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Komen For The Cure Adds Another Nail To Planned Parenthood’s Coffin

There is something ironic which is tied into abortion and breast cancer screening.  To detect and find a lump on a woman’s breast, an ultrasound is performed.  Planned Parenthood provides these tests, and uses the findings based on these ultrasounds to determine whether or not a lump exists, and if so, how advanced it is.  Yet, it, Planned Parenthood, is absolutely against using sonograms to show a pregnant woman contemplating abortion an image of the “thing” she is about to kill.  There really is no difference between an ultrasound and a sonogram – except one is used to prove whether or not cancer exists, whereas the other is used to prove whether or not human life exists.

It ought to be said that if Planned Parenthood was not under investigation for corruption, Komen For the Cure, which provides breast cancer screenings, probably would not have ended its grant funding to the abortion provider.  It could also be said that if Planned Parenthood was not so greedy, and more willing to turn people away who were either underage (too young to have an abortion without a parent’s consent) or who were, as minors, brought in for an abortion by the adult that had impregnated her, perhaps Planned Parenthood would not have found itself with one fewer ally in their pocket – a delightful mess for which Planned Parenthood has only itself to blame.

UPDATE:  Now, apparently a kind of war has been waged, at least a severe backlash against Komen for breaking ranks and dropping Planned Parenthood.  Now more than ever those of us who are pro-life must stand up against this evil that is abortion, and the evil doers – Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, all the usual pro-abortion suspects who will be ripping pro-lifer advocates apart with the help of the MSM.  It is no different than what Gov. Scott Walker is going through in Wisconsin with the unions trying to recall him.  Komen did a courage thing and we need to provide as much support to Komen as we can.  Planned Parenthood will fall, but not unless we are there, standing in solidarity, to ensure it does.  There is still the chance Komen could cave if Planned Parenthood applies enough pressure.  Let’s make sure whatever pressure they do apply, we double, triple our own pressure.

Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, writing in the Arianna Nation is deeply troubled over what she sees as “political pressure” from pro-life groups having caused Komen to drop Planned Parenthood.  There is, of course, some truth to this.  On the other hand, Komen has a policy of not providing grant money to organization which are under investigation.

Komen spokeswoman Leslie Aun said “the cutoff results from the charity’s newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities.

However, Richards ascertain that the decision by Komen “comes as a blow to women across America” is overstated.  Komen will grow stronger now, and now that it has removed this most voracious and cunning cancer from itself.  Komen, one might say, is in remission.  But the cancer could return to Komen and plague it even more severely than it did previously.  Which is why pro-life supporters need to show their full support for Komen as they never have before.  The more of us that align with Komen, the less influenced Komen will be by Planned Parenthood and the harder it will be for Planned Parenthood to seduce Komen once again.

It’s always been troubling, donating to a worthy organization, such as Komen, which is (or was, but may yet be again in time) not only partnered with unworthy organizations, like Planned Parenthood, but provides them with grant money.  When one donates to an organization it is with the best intentions, and hope that money – their money – will be used properly.  It is unsettling to think that money – their money – in part, may find its way to another organization that does not have our support.

Without the stigma of grant funding to “baby killers” Komen will gain new support, new contributors and new allies – all of whom will contribute new monies, perhaps even more abundantly now, which, in turn, will help thousands more women receive breast cancer screening and save many more lives.  The women who once relied on Planned Parenthood don’t need to do that anymore, nor do they need to be afraid they will be left out in the cold, or abandoned.  Komen will see its funding increase, as pro-life supporters and organizations fill the empty void left by Planned Parenthood.  Komen will be able to expand its operations and set up additional facilities throughout America.

Of course, if Planned Parenthood was to stop performing abortions altogether; if Planned Parenthood was to end its brutal assault on teenage girls by providing them with misinformation about “safe-sex” and replace it with abstinence until married literature and education, that might go a long way in turning this deeply disturbed organization around.

Until that happens, we are better off donating our money to organizations that actually help save lives, not contribute to the deaths of millions of them.

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