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Why The American Left Will Lose Every Battle It Wages Against Conservatives

The American Left is imploding on itself, which is a good thing not merely because this implosion helps conservatism, but because an implosion, as opposed to an explosion, only harms the Left themselves, and has no negative affects on anyone else. We saw the Left begin to implode during its Operation Occupy Wall Street, and all the subsequent “Occupy” protests that followed throughout America.  We saw the Left implode in Seattle, where it resorted to vandalism and property destruction; we saw the Left implode in Chicago during the NATO conference; and now we are seeing the Left implode in Portland, where a group of them, their mouths taped shut, sat in on a speech given by Erik Stakelbeck.  What was their reason for sitting in, and why did they think their strategy of taping their mouths shut would accomplish anything?

When an avowedly Christian, pro-Israeli anti-terrorism expert comes to speak at a university that’s located in Portland, fireworks should be expected. Unfortunately for a group of protesters who decided to stage a walkout against terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck, those fireworks blew up in their face.”

Watch the video:

Giving someone the “silent treatment”, as a form of protest, is a sheer act of cowardice.  What that does is prove that the Left neither has anything valid to say, nor can it adequately defend its position, which, because they are liberals, is based purely on unstable and irrational emotions rather than build upon a foundation of substantive facts.  The Left would not debate conservatives because they know they cannot, and they know they if they did, they would not be successful.  In other words, how does the taping of mouths help demonstrate the quality of their argument against conservative principles, the proof of their argument against conservative principles, without ever uttering a word against conservative principles?  How does anyone win a debate without ever uttering a single word?

Of course, they fully believe they did win, or at least, drove home their point.  Watch and listen to their discussion:

The sheer lack of anything intelligent, anything provocative, anything other than juvenile (and less than amateur)  in their remarks shows that they could not have held their own in a debate against Stakelbeck or in any debate against any conservative.  This is why and how the Left implodes on itself.  Now – these students obviously did not come to all these conclusions themselves.  They were taught to think this way by other Leftist educators and instructors in the schools and universities they attend.  Portland is, after-all, one of the most Leftist/liberal leaning cities in America.

What is fascinating, from a conservative outlook, is that while it is easy for a Leftist/liberal educator to brainwash a young person’s mind with lies, gross misinformation and nonsense, these same Leftist/liberals educators cannot seem to remove the emotional aspects from their rhetoric and replace that (emotions) with anything of a factual nature.  Why would that be?  And – although we know that, in the short-term, emotion-based propaganda can sway the masses to the Leftist side, how does it help the Leftist cause in the long run not to use facts?

Facts are what trip up Leftists, leave them tongue-tied, and the reason why they cover their mouths with tape instead of debating why think Stakelbeck is, and conservatives in general are, “racist”.  We’ve long known Leftists have infiltrated the American educational system, and have been inculcated within the system for decades.  They are banking on their majority influence in education as the means to further their Leftist agenda.  The problem with this  is – eventually these brainwashed kids leave those institutions and embark out into the real world, where they discover all they have been taught is in direct conflict and opposition to what is actually occurring outside those Leftist walls of higher learning.

While Leftists can “coddle” their young within the safety of the educational system, they cannot protect them after they have left the Leftist nest.  On their own, they easily crumble and fall apart.  And, as evidenced by these two videos, some of them, at least, easily crumble and fall apart even while still remaining within the safety of their Leftist nest.

Where does anyone see conservatives and conservative principles, ideals and values crumbling anywhere?  Where does anyone see conservatives taping their mouths shut, afraid to debate with Leftists?  Where does anyone see conservatives and conservatism imploding anywhere, and to the extent that Leftism and liberalism is in America?

When all a cause has is a mountain of lies to stand on, and atop of, and those lies begin to crumble and break apart, where else can that cause go, and the people who supported that cause but down into that open crater, that deep emptiness, left by those lies?

