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Of Michelle Goldberg Part 3, OWS – And Why You “Can” Evict An Idea

Police can’t be “harsh” enough when it comes to arresting “peaceful” abortion protesters outside an abortion clinic, but Michelle Goldberg is having another liberal conniption fit  when it comes to Occupy Wall Street protesters and the recent raid law enforcement made on their not so peaceful little stage-in which had cost the city taxpayers many thousands of dollars up until the time of the arrests, and now will incur many thousands more in the aftermath.  Michelle seems to think the mass arrest of these protesters will “reinvigorate” them.

Says Michelle:

The New York Police Department, with its wildly overwrought response to civil disobedience, may have reinvigorated the movement it meant to crush.

“Wildly overwrought”?  “Civil disobedience”?

How many rapes, murders, suicides and drug overdoses occurred during all the many Tea Party rallies?  How many Tea Party protesters set up tents and camped out all night on public land, and in the morning begged for food from local eateries?  How many Tea Party protesters urinated and defecated on police cars or on other public landscapes?  How much of a “nuisance” were the Tea Party protesters compared to the scum and filth within the OWS movement?  How many taxpayer dollars did the Tea Party rallies siphon away from local governments, compared to the OWS lowlifes and vagrants?  The same type of “lowlifes” and “vagrants” Michelle says were “migrating to Zuccotti Park” and intermingling with the OWS lowlifes and vagrants.

The only difference between these “lowlifes” and “vagrants” and the OWS lowlifes and vagrants?  The OWS  lowlifes and vagrants can go back to all the comforts of their middle and upper class homes, back to mommy and daddy who will take care of them.  Because, obviously, if the OWS lowlifes and vagrants could not take care of themselves at Zuccotti Park, or anywhere else they trashed and left for someone else to clean up, how can they possibly know how to take care of themselves when they return home, where there is undoubtedly someone there to wash their clothes, clean their dirty dishes, throw out their garbage and flush their toilets?

Michelle says:

There reportedly were several rapes and sexual assaults.

Has anyone asked Michelle why she has not bothered to investigate these “several rapes and sexual assaults”?  Has anyone asked Michelle why she seems to be unresponsive when it comes to these “several rapes and assaults”?  Has anyone asked Michelle why she seems to feel it is not worth the time of day to worry about these “several rapes and assaults”?  These “several rapes and assaults” were committed against women, after-all.  And in Michelle’s opening line, she writes, literally mortified:

Before a New York City cop pepper-sprayed peaceful female demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street in September, few were paying attention to the movement.

So “peaceful female demonstrators” were “reportedly” pepper-sprayed and Michelle convulses into another liberal conniption fit.  But when “several rapes and assaults” occur against women, presumably “females”, and somewhat more offensive than being pepper-sprayed – reportedly -  Michelle simply rolls her eyes in the other direction and yawns.

Laments Michelle:

Those who’ve been living in the park will surely mourn the end of the grubby utopia that they built, astonishingly, amid the financial district’s uninviting concrete brutalism. But it couldn’t have lasted, and it’s better for it to end on a note of righteousness than to become increasingly squalid and then peter out.

A “grubby utopia” which local taxpayers will have pay to clean up and restore back to order.  Therein lies the real definition of “utopia” for a liberal like Michelle Goldberg – a place where one might find free food, free lodging, free comforts, free everything, all catered and paid for by someone else.

But Michelle Goldberg is not the only person yawning and rolling their eyes.  So too is liberal agitator Sally Kohn who, according to the Huffington Post “makes the world safe for radical ideas”.   She writes in her piece “You can’t Evict An Idea“:

In the middle of the night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hundreds of police in full riot gear crept up on peacefully sleeping American citizens early Tuesday morning and evicted them from Occupy Wall Street, reportedly using pepper spray and aggressive force.

Here is another liberal throwing another liberal conniption fit and using that “peaceful” and “reportedly” crap.  For all we might know, Michelle Goldberg and Sally Kohn are one in the same person, or perhaps share a desk.

