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Planned Parenthood/Cecile Richards; NOW/Terry O’Neill And NARAL/Nancy Keenan Have Committed Devestating War Crimes Against Humanity

We who are pro-life must hold those who support abortion, and those who commit that particular legal killing (morally murder) accountable for their barbaric actions.  Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards; NOW, Terry O’Neill; NARAL, Nancy Keenan and the rest of pro-abortion community blatantly turn a blind eye to their reprehensible activities.  The “choice” to support the killing of an unborn child is not a moral value in any sense of the definition.  A new video has gone viral, exposing the hypocrisy and the evil that is Planned Parenthood, and how they help women with “gendercide”, in particular, killing the unborn child if it is a girl.

We who are pro-life will not tolerate this.  Planned Parenthood is guilty of war crimes against humanity and they, and any of their supporters, must be stopped.  We have an obligation to protect innocent life from unwarranted destruction.  Unless the mother’s life is legitimately at risk, there is no reason for an abortion.  Yet, the usual and most prominent of pro-abortion suspects, Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards, NARAL and Nancy Keenan, Terry O’Neill and NOW all cackle in delight over their support for the wanton, indiscriminate killing of unborn children at any time during a woman’s pregnancy.

We who are pro-life must continue our verbal and written attacks on Planned Parenthood (no committing murder of our own, or destroying property is acceptable, we understand.  We are not the terrorists – Planned Parenthood is.)  We will not be intimidated by thugs like Cecile Richards, Terry O’Neill and Nancy Keenan, nor will we be silenced.  Take us on, challenge us, try to stop us – just try.  This is our time.  America is vastly more pro-life now than it was thirty years ago.  That trend will only continue, especially the more we expose Planned Parenthood for killing fields they really are.

Women, every day, are being intentionally deceived and defrauded by Planned Parenthood, and aided by NOW and NARAL; emotionally brainwashed and tricked into thinking their unborn child is merely a blob of tissue; psychologically belittled and degraded into thinking their only option is to kill their unborn child.  They have a strong ally in President Barack Obama, who also supports the killing of unborn children.  One more reason why it is so critical to vote him out of office this November.

Abortion is a war crime against humanity and those that contribute to it, encourage it, support and fund it are also guilty of war crimes against humanity.  That means, directly, Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill.  Libel?  Either an unborn child is a human being or it is not.  There is no place, nor any room for, semantics or opinions.  Are Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill too stupid to know that an unborn child is a living, breathing human being?  They know.  We need not beat around the bush here.

We who are pro-life must confront Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill head on, challenge them, demand they answer for their war crimes and let them try to squirm their way out of their lies, their hypocrisies, their fraudulence – just try.  We who are pro-life will not abandon the unborn; we will certainly not leave them in the hands of Planned Parenthood.  We will fight for them, for their right to live.  What are Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill going to do about it?  Since we do not expect them to come to their senses, dirty and underhanded tricks and some misuse of government comes to mind.  We expect that from them.

The charade that is abortion is coming to an end in America, but that does not mean it is as near its end as we would like it to be.  We have much more work to do.  For example, the House is scheduled to vote to ban sex selective abortion.  It has a very good chance of passing, but the Senate is still questionable.  If it passes the Senate and makes it way to Obama, that will put him in an extremely delicate situation, alienating him with either pro-abortion supporters or women who see sex selection as a war on women, and will hurt his reelection bid regardless of whether he signs it into law or vetoes it.  Obama’s allies in the Senate would naturally do what they could to prevent it from reaching his desk.  However, in their own obstruction, they put themselves and their own political futures in jeopardy.

We must make certain this law first passes the House and moves to the Senate for a vote.  Having  done that, we must push pressure upon and hold each and every single senator accountable who would vote against banning sex selective abortion.  And for those in the House that veto the ban – we must display their names to the entire nation so all Americans can see exactly who supports sex selective abortion.

Our work is not done there.  We also will introduce abortion bans based on color and sexual orientation.  In doing so, these incremental steps we take will go a long way in helping to rid America of abortion.  It will also divide and destroy the pro-abortion movement.  After-all, many gays and lesbians supports abortion, but would they support the killing of an unborn child who might be born gay?  Would blacks who are pro-abortion support the killing of unborn children because they are black?  So, why do Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood, Terry O’Neill and NOW, Nancy Keenan and NARAL so smugly believe women who are pro-abortion will so readily accept killing unborn children because they are girls?  Obviously Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill support killing unborn children for any reason, even if they are girls (black and gay included).  Is that the type of American value we want to stand for, or stand up to and ban?

We who are pro-life are not at war with women.  But we are at war with Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan and Terry O’Neill, who happen to be women, and traitors to their own gender.  Let them just try to defend their despicable actions – just try.