Tax The “Occupiers”! (Someone Has To Pay For The Pepper Spray)

The occupiers (OWS protesters) and their spin offs around the country can’t take the heat from the fire they themselves created.  What did they really expect would happen once they squatted on public land and refused to leave?  Who told them these protests would be a cake walk?  Where did they read that joining in on these protests would “fun”, “exciting”, akin to participating in the Boston Tea Party, or some glorious, noble movement that would sweep the country and inspire all Americans to rise up and join?  How did they come to be so easily misled by whomever organized these protests, and why haven’t they figured out by now just how grossly they have been misled?  When will they come to their senses and realize how futile this all is, how counterproductive, a waste of every ones time, that the tab for their misadventures on Wall Street and around the nation will have to be picked up by local taxpayers already cash strapped.  And, honestly, did they really expect the police would not eventually step in and do their job?  Did they really expect the police would just stand their and do nothing while they literally stood in the public’s way?  Did these OWS protesters really believe the police would protect them?  Their message was heard loud and clear.

Capitalism is bad, bankers are evil, Republicans support bankers therefore they are just as evil.

The vast majority of Americans have wisely rejected their nonsense, recognizing with intelligent insight that capitalism is good; most bankers, while some are “evil” provide a wide array of financial services to Americans that we cannot live without; that it is Republicans, conservatives in particular, which are fighting for all Americans, including the so called “99%”; that it is Democrats who are fighting against all Americans, especially the so called “99%”.

The occupiers are the real deniers, criers and liars.  Their protests inspires no one.  Buyer’s of their scam beware!

The OWS protesters, call them puppets, thugs, scum, monsters, vigilantes, criminals and animals, as you will, have acted exactly opposite to how the Tea Party protesters acted.  OWS protesters have behaved with absolute scorn towards law, law enforcement and the public interest.

As Americans, we understand we have a right to “civil obedience”; we have a right to protest in public spaces; we have a right to voice our opinions in the public square.  However, for those of us who are rational Americans, we also understand that in doing so, we first need to obtain the proper permits; to act in a respectful, responsible and thoughtful manner toward the public and law enforcement, mindful not to trap or block others from their right of way; that we are not squatters, we are not animals, we will not abuse the rights we have, we will not force ourselves on the public, threaten them with violence if they don’t support us or give in to our message; that at the end of the day we go home too.

Neither the OWS protesters, nor their off shoots, have acted cordially at all.  From day one they have treated Wall Street much like the French treated the Bastille, which led to the French Revolution.  Much like what occurred early on in the French Revolution, the OWS protesters have made numerous attempts to destabilize, immobilize and destroy Wall Street through anarchy, acting in ways eerily akin to those involved in the French Revolution.  Is it any wonder their supporters, like Rosanne Barr, have called for the heads of bankers?

The difference between the Bastille and Wall Street is that the Bastille was used as a prison, one of the worst of its kind, a place of hopelessness, despair, nightmares and death.  Wall Street, in contrast, is a place where dreams can, and have, come true for millions of people, not just “greedy”, “evil” bankers.  Wall Street has given hope and renewed life, and a greater standard of living, to millions of Americans.  So why do liberals have such a violent hatred towards success?  And if Wall Street ever was to fracture and disintegrate, what does that mean for America and the rest of the world?

The OWS protesters will eventually go away.  Many already have.  Some on their own, some by police “escort”.  The rest will go away after they realize how insulted the American people have become with their purpose; how irritated, disgusted and unsettled the American people, by in large, are with them.  And if they haven’t left by then, the OWS protesters will have another very real motivation to skedaddle out of town fast.  That bill they have wrung up for all the damage, vandalism and trash they created and left for others to clean up, not to mention the bill for the police – they aren’t working pro-bono (and many are probably working overtime).  Some one has to pay for it all; the cleanup, the police; restoring the public square back to normal.  Unless Obama still has money left in his “stash” he is willing to give up.

They will not linger forever.  Their message of anti-capitalism and “evil” bankers will not lay the seeds of a new revolution.  Indeed, whatever they “laid” on the streets of Wall Street, and all over America, will be hosed away into the sewers where it belongs.  Americans are wise enough to know there is as little substance in their message as there is in the waste they have left behind for others to clean up.

