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Joe Biden Invokes Rape for “Jobs”, Predictably NOW Defends…

October 23, 2011 1 comment

Out of work?  Nothing to do?  Bored out of your mind?  Go rape a woman!  While you’re at it – kill her.  Why not, you’re entitled according to liberal Democrats and the National Organization of (screwed up, fundamentally deranged, anti-life ) Women.

Vice President, Joe Biden is out cheer-leading and pom-pomming Obama’s failed “Jobs” bill, claiming that without it being passed more women will be raped and murders will rise.  Apparently both Biden and NOW are incredibly distrusting of, and deeply apprehensive with, people who are out of work.  “Idle hands”, etc.  And with all the idle time Biden has to make idiotic comments like that, should we worry about his hands being somewhere they ought not to be?  Perhaps that depends on how close he was to, say, Ted Kennedy and other like-minded liberal Democrats.

NOW’s President, Terry O’Neill, said:

I think he is concretely worried that with fewer police on the beat crime will go up.  I think he is imagining the lives of real people.  That is not a device — that is an actual ability to know what everyday people go through.”

It is not a far stretch to believe Joe Biden “imagines the lives of real people” considering the fact that he does have a very overactive imagination to begin with.  She is right when she says “that is not a device”.  Biden’s imagination is a very real part of his essence and his vice-presidency.  And it shows just how bored he must really be with it, if he, in fact, utilizes his time in an “actual ability to know what everyday people go through” and all he can come up with is fewer jobs equals more rapes and murders.

Terry, typical of a liberal hypocrite, is not as worried about there being fewer police on the streets as she is worried about Obama losing the 2012 election to a pro-life Republican.  Naturally she will demean, lower and degrade her own self, and throw all American women “under the bus” in the process, in order to help Obama win reelection.

She continued:

The people that are blocking jobs legislation really don’t care, and don’t have an idea of what its like.  They don’t have an idea what it’s like to have your child in a classroom of 45 kids and one teacher — and that is what we are looking at if these kinds of jobs are not restored.  They don’t have a clue what its like to be threatened with rape, and there are not enough police officers to come and prevent it or stop it.”

First – the “people” blocking this insane jobs, business and economic growth “killing” bill care enough about Americans to veto it, knowing that not only will zero jobs in the private sector be created, but more jobs in the private sector will be lost as a result of the higher taxes which would have been levied on business to pay for Obama’s “anti” jobs bill.

Secondly – go back to the 1950′s and look at class sizes.  Despite the fact that class size was larger then than now, education was better back in the 1950′s than it is now.  Large class size does not necessary or automatically mean a worse education for the pupil.  What it does mean, in Terry’s mind, is fewer teachers, (female teachers as far as she is concerned); fewer union members; fewer people contributing dues to a teacher’s union; fewer, presumably but not absolutely, liberals to improperly teach American children the correct history of America.

Thirdly – Clueless Terry, typical of her arrogant and condescending, anti-conservative woman rhetoric must think only liberal women get raped, are “threatened” with rape or have an understanding of rape.  Indeed, conservative women not only know of rape but are also the victims of rape, just as liberal women.  Unless she has some other date to show rapists magically only target liberals.

Fourthly – increasing the number of police never prevents crimes like murder or rape.  People’s attitudes and values toward human life is more a factor in preventing murder and rape, and crime in general.  In other words, the more conservative a person is the more likely they are to be pro-life and therefore less likely to commit murder or rape in the first place.

Conversely, the more liberal, the more anti-life a person is (like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Terry O’Neill and people in their camp) the more likely they are to commit murder and rape.  And that means, ironically, that Terry ought to be more worried about the people around her, in her inner circle, (liberals) and people she supports directly, raping and murdering her and other women than the people she presumes “don’t care” and “are blocking jobs legislation and don’t have an idea of what its like…”

Terry further added (for posterity, or perhaps just for a sick laugh):

I think it is absolutely legitimate to demand that these uncaring un-empathic legislators get a clue,”

For someone, like Terry, who is absolutely “uncaring” when it comes to the lives of unborn children, she is the one who ought to “get a clue”.  When it comes to rape and murder, what she supports – abortion – is nothing less than rape and murder itself.  Every time an unborn child is aborted it is raped of its life and unceremoniously, “uncaring”ly and “absolutely” slaughtered in the womb.

Is it not  “legitimate to demand” then “that these uncaring un-empathic” pro-abortion, anti-life liberals like NOW President, Terry O’Neill, “get a clue”?

Too much to hope for?

NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, et. al. “Want People To Die” (Over 50 Million Already Have)

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

When Nancy Pelosi, Democrat CA, former Speaker of the House, disgraced and embarrassed herself on the floor of that House the other day, stating that Republicans who backed a bill (which has since passed) that would block taxpayers from having to fund abortions, and hospitals from having to perform those abortions against their religious/moral beliefs, she remarked that those Republicans who supported the bill “wanted women to die on the floor”.

Over 50 million lives have been lost since 1973 directly by the hands of Planned Parenthood and other so called “women’s rights” groups, and thanks in large part to the generous votes of “Corruptocrats” in congress like Nancy Pelosi who, through their votes, have allowed the killing to go on.

The Queen of Flamboyancy and drama aside, (Nancy Pelosi, not Barney Frank) who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

The pro-life conservative fighting for the rights of the unborn to live?   Or the pro-abortion liberal fighting for the rights of women to indiscriminately kill that life?

Every time a pro-abortion protester or group, like NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, etc., promotes an abortion; every time a woman goes into an abortion clinic to have an abortion; every time an abortionist performs an abortion – someone dies.  Every time!  Except for those rare occasions where the abortionist botches the killing to the point where it strays over the line of legally killing the unborn child to becoming an act legally defined as murder, and where the botched abortion has been documented or otherwise cannot be covered up.  Because abortion, which is celebrated as a victory of, and for, women’s rights, is nonetheless, morally, understood to be murder.  Some victory.

When Nancy Pelosi stood before the House and condemned Republicans as heartless and “wanting women to die on the floor”, what she was really promoting, by pandering to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, is for women to have the right to let their unborn child “die on the floor” of an abortion clinic room.  And unless the mother’s life is legitimately threatened because of her pregnancy (and only a handful of crackpots oppose abortion even in this instance) what reason is there for her having the right to let her unborn child “die on the floor”?

When Planned Parenthood helps a woman plan the killing of her unborn child, and ultimately helps her carry out the killing to the fullest, who is it who is letting who “die on the floor”?

When politicians vote in favor of forcing tax payers to fund abortion, and for hospitals to perform those abortions in strict conflict to their own religious beliefs; when politicians vote in favor of more liberal abortion rights in general, who is it who is condemning life to “die on the floor”?

When pro-abortion women, and men, gather to protest for abortion rights, for easy access to those abortions, for abortions at any time and for any reason, who is it who is protesting whom to “die on the floor”?

When pro-life women, and men, and organizations fight and protest to protect the lives of the unborn from being indiscriminately aborted, and when they are successful in changing a pregnant woman’s mind, when they are able to avert an abortion from taking place inside an abortion clinic, who “dies on the floor”?

Through the demonstrative arrogance of Nancy Pelosi, and liberal politicians like her; the demoniacal, deconstructive and despicable actions of Planned Parenthood and anti-life groups like them, they continue to spread the lie that abortion is nothing more than a simple medical procedure, no more significant, or less, than getting one’s ears pierced or getting a tattoo, which all women ought to have easy and affordable (taxpayer funded) access to at any time, for any reason, without question.  Despite the fact that abortion, in the vast majority of instances is not simple, nor is it even as necessary as getting a piercing or a tattoo, which is hardly a necessary undertaking in of itself.  And abortion still leaves one dead life “on the floor”.

How can Nancy Pelosi say conservatives want “women to die on the floor” by blocking tax payer funded abortions where the life of the mother is not at risk, or anywhere near in danger, and the woman is not going to die by that abortion being prevented?  In other words, if the woman is not going to die (and there already is federal coverage for abortion for low income women who must have an abortion because her pregnancy is causing real danger to her life) why must tax payers be forced against their religious and moral beliefs/convictions, and hospitals as well, to see that abortion carried out?

Obviously Nancy Pelosi was using the bill as a diversionary tactic because she knows that by blocking taxpayers from funding certain abortions, and by blocking hospitals from being forced against their religious/moral beliefs to perform those abortions, it makes it that much more difficult for an indiscriminate abortion to happen.  And it is for the indiscriminate abortion, the abortion “for any reason” which is at the heart of the pro-abortion movement.  Remember, nobody except those few crackpots contests an abortion where the mother’s life is legitimately at risk.

It is for the indiscriminate abortion which Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, Nancy Pelosi, et. al., fight to protect and fight to keep legally intact.  It is for this same type of abortion which pro-life organizations fight to make illegal.

So, the question remains on the table:  When politicians breathe life into, and pass, pro-abortion bills, sponsored and promoted by Planned Parenthood, et. al., on the House Floor, who is it who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

Killing Your Unborn Child (With A Little Help From Your Friend, Planned Parenthood)

September 21, 2011 6 comments

Today, much like in the recent past, (since at least 1973 and Roe vs. Wade) when a girl becomes pregnant, especially if she is a teenager, the decision whether or not to carry the unborn child to term and give birth weighs heavy on her mind.  And matters are only made worse when she is a teenager and fearful of divulging to her parents what has happened.  So many questions, so few answers, and virtually no one to turn to.

