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Silly Hispanics – America Is For Legal Americans (And That Includes Alabama)

What does it mean to be an American citizen these days?

That is the question which is being asked everywhere in America where local and state governments are passing laws to deal directly, and more strictly, with illegal immigration.  Alabama is the latest state to draw attention, and fire, for asking this question.  Sadly, up until the 1980’s this question never needed to be asked or addressed.  From the time of our country’s founding, until Ronald Reagan made the worst mistake of his Presidency and signed into law an amnesty for three million illegal immigrants, we knew exactly what it meant to be an American.  No lines, no shade or shadows in the law in that regard.  And once Reagan signed that law, he unwittingly opened up a Pandora’s Box.

As Arizona, Alabama and other states try to put the lid back on that box, liberals keep removing it, opening up new holes around it to ensure illegal immigration into the United States continues unimpeded.  Why?  Votes!

In today’s society we have reached critical mass.  Because of liberal intervention, because of their continued assault on, and dismantling of, our laws and our Constitution, it has become virtually impossible to ensure all people in America, citizens and non citizens alike, are here legally.  Most definitely they, liberals, have made enforcing our laws uncomfortable, to the extent it isn’t worth the hassle or the bother for many in law enforcement, or in politics, to uphold their sworn duty – if in upholding our laws it makes their jobs and their lives that much more difficult.

Why should someone, anyone, who is in America illegally, and knows it, at all times not be in constant fear they will be caught?  Why should someone who is here illegally, and caught, not expected to be deported?  Why, rather, should someone who is here illegally expect, demand as it were, to be protected, coddled and afforded the same rights as an American citizen?

Because, according to liberals, to not grant these rights and protections to illegal immigrants is tantamount to racism.  Make sense?  Also, according to liberals, not only is it asking too much to ensure all people in America have a legal right to be here, the question itself is so audaciously controversial and racist it ought not to be asked at all.  They, liberals, have latched themselves part and parcel to so called “immigrants rights” groups who demand equal status, guaranteed Constitutional rights and protections for people who are in this country illegally, aligning themselves with others in the Hispanic, Latino and Mexican communities in and around America who have a blatant disregard and hatred of America and American law.

This stench, this seething, bubbling, rotting, deep-seeded arrogance that many in the Hispanic, Latino and Mexican community have and espouse towards American law, and therefore America itself; their unfounded, misplaced bitterness; their errant, misdirected, hypocritical vitriol continues to rattle ones intellect.

We recognize the fact that there are decent, law-abiding and upstanding Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans who have immigrated to America in order to make a better life for themselves and their families – and have done so legally.  We have always commended them.  We also recognize the fact that there are many millions of Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans who have come to America for jobs, education, healthcare, etc. for themselves and their children – and have done so illegally in order leech off the hard work of law abiding American citizens.  We further recognize the fact that liberals have a vested interest in seeing illegal immigration into the United States continue.  We have always condemned them, and their actions, and we will continue to fight them everywhere they attempt to rip our Constitution and our laws to shreds.

Alabama has passed one of, if not, the toughest anti illegal immigration bills in the country in response to a growing illegal immigrant population into its state.  As a sovereign state, Alabama has the right to pass such laws, as do all American states.  Other states are looking very closely as to what happens with Alabama’s law.  What the courts ultimately decide will have a direct bearing on the action these states take to protect their own borders from unwanted, unregulated illegal immigration.

As it becomes apparent to supporters of illegal immigration that the courts have sided with Alabama, and against them, they have ramped up their campaign, using the civil rights movement of fifty years ago as their stage, comparing the plight of black Americans (who were Americans to begin with) as their spring board.  In other words – these pro illegal immigration groups have sunk to a new low.

If Alabama’s law is ruled unconstitutional – which it is not – by a judge or a court that does not respect rule of law, or our Constitution, then it will open up the real possibility for an influx of illegal immigration into every state in the Union.  If Alabama is blocked from protecting its state, its borders, its legal citizens, it means illegal immigrants will legally be able to attain free housing, free education, free healthcare, jobs, and all the protection and rights we as American citizens enjoy and pay for, at our expense as taxpayers.

If that happens, then the obvious question still needs to be asked.  What does it mean to be an American citizen?

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