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Thank You, James Zogby! (For Your Patently Biased, Offensive And Stupid Observation About President Romney)

To paraphrase – with one factually wrong, decidedly insensitive, and patently biased comment, Arab American Institute President, James Zogby, and liberal aspirant, is doing more to focus attention away from the devastating impact Palestinian culture has had on the Palestinian economy and its own people for well over two decades, the result of which (should Zogby’s despicable propaganda mesmerize the masses of Palestinians he caters to) can only stymie development in that region for more decades to come.

James Zogby, being of Arab descent, (his father came to America illegally, from Lebanon, and Zogby was born in New York) and having a liberal mindset, and bias against Israel, (probably a personal hatred too), and writing for the “Arianna Nation” severely scolds soon to be President Romney for his “patently bias comment” he made about Palestinian culture, which was neither patently biased nor anywhere near off the mark.  In fact, when Romney blamed Palestinian culture for its own economic woes, Romney hit a grand slam.  Zogby, conversely, in his pathetic diatribe, struck out.

Says Zogby:

Romney’s observation that “culture makes all the difference,” which he offered as his explanation for the disparities between the Israeli and Palestinian economies, was so remarkably out of touch with reality that it set off an unprecedented explosion of press commentary in the United States and Europe.”

Since Palestinian culture only lives to destroy Israel, and since Palestinian terrorists have had, and continue to have a long history of hostility and violence against Israel; since its own faux government, whether that be Hamas or the PLO, both openly supports terrorist activities against Israel and Israeli citizens; since there is no real Palestinian nation, but a mere collection of people living in and around Israel, who identify themselves as Palestinians; since these people who call themselves Palestinians are wont to kill all Jews and overtake Jerusalem and all of Israel distinctly because of their culture and their cultural upbringing, what Romney said about Palestinian culture was right – and Zogby knows it!

Zogby speaks of  “an unprecedented explosion of press commentary in the United States and Europe.”  Well, to be exact, Romney’s “observation” set off an avalanche, “explosion” of hate-filled criticism throughout the liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) in America and around the world.  Who is surprised by that?  Who is baffled that liberals in America and around the world, most of whom also hate Jews and Israel, would condemn Romney for pointing out an obvious fact and truth about a deviant, childish, malevolent and very violent culture such as that of the Palestinians?

Most of the United States’s (sic) major daily newspapers featured articles, commentary and even editorials taking issue with the Romney quote — highlighting repressive Israeli policies, and not an “inferior culture” as the reason for the poor performance of the Palestinian economy.”

Well, duh!  It’s only the liberal media “taking issue”.  Of course, to the liberal media, the very thought of Israel protecting itself against such an “inferior culture” as that of the Palestinians, who have not stopped, nor will they stop, attacking Israel, would be shocking.  The only product the Palestinians manufacture, create and sell is terrorists and terrorism.  If a Palestinian even has a job, it is most likely as a terrorist.  If the Palestinians even have schools, can anyone imagine what is being taught?

Zogby completely ignores history when he writes:

in 1994 the Palestinian economy received a devastating hit resulting from the Israeli closure of the territories. The “closure,” which cut Palestinians off from Greater Jerusalem, and severely limited interaction between Palestinians and Israel, was initially imposed as a temporary “preventive measure” in the wake of the massacre of Palestinians committed by an Israeli settler in Hebron. The “temporary closure” never ended.

That massacre was initiated by Baruch Goldstein, and not only was it condemned by Israel, but its own cabinet expelled an extreme right-wing Kach party over its support of Goldstein’s actions that left dozens of Palestinians dead.  In other words, Israeli culture openly condemned acts of terrorism against Palestinians.  Where has Palestinian culture ever condemned acts of terrorism against Israelis?

And why does anyone think Zogby might have omitted those facts from his Romney- Israeli bashing article?

