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A One Million Dollar Bounty You Need To Know About

George Zimmerman is now worth one million dollars to the New Black Panther Party.

If this had been a white supremacist group putting a bounty on a black man, would this be allowed to stand?  Is abducting George Zimmerman for one million dollars worth the price of relinquishing freedom?  Because if Zimmerman can be abducted, if the New Black Panthers can legally get away with this without being charged with criminal activity by our government, then anyone, including you, can have a bounty of any price put on their head by anyone, for any reason.  If Zimmerman is abducted, and if he is killed in the process, he will have his due process infringed upon.  Why are the actions of the New Black Panther Party not called a hate crime?  Why is Eric holder not investigating this group? (Besides the fact he is still trying to save his own political butt in the Fast and furious Scandal.)  Why is black America not more outraged?  Why are Hispanics not outraged?  Why are whites still being blamed for what happened to Trayvon Martin?  If no one takes the New Black Panthers up on their one million dollar offer, what will they increase it to next?  And – will that continue to remain under the radar of the MSM, who care more about blaming conservatives for Trayvon’s killing than exposing the facts concerning how and why he was killed?

And now it turns out the address Spike Lee tweeted was the wrong address.  Nothing good ever comes in jumping to conclusions, or letting our emotions get the better of us.  There are a lot of dead people throughout history who have been killed, wrongly, by emotional vigilantes who jumped to the wrong conclusions.  Will George Zimmerman be the next statistic?

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