Kohn compares the OWS lowlifes and vagrants to the Boston Tea Party.

Think what you will about the protests. Maybe they weren’t your cup of tea. But do know that our forefathers who destroyed private property by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor were not initially praised as heroes but attacked as criminals. But we look back with deep gratitude that they stood up to the fundamental inequity and injustice of the British monarchy and its stranglehold over the colonies. Without their bold action, we would not be a nation.

The protesters are scum and filth fighting against capitalism and for socialism.  And socialism, compared to capitalism is indeed a weak “cup of tea”.  Our forefathers who “destroyed private property by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor” were in and out as quickly as they could.  They didn’t camp outside for weeks on end trashing Boston Harbor, urinating and defecating where they pleased, begging the locals for food, leaving a filthy mess in their wake.  Our forefathers were fighting against the tyranny of the monarchy.  The OWS rabble is fighting for the tyranny of a new monarchy under the guise, the umbrella, of socialism.  The “stranglehold” our forefathers fought against and “stood up to” was the “inequity and injustice” that resulted from an arrogant monarchy which saw the colonies as their own property to do with what they pleased and to tax as they pleased.  How is that different from the Obama Administration, which has been treating Americans in the exact same manner the British Monarchy of old treated our forefathers, and for which they fought against?  And who was it calling our forefathers “criminals”?

There is no such comparison between the actions of our forefathers and the actions of the OWS filth.  There is no “bold action” by them. The OWS protesters, puppets for Soros as they are, have acted with absolute contempt, indignity and disrespect.  Our nation was founded by forefathers who fought against the very ideas and ideals the OWS protesters/puppets are fighting for.  The British Monarchy supported “wealth distribution” just as liberal do.  And just as the British Monarchy supported redistributing that wealth back to themselves, liberals support redistributing wealth back to our federal government, and the people in charge of this over bloated, ever expanding monstrosity – which is liberals themselves.

Our forefathers evicted that idea over two centuries ago when they wrote and passed the Bill of Rights, the bases for our Constitution.  And that never sat well with some people, even back then.  And while the idea of socialism was evicted from the framework of our Constitution, it is true the idea of socialism was never really evicted from the framework of  human minds which has ever sought to reinstate it back into the American landscape and into our Constitution.  They succeeded in 1913 with passage of the 16th amendment, making the income tax, once unconstitutional, now constitutional.

Kohn sums up the arrests by writing:

Time will tell if the end of occupy camps is upon us, but without a doubt, the larger movement for opportunity in America is just beginning. You can evict hundreds of protesters, but you cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

This “idea that has come” is the very idea our forefathers “boldly” fought against.  In other words, this “idea” is nothing new.  It’s merely been reconstituted, repackaged and resold.  And with our “bold action” we, conservatives, will “remain a nation” despite the cowardice of liberals and OWS protesters.

Goldberg writes nearly the same ending as Kohn:

The quixotic little village in Zuccotti Park may be gone. The movement isn’t.

Great.  Invoke Don Quixote, who was an impractical dreamer too.  And for all the impractical dreaming of Don Quixote, after he returned home from his “adventures”, much as with the OWS protesters, he suffered from his “humiliations” and “defeats”.  Of course what happened to Quixote at the end probably will not happen to the OWS protesters themselves after they return home to their posh settings.  But – what happened to Quixote at the end, will indeed happen to their idea.

So, Michelle was inadvertently right comparing Don Quixote to the OWS protesters.  There indeed is much similarity between Quixote, liberalism and the “idea” the OWS movement is pushing.  All of which is, and remains, “impractical”.

How “reinvigorated” was Don Quixote when he returned home?

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Is Reverse Racism Still Racism If It’s Black Americans Being Racist? (If Not, Then What Do You Call It?)

American liberalism has whitewashed the fine line between what many black Americans consider to be racist behavior.  Apparently if you are a member of the Tea Party, you are a racist by default.  And if you are a conservative, black American (whether you are a member of the Tea Party or not, but especially if you are) you are both racist and an “Uncle Tom”.

