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George Zimmerman Found Innocent; Trayvon Martin Shooting Justified…

How is America going to react to that news if/when we wake up to see that headline splashed across our newspapers and television screens?

Will We…

And will we…

Or will we…

Or will we just…It will be interesting to see.  Riots happen for all sorts of reasons.  Is there any doubt a George Zimmerman acquittal would not cause riots across America?  But what happens if George Zimmerman is found guilty?  Who is going to riot if that occurs?  And will we prepare ourselves for riots ahead of time?

Why is it the side that wants to see George Zimmerman found guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin is the same side that is more prone to riot if Zimmerman is found innocent of murdering Trayvon, and the shooting found to be justified?

Could it be that the side which has not yet convicted George Zimmerman is also the same side that is more reserved, more law-abiding, more respectful of, and for, the rule of law?

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan (all race-baiters) have incited violence as an appropriate action against the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident.  They, along with everyone else in their camp have found Zimmerman to be guilty.  Would they have done the same if it was Trayvon Martin who had killed George Zimmerman?

Which would you do?

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