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Another “Great” Day For Mexico Means Another Bad (Very Bad) Day For America

Live in California?  Ever get that creepy feeling you accidentally crossed over to the Mexican side of the border?  You’re not alone.  Only, you are where you are supposed to be, following the law, abiding by the law, staying within the law.  Because you give a damn about the law.  It’s the bloody Mexicans who criminally crossed over into the American side – and it was by no accident.

The illegal alien invasion marches on unhindered, and is being helped and protected by the very people who have sworn to uphold American law, which continues to be watered down, evaded, overlooked, shred and reinterpreted entirely by evil minded, immoral people who see yet another way to take advantage of a situation, like illegal immigration, as an opportunity to either make a quick buck or secure political influence.  Either way you look at it, America is being scammed.  Both by Mexican politicians – and American.

Mexicans living here in America, illegally, and therefore criminally, have reason to breathe a little easier now.  Police in Northern California will now recognize and accept Mexican ID’s (AKA matricula consular ID’s) as a valid form of identification.  The problem?  One does not need a matricula consular ID unless one is an illegal alien.  Legal migrants have other forms of documentation to show they are here legally.  In fact, it was those very documents they produced to border security before they were even allowed legal entry into the United States.  The matricula consular ID is a handy little piece of information for anyone who either broke into our country illegally or overstayed their visa and did not leave when they were supposed to.

Ever since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America has made an effort to better secure our borders from people who might desire to do us more harm.  And while our government has done a good job in keeping out the terrorists, they have disregarded the other undesirables – the illegals.  Mexico, unperturbed, has been capitalizing on our government’s lackadaisical approach to the waves of illegal aliens which still create a serious breach in our security with a dangerous fervor.  Realizing that another round of amnesty for its citizens who have abandoned Mexico for America (illegally) is unrealistic, Mexico’s intent it clear – get as many illegal Mexicans in America as much “legal” protection, recognition and status as possible before they can be deported back to Mexico, where they are of absolutely no use whatsoever to its government.

Helping Mexico in its madness to accomplish what is essentially a backdoor amnesty are many Hispanic organizations, including the North Bay Organizing Project.  (The “project” being set up to give aide and shelter to as many illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California as it can)

Said Leticia Romero, its Vice President:

It’s important for a community to feel safe where they live,” she told “The fear of being pulled over on your way to work could be difficult.”

The “fear” of course being that once pulled over, and unable to produce documentation to prove you are here legally, you will rightly be arrested, processed and then deported.  Only an illegal alien has that to fear.  Romero, showing her unashamed conceit and contempt for American law, and America itself, labors to ensure her “community” of illegal aliens “feel safe where they live” even if it means they, and she, are willing to break the law in order provide a buffer, a comfort zone where, once inside, an illegal alien cannot be touched, questioned or ordered to show proof of legal status.

In the classic western “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, there was the line given, “I live where I hang my hat”.  Well, thanks to the despicable actions of Romero and those law enforcement agencies that have contributed to this criminal enterprise, illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California can live wherever they hang their matricula consular ID.

It may sound as though America is lost.  However, while some in America have lost their way, there is still the possibility of this being revoked, but only if more Americans begin to stand up, to have the courage to fight for what is right, knowing that for their efforts to protect America and American law there will be those who will label us as “racists”.  We can overcome the childish name calling.  For we must stand against America’s enemies like Romero and the North Bay Organizing Project if we are ever to regain control of our nation from the hoards of people who have no regard whatsoever for rule of law; whose goal it is to eliminate all concept of borders and allow anyone entry into America without documentation; who will break, bend, distort any law to do it.

California is, and will remain, a stopping ground for illegal aliens because it is right on the border with Mexico and there they will be protected by unscrupulous politicians, police, lawyers and malevolent groups, like Romero’s.  For those of us who love America and still hold out hope for its survival, we cannot allow this type of criminal activity to continue unabated.  If America itself is becoming a dumping ground for Mexicans its own government does not want, then California is the land bridge for which they are using to cross into other states, and a testing ground for seeing how far they can push the law, law enforcement and law abiding citizens.

