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American Liberalism Is Dying, Though Its Last Gasps Are Louder Than Its Voice Ever Was

While it’s sad, but true, that the MSM (Main Stream Media), which is, and has always been, very liberal, is still the predominate vehicle through which most Americans receive their news, this phenomenon is slowly but steadily crumbling.  Unless you are a conservative, and looking from the outside in, it will be hard to tell, and certainly harder to tell if you are a liberal, and one who is already entrenched the in Leftist camp.  Nonetheless, as the latest gallop Poll shows, more American consider themselves conservatives than liberal or independent.  That is not a new trend, by the way.  Conservatives have always outnumbered liberals, and conservatives, by the percentages, have been rising throughout the decades.  So – how long before conservatives reach fifty percent?

That may be sooner than anyone ever thought, and thanks, large in part, to that group of Americans who nobody thought might help push conservative numbers and percentages higher and higher, into that coveted majority standing.  That group?  Liberals, naturally.  And it is through their lack of any real insight, intellectual capability, provocative debating skills, and the fact that they argue more through substantive emotions, rather than through rationality, that is, and will continue to be, their undoing.  Obviously, they won’t see it.  They will, of course dent it.  And all of that is just fine with conservatives.

We clearly see the Left’s infantile, its child-like and most juvenile nature everyday, in every liberal media outlet – CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC.  All these markets are declining in viewership.  Where are all the former viewers going to get their news?  Newspapers have been on the decline for years, and because most people can get their news online, conveniently, and for the most part, free, newspapers will continue to decline as more and more opt to use the internet to market their brand rather than the old-fashioned paper.  Good for us, but probably bad for the paperboy.

Again, if all we ever read or listen to is the Arianna Nation, The Daily Kos, The View, Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, John Stewart, Steve Colbert, etc., then it will be very difficult to grasp just was is actually happening out in the real world.  And too many, in fact an uncomfortable and disturbing level of young adults, college aged, are still either listening to or reading liberal-based media or not interested in news at all, having consumed and wrapped themselves up in their own little fantasy worlds.  Luckily, most of them will grow out of it by the time they reach their mid thirties, which is exactly why conservatives outnumber liberals, and why that trend will continue, and why the percentages will long remain in conservatism’s favor – and why, by 2020, conservatives will be somewhere around the 45% mark, whereas liberals will be below 20%.  The reason?  Moderates/Independents, who make up 35% of Americans will, for the most part remain unchanged.  But any shift will see this group move to the conservative side rather than the liberal.

America is returning to its conservative roots and heritage.  Again, it’s near impossible to see this living in a liberal state, city or part of America that is a stronghold for liberalism and liberal values.  And we recognize that it will take much longer to break the grips of leftist propaganda in these areas, which are tightening and bearing down on the communities where they still have a hold.  That also is fine.  Conservatism is on the march, and we have yet to be stopped.  Portraying conservatives as the bullies and aggressors has done nothing to thwart our resolve, slow or progress or shut us up.

What happens to liberalism when Obamacare is overturned?  What happens to liberalism when Obama loses his reelection bid to, it is presumed, Mitt Romney?  What happens to liberalism when a republican controlled congress begins to repeal some of the Democrat legislation that has crippled our nation, incurred trillions of dollars of debt and kept us in a perpetual recession?  What happens to liberalism when taxes are substantially cut?  When the Keystone XL pipeline is passed and when more and more drilling permits are accepted?  What happens to liberalism when all of this comes to pass, and the nation finally realizes that smaller government, lower taxes and more personal freedom is not the “evil” liberals paint it to be?

Liberalism flounders and chokes on its own acidic vomit.  Not convinced?  That isn’t really important to us – right now.

Eleanor Clift, “The Daily Caller” Confirm Illegal Immigration is Key To Obama’s Reelection

Eleanor Clift, using pollster John Zogby as her puppet, is giddy with the prospect that Republican candidates running for President have given President Obama a “gift” in the form of opposing illegal immigration and gay marriage, which she quotes Zogby as saying is Obama’s “ace in the hole”.  What can possibly be meant by this?  Who in their right mind would not oppose illegal immigration?  Democrats, both naturally and obviously.  Doesn’t that validate the long held notion that Democrats are, in fact, not in their right mind, and thus a danger to America?

Zogby is only relating what the polls are telling him.  Clift, who support’s Obama as much as she supports illegal immigration, is merely picking up on statistics, probably rigged in the first place, to further her pro-Obama agenda.  What the polls don’t relate is the make up of people who actually were involved.  Since virtually all conservatives, and most Republicans, oppose illegal immigration, isn’t is fairly obvious who Zogby interviewed?

