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How Republicans Can Use Schumer’s, Dems “Ex-Pat” Tax Scheme To Benefit All Americans

Chuck Schumer, (D -NY), and Bob Casey, (D-Pa) are unveiling a new tax scheme, the “Ex-PATRIOT Act” or Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy Act.  But before Republicans roll their eyes and hammer their fists in anger, they would do well to take a moment and reflect at what a golden opportunity this “tax hike” could be for Republicans and how it could actually reduce the tax burden if Republicans are smart enough to use the Dems tax scheme to a new advantage.  How would they do that?

The Ex-Pat Act is in direct response to those Americans who have renounced their American citizenship, specifically to keep from having to pay the exorbitant taxes Americans are forced to pay under our draconian tax system.  The Act would impose a 30% tax “on the capital gains of anybody who renounces their U.S. citizenship.”  The reason why Schumer, and other Dems, are proposing this, new tax, besides the obvious reason – their Democrats, and Democrats never met a tax hike they didn’t like – is to make certain that people who do renounce their American citizenship, like Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who did renounce his American citizenship before taking Facebook public, would still be required to pay the tens of millions in taxes on his stock purchases he would otherwise owe as an American citizen, some 67 million dollars.

But – why should Republicans go along with this scheme, and how can Republicans use it to their advantage, and to ultimately reduce the tax burden?

Before Republicans throw the Ex-Pat Act into the Boston Harbor, they ought to sit down with Democrats and make a deal that would benefit all Americans and American business; and, while it would impose a hefty fine on American tax “traitors” (which we ought not be too concerned with, yet) the benefits of this tax could have dramatic implications if Republicans play their cards right.  But, of course, if Democrats balk, or refuse to compromise, then by all means we ought to support, with a certain amount of understanding and sympathy, those Americans entrepreneurs and business risk takers that flee American and America’s outrageous and crippling tax system.

Behind those proverbial “closed” doors” Republicans ought to demand, in exchange for going along with the Ex-Pat Act, that both capital gains and corporate taxes be put in limbo (a moratorium) for a period of five years, after which both those taxes would come back at a competitive 9%, respectively.  Ideally both those taxes would be abolished all together, along with a host of other non-essential taxes (of which most taxes are).  However, until Republicans control all three Houses, and in particular, fiscal conservative Republicans who are determined to shrink the size of government, that is unlikely to occur.  But we can get the ball moving in the right direction.

One of the most important things we can accomplish in regaining control of our economy, and growing that economy, and in creating a plethora of new jobs, and new tax revenue, is to reduce the risk involved in owning and operating a business, investing in that business and profiting from that business.  It makes absolutely no common sense, or smart business sense, to have among the highest corporate and capital gains taxes in the world.  The more we can reduce these taxes, make them more competitive, more attractive for American businesses who have already fled to other nations to return to America, and even for foreign business to relocate to America, the more we can reverse our stagnant economy, which is, in essence in a coma and on life support right now.

Obviously there are other business taxes associated, and we will need to deal with those too, as well as the entire tax system.  But if we can do this one thing, put that five-year moratorium on capital gains and corporate taxes, in that five-year period we will see our economy rebound and grow with dramatic results.  New businesses will be created; current businesses will expand; all of which will need new workers to meet demands.  Millions of real jobs, with competitive wages and salaries will be created, putting millions of Americans back to work, and dropping to unemployment rate well below 5%.

We know exactly what Schumer and the Democrats are up to with their Ex-Pat Act, but before we pooh-pooh it, let’s use it to our advantage for real and meaningful tax change in our country.  Of course, the Democrats might just walk away from the table and scrap their tax scheme altogether.  That is a possibility.

So what?

Republicans are in a good position to retain the House, pick up more seats in the Senate (if not take that too) and Romney is looking pretty good in the polls right now against Obama.  This may be the Democrats one and only opportunity to increase taxes before the election, and, if Romney’s wins, the last opportunity for a very long time.  Would Schumer and the Democrat Party risk blowing such an opportunity?  Just how badly do they want to “sock it to ‘em” – those Americans who renounce their citizenship in order to avoid, and to evade paying taxes?  Are we willing to find that out, or will we arrogantly squander a precious opportunity to cut taxes?

Are You Getting, Or Hoping For, A Tax Refund? Why That Is Such A Terrible, Terrible Thought…

Everybody hates to pay taxes.  We curse, we scream, we yell, we rant, we put it off until the last-minute.  And then we do our taxes, crunch all the numbers, add up all the deductions, breaks and credits, and breathe a sigh of relief, let out a little laugh, a snide chuckle as it were, and smile when we see that we have a chunk of money that the federal/state government owes us.  Finally – our government is giving something back to us.  A few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, on average.  What sweet satisfaction that is.  What sweet revenge on a government which has taken so much from us in that fiscal tax year.  What a – terrible, terrible place for any American taxpayer to find themselves in.  WTF!

