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Of Slurs And The Hypocrisy Of The National Organization Of Women

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

What do you get when you call a conservative woman a “lyin’ ass bitch”?

Long after the fact has occurred, days after the laughter and applause of that singular moment has subsided and the thunderous round of cheers and hand clapping has calmed down to a lull and a whisper; when even after the sharp aching of sides and swelling of bruises around the guts have quieted; when after the intentional slur has since been weighed, examined and roundly criticized and condemned by those of us with a higher moral standard; when the incident has become, in this, our information age, old news – we get, at long, long last, the liberal feminist response.  A “peep”, as it were.

So it came to pass that NOW President, Terry O’Neill, has put out a less than urgent statement condemning the recent choice of songs “The Jimmy Fallon Show” used to introduce Michele Bachmann.  Bravo, Terry.  But – where were you when it actually happened?  Conducting abortion terrorism in New York City?  You would have been better to have “never” rather “than late” responded to what was clearly a planned and staged opportunity to use “The Jimmy Fallon Show” not merely as a platform for comedy, but to entrap a conservative woman, Michele Bachmann, and do to her what they did to Carry White at the prom.  (Remember that bucket of pig’s blood?)

And, as if this has been the first time in all of recorded human history a conservative woman was slandered, Terry writes she is “heartened to see that conservatives are learning how hostility toward women in public life functions and how it feels to be on the receiving end.”

If anyone is rightly characterized as a “lyin’ ass bitch”, it is Terry O’Neill, any liberal feminist who considers “hostility toward women” more damaging to women that undergoing an unnecessary abortion.

Should you really want to know how “hostility toward women in public life functions” try watching The View, or the “Rachel Maddow Show”, or any program with a liberal woman host.  Listen to Randi Phodes or Janeane Garofalo speak ill of women who are conservative.  The more liberal a woman is, the more “hostility” she will be “toward [conservative] women”.  That is how liberal women “function in public life”.  That is how conservative women have always “felt on the receiving end” – because conservative women have always been “on the receiving end” of slurs, slander and derogatory remarks made by the American left, both men and women.

Terry, “can’t help but wonder why their outrage is limited to those they condemn as liberals for taking shots at the Bachmanns and the Palins of the world.”  Much as liberals feel comfortable belittling and degrading blacks who are conservative, so liberals also feel right at home degrading women of any color who are conservative.  Conservatives, including men, with a few exceptions, can, and have, passionately and fully embraced conservative women without feeling emasculated by their presence.  Liberals, including women, look upon conservative women with as much hate in their eyes as liberal blacks look upon Herman Cain.  Where do conservatives ever speak so derogatory of  women?  And when they do, such as the infamous Don Imus “nappy headed hoes” remark, what happens?

Terry complains about “Rush Limbaugh and his ilk using sexist, racist, classist, homophobic remarks against anyone who doesn’t march to his extremist drumbeat”.  And yet, this is how Terry O’Neill, President of NOW looks upon pro-live activists who don’t “march to her extremist drumbeat”.   One could call Terry a “racist” if she opposed the nomination of Clarance Thomas to the Supreme Court, which is hard to imagine she didn’t.  Or for her “racist” and even “sexist” opposition to Herman Cain, which she does oppose.  Much like Terry probably found Clarance Thomas guilty before the lack of evidence against him in the Anita Hill incident was dismissed, she certainly finds Herman Cain guilty of sexual harassment before any real evidence is produced against him.  Terry, as a liberal woman, is just as deeply threatened by conservative women as liberal blacks are deeply threatened by conservative blacks.

With something in her eyes, perhaps tears, (but unlikely) Terry looks to this moment as a breakthrough with a childlike hopefulness, baiting her breath, and conservatives, when she says, “Now, will the right wing start policing its own?”  If these types of slurs were ever to become an arrestable offense (because they are not a fire-able one when liberals do it to conservatives) it will be interesting to see, how rapidly, how many positions open up at MSNBC and CNN, and on The View, and other such programs and stations that regularly demean, degrade and insult conservative women.