It is well, then, how lucky we are that the OWS protesters were not as organized and determined as they, and the main stream media, have attempted to lead us to believe they were.  We dodged a bullet that could not be averted in France back in 1791.  Because if they really were well organized; if they really did have strength in numbers; if their message of anti-capitalism, pro-socialism really made any sense at all; if they were able to convey to anyone outside of liberalism that Wall Street, bankers, the rich, Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Party were “evil”, “greedy” “stinking”, and all the other names they have called us which doesn’t match our description – it is quite possible American would have experienced something like the French Revolution, or what is going on in the Middle in, in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other countries.  At least, some type of anarchy, some type of real upheaval in our society.  Because America is more unified than the OWS protesters expected, we remain a house undivided.

Still, someone has to pay that bill for their “little”, their “minor” protest.  Why us?  Why the taxpayer?  Why not the protesters themselves?  At any rate, the cost for all that pepper spray used must be through the roof.

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 3, OWS – And Why You “Can” Evict An Idea

Police can’t be “harsh” enough when it comes to arresting “peaceful” abortion protesters outside an abortion clinic, but Michelle Goldberg is having another liberal conniption fit  when it comes to Occupy Wall Street protesters and the recent raid law enforcement made on their not so peaceful little stage-in which had cost the city taxpayers many thousands of dollars up until the time of the arrests, and now will incur many thousands more in the aftermath.  Michelle seems to think the mass arrest of these protesters will “reinvigorate” them.

Says Michelle:

The New York Police Department, with its wildly overwrought response to civil disobedience, may have reinvigorated the movement it meant to crush.

“Wildly overwrought”?  “Civil disobedience”?

How many rapes, murders, suicides and drug overdoses occurred during all the many Tea Party rallies?  How many Tea Party protesters set up tents and camped out all night on public land, and in the morning begged for food from local eateries?  How many Tea Party protesters urinated and defecated on police cars or on other public landscapes?  How much of a “nuisance” were the Tea Party protesters compared to the scum and filth within the OWS movement?  How many taxpayer dollars did the Tea Party rallies siphon away from local governments, compared to the OWS lowlifes and vagrants?  The same type of “lowlifes” and “vagrants” Michelle says were “migrating to Zuccotti Park” and intermingling with the OWS lowlifes and vagrants.

The only difference between these “lowlifes” and “vagrants” and the OWS lowlifes and vagrants?  The OWS  lowlifes and vagrants can go back to all the comforts of their middle and upper class homes, back to mommy and daddy who will take care of them.  Because, obviously, if the OWS lowlifes and vagrants could not take care of themselves at Zuccotti Park, or anywhere else they trashed and left for someone else to clean up, how can they possibly know how to take care of themselves when they return home, where there is undoubtedly someone there to wash their clothes, clean their dirty dishes, throw out their garbage and flush their toilets?

Michelle says:

There reportedly were several rapes and sexual assaults.

Has anyone asked Michelle why she has not bothered to investigate these “several rapes and sexual assaults”?  Has anyone asked Michelle why she seems to be unresponsive when it comes to these “several rapes and assaults”?  Has anyone asked Michelle why she seems to feel it is not worth the time of day to worry about these “several rapes and assaults”?  These “several rapes and assaults” were committed against women, after-all.  And in Michelle’s opening line, she writes, literally mortified:

Before a New York City cop pepper-sprayed peaceful female demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street in September, few were paying attention to the movement.

So “peaceful female demonstrators” were “reportedly” pepper-sprayed and Michelle convulses into another liberal conniption fit.  But when “several rapes and assaults” occur against women, presumably “females”, and somewhat more offensive than being pepper-sprayed – reportedly –  Michelle simply rolls her eyes in the other direction and yawns.

Laments Michelle:

Those who’ve been living in the park will surely mourn the end of the grubby utopia that they built, astonishingly, amid the financial district’s uninviting concrete brutalism. But it couldn’t have lasted, and it’s better for it to end on a note of righteousness than to become increasingly squalid and then peter out.

A “grubby utopia” which local taxpayers will have pay to clean up and restore back to order.  Therein lies the real definition of “utopia” for a liberal like Michelle Goldberg – a place where one might find free food, free lodging, free comforts, free everything, all catered and paid for by someone else.

But Michelle Goldberg is not the only person yawning and rolling their eyes.  So too is liberal agitator Sally Kohn who, according to the Huffington Post “makes the world safe for radical ideas”.   She writes in her piece “You can’t Evict An Idea“:

In the middle of the night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hundreds of police in full riot gear crept up on peacefully sleeping American citizens early Tuesday morning and evicted them from Occupy Wall Street, reportedly using pepper spray and aggressive force.

