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Are We Ready To “Wipe Iran Off The Map”?

The “window” for a peaceful resolution between Iran and Israel is closing.  Iran, as with many Islamist nations, is not shy about its antipathy, its deep-seeded hatred, its absolute and unequivocal animosity towards Israel.  Iran, as with many Islamist nations, is not timid or reserved in trying to hold back how it really feels about Israel.  Neither are they unabashed, nor do they feel the need to be, about what they would like to see happen to Israel and all Jews.  Every single day, multitudes of radical, extremist, pro-death, Islamic fundamental Jihadists gather to gather in crowds and shout the most hateful, despicable anti-Semitic remarks they can make – all in the name of Islam, which they purport to be the “religion of peace”.  In doing so they are as much resolved in their goal to “wipe Israel off the map” as they are unrepentant for having such “lofty” ambitions.

If not every day, then most certainly every day, Israel is faced with some type of attack by these murderous thugs.  Certainly every single day there are some members of this blood thirsty cult planning some type of attack against Israel, Jews and its allies in America, Britain and elsewhere.  They may do it with a nuclear weapon if/when they ever manage to figure out how to assemble one, which they have been trying to do for years.

Iran, and all the surrounding Islamist nations, have the option of leaving Israel alone, and letting Israelis live in peace.  That is all Israel wants.  But that is not what Iran wants.  It’s not what any Islamist nation wants.  It is, in fact, Iran, and most Islamist nations (and certainly the most super radically charged) which are provoking Israel into a fight in order to defend itself.  What is Israel to do?  Ignore the constant barrage of attacks against its own nation, its own infrastructure and its own people?  What nation on Earth does that?  What nation on Earth lets another nation attack it, invade it, destroy it and kill its people without taking action?  What do we call such a nation?  We used to call it – France!

Israel has a right, an obligation and an expectation to defend itself against attack.  Yet, every time Israel does defend itself, the American Left, all liberals and socialists around the world, and that worthless, useless waste of space and human beings – the United Nations – are more shocked, more dismayed, more outraged over Israel defending itself than they are over the unwarranted, unjustified, unexplainable attacks themselves.

So Israel is now gearing up for a possible attack against Iran to set back its nuclear program.  A nuclear program, by the way, which has but one goal, one motivation, one reason for existing – to intimidate Israel into submission, and into giving up a great portion of its land to Muslims, including Jerusalem.  Israel is not at all being secret about its intentions to knock out Iran’s nuclear capability, to what ever extent that now is.  Nor does it need to, at this point.

Israel is at a very serious juncture in its history as a nation.  The Middle east is in flames right now.  Old regimes have toppled, new ones are taking their place, often even more extreme than their predecessors.  Some regimes, such as Bashar Assad’s, in Syria, aren’t giving into their people’s demands so quickly, and are willing to fight to remain in power, however many of its own people they must kill in doing so.  Many thousands of men, women and children have been the casualties of Assad’s brutality.  All of this fighting, what is being called “Arab-Spring” – and perhaps it is a form of what we would call “spring cleaning” – is leading to more instability, more unpredictability, more tension – and more radicalized, more violent, more extreme behavior from the so-called “religion of peace”.  What none of it, Arab-Spring, is leading to, or paving the way for, is peace with Israel.

Israel is becoming more vulnerable and more isolated.  If there is any support for Israel’s plan to attack Iran’s nuclear program, that support is being done in secret.  There are plenty of open and candid calls from the United States (its President and military commanders) for Israel to halt any attacks.  What happens if Israel listens?  In other words, if Israel relents, if it backs away, will Iran do the same thing with its nuclear program?  Will the Palestinians, will all Muslims, back away from Israel and allow Israel to live in peace?  Because if they don’t, why in hell would Israel, why should Israel, allow itself to be bullied and intimidated by these contemptible, murderous thugs?

We have two options to consider.

1.  We can let Iran “wipe Israel off the map”.

2.  We can help Israel “wipe Iran off the map”.

Which is the more preferred option?

Israel Ought To Tell Barack Obama To Go To Hell

Who the hell is Barack Obama, and what are his real motives in putting up his finger of shame to Israel, yet again?  Barack Obama opposes Israel’s right to expand its settlements, to hold on to its own land, to protect its own people from rocket attacks, and now – Barack Obama opposes Israel’s right to self-defense.  Barack Obama is positioning himself to be as anti-Israel as is Hamas and the PLO, and Iran, which calls for the destruction of Israel more times a day than its people are required to pray – and the destruction of Israel and all of the Jews is one of the things they routinely pray for.

Just what does Barack Obama think happens to Israel once Iran acquires nuclear weapons?  What does he think happens to the United States and its ability to negotiate and to hold rogue nations like Iran in line?

Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran is a game changer.  Why?  Put a nuclear weapon in the hands of a hot-headed radical Muslim Jihadist and see what they do with it.  We already know what they do with weapons of lesser mass destruction.  We know, because there is a wealth of documented evidence, that these Muslim terrorists are willing to blow themselves up in the process of killing as many Jews, and other “infidels” as they can.  They do it every day.  Barack Obama appears oblivious to it all.

So, while Iran pursues its deranged ambition of attaining nuclear weapons, and comes insanely closer to reaching its goal every day, Israel must worry about the consequences of a nuclear Iran, and a United States, under President Barack Hussein Obama, which has never been more hostile, more disapproving, more antagonistic and opposed to Israel than in any time in its, or our, history.

President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other top officials have delivered a string of private messages to Israeli leaders warning about the dire consequences of a strike.

The ‘dire consequences” of a strike are miniscule compared to the real “dire consequences” of a nuclear Iran.  Both the United States and Israel, and all our allies for that matter, ought to be preparing and gearing up for a possible attack/war on Iran.  How can the United States, and its leaders in Washington, ever expect to keep the Middle east from exploding into absolute chaos if all Iran has to do to shut Washington up is remind Washington it, Iran, has the advantage over us because it, Iran, has nuclear weapons?

The U.S. wants Israel to give more time for the effects of sanctions and other measures intended to force Iran to abandon its perceived efforts to build nuclear weapons.

Giving more time to allow sanctions to work only gives Iran more time to obtain the components of a nuclear weapon and to build it.  Does Barack Obama or any of these egg-head politicians and bureaucrats in Washington really think that once sanctions are in place Iran will be fully prevented from bringing in the necessary materials its needs to build a nuclear weapon?  How arrogant and naive is that?

Tehran has warned that it could retaliate to tightened sanctions by blocking oil trade through the Strait of Hormuz.

This would be, and actually is, irrelevant, considering that America has all the oil it needs for decades to come sitting right under its own sovereign soil and water.  But Barack Obama and the Democrat Party continue to block all efforts to bring this oil to the surface.  And for the heedlessness of Obama and Democrats, Iran would not be in a position of using oil as a scare tactic to force us to back off our threat of tightened sanctions.  Of course we will go ahead with the sanctions, regardless.  Just keep in mind that the steep price at the pump reflects Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s desire to keep that oil underground, not because of imposed sanctions.  In other words, we could impose sanctions on Iran and still see gas prices around 2 dollars a gallon.  That is not such a pipe dream.

But what is a pipe dream and far from reality?

Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful uses.

If there was any evidence that Iran had any “peaceful” intentions in anything it did, perhaps we could believe their story.  However, as we know, Iran remains in a readied state of Jihadism.  And there is nothing “peaceful” whatsoever about Jihadism.

There must come a time when it is realized that Iran will stop at nothing to make its dream of becoming nuclear a reality.  And there is more at stake here than just a nuclear Iran.  Remember, Iran’s Dictator-President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is allied with another fierce anti-American Dictator-President, Hugo “El Diablo” Chavez of Venezuela.  Once Iran has nuclear capability, how long will it be before Ahmadinejad either sells, or gives away, some of its nuclear weapons to its buddy “El Diablo” Chavez?  What happens then, once two anti-Americans rogue dictators have nuclear weapons in their hands?  What happens to that window of opportunity to strike then?  Didn’t we learn anything from 40 years of Cold War with Russia?  Do we want to go through that all over again with Iran?

The U.S. and Iran, however, have taken steps in recent days apparently designed to ease tensions. Iran has agreed to host a delegation of United Nations nuclear inspectors this month.

This is called stalling for more time.  And while tensions between Iran and the U.S. “ease”, the tensions between Iran and Israel, and Israel and the United States, tighten.  Barack Obama is creating quite a topsy-turvy world indeed.  One in which is seeing Israel’s allies thin.  If Barack Obama wins re-election Israel may very well be on its own in defending itself and its people.  In the meantime:

Covert efforts by Israel’s intelligence service to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons have been credited with slowing the program without the high risk of military conflict that could be sparked by an airstrike.

And yet, we cannot escape the fact that Iran is a nation populated with Muslim Jihadists who denounce Israel and the United States with a religious fervor.  But, what happens if Israel does strike Iran?  The same thing that happens when you throw a rock into shallow water.  The water, dirt and sediment is stirred up into an excited frenzy.  However, it all clears and settles back into place shortly and there is calm and tranquility once again.  If Israel strikes Iran, it will be stirred into an excited frenzy also.  So what?  Iran is always stirred into an excited frenzy because Iran refuses to live peacefully.  It will calm down again, to what it is now, which is still very turbulent, very dangerous, but void of nuclear possibilities.

Will putting nuclear weapons in its hands make Iran any calmer?