But what if you are a liberal, black American that goes around screaming racism at the top of your lungs?  Ask Maxine Waters about it.  Ask Morgan Freeman.  Ask Samuel L. Jackson about it.  And ask these people in St, Louis about it.  Why do we not have the courage to take people like this to task and call them on their own racist behavior?  And if these aren’t examples of blacks being racists themselves, what in hell would one call it?

For too long, blacks in America (and this is referring to those blacks which identify themselves as liberal, progressive, Democrats), and spurred on by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have gotten away with the double standard that because America once was a slave nation, blacks, no matter what they do or say, or how they conduct themselves, cannot be racists.  (Unless they are black conservatives)  That is one of the greatest lies of liberalism.  Another great lie of liberalism?  It teaches and propagandizes to blacks that they are still being oppressed by white America.

In actuality it is liberalism, and liberal values, that teaches and instills these repulsive ideals into the minds of black Americans.  It is liberalism, and liberals values, that seeks to intentionally oppress black Americans and keep them disenfranchised.  It is liberalism, and liberal values, which promotes government dependency, a welfare state, more and more social programs to keep black Americans from ever realizing their true potential; to keep black Americans from having any opportunities of moving up in society, moving away from government dependency, moving out of poverty and into the middle and upper classes.

Conversely, then, it is conservatism, and conservative values, which teaches and instills just the opposite of what liberalism teaches – that black Americans have self worth; that black Americans can be independent; that black Americans can move up in society and realize unlimited wealth potential; that black Americans can throw off the shackles of liberalism and rejoice and bask in real freedom, already guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, which conservatism, and conservatives (white and black) are fighting to preserve.

So why, then, do so many millions of black Americans still allow themselves to be spellbound and brainwashed by liberals, by Democrats, by other arrogant, conceited black Americans who are only concerned about power for themselves?  Why do so many millions of black Americans still desire to be told, over and over, they are the ones being oppressed; that they need to be dependent on government – and that it is conservative, white Americans, and conservative, black, “Uncle Tom” Americans which are keeping them from living the American dream?  And why do these same black Americans so violently condemn other black Americans who do throw off the shackles of liberalism, who do embrace conservatism, who do join the Tea Party?

Why do liberal, black Americans insist that those conservative, black Americans who are able to overcome the hardships and difficulties in their lives, to move away from the poverty, the crime, the crumbling infrastructure, poor education and housing, etc., have themselves become the “Uncle Toms”?

The answer may not be easy to digest.  But the reason why is obvious.   Jealousy!

There is no other reasonable explanation for it.  For the millions of black Americans who cannot dig themselves out of their own hardships and difficulties, (and the reasons are numerous) they have embraced the liberal mantra that their hardships and difficulties are not their fault but white America’s fault, and due to white racism, and have allowed themselves to be blindsided by liberalism, and black race baiters, for decades because listening to this nonsense has given them some emotional and psychological comfort.

It is the growing number of conservative, black Americans who are rejecting liberalism’s disturbing, its own racist, values, which have irked the remaining liberal, black Americans.

There is, and there will continue to be, a tug of war, an earthquake like rumbling within the American black community as more and more black Americans take off the blinders of liberalism.  There will be violent struggle.  There will be millions of black American who, by their own free will, remain lost and bewildered, and left behind.  But for the remaining millions of black Americans the aftermath, after the walls of liberalism have crumbled and fallen down, and the rebuilding process begun, will be glorious.

The only remaining question, then, is – for those Americans who are black, where will you be in the aftermath?  Will you be found?  Or will you continue to retain your liberalism in stubbornness, in vane, and remain lost in your own jealousy?

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Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies! (And More Obama Lies) Part 1…

American politicians lie, by in large.  Some more than others and some politicians are just better liars than others.  It’s a fact of life that’s been with us since the founding.  They do so, Republican and Democrat alike, to gain curry and favor from constituents and secure necessary and vital donations from influential donors.  Mostly, they lie to get elected because that is all they really care about and they will do anything to make that happen   Why, then, is it so hard to accept that President Barack Obama is above such reproach?  Why then, when Barack Obama does lie (he is not anywhere near the exception to the rule) does this become a controversy when his blatant and ridiculous lies are exposed?

