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Castrating California – Crackpots Creating Catastrophy!

Are you watching closely?  Political magic and trickery is afoot in California, where at least one Democrat assemblyman, Felipe Fuentes, (where does that name originate?) is vying to pull off perhaps the greatest of all magic tricks ever attempted – make the entire state of California disappear off the face of the American map.  Only, should he be able to pull off his trick, he does not mean to make California reappear.  Not on the American map, anyway.

Fuentes wants to pass legislation allowing illegal aliens to legally work in the state of California.  Called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act, Fuentes, acting as a mad scientist would, or witch stirring a wicked potion, hopes the ingredients in his devilish scheme will put a spell on the people of California, scrambling their intelligence, rendering them unconscious of clever and independent thought.  In other words, turn them into useful idiots and mindless drones like all the many OWS protesters we’ve been watching make complete jackasses of themselves.

These “undocumented migrants”, as liberals lovingly refer to them, would be able to work “without fear of deportation”, creating the virtual unending line of cheap – near to slave – labor California liberals need in order to remain Democrat controlled, and proving once again, Democrats, like Fuentes, will sink to any depths of depravity and cover themselves in whatever political toxic slime, to gain votes.  It’s always about the votes to political scum like Fuentes.  Does anyone believe Fuentes has the best interest of California in mind?  Is this legislation in the best interest of California?

Fuentes called the measure a “moderate, common-sense approach” necessitated by the federal government’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Leave it to a Democrat to find “common sense” in doing the wrong thing.  Slave labor is slave labor.  Fuentes, who would decry the “evil” rich for making their profits on the backs of poor workers seems not to have a problem with generating what amounts to a slave labor force he himself is willing to hand over to the “evil” rich corporations and businesses he, as all liberals, purports to despise.  When will he be challenged to account for these atrocious, dehumanizing actions?

Fuentes does not have to be a magician to know what the future of California will look like if his measure passes.  Neither do we.  Remember the California gold rush?  Passing such a demonstrative measure as COPA (“cop a” what?) what other response will there be by illegal aliens but to rush to California?  And illegal aliens rushing to California not for gold, but for amnesty, which is better to an illegal alien than gold, and really what Fuentes’ legislation is hoping to ultimately produce, once enough illegal alien “prospectors” arrive in California and set up a claim for Californian citizenship.

Says Fuentes:

I hope this shows Washington, D.C., that if they fail to act, California will take the lead on this critical issue.”

What this ought to “show Washington D.C.”, what the irresponsible actions of Fuentes ought to show all of us, is how arrogant, conceited and condescending liberal politicians, exactly like Fuentes, really are.  This is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation.  It is bad enough providing funding for illegal aliens which allows them access to colleges and universities at the same instate tuition rates as actual citizens of California.  At least that burden, that cost is covered by state taxpayers themselves, which, of course, is no consolation if you happen to live in a state that does that.

Passing Fuentes’ legislation will initially drive more illegal aliens to California, both from other parts of America, as well as from Mexico and other parts of central and South America, once the people there realize California will accept them with open arms.  However, there are other liberal states in the Union which are Democrat controlled that would also seek to pass pro illegal immigration legislation.  Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, New York and Washington, for example.

What becomes of California, any state, once it allows illegal aliens free access?  What does the dramatic influx of an illegal, and illegally manufactured, population mean to the cost of housing, education and transportation for those of us here legally?  What does the dramatic up-swelling of an illegal population mean to our society and culture?  Already, legal immigrants, new American citizens, still refuse to learn our language, accept our culture and melt into our society.  Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to cater to legal immigrants (think elections and voting) who will not become full fledged Americans.  If legal immigrants have no incentive to embrace America, isn’t it obvious illegal aliens won’t either?

In order for Fuentes’ legislation to qualify” to be put on the California ballot and voted on, there needs to be 504,760 signatures.  With a population of over 37 million people, finding a mere half million signatures is virtually a cake walk.  And even if the legislation fails, California’s politicians have a history of disregarding the will of the people.

Now is not the time for California Dreaming.  What starts in California, often sweeps across the rest of America.  Liberal politicians are looking to California right now to lead the way in creating a back door for illegal aliens to enter America.  And President Obama is suing Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama, and now Utah over its legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.  Our government condemns legislation that restricts illegal immigration, but is silent with regards to legislation that aides and abets illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

If California, by the will of its people, passes legislation allowing illegal aliens free access to live and to work within its borders, how would Obama react to that?  If, on the other hand, the will of the people reject Fuentes’ legislation, denying illegal aliens right of passage, as it were, can we then expect to see another Obama lawsuit?

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