Qaddafi Is Dead: How About Assad, Achmedinajad, And The Rest Of The Scum?

Qaddafi is is dead.  That is news to rejoice and celebrate and be very happy about.  How he actually died, who killed him, that he did not receive a “fair trial” is irrelevant.  Qaddafi was a dictator responsible for untold thousands of deaths over his 42 year reign of terror over Libya, including the 1988 Pan Am Lockerbie bombing.  Qaddafi died exactly how a ruthless, human-less dictator ought to die – without dignity!

We can only hope, and we will soon see one way or another, what takes his place in Libya, and whether or not America will have to go back in there.  If the Libyans are smart, and have some sense of human compassion, they will begin a new democracy in Libya that is void of dictators and allows for greater freedom for all its citizens.  If they are not, terrorists will again exploit whatever weaknesses and vulnerabilities remain and keep Libya from realizing true liberty, and keep America ever busy in that part of the world.

With Qaddafi’s death, the spirit of overthrowing other ruthless dictators is intensifying around the Middle east.  Syria in particular, where there have been ongoing protests for many months now, resulting in at least hundreds of deaths, if not thousands, as the Syrian government looks to conceal actual data that might reflect poorly on the nation.  In the hours after Qaddafi’s death, Syria has ramped up its killing of protesters, worried – as they ought to be – Qaddafi’s killing has emboldened and inspirited the people of Syria.  Indeed, the Syrian people have found new strength, new courage to continue their own plight for freedom and liberty.  For now, and so long as its so called President, Bashar Assad, remains in power, that freedom and liberty is on hold.

Say the protesters to Assad:

Qaddafi is gone, your turn is coming, Bashar!”

Granted we (America) would have done well to take out Syria (Assad and his government) back when we went to war with Iraq.  Still, the opportunity for removing this vagabond from a power he only acquired with the death of his father, is ripe.

How serious are the protesters in Syria and around the Middle east about removing their old, their decadent, their out of date dictators?  Says Bobby Ghosh, deputy international editor for Time Magazine:

Across the Arab world, dictators – as well as rebels – will both be looking at what happened in Libya and thinking, ‘We’ve got to strengthen our resolve.'”

That “resolve” is sharper, quicker, mightier and spreading to more and more people in Syria and around the Middle East faster than it ever has.  It is, and it ought to act as, a warning to all Middle East dictators that their time is indeed coming.  The people are rising, and continuing to rise, up against them and their brutal, murderous regimes and will exact their revenge upon them in the same way as was done to Qaddafi – without dignity.  Bashar Assad will meet the same fate as Qaddafi, if not more harshly, if he continues to disregard the will, the “resolve” of his people; if he continues to kill them as they protest for better rights, more freedom and liberty; if he continues to suppress them while he lives in the lap of luxury protected only by his military which he, as is common among all dictators, cravenly, cowardly hides behind.

And let us not forget about another highly disturbed, highly unstable and highly history-retarded dictator –  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran.  His time will come as well, and he will meet a fate he had neither hoped for nor expected if he is unwilling to accept the fact that his people are human beings and ought to be treated with more respect and given more freedom and liberty and more control over their own lives.  And his fate might just be sealed not by the people of Iran but by its other unstable leader, its religious dictator – the one they call the “Supreme Leader”.  He warned Ahmadinejad his post could be removed at any time.  And with removal of his “post” also comes removal of the protection that comes with that post, giving the people a better chance to “do away with him”.

It is all well and good to envision the “removal” of these bloody dictators, whether that means a peaceful transition to a new government or a coup in which “removal” leads to the death of the dictator.  Throughout history there have dictators, many of whom have met their fate by the hand, the sword, the noose, the knife, the axe, the guillotine, etc. of their own people as they rise up against them and overthrow them.  Which is why they always hide behind their military and bodyguards as long as they can and hope to die in their sleep at a very old age.  It is why, as in Syria, they employ their military to kill their own people en mass in order to intimidate them and weaken their “resolve” and give them that chance to “die with dignity” in their sleep at old age.

What the current crop of dictators don’t understand is that the people’s “resolve” has never been stronger, has never been more organized, has never had as much wide spread support as it does now, among its own people, and people around the world watching, including America which at this time is keeping a close eye on everything going on in the Middle East, in South America, Asia and wherever dictators roam freely.

The time for dictators is waning.  Freedom, the concept of freedom, the reality of freedom, the power of freedom and the proof that freedom is better than suppression and enslavement is much too strong, much too desirable, for these corrupt dictators to to keep under lock and key so they might remain in power.

The time for the end of Assad, for Ahmadinejad, for all the rest of the scum that are preventing their own people from realizing freedom is coming.  So we ought not be surprised or disheartened if we wake up to the news, in the near future, that these dictators have indeed been killed, and killed without dignity, in the same way as was Qaddafi.

