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Of Michelle Goldberg Part 8: Contraception,Terri Schiavo And Liberals Who Devote Themselves To The Culture Of Death

Michelle Goldberg, in her Daily Beast piece, proves that liberals have an absolute love affair with death as she compares the fight for a woman’s right for contraception with that of the fight Terri Schiavo‘s husband (Michael) waged to end her life, after many years in a vegetative state.  Liberals have no respect for life.  That includes pro-abortion women (and men) who demand a right to access contraception (free if at all possible) which is intended to end the life of an unborn child already created in the womb, and Michael Schiavo who demanded the right to remove his wife’s feeding tubes and let her die of starvation and dehydration.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 7: Her Christian Deconstructionism Is Poorly Rooted

While Michelle Goldberg sympathizes with Muslim terrorists, Christianity scares the hell out her.  So much so, she has taken to inventing a hysteria surrounding Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Christian Reconstructionism and Christian theocracy, and weaving them all into a single lustful tale of unimaginable things yet to come.  Fear for your lives, so conjures Michelle.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 6: The “Extreme” Value Of Human Life

Just “how extreme” is personhood, and the idea set forth by pro-life supporters that a fetus in the womb is in fact a human life worth protecting?  To pro-abortion feminist, Michelle Goldberg, who writes of Republican “extremism”, and a teleconference debate sponsored by Personhood U.S.A., any attempt at preventing a woman from ending her pregnancy is an assault on “women’s rights”, and therefore too “extreme”, including and especially the “extreme” anti-abortion positions set down by the four Republican candidates participating:  Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 5 – Her Jewish Love Affair With Islam And Everything Anti-Christian

Cheap feminists like Michelle Goldberg are a dime a dozen.  That aside, here we have a Jewish woman defending a television program, “All American Muslim”, and supporting a religion, Islam, that wants to kill her and all Jews, while at the same time she abhors Christianity, which is an ally of Jews and a defender of Israel.  Her book, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, is an attempt at prophecy, a dire “warning” of things yet to come should the grip of Christianity, “dominionism”, tighten its hold on America.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 4 – And Feminists Acting Stupidly

en year old girls have been denied access to over the counter drugs by the Obama Administration and Planned Parenthood feels both betrayed and outraged.  Sharing in this outrage is feminist Michelle Goldberg, who writes in The Daily Beast the decision to prevent little girls (who should not be thinking about, let alone having, sex in the first place) from purchasing a pregnancy ending drug was “politically driven”Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 3, OWS – And Why You “Can” Evict An Idea

Police can’t be “harsh” enough when it comes to arresting “peaceful” abortion protesters outside an abortion clinic, but Michelle Goldberg is having another liberal conniption fit  when it comes to Occupy Wall Street protesters and the recent raid law enforcement made on their not so peaceful little stage-in which had cost the city taxpayers many thousands of dollars up until the time of the arrests, and now will incur many thousands more in the aftermath.  Michelle seems to think the mass arrest of these protesters will “reinvigorate” them.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg Part 2: Her Messy “Pooh-Poohing” Will Take Many “Swipes” To Clean Up

Michelle Goldberg, writing for The Daily Beast, is doing a lot of pooh-poohing of late.  Only earlier this week Goldberg was pooh-poohing the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.  Now, Michelle is pooh-poohing satire, among other things, and a joke, a slight reference Herman Cain made about Anita Hill.  Remember Anita Hill?  Remember the joke she made about Clarence Thomas and the coke can?  Wasn’t that funny back in 1991?  People are still laughing and making jokes about that incident.  Michelle Goldberg is straining like the Dickens to find the right political laxative to use, such as the alleged sexual harassment charges levied against Herman Cain, that will flush him out of the Presidential race.  Read more…

Of Michelle Goldberg: When “Mississippi Women Win” The Unborn Lose, As Does Humanity

Michelle Goldberg has a piece out in the Daily Beast touting victory for the women of Mississippi over the defeat on November 8 of the Personhood Amendment proposition.  “Mississippi Women Win” is the title of her piece, and it illustrates a very important point.  Michelle contends that the women in Mississippi, and probably women all across America, in her view, have won something – the right to continue legally killing their unborn children.  She is right about that.  However, and quite disturbingly, Michelle seems over satisfied with this.  Read more…

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