How To Challenge Obama, All Pro-Abortion Politicians, Expose Their Hypocrisy – And Ruin Their Political Careers

Pro-abortion supporters are hypocrites and we can easily expose their blatant hypocrisy and bring to an end this barbaric practice so coveted by liberals and so heavily protected by the MSM with their silence.  We can topple Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW and all pro-abortion organizations.  We can crush politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and Kirsten Gillibrand, who had this to say about abortion and the “importance of electing pro-choice women to congress in 2012″.  We can redden their faces, shame and embarrass them, and thoroughly destroy their political careers forever.  And we can even ruin Barack Obama’s aspirations for a second term in office.  We can – just by asking the right questions, demanding an answer and not letting them off the hook.

For example…

Question:  As you (insert political candidate’s name – let’s say Nancy Pelosi) are pro-choice and support abortion on demand, you would naturally support, without question, the right of a woman who has become pregnant during a one night stand to abort her unborn child, correct?  The man, by the way, whom she had intercourse with was black, she white, and she has just found out the baby will be born black, and that is her reason for wanting the abortion.

What on Earth is Nancy Pelosi going to say to that?  How can any self admitted pro-abortion politician answer that question without either offending the entire abortion rights movement or an entire race?  Especially if they are on a stage, in a debate, where people are watching, film is rolling, they are on the spot and time is ticking down.

They might try squirming their way out of the issue with a juvenile, sophomoric response like, “Well, I support a woman’s right to privacy, and what she does with her own body, in privacy, is none of my business.”  But this still doesn’t end the fact that an unborn child is being killed in the womb because it is black.  This is the challenge for, and the dilemma which must be forced upon, those who are pro-abortion to answer.

And the follow-up question then must be:  So, if a white woman wants to exercise her “right to privacy” and abort her unborn child because she has found out it will be born black, as long as you, Nancy Pelosi, are unaware that is why she is aborting her unborn child, you would be comfortable in supporting her right to choose abortion based on race?

Now what can she say?  Either Nancy Pelosi, any pro-abortion supporter, is going to support a white woman’s right to abort a child who would be born black, or she, any pro-abortion supporter, is a hypocrite.  In other words, one cannot support abortion on demand, and then, in an open forum, become uncomfortable with absolutely supporting an abortion procedure to remove an unwanted, unborn child because a white woman does not want to give birth to a black child.

Granted, some politicians run unopposed and never have to stand at a podium and debate in public.  We still need to force an answer out of them, even if it is on the fly, even if it means cornering them on the steps of the Capital, or as they are walking from point A to point B in a public space.  And if they refuse to answer?  If they simply scoff at the question and walk away?  It’s not so immoral, so unethical to answer the question for them.

For example…

As a reporter, professional or amateur, you have just cornered Nancy Pelosi in a public venue and have only moments to ask her the above question.  You calmly ask it to her, and, as expected, she walks away without a response, or with an indignant sigh.  She has gotten the better of you – or has she?

When faced with this, answer the question for her and make her, Nancy Pelosi, defend herself with an opposing answer.  Report and/ or write as if Nancy Pelosi has actually answered your question in either this manner:

Well, from what can be gathered by her response, or lack of response, it is absolutely certain that Nancy Pelosi supports a woman’s right to abort an unborn black child on the basis of race.  And as she supports raced based abortions, obviously she, Nancy Pelosi, also supports, must support, abortion in cases where it is known the child will be born a girl or gay.  And we have to wonder how long Nancy Pelosi has held these racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist views and whether black Americans, gays and lesbians and any woman could support her any longer politically.

Or in this manner:

Well, from what can be gathered by her response, or lack of response, it is absolutely certain that Nancy Pelosi, while she supports abortion on demand, and supports a woman’s “right to privacy”, and while she would never detract from that, Nancy Pelosi would indeed support the right of government to ban race based abortion.  And we have to wonder what other types of abortion bans Nancy Pelosi would support, how that will play with women’s rights advocates, whether or not she will lose their support and how Nancy Pelosi can legitimately continue to call herself pro-choice. 

Having done this, make Nancy Pelosi try to make you retract what you have said/written about her.  Make her threaten to sue you.   And then call her bluff.  Because either she is going to sue you, in which case she will then be compelled to answer your question, whether she wants to or not, in a court of law, under oath, which will be made public – or, she won’t sue you.  If, after having threatened to sue you, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t sue you, she is admitting she is the hypocrite we all know she is, but hoping you are too unimportant for anyone to have noticed has just destroyed her credibility on abortion.  Don’t let her off the hook.

Don’t let any so-called “pro-choice” or “women’s rights” advocates of the hook.  Keep the pressure on them, make them mad as hell and watch them become flustered, irritated and unstable; watch them lose their concentration and their train of thought; watch as they stutter and try to back track their way out of having to answer a most uncomfortable question indeed, knowing that no matter how they answer it, it will put their political careers in severe jeopardy.

We can end abortion in America, and everywhere in the world the procedure is used by exposing their own hypocrisy and their own double standards simply by asking them the politically incorrect questions they are so fearful of being asked or would never be asked by anyone in the MSM.

Or, is it possible to support abortion on demand and a woman’s “right to privacy”, which must include the right of a woman to abort a black child, a girl child, a gay child, without being racist, sexist, bigoted or homophobic at the same time?  Who is really being convoluted here?

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