We ought to look to this time with a smile on our face and a happy heart.  Remember when the Wicked Witch of the West met her death, and everyone sang, “Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is dead”?

Every time a dictator meets the fate they deserve – to die without dignity – we’ll be singing that song, or something similar to it.

Death to dictators – long live freedom!

On Going To War With Iran: Let’s Do It!

In its latest kerfuffle, the always friendly, benevolent leader in world humanity, Iran, is embroiled in an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States within the United States itself.  According to the Obama administration, there is overwhelming proof (and it is hoped and encouraged it will be produced forthwith) for such a plot.  Iran has vehemently denied any such plot, so until that proof is given, we will have to wonder about that “little” incident.

And it was only a few weeks ago when Iran announced it would send war ships to the shores of America, or at least very close to it.  What other reason would there be for this except to provoke America into responding?  And how could, or would, America, respond other than militarily, attacking these ships and blowing them from the water?

And we still have the possible execution of a Muslim turned Christian pastor hanging on our minds, as well as Iran’s nuclear program, still in full throttle (and no end in sight) to contend with.

And Iran never executed its own citizens for being homosexual, because there are no homosexuals in Iran to begin with.

This is exactly what happens when a legitimate madman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, (he’s even got “mad” in his name) is given absolute power over a country, and is supported by a radical, totalitarian, so called “Supreme Leader” who is just as hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-west, anti-America, bloodthirsty, and hellbent on killing and blowing up people and things for no reason or purpose other than for the amusement of their own demonic egos.

Iran, or at least Ahmadinejad, is betting on America (the Barack Obama Administration) being too weak to confront Iran, too tied up militarily and financially in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the world in its War On Terror, and otherwise politically uninterested, and hampered, in engaging, and challenging, Iran directly, in another major war.  Remember, Obama promised to end these wars and bring out troops home during his 2008 campaign, and not to engage in further wars.  It is supposed the little skirmish in Uganda, for which Obama is sending 100 troops on a mission to kill Christians, does not constitute a war.

What other logical conclusion can be drawn from Iran’s irrational behavior?

For too many years Iran has been allowed to flex muscle it never had.  And now, because Barack Obama is politically weak and vulnerable (and his administration is under scrutiny), because of an otherwise small group of anti-capitalist protesters around America causing trouble and mayhem (their bark is louder than their bite), because our economy is as weak as it is, with talk of a double dip recession, Iran sees an opportunity to exploit all these weaknesses, counting on Obama’s inexperience being his undoing.  And while Obama is indeed inexperienced in so many ways, American still has the greatest military force, the greatest military might, in the world.  Enough power, regardless of Obama’s inexperience, to stop Iran and put it back in its lonely, isolated place.  But that is only if we use that power we have.

Iran is banking on the idea we won’t.

We must call Iran’s bluff, once and for all.  If Iran is stupid enough to actually send war ships to the shores of America, it must be considered as an act of war itself and we must not flinch, we must not balk, we must not stall.  If Iran wants the war, or even if it doesn’t; if Iran is merely “testing” America’s military and political resolve – we cannot waver.  Blow the bloody ships out of the water, and then go after its nuclear program and blow that up too.  If Iran still wants to continue to agitate America, we can find more targets within Iran to obliterate, including Ahmadinejad himself and his “Supreme Leader”.

Sometimes we have to give war a chance in order to secure peace.  We can no longer continue treating Iran as an idle threat.  They are not, nor can that be considered at this point, especially when Russia is supplying them with serious weapons.

The Middle East is imploding on itself; the Arab parts at any rate.  Libya, Egypt, Yemen, even Syria have, or are, all seeing internal uprisings.  For better or worse, the end results of these uprisings will dictate how the Middle East will look in the near future.  If even more radical, anti-Semitic, anti-American groups come to power in these countries, and we wait to do anything about it, or don’t do anything about it at all; if America cannot, will not, conquer this madness now; if we allow them to coalesce into a unifying force, what, or who, will stop them from realizing their vision of a Middle East free of Israel and Jews?  What, or who, will stop them from attacking all of America’s interests?

By going after, and defeating Iran, now, we can show these countries that America still has military resolve, and that we are not afraid to use it.  That we will use again, and again.

If we don’t, Iran, Syria, even Russia and China, any other country with its eyes set on defeating, or at least weakening, America’s military might in the world, will see America has no resolve, political or otherwise, to engage in war.  And as a result, these countries will begin flexing their own muscle.  Aside from Syria, Russia and China do have muscle to flex.  And as bad as it is to be weak in the eyes of smallish countries like Iran and Syria, it is far worse, far graver, with deeper and more profound ramifications, to be weak in the eyes of real military might such as Russia and China.

What becomes of America when that happens?

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