Israel, and its culture, which is far superior to anything in or around the Middle East, is the only think keeping the Middle East from imploding on itself.  If the Palestinians were to stop their acts of terrorism and violence against Israel; if the Palestinians were sincerely interested in peace with Israel, Israel would be more than happy to reopen itself, its borders, to the Palestinian people; to its economy and its culture.  Palestinians don’t want that.  Palestinians want all Jews dead and to take control of Israel for themselves.  That is who the Palestinians are, and that is their culture.  And James Zogby knows it!

Until the Palestinian economy divests itself from terrorism, from the manufacturing, selling and exploitation of terrorism, it will not have an economy worthy of supporting.  And until the Palestinian people, within their culture, renounces its goal of total annihilation for Israel, they will continue to live and die in the poverty they themselves created from their own deep-seeded hate.  And James Zogby knows it!

What is the rest of the Arab world doing to help the Palestinians, to shoulder some of the responsibilities and help Palestinians out of poverty and into jobs?  What is the hapless, useless United Nations doing?  Nothing.  And James Zogby knows it!

With the exception of blood money, and that money used specifically to fuel terrorism and terrorist activities, how much money has the Arab world contributed to the Palestinians to help create jobs, spur new business ventures and economic growth?  Nothing.  And James Zogby knows it!

How much land has the Arab world agreed to donate (or even sell at a reasonable price) to its Muslim and Islamic brethren for a Palestinian State of its own?  Nothing.  And James Zogby knows it!

And so, for pointing out, yet again, just how deeply biased liberals such as yourself are against Israel; how much you truly despise Israel and self-loving Jews (as opposed to self-hating Jews); enough to have gone to the “Arianna Nation” to post your anti-Romney, anti-Israel diatribe, thank you, James Zogby, for best illustrating patent and blatant absurdity, which is the cornerstone of liberalism.

Doesn’t James Zogby know that?

Treat Captured Terrorists Like Terrorists – Not Like A New Born Baby Or The Family Pet

Now might be the best opportunity available to become an anti-American terrorist, if you listen to anything the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) has to say on the matter of prisoner “torture” and enhanced interrogation techniques, which include water-boarding and sleep deprivation.  And on that note, just how many anti-American terrorists does the Arianna Nation continuously give aid and comfort to by writing anti-American trash every day?

The point of the so-called “torture” techniques is obvious to anyone with a drop of American blood in them: to extrapolate vital and timely information from captured combatants (terrorists) and use that information to save many more lives, as many as possible, from being murdered.  For any hot-blooded, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist wanna-be, the chance to kill American soldiers is hard to pass up.  If we (America) were actually to give up on these techniques, which are used selectively and deliberately on very specific individuals, and used very rarely anyway, wouldn’t that do more to embolden terrorists?  In other words, if a terrorist knew, in the back of his head, that all the while he was killing Americans he was not the least bit worried about being captured because if he was, there would be a nice, comfortable, cushy bed in a big room waiting for him; a nice hot meal, three times a day; a shower and a toilet; a lawyer, paid for by American taxpayers; even a Qur’an and a prayer carpet (for the Muslim terrorist).

There is a difference between a captured terrorist who we are holding, and a captured prisoner of war.  An enormous and fundamental difference that the Arianna Nation, and liberals in general, do not seem, or want to seem, to see or understand or differentiate between.  Terrorists are not fighting for a country but for an idea.  Terrorists are not wearing their country’s military uniform or waving their country’s flag or banner.  They are wearing whatever garb they happen to have in their personal wardrobe, and ideally clothing that can easily conceal explosives.  Terrorists are not operating on direct orders from a legally recognized national leader, President, dictator, etc.  Rather, terrorists are taking their orders from another terrorist higher up, who, in turn is taking their orders from another terrorist higher up the ladder, and so on until it reaches the top terrorist.

Conversely, a prisoner of war is understood, by definition, to describe a soldier apprehended who is wearing their country’s military uniform, who is fighting for, and on behalf, and sanctioned through, their country’s government; and who is fighting on direct orders from their country’s top leader, whether that be its President, dictator, or whoever is legally recognized to be running the country.  And we do have rules on how to treat those prisoners, and valid reasons as to why we treat prisoners of war with less hostility and more respect than we do with terrorists, even though in both cases, whether it be the terrorist or prisoner of war, they are both trying to kill American soldiers.

