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Want $2/Gallon Gas Or Less? It’s Easy!

The only reason – and there is only one reason (well, two if you include inflation – also Obama induced) – why gas prices are above $4/gallon and steadily pushing towards five dollars is because Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have been successfully blocking all efforts to open up new drilling anywhere in, or on, American territory.  Although the demand for oil is at a 15 year low, because the supply of oil is also so low, and because Obama has not supported new drilling, speculators are taking that as a hint that oil will remain in short supply – hence the rise in the price per barrel of oil, the cost of which is passed along down to the consumer.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who gave himself a “A” on gas prices, is obviously oblivious to how and why gas prices fluctuate, and what it actually takes to reduce prices down to more comfortable levels.  Or maybe he does know, which is even more sinister.  Regardless, Chu, and Obama, seem quite pleased with keeping gas prices high, which begs the question – what do they have to gain personally in this endeavor?  Because there is absolutely no reason for $4/gallon gas.  At a time when our economy is still suffering – an anomaly the length of time which has never occurred before in our history – where millions of American are either out of work or underemployed, which makes the price of gas at $4/gallon all that much more difficult to bear, Chu and Obama (making six figure salaries, paid for by taxpayers) give themselves praise for their efforts that have caused the increase.

What is to be gained by keeping gas prices high?  In other words, there is over a trillion known barrels of oil sitting underneath America that could be drilled for right now.  That is over 200 years worth of oil supply at current demands, which aren’t increasing in America any time soon.  It’s 200 years to allow entrepreneurs to find those long sought after alternatives to oil.  It’s 200 years of breathing room at a time when we are all choking on the noxious, poisonous and highly toxic fumes of Democrat arrogance.

It is not a myth we cannot see $2/gallon gas or even less.  It’s all about supply and demand.  Demand is low, but so is supply.  That increases the price of oil, which is transferred into higher prices at the pump.  Increase the supply by doling out more drilling permits and we will see the price of gas begin to come down.

We can talk about the environment all we want, and the “damage” caused by drilling.  It’s real and it really happens, and we ought to accept it.  However, in doing so, we ought to also understand that because we know what the effects on the environment, the water supply, wildlife habitat, etc. are going to be – we can take the necessary precautions to ensure the minimalist amount of damage.  That there will be some damage to the real world is no reason, and completely irrational, in the real world to avoid drilling for oil altogether.  The environment will rebound; wildlife will rebound; the water supply will be cleaned, and made cleaner and healthier for human consumption.

If we want to see gas prices come back down to normal levels, $2/gallon or less, vote Republican in 2012 or pay even more at the pump in 2013.  If we want to see gas prices remain low, vote Republican in 2012 or it will take years longer before that can and will happen.

We have everything to gain by drilling for more oil.  We have nothing to lose.  So, if we can have our cake and eat it too (that is, if we can drill for more oil, and have more oil which then will lower the price of gas at the pump, and also prevent the kind of environmental catastrophes liberals fear will happen)  – what is Obama gaining by preventing more permits, more drilling, more oil entering the marketplace?  What is Obama personally gaining by intentionally keeping gas prices artificially high?

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