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Why The American Left Will Lose Every Battle It Wages Against Conservatives

The American Left is imploding on itself, which is a good thing not merely because this implosion helps conservatism, but because an implosion, as opposed to an explosion, only harms the Left themselves, and has no negative affects on anyone else. We saw the Left begin to implode during its Operation Occupy Wall Street, and all the subsequent “Occupy” protests that followed throughout America.  We saw the Left implode in Seattle, where it resorted to vandalism and property destruction; we saw the Left implode in Chicago during the NATO conference; and now we are seeing the Left implode in Portland, where a group of them, their mouths taped shut, sat in on a speech given by Erik Stakelbeck.  What was their reason for sitting in, and why did they think their strategy of taping their mouths shut would accomplish anything?

When an avowedly Christian, pro-Israeli anti-terrorism expert comes to speak at a university that’s located in Portland, fireworks should be expected. Unfortunately for a group of protesters who decided to stage a walkout against terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck, those fireworks blew up in their face.”

Watch the video:

Giving someone the “silent treatment”, as a form of protest, is a sheer act of cowardice.  What that does is prove that the Left neither has anything valid to say, nor can it adequately defend its position, which, because they are liberals, is based purely on unstable and irrational emotions rather than build upon a foundation of substantive facts.  The Left would not debate conservatives because they know they cannot, and they know they if they did, they would not be successful.  In other words, how does the taping of mouths help demonstrate the quality of their argument against conservative principles, the proof of their argument against conservative principles, without ever uttering a word against conservative principles?  How does anyone win a debate without ever uttering a single word?

Of course, they fully believe they did win, or at least, drove home their point.  Watch and listen to their discussion:

The sheer lack of anything intelligent, anything provocative, anything other than juvenile (and less than amateur)  in their remarks shows that they could not have held their own in a debate against Stakelbeck or in any debate against any conservative.  This is why and how the Left implodes on itself.  Now – these students obviously did not come to all these conclusions themselves.  They were taught to think this way by other Leftist educators and instructors in the schools and universities they attend.  Portland is, after-all, one of the most Leftist/liberal leaning cities in America.

What is fascinating, from a conservative outlook, is that while it is easy for a Leftist/liberal educator to brainwash a young person’s mind with lies, gross misinformation and nonsense, these same Leftist/liberals educators cannot seem to remove the emotional aspects from their rhetoric and replace that (emotions) with anything of a factual nature.  Why would that be?  And – although we know that, in the short-term, emotion-based propaganda can sway the masses to the Leftist side, how does it help the Leftist cause in the long run not to use facts?

Facts are what trip up Leftists, leave them tongue-tied, and the reason why they cover their mouths with tape instead of debating why think Stakelbeck is, and conservatives in general are, “racist”.  We’ve long known Leftists have infiltrated the American educational system, and have been inculcated within the system for decades.  They are banking on their majority influence in education as the means to further their Leftist agenda.  The problem with this  is – eventually these brainwashed kids leave those institutions and embark out into the real world, where they discover all they have been taught is in direct conflict and opposition to what is actually occurring outside those Leftist walls of higher learning.

While Leftists can “coddle” their young within the safety of the educational system, they cannot protect them after they have left the Leftist nest.  On their own, they easily crumble and fall apart.  And, as evidenced by these two videos, some of them, at least, easily crumble and fall apart even while still remaining within the safety of their Leftist nest.

Where does anyone see conservatives and conservative principles, ideals and values crumbling anywhere?  Where does anyone see conservatives taping their mouths shut, afraid to debate with Leftists?  Where does anyone see conservatives and conservatism imploding anywhere, and to the extent that Leftism and liberalism is in America?

When all a cause has is a mountain of lies to stand on, and atop of, and those lies begin to crumble and break apart, where else can that cause go, and the people who supported that cause but down into that open crater, that deep emptiness, left by those lies?

Fighting Liberalism – Our Resolve Has Never Been Greater!

With the passing of Andrew Breitbart comes much sorrow within the conservative community, perhaps as much sorrow as devilish glee and enraptured satisfaction and content within the liberal community.  Andrew never minced words, never backed away from a fight, never squirmed out of a challenge.  Although he has passed, his voice still resonates, and his spirit still carries on.  While liberalism yet plagues America and the world; while its corrupt ideologies, its convoluted way of solving social and economic problems, its irrational and overly emotional outlook on life, liberty and happiness continue to infiltrate young minds, twist and warp reality into fantasy, fact into fiction – and fiction into fact; while liberalism is yet a prevalent and strong adversary in this world, while we mourn a true conservative voice, we must continue to be emboldened, to be inspired, to be courageous and resolved.  This fight has lost an ally, but millions more soldiers will rise to defend all that is common sense, rationality, conservatism!

Andrew was as blunt as he was provocative.  His style of journalism, because of its no holds barred strategy, ticked off the Left.  And every time the Left tried to take apart Andrew’s words and attack his writings, his character, him personally, all the Left could show was how inept it really was, and remains, in its debating format.  Liberalism, because it deals more in emotions than in rationality, always becomes bogged down and mired in its own arrogance, condescension, corruption and contemptuous and flagrant arguments; weighed down by its own lies, its own misrepresentations, its own misinformation and sinks down into its own inescapable quicksand-like cesspool.

The Left is resolved to fight for its goals, its ambitions, which include abortion on demand (and as much of the expense of those abortions paid for by taxpayers); free contraception, birth control and healthcare (also paid for by the taxpayers); bigger and more expansive government, more government programs and services (as well paid for by the taxpayers); and raising taxes, and the rate of taxation, as high as they can get away with (the result of which will be felt by all Americans whether they pay taxes or not).

Our resolve as conservatives must not be diminished, must not falter, must not waver, must not flinch.  Our resolve as conservatives must remain strong; we must meet liberals on the battlefield of ideas and crush them and their emotional outbursts with our intellectuality, our rationality, our intelligence and intellect and out ability to reason.

Conservatives must be willing to be as blunt and as provocative as was Andrew.  We must be willing to take on any criticism, any hate, any callous, scathing, slander, any BS the Left will throw at us and show how incredibly inept, juvenile and nonsensical the Left is at conveying its message – which is always wrapped up, and warped, in emotions.  Conservatives must be willing to feel the intense heat of the Left, and liberals, who will defend their emotional tantrums, and who will hide, cowardly, behind yellow journalism, the MSM and the Democrat Party when we attack their ideas.  Conservatives must be resolved not to give up, give in, give an inch of ground.  We have the high ground, the moral ground – and as for the bottom land with which liberals occupy? – we can re-till that land with their carcasses once we have won this war.

Conservatives – this is a call to stand and fight.  Remember Andrew as the conservative stalwart that he was.  We too must be stalwart.  We must carry on this fight.  Let it be resolved that we will not back away so long as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, our Constitution, our country remains under siege by liberals and liberalism.

We can stay holed up in our “cave of the dead”, or we can grow up, grow some courage and fight to defend the morals and values that made, and makes, America the greatest nation on Earth.

How do we fight liberals?  With the same bluntness, the same provocative in their face style and resolve as Andrew.

Will we fight?

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