California, thus far, has been a real “pushover”.  Hence its nickname “Mexi-fornia”.

If we don’t want America given the nickname “Mex-America” or “Mexica” then the time to act is now.  Without action, America may one day be known as Mexico.  And all of us as Mexicans.

That might be a “great” day for Mexico and Mexicans.  How about for America and Americans?

Qaddafi Killed! Now What To Do About “El Diablo” Hugo Chavez?

As news quickly spreads around the world that another brutal dictator, Qaddafi, has met his fate, the condolences keep coming in – from other brutal dictators awaiting, and fearing, their own fate.  After-all “dictators of a feather…”

That Hugo Chavez has cancer may be a blessing to the President/Dictator of Venezuela.  That his cancer might be terminal favors him all the more.  For people who are bent, with good reason, on removing their ruthless, vindictive, tyrannical crackpot dictators from power still have a heart within them, and can still “pity the fool”, in particular if they have a cancer, and especially if it is terminal, as it just may be in the case of a real “Diablo”, that is Hugo Chavez.  (Of course at any time the people of Venezuela could prove that statement wrong.)

He is as feisty and defiant as ever after his return home trip from Cuba, where he received the very best in health care that Cuba could administer to him.  (Which is probably why rumor has it his cancer is terminal)  He wasted no time, but much breath, on decrying the killing of his very good friend Muammar Qaddafi.

Said “El Diablo” Chavez:

They assassinated him. It is another outrage.”

One can sense the undertones of real fear and terror for his own safety and his own life.  This is common among their degenerate sort.  Qaddafi claimed he would die a martyr, and yet, by all accounts ascertained and documented with regards to the last moments of his life, Qaddafi died a coward, pleading  “Don’t shoot!”  Is that how a martyr dies?  If we could only ask the untold thousands of real Christian martyrs who died in the Roman Colosseum and arenas for the sport of Roman nobility.  They died as true martyrs.

“El Diablo”Chavez continued:

We shall remember Qaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr.”

It must be concluded the cancer has greatly affected and deteriorated what little brain matter Chavez had to begin with if he honesty believes Qaddafi was a “great fighter” a “revolutionary” and especially a “martyr”.  Qaddafi, as is indicative with most dictators, had others do his fighting, and slaughtering, for him throughout his 42 year reign.  And so far as “revolutionary” goes, only a demented, devil worshiping, psychopath like “El Diablo” Chavez (yes – Chavez, as with all dictators, is in love with, and worships, himself!) would call the oppression and suppression of an entire people “revolutionary.  And if you look to Venezuela, that is exactly what is going on there under the watchful dictatorship of “El Diablo” Chavez.

“El Diablo” further commented:

The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire,” referring to the United States by his preferred nickname.”

Sounds more like Islam than America.  Sounds more like communism than America.  Sounds more like socialism than America.  Sounds more like “El Diablo” Chavez’s brand of socialism than America’s.  And it not only “sounds” like it.  It bloody well is the epitome of it.  At a time when America has literally freed hundreds of millions of human beings from the hands of dictators around the globe, it still remains the prerogative, the overall agenda of those last holdouts, those few vestiges, those scattered hotspots around the world where anti-democracy yet exists, which seek to retain their power and control over their own people, and spread that influence throughout the world in order to “dominate”.  It is Islam, communism, socialism and “Chavezism” that is, that has, set the world on fire.  America is what is putting out all those fires.  Indeed, that must be “sad” to a relentlessly pathetic dictator as “El Diablo” Chavez.

If the 19th century was a time of great imperialism and conquest of new lands; if, because of 19th century imperialism, the 20th century was a time of great upheaval that swept into power one dictatorial regime after another – then the 21st century must be a time of greatness as well.  And indeed, the 21st century will be a time where most, if not all, of these self righteous, sanctimonious dictators are uprooted, overthrown and permanently removed from power and replaced with benevolent, western-type democracies.  America is still leading the way, and in that regard will “dominate” the world.  “Dominate” as in influence other cultures, societies and peoples to rise up and “let freedom ring”.  But America will neither “dominate’ in the imperialistic sense, nor in the way in which dictatorial regimes desire to reign.