And gay marriage?  Republicans, on religious grounds may oppose gay marriage, and that might hurt the chances of some, depending on their political district.  However, what most Republicans oppose is allowing politicians, and especially our courts, to subvert the will of the people.  In other words, when the people directly vote in a referendum to oppose same sex marriage, only to have that vote overturned by political or judicial fiat, that goes against the American grain.  People don’t stand for it.  Some Republicans may not like it when the people directly vote to allow same sex marriage in a state.  Those Republicans that would attempt to overrule the will of the people only act against the best interests of conservatism.

It’s no secret to Eleanor Clift that Democrats and liberals support illegal immigration, including Barack Obama.  Neither is it a secret to her that without illegal immigration Democrats are hard pressed to win elections.  Democrats always find it that much more difficult to win elections without the help of illegal immigrants, the dead, children, imaginary people, etc.  Races are certainly tighter when Democrats plat “fair”.  Look at Bob Dornan.  The same happened to Norm Coleman and others who lost their seats in very tight races.

Who, then, is Obama’s only obstacle to reelection?  Using another pollster as her puppet, Geoff Garin, Clift writes:

Obama has real challenges with working-class voters.”

In other words, working people will tend to vote for Republicans, and the unemployed for Democrats.  So, for Obama to assure his reelection, it is to his advantage to have as many Americans unemployed and on government assistance, by November 2012 as possible.   Obama, and the Democrat Party, have been working feverishly since January 2009 to make that happen.  And just in case, they aren’t forgetting about the illegal immigrants.

Which is why, in “The Daily Caller”, there is a piece about E-Verify, and how Republicans, who favor small government, are purportedly being “hypocritical” when it comes to their support for making sure everyone in America are who they say they are when they apply for a job, and are not using made up names, or worse, stolen identities.

The writers, Mike Flynn and Stuart Anderson, say Republicans are “violating their pledge for smaller government” with legislation that, if enacted, would force all businesses in America to actually check on the information job seekers provide companies when they fill out a job application.  Well, who, other than illegal immigrants, would have a need to use false identification?  Prisoners, perhaps, who, after having served their sentence, have been released and are seeking employment.  Many businesses will not hire criminals, for obvious reasons, and using a fake, or stolen, identity is often the only way they can fool prospective businesses into hiring them.  Democrats, it should come as no shock, support legislation allowing prisoners to vote.  Any wonder why?

Writes Flynn and Anderson:

This questionable bill, which would affect job seekers and job creators alike, is awaiting word from the Republican House leadership on when it will come to the full House for a vote.

E-Verify, in this day and age, is hardly “questionable”.   It is an imperative tool all businesses need, whether they want it or not.  Never mind, for a moment, that illegal immigrants take away jobs from Americans.  E-verify is a safety feature which protects Americans from those people who would seek to harm them.  With regards to illegal immigrants, most just want to work.  However, some come to America specifically to spy and to plot terrorist attacks.  E-Verify is crucial for helping to prevent this.  It also helps cut down on identity theft.  If your social security number was stolen, and your vital, personal information was being used by someone else, wouldn’t you want to know?  And wouldn’t you support a system, like E-Verify, that would help catch the perpetrators?

Writes Flynn and Anderson

“A Pledge to America,” the Republican document released during last year’s congressional campaign, stated quite plainly: “Our plan stands on the principles of smaller, more accountable government; economic freedom … ” To be credible, conservatives cannot be about less government during a campaign season and months later support the largest federal intrusion into workplace hiring in recent memory.

The Republican “pledge to America” is indeed simple and straightforward, and remains the same “pledge” it has been for decades – lower taxes, less government, more personal freedom.

No where do Republicans support “no government”.  Republicans favor less, but more responsible, government.  The “intrusion” as these two writers call it, comes from the illegal immigrants themselves, using fake or stolen identification to gain employment.  The “intrusion” comes from liberals and Democrats who block legislation like E-Verify in their undying support of illegal immigration – a voting block Democrats absolutely need to win elections.

If E-Verify actually increases the size of government, and if Flynn and Anderson are worried that this “violation” hurts the reputation of Republicans, this can easily be remedied and off set by abolishing such Federal Departments as Education, HUD, Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation and Energy – to name a few.  (Maybe that will help Rick Perry.)

To be “credible” Flynn and Anderson wrote a hack piece.  So did Eleanor Clift.  However, the only “hacking” any of them managed to do was to their own credibility and reputations.  In their scurried efforts to slam Republicans, what they inevitably showed was how shallow Democrats are, and need to be, in order to win elections.

