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Unsympathetic Public School Burns Two Girls Alive, Pathetically Hides Behind Liberal-Based Law

There are an infinite number of reasons why, if you have children in public schools, you should immediately remove them from that destructive environment and place them either in a private school setting or home school them.  And even if you don’t have children in public schools, or don’t have children at all – you still need to fight the public school system’s tyrannical, imperial, bureaucratic and liberal hold it has on America’s youth.  Why?

Two young Washington State girls were forced to endure five hours of agonizing hell outside under the sun for their school field day.  The result?  Each came home very badly sunburned because they – by state law – were prohibited from applying sun screen without a doctor’s note giving them permission to do so.  Pure, liberal-based, hyperbolic overreaction which continues to infiltrate the public education system and take control over every single aspect of a child’s life during the hours they are in attendance at any given public school.

When will parents have the courage to stand up and challenge these heartless, thoughtless, unsympathetic thugs and rogues who have long ago usurped power, stolen it away from parents and community, and continue to wield that power to make incredibly devastating, irrational and permanently disfiguring decisions that only benefit them, but do absolutely nothing to educate and to prepare children for their future when they become adults?

More children will continue to suffer needlessly at the hands of public schools so long as they are run by government and not the parents and community at large.  It is entirely inappropriate and un-American for parents not to have more of a direct say, more of a direct control and influence with regards to their own children.  In other words – more government involvement is not the solution to a child’s well-rounded education, more government is the problem to a child’s well-rounded education.

Liberalism is also guilty of crimes against school children.  What conservative, or conservative idealism, provides for such nonsensical, and criminal, rules and stipulations as preventing a child from applying sunscreen to their skin to prevent being burned?  It is liberalism, and liberal ideology, that is the root of this ever-growing, and ever-growing out of control, problem.  Kids can’t play dodge-ball or tag, or anything of a competitive nature in public schools any longer for fear of hurting the feelings of other children who might lose.

Liberalism has outlawed the entire concept of winning altogether over the issue of “hurt feelings”.  And it is liberalism which – although it would seek to allow public schools to take your child to an abortion clinic to have an abortion against your will and without your knowledge; would seek to provide your children with condoms so they might engage is “safe sex” rather than abstain from sex; would teach your children that America  was founded by, and continues to be, a hateful, racist, bigoted, misogynist nation – that same liberalism would prevent your children from taking an aspirin to reduce or end pain; to apply sunscreen protection to their skin to prevent being burnt alive by the intense heat of the sun; or otherwise have a zero tolerance policy towards anything they deem to be a threat to their overall control and manipulation over the students, without exception, regardless of reason or consequence to the students affected.

Don’t misunderstand – public schools are noble and worthy institutions, and they ought to persevere.  However, so long as they are being run, and controlled by, outside influences with ignoble agendas; so long as parents have little or no say, or knowledge about what or how their children are being taught; so long as children are being intentionally inundated with harmful misinformation, that education – that purposeful lack of a quality education – will only prepare them for a life of indentured servitude, enslavement and complete dependence to government and government agencies.

The real reason why sunscreen is needlessly and heedlessly banned from public schools, like so much else, is not to protect your children from harm, but to protect the control public schools want, and need to have, over your children.  The sunscreen ban is a smokescreen.  In other words – public schools need to have complete dominance over your children without you influencing them.  The only way for schools to do that is to enact inane, head-scratching policies like the banning of aspirin and sunscreen, and the banning of tag and competitive sports, and enacting a zero-tolerance policy that makes absolutely no sense – and that also now includes, and extends to, the feeding of your children in public schools, all of which is engineered and designed to take more control over your children away from you and place that responsibility upon the public school system.  Public schools do not want you to have any say in how your children are educated, or what goes in public schools.  In increments, and over decades, the public school system has managed to become your children’s real parents, mostly due to our own apathy.

Until we become less apathetic, and more hostile (in a constructive manner) with regards to how our children are taught and educated in public schools, and what they are taught, more and more children will continue to be burned (pun intended) by those very public schools.  Either take back control of your public schools, or continue to watch the overall decline of your children’s education and, thus, their lives as they move into adulthood.  Which will it be?  And remember – your decision affects not only your children, but America at large, all of us.  Because children really are the future.

What future will America have, what future does America have, if its youth continues to be brainwashed and manipulated by a liberal-based agenda that ever seeks to dummy down their education rather than build them up and strengthen them, their perspectives, and prepare them for adulthood?  How can any child grow up to be independent when all they know is complete dependence and reliance on government to take care of them?

Need Another Reason To Flip The Finger To Public Education And Home School Your Kids?

Watch this video and then decide on the state of public education and the “value”, the necessity of public schools over private or home schooling.

Not a day goes by, it seems, when some public school somewhere does something so incredibly stupid, and gets away with it.  How many more reasons do we need before we start to demand more accountability for the public schools we pay for?

One More Reason To Flip The Finger To Public Education And Home School Your Children

This is what happens to our public schools when Democrats and socialists are in control of it.  As public schools become, more and more, places of socialist indoctrination, and as that type of education is starting to creep into a child’s life earlier and earlier parents are losing any and all of their parental rights over their own children.  Not only are public schools able to force feed our children junk that passes for education, now they can literally force feed our children junk that passes for food, which they deem more healthy than what a mother has packed for her daughter.

This is all happening by design, on purpose and as part of a plan laid out long ago by socialists in league with the Democrat Party, for which Barack Obama is a willing servant.  And why we are not doing more to stop it is perhaps the most frustrating and damning aspect to this whole sick and twisted story.  It is the reason why this evil, which has permeated our public schools, is there to stay.   Or do you think public school officials would give up without a fight?

Ladies and gentlemen – these are your public schools.  You pay for them through your property taxes and other forms of taxes.  You have a right, and don’t let anyone try to take that right away from you, to demand accountability for your public schools.  You certainly have the right to pack your own children’s lunch without his or her school telling you otherwise.  You have a right to confront your school directly and tell them to mind their own business.  You have the right to tell any member of that school it isn’t any of their business what your children are eating for lunch.  And keep in mind that this is the same public school system which would, without your knowledge, provide your daughter with an abortion inducing pill or take her to the nearest abortion clinic.

Public schools want absolute control over your children and your children’s minds.  We can either fight them and try to win back public education as it was meant to be, or we can abandon public education altogether and home school our children.  Public education, in of itself, is a wonderful concept.  But depending on who controls it, public education can be a hazard, a detriment and an impediment to your children the likes of which ignorance and illiteracy could never be.

Having the courage to get involved, be vocal and to not put up with the double talk and the threats from public school officials is imperative to winning back public schools for our children.  Principals, school boards and other public school figure heads will try to wear you down, discourage you, use the law to their advantage to make you acquiesce and to beat you into submission.  But these are our children we are talking about.

Apathy is what they are counting on.  Another school got away with shoving food down a child’s mouth.  This must be considered an outrage and an act of war against a public school system that wants to go even further and take even more liberties with your children and your children’s education and upbringing.  Either our children are worth that fight or they are not.

Are they?

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