Obama, contrary to his supporters beliefs ( for example, the newest running joke of the Obama Administration which has successfully both replaced and took attention away from, its other running joke, Vice President, Joe Biden) has been telling lie after lie on every topic imaginable.  He’s done this long before becoming President, and subsequently after, with and without the help of TOTUS, the infamous “teleprompter of the United States”, and certainly with the help of his entire staff, so called czars and all the minions, puppets and lapdogs at the mainstream media.  Over Obama’s 2 and 1/2 years as President he has told some whoppers that all American ought to be aware of, especially  For example:

Obama’s Lies On Taxes: (And Taxing The Rich)

Like all liberals, Obama has lied about taxes and the disbursement of taxes, the distribution of taxes and the variation in taxes among rich and poor.  In particular his red in the face temper tantrum that the rich don’t pay their fair share; that the poor are getting poorer at the expense, and on the backs, of the rich; that the rich actually pay less in taxes than do the poor and that the only way to get our economy back on track and put people to work is to raise taxes on the rich.

Barack Obama lie #1:  The rich pay less in taxes than the poor!

If someone earns a millions dollars, and pays 35% to the federal government, that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 350 thousand dollars.  Conversely, someone making under 50 thousand dollars (and paying a lower rate) pays the federal government no where near the same amount in taxes than a millionaire.  How is it even possible to say the rich pay less, when it is mathematically impossible for that to occur?  It’s a Barack Obama lie, a liberal lie, to say the rich pay less in the taxes they earn than the poor.


Poor people either pay very little in taxes or don’t pay any taxes at all.  Ideally, with this current tax structure, anyone making under 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year would be exempt altogether from paying a federal income.   And if liberals really wanted the rich to pay the same rate as the poor, that’s easy.  Enact a flat tax, say a 15% across the board flat tax for all Americans.  Or, eliminate the income tax obligation for 95% of all Americans and replace it with a national sales tax of between 2 and 5 percent.  Then exempt the first 500,000 dollars of every individuals earnings from federal taxation.  For businesses, exempt the first 5 million dollars from all federal business taxes.  This way, at least, the less money you make the less likely you will have to pay any federal income, and with a national sales tax the government is still collecting revenue.  And  -  the “evil” rich will pay more!

Barack Obama lie #2:  Raising taxes on the rich creates jobs.

How is that even possible?  If you are a business owner and the federal government raises your taxes and takes more of your business earnings away from your bottom line are you, as a business owner, going to then use this as an opportunity to start hiring more employees, paying them a higher salary, growing and expanding your business, buying more equipment for your business, etc.?  There is that expression about “Doing more with less”.  However:


In the case of raising taxes on businesses you cannot do more with less.  You can only do less with less.  It is rich people that create the jobs in America.  Poor people have not created a single job anywhere, ever, in America.  And if a poor person did create a job, what kind of job could that possible be; who would want to come work for them; where would they get the money to pay the employee, which would have to be set at least at the federal hourly minimum wage?  Who would want to work for a poor person?  Poor people are poor for many reasons.  It is a Barack Obama lie that, if you are poor, it is because the rich don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. 

Barack Obama lie #3:  It’s Bush’s Fault

Our American economy is in a dire state and there is talk of a double dip recession, and even another depression.  Although a depression is more Democrat scare tactic that reality, Barack Obama, along with the Democrat party, helped in tanking our economy.  Prior to the Democrat takeover of the house and senate in 2006, during the George Bush Administration, our economy was in recovery and unemployment was under 5%.

Truth:  It’s Obama’s fault!

It is Obama that threw our economy under the bus, not Bush, not the GOP and not the rich.  Our economy began to stumble beginning after the Democrat majority had control and once they had the power to enact new laws and regulations which ultimately hurt business growth, job creation, the housing market, to name a few.  And when Obama became President, he, and the Democrat party took hold of their power and with no one to stop them passed a bailout scam, enacted trillions of dollars in new spending without having any way in which to pay for it, created new rules and regulations (health care and environmental in particular) against not only businesses but against the American people.  And although the House is now in safer hands, and with the 2012 election a year away and situations looking brighter for a Republican sweep, what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to the American economy will have lasting consequences and take a long time to reverse.