Enter Planned Parenthood.  This organization has made it its unending goal in seeing that women and young girls of all ages who become pregnant, and, for whatever reason, are unwilling to bring a new life into the world or are fearful of the consequences this would entail, financial, emotional, psychological, etc. would have somewhere to turn to in their hour of need.  They do this regardless of a girl’s age or financial situation.

Planned Parenthood has set itself up as the savior of these women and young girls, and indeed, has rescued and saved millions of them from a fate that they, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization of Women, NARAL, and a plethora of so called women’s advocacy groups deem as dire, depressing, and down right detrimental to every woman’s destiny – motherhood!

But that is what makes organizations like Planned Parenthood so evil.

Its own name – Planned Parenthood – is an oxymoron.  On the outside they are a benevolent charity, advocates for “women’s rights”, for helping to educate women and young girls in the facts of life, the birds and the bees and all thing concerning womanhood.  But once you go inside their building you realize they are only concerned with one thing – making money off the mistakes from the very people they purport to be fighting for.

Advocating “safe sex” and providing in depth information, books, pamphlets, videos, even condoms and training on how to properly affix one, Planned Parenthood has covered all the bases in the event a girl, in their view, “strikes out” by accidentally  “hitting a home run”.  Indeed, we can all feel the horror rushing through a young girl’s mind, any woman’s mind, who experiences an unintended pregancy and empathize with her in this uncertain time.

It is during this uncertain time that Planned Parenthood swoops in to “save the day” by taking advantage of a vulnerable, frightened girl, using this as their own opportunity to rape her of her dignity by providing her with a “safe” and “legal” solution to her problem, reiterating that she has the “right” to end her pregnancy without any negative consequences whatsoever, using a barrage of lies to make their case that ending a pregnancy is really no more a simple procedure than say brushing your teeth.

But this is of course a fallacy.

Planned Parenthood never divulges to these women and girls that what’s growing inside of them is indeed a human life, and became a human life at the moment of conception; that science and scientists have already shown beyond a shadow of doubt this to be fact; that sonograms can show to any pregnant woman there is a human life growing inside of her.  Without this knowledge prior to an abortion, many women suffer from depression, guilt and remorse after the procedure, after they learn the truth of what they have done.

To Planned Parenthood, however, what is now growing inside the female body is akin to a cancer and nothing more than an obstacle to their utopian vision of womanhood – absolute independence from men.  It must be removed forthwith!  Otherwise, she is forever lost, forever banished from experiencing this warped version of Eden where only women reside and men are not allowed.

Planned Parenthood considers it to be a death sentence to womanhood itself, once a woman or girl becomes pregnant and decides to give birth.  All hope of womanhood, of being independent and in control of one’s life is gone.  They believe it is better, indeed moral, to give a death sentence to the unborn child – which they vehemently deny even is a human life, although they know it is – rather than have the woman or girl suffer what they, and other pro-abortion “rights” organizations, deem the unbearable realization that comes with pregnancy and motherhood which is the acknowledgement that there are consequences to one’s action.  Abortion removes those consequences and erases all sense of responsibility; a clean slate, as it were, for a woman or girl to continue down what is essentially a dangerous and degrading path, one in which Planned Parenthood is now guiding, unbeknown to all the many women and girls who have been snared into their web.

Groups, pro life organizations, like  National Right To Life and Pro-Life Action League, exist to counter the lies and misinformation being spread by supporters of abortion rights.  For this, they have been labeled terrorists.  Read here to see how pro life groups are being portrayed.  It would be almost comical if unborn lives were not at stake.  Terrorists, by definition, instill and commit terror.  How is trying to prevent a girl or woman from killing her unborn child with important information pertaining to pregnancy and abortion an act of terrorism?  And why would the act of abortion itself not be considered terrorism, and therefore, by extension, why would abortionists not be considered the real terrorists?

Obviously, to Planned Parenthood, and all the others, terrorists are anything, anyone, that seeks to take away a huge source of income for them.  Because making money off, and from, abortion, is really why Planned Parenthood exists.

Abortion is, now in America, legal.  And although there are restrictions on the types of abortions, the times in which one may undergo an abortion procedure, the age of consent to obtain an abortion, etc., while abortion is “legal”, because we know as absolute fact that the fetus, the unborn child, is indeed a human life, and that the act of abortion is really the act of killing that unborn child, that human life, just because abortion may be “legal” does that in any way still make killing a human life moral?


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