Is it a surprise to anyone why “El Diablo” Chavez and other demoniacal, demonic dictators despise America?  It is because we stand in the way of their own imperialism and expansionism; they want to “dominate” the world, we are standing in their way; they are setting the fires around the world, we are putting out those fires.  And our interference in their mangled, sociopath(etic) agendas is costing them dearly – often times it costs them their own worthless lives.

“El Diablo” Chavez expects Qaddafi to be “remembered”.  Indeed, he will be, but not as a martyr.  Qaddafi will be remembered as the rabid, bloodthirsty animal he was; the craven coward, small and insignificant as he was, who plead for his life.  And when Chavez – “El Diablo” – dies, he too will be remembered for the rabid, bloodthirsty animal he was.  He will also be remembered for his support, his loyalty, his close ties and friendship with Qaddafi and other murderous, tyrannical, psychopath(etic) dictators  – which is a worse fate than being remembered at all.

Qaddafi Is Dead: How About Assad, Achmedinajad, And The Rest Of The Scum?

Qaddafi is is dead.  That is news to rejoice and celebrate and be very happy about.  How he actually died, who killed him, that he did not receive a “fair trial” is irrelevant.  Qaddafi was a dictator responsible for untold thousands of deaths over his 42 year reign of terror over Libya, including the 1988 Pan Am Lockerbie bombing.  Qaddafi died exactly how a ruthless, human-less dictator ought to die – without dignity!

We can only hope, and we will soon see one way or another, what takes his place in Libya, and whether or not America will have to go back in there.  If the Libyans are smart, and have some sense of human compassion, they will begin a new democracy in Libya that is void of dictators and allows for greater freedom for all its citizens.  If they are not, terrorists will again exploit whatever weaknesses and vulnerabilities remain and keep Libya from realizing true liberty, and keep America ever busy in that part of the world.

With Qaddafi’s death, the spirit of overthrowing other ruthless dictators is intensifying around the Middle east.  Syria in particular, where there have been ongoing protests for many months now, resulting in at least hundreds of deaths, if not thousands, as the Syrian government looks to conceal actual data that might reflect poorly on the nation.  In the hours after Qaddafi’s death, Syria has ramped up its killing of protesters, worried – as they ought to be – Qaddafi’s killing has emboldened and inspirited the people of Syria.  Indeed, the Syrian people have found new strength, new courage to continue their own plight for freedom and liberty.  For now, and so long as its so called President, Bashar Assad, remains in power, that freedom and liberty is on hold.

Say the protesters to Assad:

Qaddafi is gone, your turn is coming, Bashar!”

Granted we (America) would have done well to take out Syria (Assad and his government) back when we went to war with Iraq.  Still, the opportunity for removing this vagabond from a power he only acquired with the death of his father, is ripe.

How serious are the protesters in Syria and around the Middle east about removing their old, their decadent, their out of date dictators?  Says Bobby Ghosh, deputy international editor for Time Magazine:

Across the Arab world, dictators – as well as rebels – will both be looking at what happened in Libya and thinking, ‘We’ve got to strengthen our resolve.'”

That “resolve” is sharper, quicker, mightier and spreading to more and more people in Syria and around the Middle East faster than it ever has.  It is, and it ought to act as, a warning to all Middle East dictators that their time is indeed coming.  The people are rising, and continuing to rise, up against them and their brutal, murderous regimes and will exact their revenge upon them in the same way as was done to Qaddafi – without dignity.  Bashar Assad will meet the same fate as Qaddafi, if not more harshly, if he continues to disregard the will, the “resolve” of his people; if he continues to kill them as they protest for better rights, more freedom and liberty; if he continues to suppress them while he lives in the lap of luxury protected only by his military which he, as is common among all dictators, cravenly, cowardly hides behind.

