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Control Liberals, Not Guns

In the aftermath of the Colorado massacre that left a dozen people dead during a midnight showing of  “The Dark Knight Rises”, liberals from under every rock are emerging, as they always do during such devastating moments of violence, and demanding more gun control laws to keep guns away from, and out of the hands of, those of us who are responsible, law-abiding American citizens.  The big plot hole in their story, of course, that makes it so unbelievable, is that the people killed in this massacre were not killed by a responsible, law-abiding American citizen – were they?

In other words, if murder by guns in America really were carried out by responsible, law-abiding American citizens, liberals would have an unbreakable argument.  The fact that gun violence and murder is carried out exclusively by irresponsible, law-breaking  American citizens (and sometimes by illegal aliens) shows that liberals have another, more diabolical, mischievous, dangerous and anti-American agenda they are attempting to pull on the American public.

Taking guns away from responsible, law-abiding American citizens will not save one person from becoming another murder statistic by a gun.   But – allowing responsible, law-abiding American citizens to carry/conceal may very well help to prevent some murders.  Certainly, guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding American citizens, can do more to hinder and thwart and halt a potential criminal with a gun from carrying out a cold-blooded murder.

Are liberals really concerned about the level of gun violence in America and the murders committed by guns?  The reason why the answer to that question is emphatically and resoundingly “No” is due to the fact that liberals only concentrate on removing guns from the hands of responsible, law-abiding American citizens.  Whenever cold-blooded murder occurs (which is every day in America), and in particular when it is gangs carrying out the murder, liberals never call for more gun control laws to prohibit gang-bangers and other criminals from obtaining and using guns.

Of course, it is much easier to prevent a responsible, law-abiding American citizen from obtaining and using a gun, and perhaps that is one reason why liberals shy and cower away from demanding more gun control, restrictions and penalties on and for criminals who use guns.  The only response we hear from liberals on this issue is for more tax-payer funded police to patrol the streets; more tax-payer funded government programs and services to curb, “assist”, those in so-called poverty from being led down a path to criminal behavior.  In other words, while liberals blame conservatives for gun violence, liberals never actually blame the criminals themselves who use guns to commit their crimes.  And when criminals do commit crimes, liberals blame conservatives.  Make sense?

Never once do liberals demand that criminals own up to their own mistakes, or demand criminals take responsibility for their own criminal actions and criminal behavior, or even acknowledge that criminals are capable of knowing right from wrong.  Liberals say it’s society’s fault for why someone becomes a criminal and uses a gun to commit a cold-blooded murder; thus, more tax-payer dollars needs to be invested to find out why people turn to criminal activity and to prevent criminals from “being born”.  It’s all a sham, and conservatives need to keep up a very aggressive fight against this anti-American insanity.

Owning guns is an American right, and one in which our founding fathers were committed to ensuring for at least two extremely important reasons.  First, they were concerned, rightly, about America being attacked again by Britain or from another enemy and it was absolutely imperative that Americans be ready at a moment’s notice to take up arms in defense of American interests.  Hence, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Obviously if one did not own a gun, there was a very good chance that “one” probably didn’t know how to use a gun either, which would have made them absolutely useless “at a moment’s notice”.  People who own guns, at least back it the time of our founding, know, and knew, how to use them.

Secondly, the right to bear arms was heavily influenced by the fact that some English kings, like James II, attempted to disarms his Protestant citizens, which would have made those citizens far more vulnerable to being attacked and killed by an over zealous King and his army.  The founding fathers wanted to ensure American citizens would not only be ready to defend America from its enemies, but also for American citizens to protect themselves, their families and their property.

Obviously, the “well-regulated Militia” part is somewhat obsolete.  However, the ability, and the right, for each American citizen to be able to protect themselves, their families and their property is not obsolete.  When liberals get their way and, by law, are able to keep guns out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding American citizens, who would use their guns to defend themselves, their families and their property from criminals who would seek to harm and kill them, liberals will have successfully made every American citizen that much more vulnerable to being attacked by criminals, who will not have any fear of retribution when attacking them because a criminal with a gun in his hand will always have the upper hand against a responsible, law-abiding American citizen who has no way to defend himself.  How does that make sense?

Liberals who demand gun control are the real threat to America, to American sovereignty and to American independence, to us, our families and our property.  Control them; muzzle them; make liberals and liberalism in America illegal, not guns.  A gun in the hand of a responsible, law-abiding American citizen wields an enormous and awesome power which has resulted in America remaining as independent as it has since its founding.  If and when we lose that right, how does that make us more secure and more independent?  And, how on Earth does confiscating guns from responsible, law-abiding American citizens take away even one gun from one criminal?  When liberals can answer that, maybe they will have a legitimate argument.  Until then – stand your ground against the criminals, and against the liberals who would seek to make you and your family more vulnerable to the criminals.

