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Coming Soon: Toy Taliban Soldier For Boys And Girls (Peeing Was Never So Much Fun)

Who wouldn’t want to take the plastic representation of pure and absolute evil, such as a Taliban soldier, and do something to it, anything that might give us a bit of pleasure and satisfaction?  After-all, most of us can’t actually be over there killing the Taliban, and words alone aren’t enough to slake our appetite for avenging the terrorism committed by the Taliban on 9/11.  Therefore, the next best thing is to take something, mold it into the representation of a Taliban soldier simply for the sheer purpose of desecrating it.  Children already do most things imaginable to their toys anyway.  Why not a toy Taliban soldier for boys and girls to urinate all over?  Dad could join in, and even mom.  That’s family entertainment!   Even one CNN analyst, Dana Loesch, said she would do it.

Rep. Allen West says it best about the incident involving four marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers.

Unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

To say there is absolutely no justification for what the soldiers did is naive.  Obviously it was stupid to video tape it.  The dead soldiers were killed while trying to kill American soldiers.  We already know what the Taliban does when they capture our soldiers alive.  We already know what the Taliban does to its own living people.  Compared to what they do to us, what those marines did to them was trivial, insignificant and far more irrelevant than the cruelty some soldiers are inflicting on animals.  And, don’t forget about what American OWS protesters did right here in America to our public space.

The marines, albeit, were brash, and while it was not the best way to celebrate a victory over despicable, evil and vile scum, may they rot, the enemies America goes up, and has gone up, against are generally reprehensible scumbags to the core and have committed some very atrocious crimes against us and humanity.  The difference here, today, is that the ability to document anything is becoming so much easier.  And with that comes, will always come, some people who won’t use this technology responsibly.  There is no way to know just what soldiers were doing, and engaging in, decades ago, back in World War One and Two, or even the Korean War and Vietnam.  The technology did not exist to provide such documentation.  Because that technology now exists, and is easier to obtain, means our soldiers must have more restraint before they push the “on” button and start recording.

Unfortunately, this video will only be used for additional fodder by the Taliban and Taliban and anti-American terrorist wannabes who will use the video to galvanize themselves and to recruit more terrorists into their fold.  On the other hand, while the Taliban will use this incident as yet another excuse for attacking us, even if this incident had never occurred would the Taliban be any less hard-lined than it is now?  And, don’t we already know the Taliban does not need another “excuse” for its murderous, blood thirsty rampage?

As West said:

The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

It’s a mixed bag, this news that our marines have defiled the dead in such a manner.  Hopefully the military will send word to all our troops about what not to do to the dead on the battlefield, both desecrating them and documenting it.  America’s military already takes a severe beaten routinely, and that is just by the American left.  It’s bad enough feeding the Taliban into another frenzy, now the likes of Chris Matthews, the Daily Kos, Media Matters,, the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) and a whole slew of leftist, socialist websites and mad dog organizations will have something more over which to foam at the mouth.

Barack Obama probably will not be going to the Taliban and bowing before them and apologizing for the actions of a few very misguided soldiers, but would the Taliban use this as more leverage against America, as another reason to release Taliban prisoners still being held at Guantanamo bay?  Obama is just weak, and foolish, enough he might think releasing these terrorists back into the hands of the Taliban might ease tensions.

Our military cannot let this incident affect their mission, nor can it be tempted by leftist news organizations, pundits and anti-war propagandists into pulling out of the region.  It happened and it will be dealt with, internally.  The war goes on, as it should, until the Taliban is fully defeated.  That most likely means dead.  We cannot risk another Taliban insurgence; neither in numbers of soldiers, nor in popularity among the people.  We have already spent too many lives, much blood and treasure.  The left will spin it as they always do, and, thankfully, most of what they spin, and how they spin it, is clearly, visibly done with, and in, a juvenile, unsophisticated, unprofessional approach.

Some of us will find this incident entertaining and worth laughing about.  Others will be infuriated.  All of us must not let this incident detract from our mission.  The Taliban is watching us, our news outlets.  If they perceive us becoming more anti-military, more anti-war, more anti-American because of what several marines did, this will only re-energize and reinvigorate the Taliban.

The more the Taliban is energized and committed to terrorism, the longer it will take to win the war, and the more difficult it will be to win it.  And the more the left in America makes of this issue, the more hysterical and irrational they become in over sensationalizing this incident, the more they will move and embolden the Taliban to terrorism and the greater the encouragement they will give to the terrorists.

Is that a risk the left is willing to take with American soldiers, just to play politics?

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