Isn’t that pathetic?

Joe Biden Invokes Rape for “Jobs”, Predictably NOW Defends…

Out of work?  Nothing to do?  Bored out of your mind?  Go rape a woman!  While you’re at it – kill her.  Why not, you’re entitled according to liberal Democrats and the National Organization of (screwed up, fundamentally deranged, anti-life ) Women.

Vice President, Joe Biden is out cheer-leading and pom-pomming Obama’s failed “Jobs” bill, claiming that without it being passed more women will be raped and murders will rise.  Apparently both Biden and NOW are incredibly distrusting of, and deeply apprehensive with, people who are out of work.  “Idle hands”, etc.  And with all the idle time Biden has to make idiotic comments like that, should we worry about his hands being somewhere they ought not to be?  Perhaps that depends on how close he was to, say, Ted Kennedy and other like-minded liberal Democrats.

NOW’s President, Terry O’Neill, said:

I think he is concretely worried that with fewer police on the beat crime will go up.  I think he is imagining the lives of real people.  That is not a device — that is an actual ability to know what everyday people go through.”

It is not a far stretch to believe Joe Biden “imagines the lives of real people” considering the fact that he does have a very overactive imagination to begin with.  She is right when she says “that is not a device”.  Biden’s imagination is a very real part of his essence and his vice-presidency.  And it shows just how bored he must really be with it, if he, in fact, utilizes his time in an “actual ability to know what everyday people go through” and all he can come up with is fewer jobs equals more rapes and murders.

Terry, typical of a liberal hypocrite, is not as worried about there being fewer police on the streets as she is worried about Obama losing the 2012 election to a pro-life Republican.  Naturally she will demean, lower and degrade her own self, and throw all American women “under the bus” in the process, in order to help Obama win reelection.

She continued:

The people that are blocking jobs legislation really don’t care, and don’t have an idea of what its like.  They don’t have an idea what it’s like to have your child in a classroom of 45 kids and one teacher — and that is what we are looking at if these kinds of jobs are not restored.  They don’t have a clue what its like to be threatened with rape, and there are not enough police officers to come and prevent it or stop it.”

First – the “people” blocking this insane jobs, business and economic growth “killing” bill care enough about Americans to veto it, knowing that not only will zero jobs in the private sector be created, but more jobs in the private sector will be lost as a result of the higher taxes which would have been levied on business to pay for Obama’s “anti” jobs bill.

Secondly – go back to the 1950’s and look at class sizes.  Despite the fact that class size was larger then than now, education was better back in the 1950’s than it is now.  Large class size does not necessary or automatically mean a worse education for the pupil.  What it does mean, in Terry’s mind, is fewer teachers, (female teachers as far as she is concerned); fewer union members; fewer people contributing dues to a teacher’s union; fewer, presumably but not absolutely, liberals to improperly teach American children the correct history of America.

Thirdly – Clueless Terry, typical of her arrogant and condescending, anti-conservative woman rhetoric must think only liberal women get raped, are “threatened” with rape or have an understanding of rape.  Indeed, conservative women not only know of rape but are also the victims of rape, just as liberal women.  Unless she has some other date to show rapists magically only target liberals.

Fourthly – increasing the number of police never prevents crimes like murder or rape.  People’s attitudes and values toward human life is more a factor in preventing murder and rape, and crime in general.  In other words, the more conservative a person is the more likely they are to be pro-life and therefore less likely to commit murder or rape in the first place.

Conversely, the more liberal, the more anti-life a person is (like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Terry O’Neill and people in their camp) the more likely they are to commit murder and rape.  And that means, ironically, that Terry ought to be more worried about the people around her, in her inner circle, (liberals) and people she supports directly, raping and murdering her and other women than the people she presumes “don’t care” and “are blocking jobs legislation and don’t have an idea of what its like…”

Terry further added (for posterity, or perhaps just for a sick laugh):

I think it is absolutely legitimate to demand that these uncaring un-empathic legislators get a clue,”

For someone, like Terry, who is absolutely “uncaring” when it comes to the lives of unborn children, she is the one who ought to “get a clue”.  When it comes to rape and murder, what she supports – abortion – is nothing less than rape and murder itself.  Every time an unborn child is aborted it is raped of its life and unceremoniously, “uncaring”ly and “absolutely” slaughtered in the womb.

Is it not  “legitimate to demand” then “that these uncaring un-empathic” pro-abortion, anti-life liberals like NOW President, Terry O’Neill, “get a clue”?