And let us not forget about another highly disturbed, highly unstable and highly history-retarded dictator –  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran.  His time will come as well, and he will meet a fate he had neither hoped for nor expected if he is unwilling to accept the fact that his people are human beings and ought to be treated with more respect and given more freedom and liberty and more control over their own lives.  And his fate might just be sealed not by the people of Iran but by its other unstable leader, its religious dictator – the one they call the “Supreme Leader”.  He warned Ahmadinejad his post could be removed at any time.  And with removal of his “post” also comes removal of the protection that comes with that post, giving the people a better chance to “do away with him”.

It is all well and good to envision the “removal” of these bloody dictators, whether that means a peaceful transition to a new government or a coup in which “removal” leads to the death of the dictator.  Throughout history there have dictators, many of whom have met their fate by the hand, the sword, the noose, the knife, the axe, the guillotine, etc. of their own people as they rise up against them and overthrow them.  Which is why they always hide behind their military and bodyguards as long as they can and hope to die in their sleep at a very old age.  It is why, as in Syria, they employ their military to kill their own people en mass in order to intimidate them and weaken their “resolve” and give them that chance to “die with dignity” in their sleep at old age.

What the current crop of dictators don’t understand is that the people’s “resolve” has never been stronger, has never been more organized, has never had as much wide spread support as it does now, among its own people, and people around the world watching, including America which at this time is keeping a close eye on everything going on in the Middle East, in South America, Asia and wherever dictators roam freely.

The time for dictators is waning.  Freedom, the concept of freedom, the reality of freedom, the power of freedom and the proof that freedom is better than suppression and enslavement is much too strong, much too desirable, for these corrupt dictators to to keep under lock and key so they might remain in power.

The time for the end of Assad, for Ahmadinejad, for all the rest of the scum that are preventing their own people from realizing freedom is coming.  So we ought not be surprised or disheartened if we wake up to the news, in the near future, that these dictators have indeed been killed, and killed without dignity, in the same way as was Qaddafi.

We ought to look to this time with a smile on our face and a happy heart.  Remember when the Wicked Witch of the West met her death, and everyone sang, “Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is dead”?

Every time a dictator meets the fate they deserve – to die without dignity – we’ll be singing that song, or something similar to it.

Death to dictators – long live freedom!

Calling The Pope A Nazi Is Heroic? Calling Obama A Failed President Is Racist?

When Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi what exactly was she hoping to gain by the remark?  Does she really believe the Pope is a Nazi or was she just having a bad a day and needed to vent?  Does Susan even know what a Nazi is?  That is a fair question to ask of a liberal, any liberal, such as Susan who, on the one hand supports abortion on demand, but on the other hand, opposes the death penalty as much as the Pope she called a Nazi.  (She starred in “Dead Man Walking”, in 1995, a movie with anti-death penalty themes.)  And liberals have a strong tendency to simply throw around words to see where they stick.  The problem here, of course, is that there is nowhere for “Nazi” to stick when referring to Pope Benedict XVI.

Perhaps she was referring to the Pope’s earlier, albeit brief, ties to Nazism when, in his youth, and when he was known by his German name Joseph Ratzinger, he was forced to join Hitler’s Youth, as were all young Germans at the time.  But the war ended, Nazism failed, and Joseph, who never embraced Nazism to begin with, grew up to be a strong Catholic and eventually Pope, after the death of Pope John Paul II.

One is hard pressed to find a liberal who has the courage to openly show respect for such a man as Pope Benedict XVI.  Why did Susan Sarandon really call the Pope a Nazi?  More than likely it is because she is a deeply convicted liberal and he is a deeply religious conservative who opposes abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage, socialism and the socialist agenda which seeks to uproot and overthrow religion and religious institutions.  When do you ever see, or hear of, a conservative calling a liberal a Nazi?  (Maybe Rush Limbaugh when he refers to feminists as femi-Nazis.  And it might do well to examine the term more in-depth and find out how much truth there is to it.)