The Arianna Nation has described the enhanced interrogation techniques as “worthless” because:

A nearly three-year-long investigation by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats is expected to find there is little evidence the harsh “enhanced interrogation techniques” the CIA used on high-value prisoners produced counter-terrorism breakthroughs.”

This, despise the fact that there is not only even less information to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that treating terrorists with human compassion and a deep and abiding respect actually deters others from becoming terrorists, but that in doing so – that is, in treating terrorists more humanely, more kindly and considerately, more pleasantly, tenderly and lovingly, we are actually encouraging more people to become terrorists because, and it all goes back to this – for any hot-blooded, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist wanna-be, the chance to kill American soldiers is already too irresistible and hard to pass up, even knowing that being captured may very well include “torture” techniques being used on you to extract vital information we think you may know (whether you do or not) about your band of terrorists, their whereabouts, their activities and what they have planned next and where they will carry out their next terrorist attack.  How, and why, in the hell is a terrorist expected to give up this information if, instead of throwing a towel over their head and submerging them in cold water, we place a three coarse meal in front of them and provide them with legal counsel at our own expense?

Liberals are sympathetic to terrorists, especially those terrorists that are anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-democracy.  The only real difference between a liberal and a terrorist is that terrorists carry out what liberals only dream and fantasize about carrying out.  Not convinced?  Look at the “Occupy” movement.  They are planning some rather impressively radical activities which are coming closer and closer to being defined as terrorism.  So, in a sense, liberals are beginning to move from the “dream” stage to the reality stage of terrorism and actually becoming terrorists.

We have to do something with the terrorists we capture.  And we have to make every attempt possible to extract whatever information these terrorists might know about their band, and about any upcoming attacks.  Why does doing this incense liberals and make them uncomfortable, and uncomfortable to be Americans?

It may be true that you can “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  And it may also be true that “one hand helps another”.  It may also be true that “one act of kindness comes back to you threefold”.  However, we are dealing with terrorists who are willing to blow themselves up, and as many innocent women and children and elderly as they can for what they believe in.  And what they believe in all pertains to the after-life, not life on this planet.

But, when we are able to capture one of them, put a towel over their head and submerge them in cold water; when they feel death gripping them, and earthly life slipping away, slowly, agonizingly, under that duress they begin to appreciate this life all the more, and are not so eager to join their fellow comrades who have already made it to the after-life.  It is at that moment where our military has the best opportunity available to gain valuable information and prevent another terrorist attack from occurring, and save lives.  Why would we squander that opportunity because it makes pathetic, worthless liberals, like those affiliated with the Arianna Nation, uncomfortable and sad to be Americans?

Until the day comes when our military abandons the “take no prisoner” mentality, literally, we will continue to take prisoners.  When we are at war with terrorists, who are not fighting on orders from their government, who are, for the most part, operating in small tight-knit bands, who do not recognize, accept or even acknowledge the Geneva convention rules for engaging in war, why in the hell should America or our allies extend to them (the terrorists) the benefits, perks, the courtesy and privilege, all at the expense of the American taxpayer, of being a prisoner of war?  How does providing more safety and security to the terrorist benefit America more, and provide more safety and security to America, than it does the terrorist?

Why Americans Are Right To Be Concerned About Muslims

Honor killing – why haven’t American Muslims been more vocal, more outraged, more disgusted by this barbaric practice, tolerated under Sharia law, and which some Islamic followers have transported with them on their journey to Western Civilization?  Could it be that, most American Muslims, in fact, support Sharia law, whether openly or not?  Could it be that most American Muslims, if they had a choice, would abandon U.S. Constitutional law for Sharia law?  Could it be that, most American Muslims, although they swear an oath of loyalty to America, when they become citizens, and renounce their allegiance to the country they left behind, are merely “mouthing” the pledge?  That, in their hearts, they have no intention of really giving up anything with regards to Islam, knowing that the Qur’an dictates they “change secular laws to conform to sharia” law?

