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Arianna Nation’s (HuffPost) Pathetic And Hypocritical Pseudo-Concern For The Death Of Shaima Alawadi

Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi woman living in California is dead from a severe beating by the hands of a yet unknown assailant(s).  A note was found at her side which read, “go back to your own country”.  If but for that note Shaima’s death would have gone unnoticed, uncared for by The Arianna Nation, or anyone in the liberal media.  The reason?  By all accounts Shaima’s death was in no way related to an “honor killing”.  Had it been, the liberal media would have ignored it.  The thought of a white racist on the loose somewhere in California is of high interest and journalistic value to the liberal media, like The Arianna Nation.  The thought of using Shaima, her death, as journo-political fodder against conservatives, against the War on Terror, against the so-called, but non-existent, xenophobia the Left accuses the Right of engaging in is just too much for the likes of liberal media outlets to resist salivating over.

Hanif Mohebi, the director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he met with Shaima Alawadi’s family members in the morning and was told that she was taken off life support around 3 p.m.

The family is in shock at the moment. They’re still trying to deal with what happened,” Mohebi said.”

Indeed.  Why is CAIR  never in “shock” when it is an honor killing?  And why does CAIR not do more to protect American Muslims from honor killings?  And if this had been an honor killing, would CAIR have been in “shock”?  Would Shaima’s family be in “shock”?  Would The Arianna Nation be in “shock”?  Absolutely not!

“A hate crime is one of the possibilities, and we will be looking at that,” Lt. Mark Coit said. “We don’t want to focus on only one issue and miss something else.”

Why is it that honor killings are never classified as “hate crimes”?  Isn’t there an extreme level of “hate” involved in honor killings as well?

Shaima’s death is tragic for at least two reasons.  First of all, it is a murder of an innocent woman by the hands of a despicable assailant, who we all hope is soon caught and punished.  Secondly, her death illustrates the blatant hypocrisy and double standard the liberal media have with regards to reporting on the murders of specific individuals.  Very rarely do liberal Media outlets pay any attention to murders that are black on white crimes.  Take the Trayvon Martin murder, for example.  When the liberal media heard the name of the killer, George Zimmerman, they pounced on the story as fast as they could, because they thought it was a white man killing a black boy in an act of racism, and that was just too irresistible for them.  We have since found out that Zimmerman is a white Hispanic, not a white Anglo-Saxon.

A family friend, Sura Alzaidy, told UT San Diego () that the attack apparently occurred after the father took the younger children to school. Alzaidy told the newspaper the family is from Iraq, and that Alawadi is a “respectful modest muhajiba,” meaning she wears the traditional hijab, a head scarf.

It is of particular interest to note that The Arianna Nation has invested a paragraph to let its readers know that Shaima was a “respectful modest muhajiba”.  What does it matter if she was or wasn’t?  Especially considering that liberals have absolutely no respect at all for how conservative Christians, Jews, Mormons, etc. dress, and often ridicule their conservative dress attire, which is still too liberal for most Muslims to accept – and if a Muslim woman were to dress as “conservatively” as conservative women do, they would still be beaten, tortured and/or killed, because American conservative women, while they dress modestly, don’t cover themselves up head to toe or wear a hijab.  In other words, conservative women dress too liberally from the Muslim point of view.

That Shaima was a muhajiba matters intensely to The Arianna Nation because there is a great and growing debate in America about the effects of a growing Muslim population, its cultural and religious influences and the push by some American Muslims who want to replace American law with Sharia law within their own religious circles and for their own judicial benefits.  The Arianna Nation knows the opposition, mainly conservatives, are pushing back to stop this from happening.

CAIR, the anti-American Muslim organization which fights on behalf of Muslims in America, is pushing hard for Sharia law.  CAIR, which is no respecter of Christianity, and The Arianna Nation, along with every other liberal media establishment, none of whom are respecters of conservatives or of conservative Christianity or its values, have joined forces to combat conservatism.  And thus, the reason why The Arianna Nation is so giddy over Shaima’s death, and overjoyed by the prospect that it very well could be a “hate’ crime.  (Keeping in mind that honor killings do not quality as hate crimes by the standards of The Arianna nation, all liberal media outlets, CAIR and all Muslims who support Sharia law.)  And also why it has been emphasized that Shaima was a muhajiba.

Shaima’s death has sparked a bitter outrage.  But is there really “outrage”?  Or is it merely “opportunity”?  That being the opportunity for The Arianna Nation and all MSM outlets to go on the attack against conservatives and of conservatism, which they will blame for Shaima’s death just as they have blamed for Trayvon Martin’s death.  And – what would the liberal media do if it was discovered that Shaima’s death actually was an honor killing?  What will they do, and how will they report it when, the next American Muslim becomes the victim of an honor killing, and not the murder of a white racist?  Will they even report on it?