Owning Guns Is A Constitutional Right. And Now, More Than Ever, It Is Every American Citizens Duty To Own Guns

Can one be a pro-American patriot, but anti-gun?  No.  Or, to put it another way – how can anyone support less personal independence and more government dependence, oversight and control over all Americans and still call themselves a patriot?

For those of us who are American citizens, responsible, law-abiding and of legal age and do not now own a gun – now is the perfect opportunity to go out and buy one.  For those of us who already do own one or more guns – now would be the ideal time to buy another.  Buy guns for yourself, first, and then, in spirit, for your family, your friends, your neighbors; for America; for our American Constitution; for the love of America and for our deep-rooted patriotism in America.

Do this – before sniveling, cowardly, entirely wrongheaded, and dangerously so, liberals, sinister in all things malevolent, begin to sway the ignorant masses of Americans that, sadly, do exist, and are not at all knowledgeable in our Constitution or our history, and through this ignorance are able to brainwash enough Americans into believing that the only way to prevent another Colorado massacre is to tighten gun control and to pass laws than further restrict our Second Amendment rights.

Says the irrational liberal – “How is buying more guns going to help prevent another massacre?”  Says the rational conservative – “How is removing every last gun from every last responsible, law-abiding, American citizen of legal age going to prevent another massacre?”

When anti-American, anti-second Amendments Rights liberals purposely, by law, remove guns from the hands of law-abiding American citizens, or make it much more difficult for us to obtain guns, what they are saying by their actions is that all Americans, regardless of facts, are criminals.  As gun laws become more stringent, making not only owning a gun more arduous, but going through the process of obtaining one, there becomes fewer and fewer gun owners.  Is that a good thing?

Well, as there becomes fewer and fewer responsible American citizens of legal age owning guns, how does that affect the criminal element in America?  The answer?  It doesn’t.  In the sense of obtaining guns, criminals will always have plenty of pathways, avenues and opportunities to illegally obtain weapons and to use those weapons on law-abiding American citizens who are now not armed themselves because, as law-abiding citizens they follow the law, whether they agree with it or not.

Liberals hate the Second Amendment because it provides direct power to the people, rather than to government.  The second Amendment allows every American citizen to take the law into their own hands and to defend themselves, their families, their property, etc, in a legal manner, in the event they are being threatened from someone else who means to do them serious harm.  Liberals, by their very grotesque nature, despise any type of independence among the people, believing instead that people ought to be ruled by government; that when trouble looms, they ought to simply call 911 and wait for government to come to their rescue.

As we, who are true patriots know, this is absolute BS.  Isn’t it ironic – and isn’t it utterly pathetic – that liberals will always use massacres, like the one in Colorado, to push their anti-American, anti-Second Amendment Rights fringe agenda, while at the same time, for all the thousands of murders that occur in our nation every year, committed by ruthless, deviant, evil criminals who have no respect for law or for humanity, this same liberal trash never once demands that guns be removed from their hands, or to make owning or possessing a gun, if one is a criminal, much more difficult, and punishable by steeper fines, etc.?

In fact, whenever a criminal murders someone in cold blood, liberals blame the NRA, conservatives, the Tea Party, Republicans and anyone who supports the Second Amendment.  But liberals never blame the actual criminal.  Nor do liberals blame the criminal for their actions, but rather they blame society at large for somehow having forced or compelled a criminal to use a gun in an irresponsible way that wound up taking the life of another human being in cold blood.

It’s all a charade, however.  Liberals need to get guns out of the hands of every American citizen.  How they accomplish that is irrelevant to them.  If they can succeed by frightening people into believing that guns kills people, and that guns themselves are the issue; that if guns were removed from society, that would end the problem of gun violence in America – if liberals see that angle working, they will continue to run with it.

Again, since we know that is all BS, and since we know that liberals have an agenda, which is not hidden, but which is rife will evil intent, to remove every last gun from the hands of every last responsible, law-abiding America citizen of legal age, we, as pro-Second Amendment Rights, pro-American patriots must have the courage to stand our ground.  We who love our country, our Constitution, our freedom, our way of life (still unique to anywhere else in this world) must hold firm and not allow liberals any ground to trample us or our rights.  Don’t tread on us!  Don’t tread on the U.S.!

The best way to thwart liberals in their anti-Second Amendment Rights agenda, and to prevent more unnecessary cold-blooded murders is to increase the amount of guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding American citizens of legal age.  What are we waiting for?