If none of this is true, why then are Muslims offended when American lawmakers push through anti-Sharia law bills?  What is happening in England and across Europe as Muslims immigrate to Westernized, non-Islamic nations is startling.  And what is even more startling is the gross arrogance which these Muslims bring with them.  Why would a Muslim desire to leave the “paradise” of the Middle East, and move somewhere where one’s laws are bound by a nation’s constitution, not its Holy Book?  How can Muslims not know (beforehand)  that moving to a nation which does not recognize Sharia law, does not recognize the Qur’an as the only, the definitive law – and where it would be unconstitutional do so – would be so divisive and controversial?  Why do Muslims move anywhere in the world, settle in, establish themselves – and them demand that nation accommodate their particular brand of laws and customs?  And then, to make matters even more contentious, when that nation refuses – we have Muslims crying bigotry and Islamophobia.

UPDATE:  This is what a fanatical Muslim father does to his wife when he finds out she has given birth to another girl.  And this is exactly what Muslims want to bring to America.

America welcomes people from all over the world, and there isn’t a nation which is not represented here in America.  However, this is not what is meant by “America’s Melting Pot”.  The idea behind that was to bring in people from every corner of the world, where they – the immigrants – would assimilate into our society, our culture, our language, our laws and become Americans.  That has failed to a large degree.

Where do immigrants get off thinking they can come here, to America, or anywhere, really, and expect a nation’s people will simply embrace and make room for their (the immigrants) culture by pushing one’s own culture aside?  Especially if, in bringing with them their culture, religious beliefs and practices they – immigrants – both expect and demand we, Americans, would tolerate anything so barbaric, so repulsive and repugnant, inhumane and anti-human as honor killing and the law – Sharia – which condones, allows and protects it?

We have been fighting a War on Terror in the Middle East, in part, because groups of terrorists, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and others have found great offense in Western ideals (such as equality among the sexes, Christian influences, our clothing, literature, etc.) which have encroached upon their society.  Although, the real “offense” is that American, and Western, notions of democracy, liberty and freedom are dangerous to those Muslims who hold power over people, and desire to keep that power.  That is why we see in the news everyday that Muslims are being slaughtered by fellow Muslims who want more of the freedom and liberty enjoyed by Western Civilizations, and less of religious dictatorship and oppression they have been enslaved to for many, many generations.  And yet, what is puzzling is when Muslims do migrate, they still bring with them that same desire for religious dictatorship and Islamic law to America and elsewhere.

If the Qur’an dictates Muslims move into areas of the world which are non-Muslim and begin to systematically dismantle their host’s laws and replace those laws with Islamic laws and codes, and if Muslims really take to heart this dictate of the Qur’an – we have a very serious problem on our hands, in America, and elsewhere in the world where Muslims have immigrated and are beginning to demand their laws, and Sharia, be recognized.  Sharia is incompatible with America’s Constitution.  And while, in theory, there can never be Sharia law in America, because every American citizen is guaranteed the rights under it, including American Muslims, in reality more and more activist judges (all of who are liberals and leftists) are siding with Muslims who want to be tried under Sharia law rather than American law.

It is a very dangerous precedent.  One which, if allowed to progress, will see a dramatic spike in honor killings, in the repression and oppression of women and girls and deaths sentences for gays, Muslim to Christian converts, stonings and whatever else Sharia law in Islamic controlled nations already cover – but right here in America.

We, as Americans, have a right, and an urgent need, to rise up and put a stop to this immediately.  We, as Americans, have a right to be concerned that Muslims are immigrating to America not to become Americans but instead to corrupt American law, our Constitution and replace both with Islamic Sharia law.  Either American Muslims embrace America law or they embrace Sharia law.  Muslims cannot have both.  They must decide which law they want.  And if they decide Sharia law, then Americans must decide how we will respond to having our laws overrun, overruled, overtaken by that law – Sharia – which can only be described as malicious, degrading, offensive, anti freedom and liberty and absolutely unacceptable and reprehensible.