Why Americans Are Right To Be Concerned About Muslims

Honor killing – why haven’t American Muslims been more vocal, more outraged, more disgusted by this barbaric practice, tolerated under Sharia law, and which some Islamic followers have transported with them on their journey to Western Civilization?  Could it be that, most American Muslims, in fact, support Sharia law, whether openly or not?  Could it be that most American Muslims, if they had a choice, would abandon U.S. Constitutional law for Sharia law?  Could it be that, most American Muslims, although they swear an oath of loyalty to America, when they become citizens, and renounce their allegiance to the country they left behind, are merely “mouthing” the pledge?  That, in their hearts, they have no intention of really giving up anything with regards to Islam, knowing that the Qur’an dictates they “change secular laws to conform to sharia” law?

If none of this is true, why then are Muslims offended when American lawmakers push through anti-Sharia law bills?  What is happening in England and across Europe as Muslims immigrate to Westernized, non-Islamic nations is startling.  And what is even more startling is the gross arrogance which these Muslims bring with them.  Why would a Muslim desire to leave the “paradise” of the Middle East, and move somewhere where one’s laws are bound by a nation’s constitution, not its Holy Book?  How can Muslims not know (beforehand)  that moving to a nation which does not recognize Sharia law, does not recognize the Qur’an as the only, the definitive law – and where it would be unconstitutional do so – would be so divisive and controversial?  Why do Muslims move anywhere in the world, settle in, establish themselves – and them demand that nation accommodate their particular brand of laws and customs?  And then, to make matters even more contentious, when that nation refuses – we have Muslims crying bigotry and Islamophobia.

UPDATE:  This is what a fanatical Muslim father does to his wife when he finds out she has given birth to another girl.  And this is exactly what Muslims want to bring to America.

America welcomes people from all over the world, and there isn’t a nation which is not represented here in America.  However, this is not what is meant by “America’s Melting Pot”.  The idea behind that was to bring in people from every corner of the world, where they – the immigrants – would assimilate into our society, our culture, our language, our laws and become Americans.  That has failed to a large degree.

Where do immigrants get off thinking they can come here, to America, or anywhere, really, and expect a nation’s people will simply embrace and make room for their (the immigrants) culture by pushing one’s own culture aside?  Especially if, in bringing with them their culture, religious beliefs and practices they – immigrants – both expect and demand we, Americans, would tolerate anything so barbaric, so repulsive and repugnant, inhumane and anti-human as honor killing and the law – Sharia – which condones, allows and protects it?

We have been fighting a War on Terror in the Middle East, in part, because groups of terrorists, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and others have found great offense in Western ideals (such as equality among the sexes, Christian influences, our clothing, literature, etc.) which have encroached upon their society.  Although, the real “offense” is that American, and Western, notions of democracy, liberty and freedom are dangerous to those Muslims who hold power over people, and desire to keep that power.  That is why we see in the news everyday that Muslims are being slaughtered by fellow Muslims who want more of the freedom and liberty enjoyed by Western Civilizations, and less of religious dictatorship and oppression they have been enslaved to for many, many generations.  And yet, what is puzzling is when Muslims do migrate, they still bring with them that same desire for religious dictatorship and Islamic law to America and elsewhere.

If the Qur’an dictates Muslims move into areas of the world which are non-Muslim and begin to systematically dismantle their host’s laws and replace those laws with Islamic laws and codes, and if Muslims really take to heart this dictate of the Qur’an – we have a very serious problem on our hands, in America, and elsewhere in the world where Muslims have immigrated and are beginning to demand their laws, and Sharia, be recognized.  Sharia is incompatible with America’s Constitution.  And while, in theory, there can never be Sharia law in America, because every American citizen is guaranteed the rights under it, including American Muslims, in reality more and more activist judges (all of who are liberals and leftists) are siding with Muslims who want to be tried under Sharia law rather than American law.

It is a very dangerous precedent.  One which, if allowed to progress, will see a dramatic spike in honor killings, in the repression and oppression of women and girls and deaths sentences for gays, Muslim to Christian converts, stonings and whatever else Sharia law in Islamic controlled nations already cover – but right here in America.