Liberals, hypocrites as they are, have no problem with throwing around such words as ‘Nazi” when it comes to conservatives, and in particular religious conservatives; and left wing extremist pro abortion groups like NOW, have no problem calling pro-life activists terrorists.  But when conservatives use words like “I hope Obama fails”, Obama is a failure, Obama, the first black U.S. President, is the worst President in U.S. history – we are labeled racists, despite the fact that when we use words, we can usually back them up; and despite the fact that liberals called George W. Bush, his father and former President George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan much, much worse during their Presidencies.

And yet, Obama has failed to produce the millions of jobs he promised he would.  Obama has failed to turn our economy around as he promised he would.  Obama has failed to cut taxes on the middle class as he promised he would.  And Obama has failed to end partisanship in politics and in America with regards to race as he promised he would.  Race relations in America are worse now than they were before Obama took office – and that is the direct fault of black liberals in congress and all over America.  The racism we are seeing now in America is coming most directly from liberal blacks, not conservative whites.

Barack Obama is a failed President.  (And this is mostly a good thing for America and all Americans.)


Because the way in which Obama wanted jobs to be created in America would have cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and would only have created government, public sector jobs and expanded government itself.  In other words, the only jobs Obama is concerned with creating are those that grow the size and scope of government, but which do not expand the size and scope of the economy.  The more we grow government, the more government jobs we create, the more it costs all taxpayers.  However, creating jobs in the private sector not only costs taxpayers nothing, it not only aides the economy and economic growth, it also generates new tax revenue.  To create a government, public sector job, you must pay someone with the money collected through taxes.  To create a private sector job, a business owner must pay someone out of their own pocket.

Certainly we, as conservatives, hope Obama fails to achieve his ultimate goal of bigger government, higher taxes and less freedom and liberty for all Americans.  Certainly we, as conservatives, know how much better off America, Americanism and all freedom loving Americans will be should Obama fail to achieve these goals.  Certainly we, as conservatives, know that by hoping Obama fails in his goals, we are not applying racism behind our motives.  If Obama were white, and he, as a white President, had the same agenda, we would hope for his failure just as aggressively.

So no, Pope Benedict XVI is no more a Nazi than conservatives are racists.  And liberals, like Susan Sarandon and Barack Obama, are no more saints, heroes or anybody to look up to and admire than was Hitler.

Of Abortion, Muslim Crackpots, OWS Freaks, And Why Toting Guns Works

It’s Planned Parenthood’s, feminism’s and every pro-abortion rights, worst nightmare.  A woman with cancer gives up her own life to save the life of her unborn child.  It would have been so easy to have the abortion.  No one would have blamed Stacie Crimm for ending her pregnancy.  But she didn’t.  Even though the culture of death swirled around her, the pro-abortion powers that be were too slow in getting to Stacie, who still saw the value of human life, and still recognized that her unborn child was not merely a collection of cells devoid of value, devoid of life.

After Stacie collapsed at her home and was rushed to the hospital the decision was made by doctors to deliver baby.  Stacie was able to hold her baby once before succumbing to the head and neck cancer that took control of her body and wrapped itself around her brain stem.  It’s truly a sad day for all the Planned Parenthood and NOW supporters, NARAL cheerleaders and so called feminists as another pro-life story whittles down their long held lie of  “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice” takes on a whole new meaning never intended by these groups.  Indeed, a woman, Stacie, made a choice with her body.  But it was not the choice pro-abortion groups would have wanted her to make, even if she had not had cancer.  Choosing life is never the “choice” they want a woman to make.  Thank goodness for their increasing irrelevance.


Another Muslim was arrested for causing a disturbance on an airplane, shouting  “Allahu Akbar”, and allegedly trying to enter the cockpit.  What his aim was is still unresolved.  However, what is certain is that not enough attention is being paid to this type of irrational behavior among Muslims.  If it had been a Christian shouting “God is greatest”, he/she would have been labeled a crackpot and would have been satirized on Saturday Night Live and mocked on MSNBC by Chris Matthews and every one of its hosts.

