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Of Abstinence, Sex Ed – And Why Gene Simmons Is Nobody’s Role Model

Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS is publicly and unabashedly celebrating being a sex addict and all the many “romps” he has had with women over the past 30 odd years.  He’s not the only “celebrity” to have expressed their delight in the opposite sex so openly and brag about it.  Remember the late, not so great role model, Wilt Chamberlain?  Chances are Simmons will not be the last, at least not until our society and our culture begins to demand guttersnipes like Gene Simmons and Wilt Chamberlain keep it in the hanger and just “shut up and sing”, or entertain.

Gene Simmons is a large part of the reason why so many young teenagers give in to peer pressure and engage in sex.  They see their favorite singers, actors, entertainers, etc. openly talking about their own experiences, as if it was the greatest thing to happen to them, and young kids naturally want to emulate and imitate them.  And although the percentage of teens having sex is declining, Simmons, and others, (and their nonchalant attitude toward sex) remain part of the problem why more children will not abstain from sex.

Sadly, those entertainers who promote the “abstinence until marriage” message are routinely mocked and criticized for not being “realistic”.  Abstinence pledges and the rings teens wear to show their solidarity for abstinence are frowned upon more than they are accepted, which puts added pressure on these kids to renounce their abstinence pledge and give into their carnal, hormonal lust.

It’s not only entertainers that are leading kids into having sex way too early.  Shockingly, ladies and gentleman, it is their own teachers.

It is altogether fitting and proper to call it an outrage for school districts to allow their teachers to promote this type of indoctrination.  And parents not only have a right to know what their children are being taught, they have a right to complain and have it removed from the curriculum.  Indeed, all taxpayers, including those who don’t have children in these schools, have a right to voice their displeasure.  Teaching anything but abstinence constitutes an absolute betrayal of the teacher-pupil relationship.  And for an adult, and a teacher, to instill in a child the attitude of  “well, kids are going to have sex anyway, so we might as well teach them how to safely do it” is, without question, absolutely irresponsible.  An act of extreme cowardice and depravity by an adult-teacher; a capitulation and surrender in common sense and sensibility; and borderline criminal.

When a teacher, an adult (and that cannot be stressed enough) instructs a child in the “finer arts” of “safe sex” that teacher, that adult, has effectively turned their back on the child and on childhood itself.  That some children are bound to engage in sex is all the more reason to teach abstinence, not to give in, not to give up.  Children need to be told there is no such thing as safe sex; that safe sex is still harmful, psychologically, emotionally and especially heath wise.  Children need to be taught that childhood, including their teen years, is a time for education and learning, not for engaging in adult behavior that is best left until after marriage.

For whatever reason teaching abstinence only seems to be more controversial today than teaching the so called safe sex curriculum despite the fact that teaching safe sex actually encourages kids to have sex, not abstain from it.  When an adult, and one in a teaching capacity, is telling a child it is alright to engage in sex at their young age, so long as it is “safe” sex, and coupled with their favorite entertainers reiterating the same disturbing message, is it not more likely a child will ultimately engage in sex, whether it is safe or not, than have the courage and fortitude to abstain from it?

Abstinence works every time it is tried.  Not one single pregnancy has ever occurred when abstinence has been practiced.  Not one case of STD’s or HIV-AIDS has resulted from abstinence.  Why is that?

For Simmons to brag about how many women he has had sex with shows his has a lot of growing up to do.  That some teachers would promote the “safe-sex” curriculum shows they have a lot of explaining to do (and ideally they can explain that to the unemployment agency where they go to collect their unemployment insurance).  That we as a society allow teachers to promote this garbage to our children and allow our children to be influenced by entertainers like Simmons shows we have a lot of work ahead of us to push back the tide of liberal corruption that has washed into our public school system and is drowning out the quality education our children both need and deserve in order to become productive, responsible adults.

As a parent, or even as an adult, we want role models who will instill in our children common sense values that will help shape and mold their lives in positive ways.  Children, after-all, are our future.  And they always will be.  Gene Simmons deserves the respect of no one.  He demands our universal condemnation.  Teachers, like-wise, who insist that children be taught safe sex curriculum instead of abstinence only deserve more than our scorn; more than a reprimand or suspension.  They deserve to be fired.

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