Or – are we, as Americans, willing to relinquish those freedoms and liberties to a portion of citizens for fear we might offend them if we speak out against their barbaric, unconstitutional laws?  And – are we, as Americans, willing to sit back, idly, apathetically, and watch as those barbaric laws, under Sharia, creep closer and closer to us, into our communities and neighborhoods, our schools and other public institutions – and into our courts and courtrooms until finally even we, as Americans, are being tried and convicted under Sharia law?

Remember – the Qur’an dictates Muslims conquer the “infidel”.  When Christians take their scripture literally they are called crackpots and laughed at, and ridiculed incessantly and without mercy.  When Muslims take their scripture seriously, and are laughed at and ridiculed, such as with the Mohammad cartoons, Muslims go on the warpath and slaughter innocent people in the name of Islam.

And the same left, the same liberals in America, and elsewhere, that decry Sharia law when it is practiced in the Middle East and wherever Islam is the predominant religion, are either silent on Sharia law when it is allowed to be practiced in Western civilizations, or they, the left (which includes the MSM, the mainstream media) comes to the aid of those Muslims who demand Sharia law be given clearance, calling such people bigots and islamophobes.  Why?  Because the people in America, and elsewhere, who are fighting to keep Sharia law from taking hold in their communities are virtually all conservatives.  In other words, the liberals arch nemesis.

But it’s a dangerous game liberals are playing.  Once Sharia law is firmly established in America, what is to stop Muslims from enacting pro-Islamic laws that are counter to the freedoms and liberties guaranteed under the American Constitution?  What becomes of the American Constitution if Sharia law takes hold?  What becomes of us, who oppose Sharia law in America, once there is no way to remove it?  For that matter – what becomes of the liberals who so passionately defended Sharia law in America, hoping in doing so it would weaken conservatism at the same time?

While Sharia law fully condones honor killings, and executing “defiant” women and girls, gays, Christians, Jews and other “infidels”,  Sharia law has absolutely no tolerance for anything anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic.  That includes both American conservatism and liberalism.  And after liberals have defeated conservatism (as a “what if” scenario), at the expense of supporting Sharia law in America, who will come to the aid of liberals when Muslims come after them.  And they will.

What do we, any of us, think, or hope, we will gain by not taking up this fight against Sharia law in America?  The gratitude of a hand shake from the same people who will demand we either convert to Islam or be beheaded; and the same hand, which we shook, which will hold the sword over our head, awaiting which decision we choose?

And, if, after acceding to Sharia law in America, we again choose poorly?  Is advancing Sharia law in America really worth losing our heads?

2012: War With Islam Is Upon Us, Whether We Wish It Or Not…

It is Islam we are dealing with, we will be dealing with.  But it is not that element of Islam we see portrayed on American television we are at war with, and we must not be fooled by anti-American propagandists into believing it is.  It is that tyrannical Middle East faction of Islam, that denizen of religious usurpers which vows never to recognize Israel; that stronghold of barbarism, of outdated, antiquated ideology which, now back in power in Egypt, and rising, seeks to break the 1979 peace accord it once shared with Israel; that oppressive, cult-like wing of extremism which long ago severed its ties with reality, human decency and peace, which now has its will bent and obsessed with conquering the world on the proposition that all humans must either submit themselves to Allah, or the sword.

What good can come from the West tolerating such insurmountable hate and in-hospitality committed under the cloak of false teachings?  What good can come to Islam itself, for not pushing back against such potent, deeply disturbed rhetoric?  What greatness, what quality, is there in a religion which allows itself to be broadcast the world over as humbling itself before terrorism in the name of its God?

There is nothing peaceful about radical Islam.  Even when they win, they must yet instill terror within their own camps, their own conquered territories, their own people.  There is but one law for them.  No bill of rights, no freedom, no rights whatsoever under this Islam; certainly not under Sharia law – the same Sharia law proposed by Muslims in America, to replace, to override, America law.  The same Sharia law which looks the other way when honor-murder is committed.   To say that radical Islam is coming to America is an understatement.  It is already here.  Homegrown (Muslim) terrorism, is in America.