We, as Americans, have a right, and an urgent need, to rise up and put a stop to this immediately.  We, as Americans, have a right to be concerned that Muslims are immigrating to America not to become Americans but instead to corrupt American law, our Constitution and replace both with Islamic Sharia law.  Either American Muslims embrace America law or they embrace Sharia law.  Muslims cannot have both.  They must decide which law they want.  And if they decide Sharia law, then Americans must decide how we will respond to having our laws overrun, overruled, overtaken by that law – Sharia – which can only be described as malicious, degrading, offensive, anti freedom and liberty and absolutely unacceptable and reprehensible.

Or – are we, as Americans, willing to relinquish those freedoms and liberties to a portion of citizens for fear we might offend them if we speak out against their barbaric, unconstitutional laws?  And – are we, as Americans, willing to sit back, idly, apathetically, and watch as those barbaric laws, under Sharia, creep closer and closer to us, into our communities and neighborhoods, our schools and other public institutions – and into our courts and courtrooms until finally even we, as Americans, are being tried and convicted under Sharia law?

Remember – the Qur’an dictates Muslims conquer the “infidel”.  When Christians take their scripture literally they are called crackpots and laughed at, and ridiculed incessantly and without mercy.  When Muslims take their scripture seriously, and are laughed at and ridiculed, such as with the Mohammad cartoons, Muslims go on the warpath and slaughter innocent people in the name of Islam.

And the same left, the same liberals in America, and elsewhere, that decry Sharia law when it is practiced in the Middle East and wherever Islam is the predominant religion, are either silent on Sharia law when it is allowed to be practiced in Western civilizations, or they, the left (which includes the MSM, the mainstream media) comes to the aid of those Muslims who demand Sharia law be given clearance, calling such people bigots and islamophobes.  Why?  Because the people in America, and elsewhere, who are fighting to keep Sharia law from taking hold in their communities are virtually all conservatives.  In other words, the liberals arch nemesis.

But it’s a dangerous game liberals are playing.  Once Sharia law is firmly established in America, what is to stop Muslims from enacting pro-Islamic laws that are counter to the freedoms and liberties guaranteed under the American Constitution?  What becomes of the American Constitution if Sharia law takes hold?  What becomes of us, who oppose Sharia law in America, once there is no way to remove it?  For that matter – what becomes of the liberals who so passionately defended Sharia law in America, hoping in doing so it would weaken conservatism at the same time?

While Sharia law fully condones honor killings, and executing “defiant” women and girls, gays, Christians, Jews and other “infidels”,  Sharia law has absolutely no tolerance for anything anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic.  That includes both American conservatism and liberalism.  And after liberals have defeated conservatism (as a “what if” scenario), at the expense of supporting Sharia law in America, who will come to the aid of liberals when Muslims come after them.  And they will.

What do we, any of us, think, or hope, we will gain by not taking up this fight against Sharia law in America?  The gratitude of a hand shake from the same people who will demand we either convert to Islam or be beheaded; and the same hand, which we shook, which will hold the sword over our head, awaiting which decision we choose?

And, if, after acceding to Sharia law in America, we again choose poorly?  Is advancing Sharia law in America really worth losing our heads?

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 5 – Her Jewish Love Affair With Islam And Everything Anti-Christian

Cheap feminists like Michelle Goldberg are a dime a dozen.  That aside, here we have a Jewish woman defending a television program, “All American Muslim”, and supporting a religion, Islam, that wants to kill her and all Jews, while at the same time she abhors Christianity, which is an ally of Jews and a defender of Israel.  Her book, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, is an attempt at prophecy, a dire “warning” of things yet to come should the grip of Christianity, “dominionism”, tighten its hold on America. 

This is the description of her book as seen on

Goldberg traveled through the heartland of a country in the grips of a fevered religious radicalism: the America of our time. From the classroom to the mega-church to the federal court, she saw how the growing influence of dominionism-the doctrine that Christians have the right to rule nonbelievers-is threatening the foundations of democracy.

Does this description sound more like Christianity, or Islam?  Isn’t it Islam, the religion of submission, that consistently utters “convert the infidel, or kill him/her?  Is it Christianity or Islam that practices “honor killings”?  Is it Christianity or Islam that is pushing hard to bring Sharia Law to America?  Is it Christianity or Islam that imprisons its women for having been raped and forces her to marry the rapist or remain in prison?  Is it Christianity or Islam that shames women for having been raped?  Is it Christianity or Islam that flogs, stones and murders women who will not cover themselves from head to toe, if they drive a car, if they try to vote, if they talk to a man who is of no relation, if they will not submit to their husband, and even when they are raped?  Is it Christianity or Islam that faults the woman for being raped, and releases the rapist?  Is it Christianity, or Islam, that treats women, in general, in practice, and in reality, like crap?

Is it Christianity, or is it Islam, that wants “dominion” over all the world, and the “right to rule nonbelievers”?

