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Nancy Pelosi: The “Mind Numbingly Stupid” Iron-ing Lady, Part 2 (What Does Eric Holder, Voter ID and Racism Have To Do With It?)

Nancy Peloist ismind numbingly stupid“, and that is putting it mildly.  And Eric Holder has committed grave and serious actions against the best interests of America with regards to Fast and Furious.  For Pelosi to complain that all the attention the GOP is giving Holder, including demanding his resignation (Holder can keep his head, it is worthless to science for study, or any other field), that this ballyhooing among Republicans is nothing more than retribution for Holder’s involvement in the several voter ID lawsuits pending is beyond mind numbingly stupid.  It is yet another act of extreme desperation by Pelosi and the Democrat Party who continue to unravel and expose themselves for the literal know-nothing party they truly are.

Fast and Furious was a gun smuggling operation, coordinated during, and by, the Barack Obama Administration.  George Bush had nothing to do with it – he was well out of office after this monstrous, miscalculated scheme was carried out.  The idea was to sell guns with tracking capability to Mexican drug cartels, thereby learning where these cartels were located.  This plan flopped miserably and as a result, untold thousands of Mexicans have lost their lives in this seemingly endless drug war going on in Mexico, and a border agent, Brian Terry, has lost his life.  And leave it to one indignant Democrat strategist, Tamara Holder (who is white and of no relation to Eric Holder, who is black), to completely forget his name.  Imagine a Republican forgetting the name of Martin Luther King, and calling him “that guy” with the “Dream” speech”.  Yeah, that would go over well.

Eric Holder, again at the boot heel of Barack Obama, is engaged in a war, of sorts, with several states that have passed stringent voter ID laws.  How stringent?  How draconian?  These states, which include Florida and Arizona, have decreed, by law, that when a voter shows up to vote at any given poll they actually present identification before they are given a ballot.  Why?  That is the question Democrats and liberals ask, which is more proof they, and not Republicans and conservatives, are the real threat to American sovereignty.

Why, indeed!  Democrats are doing everything they can to make a mockery of America, American sovereignty and the entire voting process in America by their devil-may-care attitude to ensure, and make sure, anyone can vote (precluding those who are voting are voting Democrat), including enlisting the dead, the family pet, (remember Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler in the Wisconsin recall against Governor Scott Walker?), and in particular illegal aliens who are more apt to vote Democrat because Democrats are so desperately in need of every illegal vote in order to win elections.  And this is the real reason Obama is trying, un-Constitutionally, to usurp power for the express purpose of granting hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens work permits.

It is also true that a disproportionate number of black Americans still do not have voter ID’s.  Despite the fact that most states offer these cards for free, there is still the contempt emanating from this group, egged on by race hustling garbage like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, about a poll tax, racism and intentional voter suppression.  All of which the Democrat Party, including the Iron-ing Lady herself, Nancy Pelosi, is taking full advantage of.

Says Pelosi, about the GOP’s attack on Holder’s credibility:

“I’m telling you, this is connected,” Pelosi said during a news conference Thursday. “It is no accident. It is a decision and it is as clear as can be. It’s not only to monopolize his time, it’s to undermine his name … as he goes forward to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The “connected” part Pelosi is referring to is the increased criticism coming from the GOP over Holder’s unwarranted involvement in the voter ID lawsuits.  The “protect and defend” part Pelosi alludes to is over Holder’s, Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s willingness to defend and protect their voting blocks, whether those voting blocks are legitimate or not.  There is nothing in the Constitution that grants the right to vote to illegal aliens, or anyone who cannot identify who they are.  It is the right of every state to ensure the voting process is not tainted with corruption.  Democrats, and Pelosi, are standing in the way of justice, both in the Fast and Furious scandal and in every state’s right to enact voter ID laws.  Democrats and liberals seem to be mind numbingly immune to this reality.

With Eric Holder, and his head buried deep in the Fast and Furious scandal, Barack Obama and his head buried deep in fanciful cloud formations high above reality, and Nancy Pelosi with her head buried deep within her own self, (and we can take that to also mean her self-absorbed lifestyle, her haughtiness, and the fact that she seems to have attained some metaphysical high breathing in the rancid and putrid fumes of her own arrogance and conceit for so many years – for that is the fanciful way of putting it), and the fact that regardless of who the Democrat strategist is, they will always take the side of Democrats no matter just how mind numbingly stupid they behave, just what vision does the Democrat Party have in mind for America and the future of America?