We in the West, those of us who refuse to acknowledge the truth of their intentions, find safety and security in denial.  We in the West, those of us who believe their thirst for revenge is perpetuated by an unwanted Western advance into their lands, find comfort in believing their terrorism is our fault.  We in the West, those of us who have been steadfast against the War on Terror, American aggression against an evil enemy that slaughtered 3000 of us in a single day, on our own soil, find solace and peace by deluding ourselves that all we have to do to stop the violence, the murder, the terrorism is…leave, abandon the Middle East altogether, oh – and one other thing – we must break all bonds of fellowship with Israel.

America has left Iraq.  Homicide bombings there continue.  Why is there not peace, now that the “infidel” has left?  Why do radical Islamists continue their slaughter of fellow Muslims?  The reason is simple.  Radical Islam, and those terrorist organizations fighting and murdering under the banner of Islam – the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO, and all the others – has ever had but one ambition.  Absolute power.  Iraq was becoming Westernized, however slightly, but nonetheless a threat, and therefore an obstacle, to their, radical Islam’s, influence.  There can be no bonds, no connections, no friendship with America among any Muslims, not in the eyes of radical Islam.  That is the reason for the thousands upon thousands of murders of Muslims by Muslims (radial Muslims) throughout America’s stay in Iraq.  That is the reason for why the murder of Muslims by Muslims (radical Muslims) goes on, after America has left.  It is to wipe out all those Muslims who might have been influenced (set free) by American ideals, who might have a harder time being influenced (corrupted) by radical Islam.  Where does their courage  now go when they know their allies grow thin?

300 to 400 million strong is quite an intimidating radical Islamic force to reckon with.  Yet three times that many Muslims oppose their brethren in their terrorist death march.  These opposition numbers, however great, are meaningless and inconsequential, and have little to no impact when, and so long as, that opposition is screamed in utter silence.  Fear of brutal and very bloody retribution holds their tongues back, even when they continue to be slaughtered by their brethren in their religion’s name.  America no longer holds a protective hand over Iraq.  Who will stop the radical Muslims from dominating the country anew?  Who will protect those Muslims who wanted real peace, real change, real hope from being slaughtered by others who do no share in their vision of a new Iraq, who do not share in anything but their own lust for power – and they do not share even that.

Those hundreds of millions of Muslims in hiding, and hiding their true desires of a peaceful Islam deep within the recesses of their own minds, can still regain their honor.  These Muslims must take their ideas of a peaceful Islam out of the protective shell within their conscience and reveal to the world that Islam is indeed, and can be, a religion of peace rather than terror.  They must have the courage to forgo the fear of deadly reprisal that awaits them.  They are being slaughtered anyway.  They will be slaughtered regardless, even in their silence.  Without this courage, they will cease to exist, as radical Islam overtakes them, and they will have forever doomed a religion, Islam, which could have known peace but instead chose violence and terror.  Those Muslims that had an opportunity to come to the aid of Islam will hence become Islam’s bane.

Radical Muslims hate the West for our friendship with Israel.  Would they admire us any more if we broke that alliance?  If we submitted to their insanity?  To do so would be America’s bane.

What good ever comes from submission?  Whether that submission is to a terrorist group, or submitting to one’s own fear of that terrorist group and what they might do to you.  The Taliban once ruled Afghanistan.  What good ever came of that for its people?  The Taliban is regaining its power there.  What then?  Will the same history in Afghanistan repeat itself in Iraq?

When we had an opportunity to thwart the progress of radical Islam, and Muslim terrorists, and put a stop to their demonic agenda of enslaving the whole human race under the religion of submission, we instead gave into weak political pressure, cowardice from the left, and pulled out.  With America’s presence in the region diminishing, the radical Muslims are regrouping, retraining, regaining strength and determination, and returning.

If we allow them to take back what we set free – with the blood and lives of thousands of soldiers from America and Europe – that will be the world’s bane.

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