You had such great plans for that tax refund, didn’t you?  You were going to pay off bills; take a vacation; buy a new car, a new computer,  a new something – but you were going to spend that money, splurge and go crazy on yourself, for yourself and have some fun.  You’ve been told for years, and perhaps for decades you’ve been under the tax refund delusion, that getting a tax refund is a positive, joyful, gratifying experience.  Now you are being told that is all a lie, a sham, a scam created by government itself no doubt.  You might be crestfallen, heartbroken, shattered.  And if you are receiving a refund this year, because you paid too much in taxes, all you can do now is suck it in, accept it, and rush to amend your filing status so that next year you OWE taxes to the government.  Wait, what?  Who is this crank?

Is this not making any sense at all to you.  Are you confused beyond belief?  Are you sitting there stumped, dumbfounded and seething with indignant rage because someone is telling you what a terrible, terrible mistake you are making in setting up your tax return in such a way as to OWE money, rather than receive a refund?  You still don’t understand how any of this all adds together, do you?

It’s elementary, really.  The tax refund you are hoping for, and hoping to be HUGE, is money that is sitting somewhere in a government fund, collecting interest for government, benefiting government, being used by government for whatever purpose government sees fit to use it.  That’s your money.  Why isn’t your money sitting in your bank account?  You have bills, debt to pay, and the refund you are hoping for, you are delaying paying off your debt on until you get that refund.  But you claimed ZERO, or ONE on your tax return, which means you are paying more in taxes to the government than if you claimed TWO or even THREE.  And if you had claimed a higher number, you would have paid less in taxes.  And if you were paying less in taxes, you could have paid off some or all of your debt before you filed your taxes, and certainly before the government got around to returning your money it owed you.  How much interest on that debt could you have avoided by doing it that way?  How much extra money, on the interest, could you have saved, if you could have had that extra money each month to pay down your debt and get it paid off sooner rather than later?

Maybe you don’t have debt.  (???? – Is anyone in that “predicament” these days?)  Well, you still wanted to buy that new car, new computer, new something – right?  You still wanted to take that vacation – right?  You still wanted to do something fun and exciting with all that money – right?  You still wanted to treat yourself, pamper yourself, indulge yourself, in yourself, for yourself – right?

Well – why the hell do you think you can’t do that unless you are OWED a refund?  In other words, by setting up your tax return so you keep more of your money, and in essence flip the finger to government, you could be setting aside your money each month and building up a nice pile for yourself, for when you do want to do that special thing for yourself, whatever that might be.  And – because it’s already in your bank account, and not sitting somewhere in a government account, you don’t have to wait for government to get around, which they are always sluggish about doing anyway, to returning your money to you.  Turn the tables on government and make government wait for the little bit you end up owing come tax time, just like they make you wait, and wait, and wait…

The dirty little secret, ladies and gentlemen, is that there is absolutely no reason for any taxpayer to hope for, or expect, or want a tax refund from the government.  It’s all been propaganda, a scheme, and a scam, devised and disseminated in such ways as to deceive you into believing you are better off with a refund rather than with another bill to pay.  As a taxpayer you actually want to OWE some money to government, not the other way around.  And until the federal income tax is abolished, (we can only hope) most of us who earn money from a job will have to pay a portion of those earnings to government.

How does it make sense to pay more up front and wait to get your money back on the government’s time (on government’s and your dime) when you could keep that money, your money, and make the government wait for the little bit you will end up owing it?  You’re not hurting government (you’re certainly not hurting its feelings) by paying less up front, and the rest at tax time.  You’re not hurting yourself by paying less up front.  You will not be penalized by government, or hunted down by a government official by not paying more up front.  So – why do it?

And, if you have always done it, hoping, expecting a refund, doing it for the refund, now that you know how futile, how fruitless, how non-beneficial to you that really is, will you still arrange your tax return for next year, and the years to follow so that you continue to pay more in taxes just to get a refund, when you now know how silly that is?  Why!

Obama Administarion Allows Scummy Warren Buffett To Keep One Billion Dollars In Taxes

I'm Warren Buffett, And I'm Too Rich, Too Arrogant, Too Important To Pay Taxes - But That Doesn't Mean The Rest Of You Shouldn't. You See, There Are Two Kinds Of "Rules" My Friends - Those "Rules" For Peasants Like You Who Must Pay Their Fair Share In Taxes, And Those "Rules" For People, Like Myself, That Have Connections In High Places And Are Not Really Expected To Pay Their Fair Share, Or Any Share, Of Taxes. (And, Unlike The Rest Of You - I, Warren Buffett, Won't Go To Jail.) I'm Warren Buffett - Thank You For Letting Me Con You Into Believing I Really Give A Damn About You. It's Truly Been A Pleasure...