Muslims get a pass too easily from their disturbing behavior, mostly because they are an unstable culture to begin with and have a long history of inciting violence every time their religion, and their religious values, are called to attention and denounced.  Remember the Muhammad cartoons, and the cartoon controversy here and what Muslims did in response to the cartoons?

Cowards like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, et. al., will never fear mocking Christianity because Christians, by in large, are civil human beings who, although they may take offense at being ridiculed, have the type of self restraint Muslims don’t when it comes to defending their religion and their religious values.  Is it any wonder we take Muslims as “seriously” as we take liberals?  Is there any real difference between a crackpot Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” and a crackpot like Chris Matthews shouting, and spitting, anything anti-Christian?


Occupy Wall Street protesters are still going at it, and are as strong as ever.  Not in their anti-capitalist message (that never had any merit, or strength, to it to begin with).  But in their empty-headed message that Foxnews, conservatives, banks, the rich and even John Stossell is nothing more than “a son of a bitch”.

It is more than apparent that when it comes to shouting and chanting meaningless vitriol like that, when it comes to name calling, slurs, insults, etc., these mindless puppets on strings cannot be stopped.  Well, after-all it is easier to hurl a nasty remark at someone than engage in rational, thought provoking debate.  Imagine if culture and society could only survive on the type of scurrilous rhetoric being spewed by the OWS freaks.  What would that look like?  Watch MSNBC for twenty four hours straight and you will get an idea of what we would be in for.  Luckily, the easiest way to stop one of these protesters dead in their tracks, and speech, is to toss a provocative statement their way.  Intelligence, as with cleanliness, is not their best attribute.


And as we began with an inspiring story of life, and the value of life, so shall we end with another inspiring story of life, and the value of life – and how a gun helped save a life.

From Florida – a store manager has killed a robber who attempted to walk out of her store with her one year old daughter in his arms.  Her quick thinking led her to grab a gun from under the counter and shoot the robber before he could leave the store with her child.  He died later at the hospital.  What this animal would have done with the child had he gotten away, had this manager either not had a gun or had been brainwashed by, and bought into the lie of, the ACLU and other anti-gun, anti Second Amendment, anti-American rhetoric is anyone’s guess.  Thankfully she had a gun, she had a brain, and she used both.

This is one of those wonderful, feel-good stories that makes us all thankful we are Americans and we have the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and why that right is so important to maintaining a free society.  Of course anti-gun nuts are hanging their heads in shame right now, and every time an American has the “audacity” to protect their family, their property with a gun.  For them, it would have been better if the robber had taken the child and gotten away, using her as a shield to protect his own worthless life if he needed.  What other alternative would there have been for the manager/mother?  Call the police and merely hope for the best?

Anti-gun activists (most of whom are also pro-abortion) cannot see the value in protecting life even if that means using deadly force.  For them, there is always the “sob story” to accompany a criminal’s motives behind their actions.  For them, there is always a legitimate reason for everything a criminal does.  For them, there is more understanding and compassion for the criminal rather than for the victim.

For the rest of us, however, and thankfully, we are not stupid.

NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, et. al. “Want People To Die” (Over 50 Million Already Have)

Who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

When Nancy Pelosi, Democrat CA, former Speaker of the House, disgraced and embarrassed herself on the floor of that House the other day, stating that Republicans who backed a bill (which has since passed) that would block taxpayers from having to fund abortions, and hospitals from having to perform those abortions against their religious/moral beliefs, she remarked that those Republicans who supported the bill “wanted women to die on the floor”.

Over 50 million lives have been lost since 1973 directly by the hands of Planned Parenthood and other so called “women’s rights” groups, and thanks in large part to the generous votes of “Corruptocrats” in congress like Nancy Pelosi who, through their votes, have allowed the killing to go on.