Here is another liberal throwing another liberal conniption fit and using that “peaceful” and “reportedly” crap.  For all we might know, Michelle Goldberg and Sally Kohn are one in the same person, or perhaps share a desk.

Kohn compares the OWS lowlifes and vagrants to the Boston Tea Party.

Think what you will about the protests. Maybe they weren’t your cup of tea. But do know that our forefathers who destroyed private property by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor were not initially praised as heroes but attacked as criminals. But we look back with deep gratitude that they stood up to the fundamental inequity and injustice of the British monarchy and its stranglehold over the colonies. Without their bold action, we would not be a nation.

The protesters are scum and filth fighting against capitalism and for socialism.  And socialism, compared to capitalism is indeed a weak “cup of tea”.  Our forefathers who “destroyed private property by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor” were in and out as quickly as they could.  They didn’t camp outside for weeks on end trashing Boston Harbor, urinating and defecating where they pleased, begging the locals for food, leaving a filthy mess in their wake.  Our forefathers were fighting against the tyranny of the monarchy.  The OWS rabble is fighting for the tyranny of a new monarchy under the guise, the umbrella, of socialism.  The “stranglehold” our forefathers fought against and “stood up to” was the “inequity and injustice” that resulted from an arrogant monarchy which saw the colonies as their own property to do with what they pleased and to tax as they pleased.  How is that different from the Obama Administration, which has been treating Americans in the exact same manner the British Monarchy of old treated our forefathers, and for which they fought against?  And who was it calling our forefathers “criminals”?

There is no such comparison between the actions of our forefathers and the actions of the OWS filth.  There is no “bold action” by them. The OWS protesters, puppets for Soros as they are, have acted with absolute contempt, indignity and disrespect.  Our nation was founded by forefathers who fought against the very ideas and ideals the OWS protesters/puppets are fighting for.  The British Monarchy supported “wealth distribution” just as liberal do.  And just as the British Monarchy supported redistributing that wealth back to themselves, liberals support redistributing wealth back to our federal government, and the people in charge of this over bloated, ever expanding monstrosity – which is liberals themselves.

Our forefathers evicted that idea over two centuries ago when they wrote and passed the Bill of Rights, the bases for our Constitution.  And that never sat well with some people, even back then.  And while the idea of socialism was evicted from the framework of our Constitution, it is true the idea of socialism was never really evicted from the framework of  human minds which has ever sought to reinstate it back into the American landscape and into our Constitution.  They succeeded in 1913 with passage of the 16th amendment, making the income tax, once unconstitutional, now constitutional.

Kohn sums up the arrests by writing:

Time will tell if the end of occupy camps is upon us, but without a doubt, the larger movement for opportunity in America is just beginning. You can evict hundreds of protesters, but you cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

This “idea that has come” is the very idea our forefathers “boldly” fought against.  In other words, this “idea” is nothing new.  It’s merely been reconstituted, repackaged and resold.  And with our “bold action” we, conservatives, will “remain a nation” despite the cowardice of liberals and OWS protesters.

Goldberg writes nearly the same ending as Kohn:

The quixotic little village in Zuccotti Park may be gone. The movement isn’t.

Great.  Invoke Don Quixote, who was an impractical dreamer too.  And for all the impractical dreaming of Don Quixote, after he returned home from his “adventures”, much as with the OWS protesters, he suffered from his “humiliations” and “defeats”.  Of course what happened to Quixote at the end probably will not happen to the OWS protesters themselves after they return home to their posh settings.  But – what happened to Quixote at the end, will indeed happen to their idea.

So, Michelle was inadvertently right comparing Don Quixote to the OWS protesters.  There indeed is much similarity between Quixote, liberalism and the “idea” the OWS movement is pushing.  All of which is, and remains, “impractical”.

How “reinvigorated” was Don Quixote when he returned home?

Of OWS Greed/Thuggery: And Barack Obama, Democrat, Supports You Scum And Filth

Are you a member of, or participating in, Occupy Wall Street, or any of the so called protests around the nation?  It’s a good bet you are just as much lazy as you are scum and filth.  Here’s more proof of your degenerate depravity.  What exactly was your message again?