To date, Warren Buffett still owes the federal government over one billion dollars in back taxes, from his Berkshire Hathaway company going back to 2002, and Buffett is hell bent and determined not to pay it back.  This, at the same time he is promoting the his “Buffett Rule”, a scam which would raise taxes on millionaires up to 30%.  While Barack Obama supports this tax, and praises Buffett for his “generosity” and “humanitarianism”, Obama has not demanded Buffett pay back the one billions dollars.  Hmm…

Warren Buffett is one on the richest people in the world; one of the “evil” rich “one-percenters”.  Well, he is rich, and he certainly is evil.  But despise the fact that he owes so much money in back taxes, Obama will not push Buffet to pay it.  Instead, he will go after the rest of us who are not as influential, as important, as connected.

Warren Buffett is a con-artist.  What else do you call a man who, on the one hand owes so much in taxes and refuses to pay it, and on the other hand is cheer-leading for a new tax that would force millionaires (undoubtedly other than himself) to pay more in taxes?

What else is strange is that Buffett’s tax evasion is out in the open.  Buffett is not trying to hide the fact that he owes over one billions dollars.  What that ought to tell you is that Buffett is so arrogant, so conceited, so confident that he is, and will remain, protected and sheltered by Obama and his administration, he can have the audacity to publicly demand rich people, including himself, pay more in taxes, at the same time he refuses to pay his own taxes.  What happens if the “Buffett Rule” becomes law?  Is Buffett going to pay that tax?  Or will he find a way to “creatively” move around his money like so many rich people are able to do?

The “Buffett Rule” need to be rejected and Buffett’s “Rule” (his reign) needs to come to an end.  He is scum, a pretender, a faker, and represents true evil.  He is using his wealth, which he able to shelter in ways the rest of us cannot do, his prestige and notoriety, his influences and contacts to ensure that he will ultimately pay less in taxes than the rest of us, including his own secretary.  Nobody wants to pay taxes.  But most of us understand we need to pay a reasonable and fair portion.  Warren Buffett, as greedy and as unscrupulous as he is, did not get to where he is, did not acquire as much wealth as he has, by playing by the rules the rest of us must abide by.  What makes anyone believe he would play by his own “Buffett Rule”?  What makes anyone believe he would  – pay it?

Pottersville and “Obamaville” Are One In The Same

What comes to mind when we envision “Pottersville” from “It’s A Wonderful Life”?  Obamaville!  And yet, liberal propagandist, Leo Gerard would “try to convert” his readers into believing Republicans despise the middle class when in actuality it is his party (Democrat) and his political philosophy (liberal) that is at war with the middle class – and the rich – and the poor, for that matter.  In other words, it’s not such a wonderful life they have all planned out for Americans.

Leo writes:

In the iconic Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, an angel offers the beleaguered main character, George Bailey, the stark choice between a hometown named for a cruel banker or one created by and for the middle class.

First of all, “the angel”, Clarence offers George Bailey the chance to see what life would be like had he never been born.  In that other reality the “cruel banker” Henry Potter, never had an adversary, no-one to stop him from taking over the town and owning it.

One might ask the logical question, why didn’t the people just leave?  Very simply, Potter had the same control and power over the people of Bedford Falls (which liberals and Democrats have lusted after and coveted for generations) as big government has over the lives of all the poor in America.  And that power and control is very quickly encroaching and seeping into the lives of middle class Americans.

America’s poor, just like the people in Pottersville, have become completely reliant upon Henry Potter, so much so that they cannot escape.  And if they tried, because they are so financially indebted to, and dependent upon, Potter, (just as America’s poor are to big government), because their obligations are so intertwined and tied up with Potter any attempt to flee would be met with swift resistance and their ultimate arrest, probably with the aid of union thugs.  Exactly the kind of hold liberals and the Democrat Party have accomplished with America’s poor, and the kind of hold they need on the middle class in order to succeed in their goal of turning America into one big Pottersville .

Leo hides the fact that the “cruel banker”, Potter, is representative of a big and expansive, cold-hearted, unfeeling government which has successfully tricked and brainwashed the people of Bedford Falls (Pottersville) into believing he (much like big government) is their only savior, their only option, their only solution.

Secondly, what did Pottersville become?

The banker’s town, Pottersville, is filled with bars, gambling dens and despair.