Michelle Goldberg is Jewish by birth, but that is about as far as it goes.  As a feminist, and a socialist, her defense of Islam is not necessarily genuine, because as a feminist, and a socialist – as are all feminists and socialists – she is anti-religion.  Which means she is also anti-Islam.  However, Islam is anti-Christian, and that being the case, she sees an opportunity to weaken Christianity by defending a religion that would otherwise sooner cut off her head than shake her hand in anti-Christian solidarity.

She is playing a very dangerous game all in an effort to weaken the influence of Christianity in America.  She is willing to betray America and her Jewish Heritage, disregarding the violence, the hatred, the obsession radical Muslims have in destroying Israel and killing all the Jews – all to push Christianity’s reach further away from the people who would seek its embrace.

Which is why Michelle writes, in her pro-Muslim article, that:

The boycott against All-American Muslim surely marks the first time that right-wingers have objected to a television program for being too bland and wholesome.

We ought not deny the fact that there are peaceful Muslims.  Indeed, many of them immigrated to America to escape the violence of the Middle East, desiring the freedom only America can offer them.  We ought not lose sight of the fact that many American Muslims are patriots.  But we ought not be blind-sighted either.

The protest against “All American Muslim”, and the reason why advertisers are pulling their sponsorship from this program as stated by The Florida Family Association:

‘All-American Muslim’ is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law,” the Florida group asserts in a letter it asks members to send to TLC advertisers.

In other words it had to do with the fact that right now we are at war with a very radical and sadistic, and evil, part of Islam, and have been since 9/11.  The entire concept of this program is engineered to deflect that issue, to push it under the rug, to deny it by casting all American Muslims as peace-loving, pro family, pro Americans.

There is a hidden agenda to “All American Muslim”.  Its creators are hoping to portray Muslims, and Islam, in a positive light while at the same time undermining and mocking our efforts to win the War On Terror.  With this program, the creators are attempting to show how ridiculous it has been, and a waste of time, money and lives fighting against something – Islam – that is clearly, as portrayed on “All American Muslim”, quite peaceful.  It is the creators way of “throwing their shoes” at all Christians, Republicans, conservatives, George W. Bush, and all “right-wingers”, “tea-baggers”, “capitalist pigs”, “pro-lifers”, etc., that are fighting to keep America out of the hands of socialists.

While Michelle Goldberg looks to excoriate and rake over the coals Americans, “right-wingers”, who worry such programming has a deeper, more diabolic intent, what would her reaction be to a program called “All American Christian”?  Isn’t it obvious Michelle would write a scathing critique against it, outlining the “hypocrisy” of such a program.  She has already written many articles condemning Christianity and Christians.  And let’s not forget her book, Kingdom Coming.

Michelle Goldberg hates Christianity, as do all feminists and socialists.  Christianity is in their way of realizing socialism’s dominion, its “dominionism” over America.  If Islam can help Michelle Goldberg accomplish this agenda, she is perfecting willing to bed down with Muslims until that agenda is realized.

But – what happens to America if socialism wins?  And – what happens to Michelle Goldberg’s love affair with Islam after she, and all socialists, succeed in permanently removing Christian influence from America?  What happens to Michelle Goldberg’s pro-Muslim, pro-Islam attitude then?  What happens to all American Muslims?

How Can Islam Be The Religion Of Peace It Claims To Be? (And How Can We Respect It With A Straight Face?)

In Saudi Arabia, a Colombian soccer player, Juan Pablo Pino was detained by “moral” police, after he was seen with an exposed tattoo of Jesus on his arm.  The country maintains its law under Sharia, which does not allow for religious tattoos, among other things, to be exposed in public.  Upon his release, Pino is said to have apologized for the mishap.  If he hadn’t, would he have been released?

And, in an on going story which has the world gripped, Iran is set to execute by hanging a Muslim turned Christian pastor. And if it had not been from all the pressure, all the condemnation, worldwide, the execution would have already taken place.

Two current stories, among the countless millions which illustrate the destructive, anti-human worldview that is Islam.

A man cannot wear a religious tattoo without being accosted by “moral” police.  Any Muslim that dares convert to Christianity, and is found out, is executed.  Arab Muslims from Hamas to the PLO, in Egypt, Iran, Syria and all over the Middle east routinely, religiously, call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of every last Jew.  And Muslim women can’t do anything for fear of being lashed or stoned to death in so called “honor” killings.  And that includes reporting being raped, because if she does that, her father and brothers will kill her for having “dishonored” the family, and that is protected under Sharia law.  And Muslims are just arrogant enough to have the audacity not to understand why we criticize them and their religion.