Throughout all these months of meaningless, pointless protests, thugs like you have proven the only thing you qualify at doing is trash talking and trashing this great country, wherever you set up to do your “protesting”.  Not to mention the murder and rape that has taken place as well.  Though your original message was one of “Wall Street Greed”, what of your greed, occupiers?

Your greed when it comes to taking over public land that, until you leave, no one else may enjoy.  Your greed when it comes to urinating, defecating and leaving heaps of trash and garbage on public land, roadways, etc. for someone else to clean up.  Your greed when it comes to pitching the idea that you deserve something (money) be taken away from those of us who are hard working Americans, and given to you for your laziness and sloth.

A word of advice – go find one of those McDonald’s application that was thrown down to you the other day – there’s probably some floating around the area yet; scoop one up, fill it out, hand it in, and hope you’re good enough for $8 or $9 an hour.  Because you aren’t worth anything more than that.

Your numbers are as exaggerated as your message of anti-capitalism.  And while capitalism may make slaves of some, temporarily – it is socialism that will make slaves of us all, forever.  Everyone starts out making a little bit of money.  It is through capitalism, the freedom and flexibility that capitalism allows with regards to the flow of money, in and out of business, which enables you, as a worker, to climb the ladder, to enjoy extra benefits and wage increases over time.  Very few people start at the top of the ladder.  And even for those that do start at the top, those connected or going into the family business, it’s still a long drop to the bottom.

Socialism leaves us all poor and dependent on government.  Where in this great world of ours, where socialism is, or was, practiced – where it is forced upon its people – are the people themselves richer, healthier and happier than in America or where capitalism still holds sway?

How has socialism ever benefited Cuba?  How about Russia, Venezuela, China, North Korea to name a few?

Cuba is in the midst of a capitalist revolution.  The same holds true with China.  Not so much with North Korea or Venezuela.  Care to live in either of those countries?

For those of you who have been brainwashed by the liberal elite in America into believing that we would be better off following in the footsteps of these failed nations that switched over from capitalism to socialism, you haven’t the vaguest conception of what you are fighting for.  And what you are really fighting for is not for a fairer system of government – that already exists in America, and has for over 200 years.  What you are fighting for is exactly what the liberals and socialists who have brainwashed you want you to fight for.  Namely, them.

You OWS protesters – you stupid, foolish, misguided, ignorant puppets – you are fighting on behalf of those few elitists who want and desire power for themselves.  That is what socialism is, that is how socialism operates.  In other words, in Cuba, who, other than Castro and a few people around him, ever benefited through socialism?  In North Korea, who, but Kim Il Jong, and those around him, are benefiting from socialism?  In Venezuela, who, but Hugo “El Diablo” Chavez, and the people around him, are benefiting from socialism?

Wherever socialism is practiced, or forced upon the people, it is only the very few people at the top that ever enjoy the “rewards”, the “benefits”, the “wealth” associated with socialism.  And you, dear OWS protesters, have blinded yourself to this reality.

We who hold that capitalism is the right approach – because the proof is everywhere you look – will not allow you to dig our country into a deeper hole.  That hole you dig – it’s your own.  Be prepared.  We who hold that capitalism is the right approach – because the proof is everywhere you look – will bury you in that hole.  We who hold that capitalism is the right approach – because the proof is everywhere you look – will build (or rebuild) a capitalist world over that hole you dig and are buried under.  We who hold that capitalism is the right approach – because the proof is everywhere you look – will crush your message of socialism under the weight of our capitalism.  We who hold that capitalism is the right approach – because the proof is everywhere you look – will walk over you and your message of socialism for centuries to come.

And in that hole you’ve dug for yourselves, dear OWS protesters, that you have buried yourselves in, you will be all but forgotten as your message of socialism rots and decays underneath the budding of capitalism, the growing capitalism, the living capitalism, the thriving capitalism, the reproducing capitalism – spreading, spreading, spreading all over the world, conquering, massacring, wiping out all forms of socialism wherever it may exist.

In other words, dear OWS protesters – you haven’t a chance.

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