Liberals, including women, and Terry O’Neill, will continue to debase conservative women.  After-all, if liberal women, like Terry O’Neill, President of NOW, are at ease killing unborn girls in the womb, how much actual distress does it cause them to hurl an insult here and there at the “Michele Bachmanns and Sarah Palins of the world”?

Terry O’Neill states, “I’m not holding my breath.”  Well, neither should you, or any of  us, hold our breath. That is like saying – will NOW stop supporting the killing of unborn children? 

Are you going to “hold your breath” over that one?

Planned Terrorism Strikes New York City On Thanksgiving

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Live in New York City?  Perhaps you were in town, visiting relatives, or just happened to be one of the unfortunates out and about on Thanksgiving, picking up last minute items for the celebration, and attacked in broad daylight by what can only be described as a viscous and vindictive act of planned terrorism by one of the most dangerous organized terror groups operating in America today, which, apparently had nothing better to do on Thanksgiving than to terrorize the citizens of New York City?  If you were no where near this terror group – be thankful!

Even on Thanksgiving, Planned Parenthood terrorists were milking every opportunity in their arsenal, making sure everyone knew about their holiday abortion tips for dealing correctly with pro-life (“extremists”) activists.  Eight golden tips which Planned Parenthood terrorists of New York say will help anyone seeking an abortion, or protesting for abortion rights overcome the “hostility” which accompanies pro-life activists when they encircle abortion clinics and – on Thanksgiving, and other holidays that bring long distance relatives together – around the dinner table.

Planned Parenthood terrorists are overwrought, worried as hell, that as the Thanksgiving holiday brings family together from all over the country, (and it is true even among close family members opinions vary) somewhere the topic of abortion is going to come up.  Perhaps in between tossing the old football around or while watching the Lion/Packers game – during the commercials, at any rate.  Or – as if somewhere in the middle of stuffing our mouths with turkey, mashed potatoes and all the trimming we associate with this celebrated day, that after we swallow, and in between our next “forkful” we will find the time, or the interest, to discuss abortion.  Maybe it will happen when everyone is standing around, digesting, waiting for the pie to be brought out.

It might make for an interesting National Lampoon’s Griswold’s Thanksgiving movie, but who talks politics on Thanksgiving, and since when has talking “abortion” been on anyone’s Thanksgiving tradition list?  And yet, Planned Parenthood terrorists of New York want everyone to be “thankful” abortion, the killing of an unborn child, is still legal and they are using the Thanksgiving holiday to reinforce this American “value”.  It makes one wonder what they have wrapped up for Christmas.  Well, alright then.  Although most families do not reserve Thanksgiving for debating anything other than whether the turkey is done, now that Thanksgiving is over – Bring it on!

Among some of their “tips” for dealing with the relatives is their number two “Remember the Big Picture”:

Debating when life begins or whether or not abortion is federally funded may get you nowhere. Instead focus on your shared values and the big picture—for instance, talk about how you believe everyone should be able to afford to go to the doctor, or how the decision about when and whether to become a parent is a personal one. You never know, you just may find yourself actually agreeing with your relatives.

Around the living, or family, room, any pre-dinner “debates” will ultimately revolve around who will win the football game, who should win the football game and what that means for the division standings.  Perhaps whether or not to put out more chips or to just make the company wait until dinner.  In other words, most people are distracted with other things than abortion on Thanksgiving.

Life does begin at conception.  That is a scientific fact.  And we all want more “affordable healthcare” in America.  Most of us don’t support Obamacare, Universal, or Single Payer Healthcare, or whatever other euphemisms are being used to describe socialized medicine.  Whether we do or not, is this what we travel hundreds, thousands of miles, to be reunited with family, do after the hugging and hand shaking is over?

Tort reform, capping lawsuit wins at no more than $250,000, lifting regulations, cutting taxes on the investment of, and profit from, new tools and techniques to help doctors and hospitals cure disease and save lives are just some of the ways that will bring down the cost of healthcare in America and make it more affordable for everyone.