Ladies and gentlemen, Islam is not a respecter of peace.  Islam is not about peace.  Islam is not defined as peace.  Islam is not defined by peace.  If you are a Muslim today, you are either the blood thirsty Muslim terrorist who uses Islam and the name of Allah in vane to justify your madness, or you are the cowardly Muslim who will not stand up for your religion and defend it (that part of Islam that once was peaceful and enlightened) and take it back from the blood thirsty Muslim terrorists that have hijacked it.  Which one are you?

And before you take offense, which you don’t deserve, and start talking about all of Christianity’s faults throughout the centuries just remember – Christianity ironed out most of those faults through all its many schisms, religious wars, etc., where millions of people, mostly innocent, died during this period of struggle.  Today, Christianity is vastly different than it was even three hundred years ago.  It is less blood thirsty and less hell bent on damnation and more focused on saving souls, whereas Islam is more focused on killing souls.

Nothing coming out of Islam today remotely suggests there is any intent by Muslims to be more caring, more giving, more tolerant people.   By their law non Muslims are the infidel and it is justified to kill them.  That’s Sharia law.  The only law they know.

There has been talk of allowing Sharia Law here in America, to accommodate the many Muslims who have immigrated here.  Why they came here, to what is essentially a Christian nation, would be baffling except for the fact that it is here in America where a Muslim, where anyone of any religion, can most freely practice their faith (within reason).  It’s ironic.  In fact, Muslims can practice their faith here in America more freely, and without being harassed, than they could back in their own country.  We don’t have a “moral” police that can arrest anyone for the slightest of religious infractions.  It would be unconstitutional.

Allowing Sharia law here in America would be a bad idea, not just because it violates the constitution, which is does.  But by its very nature, Sharia law would allow for Muslims to be tried and sentenced under separate laws and a different due process than the rest of Americans.  That’s not what our founding fathers intended.  Sharia law, just as it does in the rest of the Muslim world, would also allow for the lashing, stoning and killing of women and girls in their so called “honor” killings.  Sharia law, just as in the rest of the Muslim world, would allow for the executions of Muslims turned Christians.  Right here in America.  And the same damned liberals who despise and decry our own death penalty would support the death penalty under Sharia law, because these same damned liberals who so despise Christianity welcome anything that is counter to Christianity, i.e., Islam.

And what of women’s rights groups like the National Organization of Women?  They are silent right now on everything going on in the Muslim world concerning the violence against Muslim women and girls.  Why?  Out of some fear they would be disrespecting the religion?  No.  Because NOW so hates Christianity, it is willing to bite its tongue when Islam, which also despises Christianity as much as liberals, behaves badly towards its women and girls.  Bring Sharia law here to America, install it, use it in place of American law, to subvert American law, to intimidate and spread fear, to counter Christianity – liberals will look the other way, regardless of the inhumanity it commits against Muslim Americans in the name of Islam and of Allah.  One has to wonder what Sharia law has to say about abortion, and how that would play into NOW’s attitude toward Sharia law.

With all the violence being committed in the name of Islam, and it is true that the vast majority of today’s terrorists are Muslim, is it even possible Islam itself can be saved?  And if so, where are the so called “peaceful” Muslims?  What is the point of retaining ones religion if that religion no longer reflects or behaves in the manner in which it was founded?  What is the point of staying in a religion that has evolved itself more into a satanic cult, than a religion of peace?  Why not just convert to Christianity?  Is there anything within Islam even worth redeeming at this point?

In Arabic, Islam means submission, not peace.  And it is submission for which one part of its followers, (about 300 million out of nearly 1.3 billion Muslims) Islam is concerned.  But if Islam is ever going to be that religion of peace that the other part (the one billion Muslims) claims it really is, than the one billion need to stand up and be counted; they need to take a stand for the Islam that is of peace, (if that “peace” still exists, or ever existed) and remove that Islam which is of death and destruction.  If they (the one billion Muslims) don’t find the courage to do that, then it will happen progressively, and more violently, by western powers in their/our on going War On Terror.  And the longer the “peaceful” Muslims” continue to sit and be silent, the harder it will be for anyone to look at Islam with a straight face and seriously consider anything remotely peaceful about it.

And by the time the West is through waging its War On Terror, which will continue for years to come – will there even be anything left of Islam, within Islam, to salvage?  Anything worth remembering?  Or will Islam be remembered mostly for its violence and its murderous rage and tendencies; its “honor” killings and beheadings; its terrorism and homicide bombers?  And will that be how the history of Islam is taught to subsequent generations?

Is that really what Muslims want for their religion?

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