Nancy Pelosi’s vision of America, based off the lucid images formed from those same fumes she has been inhaling for so long, is an America that has no border’s, no sovereignty and no voting restrictions, just so long as she, and Democrats in general, keep getting reelected and allowed to make and to pass the laws they need in order to pander to the people they need to, for the votes they need to get reelected, so forth and so on, ad infinitum.

That may indeed be good for Democrats and the preservation of the Democrat Party, but – how exactly does that benefit America, the preservation of America as a sovereign nation; and just how long can Democrats keep this charade up before the entire American Experiment falls apart and one or more rogue nations comes in to claim America for itself?  Or does anyone really think it is the wide expanse of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that protect America and keep America safe from hostile enemies?  How mind numbingly wrongheaded, and dangerous, is that!

The U.N. Is A lot Like Toxic Waste

Much like the question as what to do with toxic waste, so too in the same sense (with the same smirk of disgust, the same nauseated feeling, the same dizzy spells ) we ask, “What can we do about the United Nations”?  Like toxic waste, the U.N. is as worthless, as unstable and as unusable.  Like toxic waste, the U.N. is just as corrosive and just as impossible to breakdown into more manageable properties.  Like toxic waste, the U.N. is just sitting there occupying space; and like toxic waste, it cannot be moved from its current spot because no one wants to take it away or even touch it.  Just like toxic waste, no one wants the United nations on their land, or anywhere near them, for that matter. Isn’t there some mountain, somewhere we can bury the United nations under for ten thousand years?

The United Nations, on the one hand, does nothing but “squabble and waste time”.   On the other hand, the one thing in particular that seems to always bring the whole body of the United Nations together, and join hands in harmony and solidarity, is any time a tripe group of Americans begs it to intervene in American politics and policies.  By “tripe group of Americans”, we are of course referring to the NAACP, or the NAACRAP, if you will.  That, by the way, lovingly stands for the National Association for the Advancement of CRAP, which stands for Colored Racist American Persons.

The State of Texas has had the audacity to impose a crippling stipulation in its voting laws which, if allowed to stand, will prevent anyone, regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation from voting in the state of Texas without – wait for it – proper identification.  What the hell has happened to America when the girl from Ipanema can’t cast her vote for President of the United States?  One would think with a hundred million or so Mexicans right there at the border with Texas, they might want to vote in the 2012 election as well.  After-all, whoever wins the Presidency will have an effect on them and on Mexico as well.

By what right does the state of Texas actually have in prohibiting anyone their NAACP and United Nations given right to vote unless they first produce proof of who they are?  The NAACRAP doesn’t even make their members do that, do they?  Nonetheless, that is the question which the NAACRAP has laid before the United Nations, which it hopes will force Texas to abandon both the United States Constitution as well as its own state Constitution and its entire state of mind.

From Fox News:

“This really is a tactic that undercuts the growth of your democracy,” said Hillary Shelton, the NAACP’s senior vice president for advocacy, about voter photo ID requirements.

Unless the “growth of democracy” is built upon illegal aliens, non-citizens and to an extent carpetbaggers, Hillary (who is a man, by the way) is absolutely correct.  However, if democracy is built upon rule of law, and law which is enacted and supported by the majority, then Hillary is talking crap.

In a Fox News interview prior to his trip, Shelton said the message from the NAACP delegation to the Human Rights Council is that the photo ID law “undercuts the integrity of our government, if you allow it to happen. It’s trickery, it’s a sleight-of-hand. We’re seeing it happen here and we don’t want it to happen to you, and we are utilizing the U.N. as a tool to make sure that we are able to share that with those countries all over the world.”

In other words, if Texas, or any other state, compels its citizens to show proof of residency and American citizenship by having to produce a photo ID there is some deviltry, some evil afoot.  But, if one is simply able to walk into any voting booth at will without having to first be stopped by an election official, then that, according to Hillary and the NAACRAP is on the up and up, legitimate and compliant with all NAACRAP and United Nations human rights laws, which also according to Hillary and the NAACRAP, trumps anything the United States constitution might have to say in the matter.  Why do we even need a Constitution when we have the United Nations?

Says Hillary:

We’re the greatest country on the face of the earth, but we can be better still,” he said.

And apparently, “better” means scrapping voter ID laws and any measures to weed out corruption, illegal activities and suspicious behavior, and just allow anyone to waltz into a voting booth and vote their heart’s content.  Because one man/woman – one vote – never wins elections for Democrats.

The NAACP is also a lot like toxic waste.  So, when we do find an appropriate place to store, and to isolate all the toxic waste we have accumulated over time, can we kill three birds with one stone and bury the United Nations and the NAACP (NAACRAP) along with it?

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