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Michelle Williams, New Black Panthers Chief, Apologizes For Racist Anti-White Rant – Is It Enough?

New Black Panther Party Chief, Michelle Williams, went on an anti-white racist rant on a radio show two days ago, calling for the capture of George Zimmerman – dead or alive.  “Honkeys, Cracker” and “pigs” were words she used to describe Zimmerman and whites.  Although Zimmerman is white, he is also Hispanic.  Listen for yourself.  Is her apology enough?  Would it be enough if she were white and used the “n” word, or any other racist pejorative?

If Michelle Williams has any common decency she will resign forthwith her post as the New Black Panther Chief. Isn’t that what blacks Hispanics, Latinos, and every other minority group would demand if a white person went on a racist rant as did Williams?

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