Another terror tip from Planned Parenthood is number 4 – “Create A Space For the Listener”:

Focus on the distinction between your personal beliefs, and what should or shouldn’t be imposed on others. For example, “I might not personally choose to get an abortion, but I could never decide for another woman whether or not she was ready to become a parent.”

In other words, in the context of abortion, and what abortion is, what the quote is actually saying in layman’s terms is, “I might not want to kill my own unborn child, but that doesn’t mean I should oppose your right to kill your unborn child.”

For those of us who are pro-life, and therefore value human life, we are not so cavalier.  Whether or not a woman or girl who becomes pregnant wants to be a parent is not the issue.  If she is not ready, there are places she can go to give up her child after it is born so that she does not have to deal with the “burden” of being a parent.  That she does not want, or cannot commit to, parenthood is no excuse, no justification for killing the human life inside of her.

Planned Parenthood terror tip Number 6, “It’s All In How You Frame It”, and they give examples such as:

A woman may have an abortion for any number of reasons. Some of these reasons may not seem right to us, but even if we disagree, it is better that each person be able to make her own decision.

It is indeed tragic that women have abortions for “any number of reasons”, virtually none of which have anything to do with saving her life from an irreversible complication in the pregnancy.  It is absolutely never better “that each person be able to make their own decision” if that “decision” involves killing an unborn child.  But Planned Parenthood rejects the fact that an unborn child is a child.  Right now, they have the law on their side to protect that faulty position.

We can try to imagine the heartbreak of a family when they get the news that a test has shown there is something wrong with their baby.

Like in China, when the unborn child turns out be a girl.  What is so “wrong with their baby” that killing it becomes more humane than delivering it and working to provide as comfortable a life as is allowed by current technology, the advancement of which is rapidly evolving.  In other words, a child born “with something wrong with it” will have a better chance today at survival, and long, happy, healthy life, than it would have one hundred years ago.  And because new treatments and solutions for the “wrongs” of fetal development are always being upgraded, the chances for survival will become even greater tomorrow.  Why would we deny these unborn children the chance to live?  Why would we give into the demands of a few abortion rights terrorists and organizations like Planned Parenthood who have no respect for human life to begin with?

Planned Parenthood terrorists in New York City have shown that, even on Thanksgiving, there is no honor or restraint among those that do not value human life.  If they are willing to subject us to their anti-life rhetoric even on Thanksgiving, where one of the things we are “thankful” for is life, these abortion rights terrorists will use any day to do the same.

We who are pro-life can be “thankful” that our position is so solid, so strong, so right, that we can take a day off here and there and focus on our families. This is “Black Friday”.  Most of us are out Christmas shopping, picking up whatever good deals we can find.

Want to venture a guess as to what Planned Parenthood terrorists of New York is using this time to do instead?

What Does It Mean To “Abortion Rights” If A Fetus Feels Anything?

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Of course such an idea as a fetus feeling anything is “patently absurd” to begin with, right?  And women who are “overprotective” of their nonliving, nonhuman fetus are just ignorant, uneducated rubes making fools of themselves.  They haven’t been “schooled” properly by pro-abortion educators.

That has to be fact.  The entire credibility of the abortion rights movement rests on the idea that a fetus (an unborn child) is not actually alive, or even human until after it is born.  While still in the womb, though it is “developing”, whatever it is, according to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, the ACLU and every other abortion rights supporter, it is not human, nor does it have the right, legal or moral, to be considered human.

So, why should a pregnant woman worry about whether or not microwaves, cellphones, anti-depressants or anything else would be considered harmful to an entity that, for Planned Parenthood, NOW President, Terry O’Neill, and politicians like Nancy Pelosi – who wouldn’t let her “conscience thing” distract her absolute support for abortion, say isn’t even a living human being until it has been born?

Or, to put it another way – How can this nonliving, nonhuman “thing” we call a fetus, for which pro abortion rights supporters vehemently deny and absolutely reject is human, while it yet remains in the womb, have the capability of feeling anything that is happening to it – while it yet remains in the womb?  And why should any woman go through the trouble and hassle of caring that a “nonhuman” entity is being exposed to levels and doses of electromagnetic rays, waves and smoke that only affects living human beings?  Planned Parenthood, the “only authority” on the matter, contends a fetus is not alive, not a human being, has no claims or rights to be legitimately considered human beings and therefore is incapable of feeling anything that is happening to it.