Barack Obama is a politician.  Like most of them, Obama lies.  And these lies of Obama are easily disprovable, despite the attempts of crony’s like those at to spin Obama’s lies into facts.  It was Rumpelstiltskin who could spin straw into gold, but Obama and his crony’s can only spin their lies into even bigger lies until those lies eventually unravel into a huge mess.  And much like Rumpelstiltskin, Barack Obama’s lies are nothing more than a fairy tale.

Update – Here is the link to Part 2: Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies!

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Bust The Unions (Union Smuggery Knows No Limits)

Andrew Breitbart to Public Sector Unions: Bring it On – Katie Pavlich.

What really happens to someone who opposes the reprehensible, vindictive terrorism perpetrated by unions and union thugs who use such tactics as a means to intimidate and bring into line anyone who might pose a threat to them and their livelihood?  Is it like in the movies and on television, where such people are physically and brutally harmed, or killed?

Make no mistake about it – it is!

In real life, this is what unions have devolved themselves into doing.  Whether you call it union thuggery, union buggery, union muggery – it all boils down to union smuggery – a long standing, deeply seeded arrogance and conceit ingrained among all unions and union heads.  Hostility and violence has become a staple, and very lucrative, way of life for them; it is all they know.  In public, in front of the cameras, they use violent words and innuendo (and sometimes they throw all innuendo out the window) to describe their frustration with capitalism, the free market, private business and the right to work without being forced to pay union dues.  It used to be in private, or deep into the night when all the lights went out, they put their words aside and used other, non conventional methods of persuasion.  However:

Look at open, broad daylight union smuggery in action here, here and here.  One has to wonder, who are the unions really looking out for?  Google it, check it out on YouTube, union smuggery is, except for the mainstream media, everywhere!   But don’t look upon this as discouraging.  On the contrary, these brazen, cheap assaults are clear evidence conservatives are winning.  Union thugs never had to commit so much time and energy, in public, to denouncing and denigrating us before.  We’re getting to them and they are panicking.  They are also getting very sloppy in their retaliations.

Recall all the hoopla and ballyhooing that occurred in Wisconsin earlier this year because its Governor, Scott Walker, had to balance his state budget and the unions, rather than coming to the table to compromise on an agreeable solution, told all the Democrats in the state legislature to flee the state.  Incidents like this happen all the time all over America, and more and more conservatives are standing up and fighting back. exposing unions for the thugs they are, and less and less afraid of retaliatory actions.  (By the way, Scott Walker succeeded in balancing his budget.  The Unions lost.  And they lost a lot more than they would have had they been grown up enough to come to the table early on and work with Walker.)

Take the Tea Party, for example.  A rising influence within the Republican Party.  Because of this grass roots effort, conservatives won the house back from the Democrats last November 2010.  And there is a growing sense, and polling evidence, we can take back the senate and the White House in November 2012.  Because unions are so heavily entrenched within the Democrat party, this does not bode well for them should Republicans – tea party conservatives in particular – retake power.   Unions, which support repressive and oppressive measures such as higher taxes, bigger government and less freedom, know conservatives will work to overturn and abolish these  pro union measures for pro conservative, pro America measures – less government, lower taxes and more personal freedom, including supporting every workers right to work in any state, in any business without being forced to pay union dues.

Unions won’t go away anytime soon, and they won’t go away quietly; and although union membership continues to dwindle throughout America as more businesses opt out of union representation and refuse to even consider partnering with a union, so long as unions can find a way into the pockets of Democrats and RINO Republicans, and other weak-minded, prone to corruption politicians, they, union thuggery, and union smuggery, will remain a contentious fixture in American society.  That is why we conservatives need to continue in our efforts to  -

Bust the unions!


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