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“Lamestream”, “Blamestream” Or “Shamestream” – Liberal Media Is All The Same Stream

A “livid” Star Jones (did you have to think for a moment who that is?) is hyperventilating over a Sarah Palin interview with Matt Lauer in which Palin addressed the liberal media as “lamestream” on several occasions, and Lauer let her get away with it without interrupting her.

“Star was watching the interview in the green room and she was absolutely floored that Sarah Palin as a guest on the Today show was basically calling everyone on set lame.”

How “offensive” is it, really, calling liberal media “lamestream”?  Whether it’s ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, it’s all the same media, and it has been that way for over fifty years.  Liberal media has always gone after conservatives and Republicans, while defending its own liberals, entertainers and politicians alike.  Jones, who does some “lawyering” on the side, can file defamation and slander charges against Palin, if she thinks her choice of “lamestream” went too far.  Otherwise, she can just suck it in.  But if she needs some “Fresh Air”, NPR has a glowing tribute to Rachel Maddow that might soothe her and make her forget about Sarah Palin’s “outrageous” and “offensive” use of words to describe her beloved media outlets.

In the meantime, here are some less “offensive” clips and use of play on words from Rachel Maddow herself:

These clips ought to work better for Star Jones than a paper bag!

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