And if it, though it is “nonhuman” and “nonliving”, can feel the effects of microwaves, anti-depressants, cigarette smoke, etc., what does that mean for abortion and abortion rights?  Certainly if a fetus can feel the effects of anything at all, it can feel the effects of the abortionist literally sucking out its life.  If a fetus can feel at all, then it can feel pain, right?  If a fetus can feel anything, it must be alive.  And either a fetus is alive or it is not.  If it is alive, then it is living.  If it is living, what is it living as?  A tree?  a shrub?  A bush?  Merely a collection of cells?  If a seed from a tree germinates, does it develop into a human being?

And when we start worrying about the health of a nonliving, nonhuman, unfeeling being, (like a toy doll) don’t we have some type of highly disturbed, deep mental issues we are dealing with?  Isn’t it time we went to see the corner shrink to find out what is going on with us?

Planned Parenthood tells us abortion is a safe and legal procedure, and very common; that there “are many things to think about” when deciding to have an abortion.  The first thing they reassure every woman contemplating abortion is that the “thing” inside of them isn’t alive, isn’t human and, other than the umbilical cord, has no real attachment to them; in effect saying to all these women, go ahead and smoke, pig out on sugary junk food and fatty, unhealthy calories, microwavable edibles; talk for hours on end on your cell phones as usual; and if you feel any depression, go ahead and take some anti-depressants while you are in the process of making the decision of having an abortion.  Remember – only you, a living, feeling human being will “feel” the affects.

NOW proclaims, “reproductive justice is every woman’s right“.  They have a list of reasons why that is and why abortion, “reproductive justice” as they call it, should be protected, expanded and government funded.  And they reassure their members that the real terrorists are pro-life supporters; the uneducated hicks, gun toting religious nuts who go around touting the evils of abortion.  But abortion, as NOW knows, can’t be “evil” if the fetus is indeed a nonliving nonhuman, unfeeling “thing”.  One can only contemplate true “evil” if the reverse was true.

NARAL maintains abortion is “our right to choose at every opportunity“.  They say the “real problem” is that “anti-choice people want to outlaw abortion”.  That is a real problem – if a fetus is a living, feeling human being.  But if a fetus is not a living, feeling human being, as NARAL insists it is not, then – what is the problem with exposing it to all the hazards and health risks we associate as dreadfully harmful to life and to living, feeling beings, which, NARAL protests, a fetus cannot be?

The ACLU states that in the “world we want” abortion consists of  “personal and private decisions about forming intimate relationships and building secure and healthy families”.  But they are ominous in their warning that “the struggle is getting worse”.  Hmm.  If the ACLU can’t prove in a court of law that a fetus is in fact an nonliving, unfeeling, nonhuman being, with all the resources and professionals they have at their immediate disposal, then the “struggle” will indeed “get worse” for the pro-abortion movement.

What more proof does humanity need to accept that a fetus is nothing more than the nonliving, unfeeling “thing” they – the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and NOW – have been saying it is for the past forty years?  How much more money are we going to waste on “frauds” and “scams” that make us worry and fret over the unhealthy affects cellphones and cigarette smoke and microwaves are causing to the “thing” inside a woman?  “Things” cannot feel anything.  Living beings, human beings can feel.  Living beings, human beings are not “things”.  They are not toys and they are not to be toyed with.

There must be a method to the madness of the pro-abortion movement.  Or is it just madness?

Of Nancy Pelosi, The Catholic Church And That “Conscience Thing”

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Want a truly disgusting image implanted in your mind?  If not – read no further.  If so – continue below.  (At your own risk!)