The Queen of Flamboyancy and drama aside, (Nancy Pelosi, not Barney Frank) who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

The pro-life conservative fighting for the rights of the unborn to live?   Or the pro-abortion liberal fighting for the rights of women to indiscriminately kill that life?

Every time a pro-abortion protester or group, like NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, etc., promotes an abortion; every time a woman goes into an abortion clinic to have an abortion; every time an abortionist performs an abortion – someone dies.  Every time!  Except for those rare occasions where the abortionist botches the killing to the point where it strays over the line of legally killing the unborn child to becoming an act legally defined as murder, and where the botched abortion has been documented or otherwise cannot be covered up.  Because abortion, which is celebrated as a victory of, and for, women’s rights, is nonetheless, morally, understood to be murder.  Some victory.

When Nancy Pelosi stood before the House and condemned Republicans as heartless and “wanting women to die on the floor”, what she was really promoting, by pandering to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, is for women to have the right to let their unborn child “die on the floor” of an abortion clinic room.  And unless the mother’s life is legitimately threatened because of her pregnancy (and only a handful of crackpots oppose abortion even in this instance) what reason is there for her having the right to let her unborn child “die on the floor”?

When Planned Parenthood helps a woman plan the killing of her unborn child, and ultimately helps her carry out the killing to the fullest, who is it who is letting who “die on the floor”?

When politicians vote in favor of forcing tax payers to fund abortion, and for hospitals to perform those abortions in strict conflict to their own religious beliefs; when politicians vote in favor of more liberal abortion rights in general, who is it who is condemning life to “die on the floor”?

When pro-abortion women, and men, gather to protest for abortion rights, for easy access to those abortions, for abortions at any time and for any reason, who is it who is protesting whom to “die on the floor”?

When pro-life women, and men, and organizations fight and protest to protect the lives of the unborn from being indiscriminately aborted, and when they are successful in changing a pregnant woman’s mind, when they are able to avert an abortion from taking place inside an abortion clinic, who “dies on the floor”?

Through the demonstrative arrogance of Nancy Pelosi, and liberal politicians like her; the demoniacal, deconstructive and despicable actions of Planned Parenthood and anti-life groups like them, they continue to spread the lie that abortion is nothing more than a simple medical procedure, no more significant, or less, than getting one’s ears pierced or getting a tattoo, which all women ought to have easy and affordable (taxpayer funded) access to at any time, for any reason, without question.  Despite the fact that abortion, in the vast majority of instances is not simple, nor is it even as necessary as getting a piercing or a tattoo, which is hardly a necessary undertaking in of itself.  And abortion still leaves one dead life “on the floor”.

How can Nancy Pelosi say conservatives want “women to die on the floor” by blocking tax payer funded abortions where the life of the mother is not at risk, or anywhere near in danger, and the woman is not going to die by that abortion being prevented?  In other words, if the woman is not going to die (and there already is federal coverage for abortion for low income women who must have an abortion because her pregnancy is causing real danger to her life) why must tax payers be forced against their religious and moral beliefs/convictions, and hospitals as well, to see that abortion carried out?

Obviously Nancy Pelosi was using the bill as a diversionary tactic because she knows that by blocking taxpayers from funding certain abortions, and by blocking hospitals from being forced against their religious/moral beliefs to perform those abortions, it makes it that much more difficult for an indiscriminate abortion to happen.  And it is for the indiscriminate abortion, the abortion “for any reason” which is at the heart of the pro-abortion movement.  Remember, nobody except those few crackpots contests an abortion where the mother’s life is legitimately at risk.

It is for the indiscriminate abortion which Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, Nancy Pelosi, et. al., fight to protect and fight to keep legally intact.  It is for this same type of abortion which pro-life organizations fight to make illegal.

So, the question remains on the table:  When politicians breathe life into, and pass, pro-abortion bills, sponsored and promoted by Planned Parenthood, et. al., on the House Floor, who is it who really wants who to “die on the floor”?

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