Of Abortion, Muslim Crackpots, OWS Freaks, And Why Toting Guns Works

It’s Planned Parenthood’s, feminism’s and every pro-abortion rights, worst nightmare.  A woman with cancer gives up her own life to save the life of her unborn child.  It would have been so easy to have the abortion.  No one would have blamed Stacie Crimm for ending her pregnancy.  But she didn’t.  Even though the culture of death swirled around her, the pro-abortion powers that be were too slow in getting to Stacie, who still saw the value of human life, and still recognized that her unborn child was not merely a collection of cells devoid of value, devoid of life.

After Stacie collapsed at her home and was rushed to the hospital the decision was made by doctors to deliver baby.  Stacie was able to hold her baby once before succumbing to the head and neck cancer that took control of her body and wrapped itself around her brain stem.  It’s truly a sad day for all the Planned Parenthood and NOW supporters, NARAL cheerleaders and so called feminists as another pro-life story whittles down their long held lie of  “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice” takes on a whole new meaning never intended by these groups.  Indeed, a woman, Stacie, made a choice with her body.  But it was not the choice pro-abortion groups would have wanted her to make, even if she had not had cancer.  Choosing life is never the “choice” they want a woman to make.  Thank goodness for their increasing irrelevance.


Another Muslim was arrested for causing a disturbance on an airplane, shouting  “Allahu Akbar”, and allegedly trying to enter the cockpit.  What his aim was is still unresolved.  However, what is certain is that not enough attention is being paid to this type of irrational behavior among Muslims.  If it had been a Christian shouting “God is greatest”, he/she would have been labeled a crackpot and would have been satirized on Saturday Night Live and mocked on MSNBC by Chris Matthews and every one of its hosts.

Muslims get a pass too easily from their disturbing behavior, mostly because they are an unstable culture to begin with and have a long history of inciting violence every time their religion, and their religious values, are called to attention and denounced.  Remember the Muhammad cartoons, and the cartoon controversy here and what Muslims did in response to the cartoons?

Cowards like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, et. al., will never fear mocking Christianity because Christians, by in large, are civil human beings who, although they may take offense at being ridiculed, have the type of self restraint Muslims don’t when it comes to defending their religion and their religious values.  Is it any wonder we take Muslims as “seriously” as we take liberals?  Is there any real difference between a crackpot Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” and a crackpot like Chris Matthews shouting, and spitting, anything anti-Christian?


Occupy Wall Street protesters are still going at it, and are as strong as ever.  Not in their anti-capitalist message (that never had any merit, or strength, to it to begin with).  But in their empty-headed message that Foxnews, conservatives, banks, the rich and even John Stossell is nothing more than “a son of a bitch”.

It is more than apparent that when it comes to shouting and chanting meaningless vitriol like that, when it comes to name calling, slurs, insults, etc., these mindless puppets on strings cannot be stopped.  Well, after-all it is easier to hurl a nasty remark at someone than engage in rational, thought provoking debate.  Imagine if culture and society could only survive on the type of scurrilous rhetoric being spewed by the OWS freaks.  What would that look like?  Watch MSNBC for twenty four hours straight and you will get an idea of what we would be in for.  Luckily, the easiest way to stop one of these protesters dead in their tracks, and speech, is to toss a provocative statement their way.  Intelligence, as with cleanliness, is not their best attribute.


And as we began with an inspiring story of life, and the value of life, so shall we end with another inspiring story of life, and the value of life – and how a gun helped save a life.

From Florida – a store manager has killed a robber who attempted to walk out of her store with her one year old daughter in his arms.  Her quick thinking led her to grab a gun from under the counter and shoot the robber before he could leave the store with her child.  He died later at the hospital.  What this animal would have done with the child had he gotten away, had this manager either not had a gun or had been brainwashed by, and bought into the lie of, the ACLU and other anti-gun, anti Second Amendment, anti-American rhetoric is anyone’s guess.  Thankfully she had a gun, she had a brain, and she used both.

This is one of those wonderful, feel-good stories that makes us all thankful we are Americans and we have the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and why that right is so important to maintaining a free society.  Of course anti-gun nuts are hanging their heads in shame right now, and every time an American has the “audacity” to protect their family, their property with a gun.  For them, it would have been better if the robber had taken the child and gotten away, using her as a shield to protect his own worthless life if he needed.  What other alternative would there have been for the manager/mother?  Call the police and merely hope for the best?

Anti-gun activists (most of whom are also pro-abortion) cannot see the value in protecting life even if that means using deadly force.  For them, there is always the “sob story” to accompany a criminal’s motives behind their actions.  For them, there is always a legitimate reason for everything a criminal does.  For them, there is more understanding and compassion for the criminal rather than for the victim.

For the rest of us, however, and thankfully, we are not stupid.

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