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, is so uncomfortable with the idea of the “conscience”, it is enough to send shocks and sparks up her spine intense enough to make her feel the coldness of her own soul, to induce what “original” skin she has left to ebb and flow like the evening tide, to crawl and ripple with the consistency and texture of tapioca pudding, (tapioca pudding by itself, of course, is plenty disgusting an image), and enough to convulse and shiver with such a tremendous force as to compel her to squirm and ooze out of the decades worth of botox and plastic she has had injected into her 71 year old body, exposing her true self and her true conscience.

That wasn’t too bad, was it?

And yet, even Pelosi has a conscience, a “thing” with which no amount of botox injected into her can mask or hide, or cover over with any number of layers.  A “thing” which guides every one of us into making or rejecting every single decision presented to us, every single second of every single minute of every single day.  In other words – a “thing” not to be taken as lightly and as cavalierly as Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, liberal and feminist, so casually does, especially when it comes to abortion and the killing of unborn children.

Pelosi is comfortable with partial birth abortion, but becomes queasy and lightheaded with the U.S. Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Church involving itself in “private” affairs.

Says Pelosi:

[Those who disagree] may not like the language, but the truth is what I said. I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing [that puts women at risk.]“

That Pelosi is nervous about the “conscience” of the Catholic Church because it, and scores of millions of followers, (“those who disagree”) oppose a procedure – abortion – which puts the lives of every unborn child at risk, shows how “devoutly” un-Catholic, and unconscionable she is.  Exactly how is she “honoring” a faith that has consistently condemned abortion since its founding nearly two thousand years ago?

From Hot Air:

Nancy Pelosi is upset that the U.S. Catholic bishops wouldn’t approve if the Obama administration did, in fact, decide to force insurance companies to cover birth control, contraception and drugs that could cause abortions. The bishops say that, under such a decision, some religious groups might have to provide the insurance against their moral and religious views.

Why would Nancy Pelosi for a moment even think the U.S. Catholic Bishops would “approve”, condone, accept, or keep quiet over the idea of the Obama Administration forcing insurance companies to cover the cost of abortions and for Catholic hospitals, and its staff (real “devout” and religious Catholics) to be legally compelled to perform abortions against their religious convictions?

Forcing, by law, a Catholic hospital to perform abortions is like forcing a radical, pro-abortion feminist like Pelosi to take a good long look at herself, and her conscience, in the mirror, (and it probably would kill Pelosi if she ever did see her conscience), or forcing Planned Parenthood, and other abortion providers, by law, to show ultrasound and sonogram images to women seeking abortions, which Pelosi opposes.  (The ultrasound images, not abortion)

This all harkens back to Pelosi’s “women will die on the floor” speech when she denounced Republicans for a bill which protected taxpayers from having to fund abortions and hospitals from have to perform them.  Hard pressed to find a conscience within the Catholic Church, Catholic hospitals, U.S. Bishops or the Republican Party, apparently Nancy Pelosi thinks she would have an easier time finding a conscience within the likes of Planned Parenthood.  “Women will die” without getting an abortion, worries Pelosi more than the fact that virtually every baby aborted does die.

Abortion itself, according to Pelosi, is more conscionable than giving birth.  Forcing all of us who oppose abortion on religious and moral grounds to pay for it is more conscionable, to Pelosi, than forcing a woman to look at an image of the baby she is about to have killed.

What does that say about the people of San Fransisco who consistently, overwhelmingly, vote her back into office time and again?  Then again, Nancy Pelosi’s conscience is a reflection of the conscience of San Fransisco.  They don’t seem uncomfortable with her behavior on the floor of congress.  They don’t disapprove of her “bashing” the Catholic Church.  They don’t condemn her for supporting abortion on demand, or for wanting to force taxpayers to pay for abortions even if it conflicts with our religious or moral convictions.  What of their conscience?

And about the conscience of Nancy Pelosi:  Look hard and deep within Nancy Pelosi and try to find her conscience.  But looking under a rock has about the same results.  Either way you will probably find scum.

After-all, if you had a conscience like Pelosi, wouldn’t you endeavor to cover it with layers and layers of botox, plastic, anything, to mask it, to conceal it, to hide the shame of it?


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