Too much to hope for?

Barack Obama’s America: Small vs. Big (More Obama Lies)

In a televised address, pandering to Gay rights groups and touting his support for repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Barack Obama has called Republicans visions of America “small“.  Somehow, in the mind of Barack Obama, and liberals, a  “small’ America” encompasses a world view that is anti gays in the military, and where a “big America” encompasses a world view, and a more compassionate one at that, which is anti life in the womb.

Only a liberal like Barack Obama would be more concerned with ending the practice of discrimination in the military than say ending the practice of murder in the womb.  Only a liberal like Barack Obama would conflate military discrimination with a “small America”  (i.e., a small and narrow minded point of view) while bolstering support for other issues like abortion rights in a “big America” (i.e., big and kind-hearted and open minded).  And only a liberal like Barack Obama could not see how wrong-headed he is actually being.

Liberals view a “big America” as one in which an ever expanding government exists to protect us all from ourselves, and any past, present and future mistakes we might make, as well as to “protect” the rights of everyone, regardless of how outlandish – unless you are a Christian, and unless you are still in the womb – but in reality to “protect” the vote and keep liberals and Democrats in office.

But that’s not a “big America”, that’s just big government.  And Barack Obama, as with all liberals, would have you pay tribute for that protection through steeper taxes, more regulations and more government oversight into your personal lives so that you might enjoy living in Barack Obama’s “big America”.

Obviously Obama’s “small America” speech was nothing more than liberal code for his support of big, and bigger, government.  And ironically, for all Obama’s hatred of “small America” it was after all a small group of political figureheads which coerced the military into dropping DADT.  If Obama had gone out to “big America”, the American people themselves, DADT would still be in effect because most Americans supported it.

The question, then, is – how exactly does Barack Obama define a “Republican vision of small America”?  (Keeping in mind that this is merely a code for conservative bashing)

A “small America” from a liberal Obama’s point of view is, to name a few, an America in which:

  Our borders are protected from waves of illegal aliens, arms and terrorists sneaking back and forth into our country

  Our children are protected from a liberal in-school indoctrination including a biased, untrue and unchecked, anti-American point of view

  Our culture and society is protected from an out of control Judiciary system that refuses to adhere to our Constitution and insists on making up laws, throwing out others, which suits their own personal views and liberal agendas.

Conversely, a “big America”, from a liberal Obama’s point of view is, to name a few, an America in which:

  America has no borders, does not seek to repatriate (deport) those who have come to America illegally, and instead allows for a blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens, (which, out of fairness, would have to include all future illegal aliens) despite the fact that this is a slap in the face to the millions of immigrants who have, and are trying to, come here through legal channels.  It’s also a slap in the face to common sense as it then becomes ridiculous for anyone who wants to come here to do so legally if, under Obama’s “big America” it becomes that much less of a hassle, and that much easier, to make the trek illegally, enter America and then claim the right of citizenship simply because they “have made it across” the border without being caught.

  Our children are taught (brainwashed) into despising America, its history and its principles, and our founding fathers because slavery was not abolished at our founding; women were not immediately given the right to vote until 1920 (and presumably not given the right to kill their child in the womb until 1973); poverty and homelessness were not wiped out, healthcare was not a “universal right”, the American Indian was uprooted from their ancestral land to make way for white Europeans, despite the fact that they never actually had a legal deed to the land, other than it had been occupied by their ancestors, to show proof of ownership; that all wealth creation in America was a direct result of the back breaking labor of both slaves and the poor, despise the fact that, slavery aside, many of the richest and wealthiest Americans made their money, rather than inherited it; that America, for all its mistakes, is inherently an evil and intolerant construct and therefore must be remolded into a nation which is continually “atoning” for its past mistakes and setting up government run program after program to better assist all those who have been “disenfranchised” throughout all of America’s history.

  Our judges are not held in check; are not held accountable for their actions; are not bound by the United States Constitution, as they are required, but rather are able to redefine and reinterpret law as they see fit – as they did in the 1973 Roe vs. Wade abortion case where the Supreme court cited a protection in our Constitution giving women the right to kill their unborn child in the womb – a right that did not exist then, nor exists now, anywhere in the Constitution.   But a “right” that exists solely within the liberal agenda.

Barack Obama’s “big America” is nothing more than one big lie.  And within that big lie are more Barack Obama lies, one lie after another.  Which makes Barack Obama himself one “big” liar.  And one in which will turn out to be a big mistake for Obama, and all liberals, in the 2012 election.  Big time!

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