise, a campaign maneuver, he never meant to keep.  How many blacks even know Obama doesn’t really have a “stash”?

Which is why all Americans, but black Americans in particular, ought to come to their senses and abandon Barack Obama, and the Democrat Party as well.  A man, and a party, who have a clear and dangerous agenda to destroy the American Dream for all of us, and in doing so he will take down millions of blacks who have struggled and yearned for a piece of the American pie for generations.  His wrongheaded policies will make us all slaves to government.

Even before Obama became President, as Jr. Senator from Illinois, and along with a majority Democrat controlled House, he has sought initiatives, legislation and laws that have hurt the growth of American business, jobs, employment, housing, etc., including his fervent assault on the bill of rights.  Since taking office his efforts to undermine the American spirit of free enterprise, liberty and independence, creativity and inventiveness have cut sharply into what had been considered a unique experiment.  The American Dream is evaporating under an oppressive Obama Administration.  No one benefits from that.

If he has his way, and taxes continue to rise while others are allowed to sunset; if his push to further regulate business, and the choices we make as Americans, is successful; if he is free to spend trillions of dollars on wasteful, meaningless projects that only provide a bankroll for greedy unions and lobbyists; if the national debt continues to rise by trillions of dollars more in unfunded mandates and liabilities the likes of which will never be paid back, at least not for many, many generations to come; if Obama is reelected President and given a clear path to continue his destruction of the American Dream – it will not just be white Americans who suffer the dire consequences!

If Barack Obama will not listen to reason, why would anyone assume he would listen to the very people he refers to as  “y’all”?

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