Strange, isn’t it?  Conservatives are the ones who most fight against bars and gambling in communities, knowing the “despair”, the poverty, that results from an increase of alcoholism and alcoholics, gamblers and the addiction to gambling, the money thrown away and everything that these two vices do to break up and cause irreparable harm to the family.  Pottersville, with its gambling halls and casinos to provide the false hope of quick and easy cash, a way out, (which never results), and bars to keep the people so drunk and liquored up they can neither see, nor can they help, what they are doing to themselves and their families, exactly what the Democrat Party has orchestrated on America’s poor.  The grand illusion that is Pottersville is a liberal paradise , not a conservative one, not one the Republican Party would endorse.  If this movie were to be remade today, Pottersville would almost certainly include “pot spots” where people could legally smoke marijuana.  That also is one of liberalism’s “lofty” goals.

Pottersville, in reality, is what liberals and the Democrat Party have had in mind for America for a very long time.  The middle class stands in their way, as do the “evil” rich.  What better way to erode and deconstruct both the middle class and the rich at the same time than raising taxes, the rate of taxation, creating ever more regulations on business, and keeping those taxes and regulations so high that the rich – who are in fact the business owners and job creators – have no other option but to cut jobs, downsize their business, cut wages and benefits and transfer as much of their own wealth into protective holdings government cannot touch or else risk losing their businesses altogether?  Yet, liberals and the Democrat Party label the rich “evil” and “greedy” for doing what anyone else would do in the same situation – and for doing exactly what they, Democrats, are doing right now with our money.

What is the natural conclusion to wealth confiscation?  More and more Americans enter poverty, and in doing so become more beholdened on government to take of them, provide them with unemployment checks and other government services.  Government increases.  It must, else throw people off of welfare, cut the government benefits, programs, services, etc.

So what do Democrats do about it?  Always the wrong thing.

They demand even more from the rich.  But where does all that money government take from the rich actually go, and go into?  More government, naturally.  Government is bigger and more expansive than it has ever been, with more programs providing more services to more American’ (about half of all Americans) than at any time previously.  Other than creating a circle of dependence on government, what good is being done by preventing business, the “evil” rich from leading us away from Pottersville and back into Bedford Falls?

Ask Leo and the Democrat Party why they oppose abolishing the marriage tax penalty, the alternative minimum tax, the death and estate tax, corporate and capital gains taxes (a whole host of unnecessary taxes) and replacing the regressive and destructive income tax with a flat tax – all of which have suppressed the middle tax, oppressed the poor and forced the rich into holding onto their wealth, hiding it where government cannot find or touch it.  Trillions of dollars which could be invested right now in America via the private sector.  Leo would scoff at such an idea, thumb his nose, become irritated, discombobulated and incoherent.  Why?  Because Leo, as with all liberals and the Democrat Party, want all that wealth for their “greedy” and “evil” selves.  They are Henry Potter, not Republicans.

“Wealth distribution” to a Democrat or liberal means robbing both Peter and Paul and keeping the treasure for themselves, for a bigger, more expansive and invasive government.  It is liberals, not conservatives; it is the Democrat Party, not the Republican Party (and certainly not the Tea Party) whose agenda is driving and fueling this recession.  More people are in poverty now because of liberalism and what the Democrat Party has been able to get away with.

The film’s happy ending is the people of Bedford Falls banding together to rescue George Bailey and the Bailey Brothers Building & Loan that had given so many of them a leg up over the years. Republicans seek a different conclusion. They find middle class cooperation and community intolerable. They want the banker, Henry Potter, with his “every man for himself” philosophy to triumph. In the spirit of their self-centered mentor Ayn Rand, Republicans are trying to disfigure America so she resembles Pottersville.

On the contrary, it is because the people of Bedford Falls were tricked into believing they were entitled to something they could not afford, like a mortgage on a home, that resulted in the collapse of the Bailey Building and loan.  Sound familiar?  Want the middle class to be more “cooperative”?  Cut their bloody taxes, which Democrats and liberals oppose doing.  Cutting taxes strengthens independence and weakens government control.  In other words, “in the spirit of their [liberals and the Democrat Party] self centered [ideology and socialist agenda], they are trying to disfigure America so she resembles Pottersville”.

Republicans do not have an “every man for himself” attitude.  There are hundreds and hundreds of private charities which help those in need, independent of government, and therefore independent of liberalism’s influence and grasp.  Conservatives fight against an expanding government, gorging on increased taxes confiscated from wealth creators, the middle class, and the upper lower class struggling to make ends meet in this Democrat caused recession.  Conservatives fight liberals who seek to feed government programs which only further the cause of poverty and hold people down, preventing them from breaking away and becoming independent and self-reliant.  A concept dreaded by liberals.  Remember, there are over 46 million Americans on food stamps, and that number is growing.  Democrats and liberals are responsible for this and for the unending recession.

Republicans have decided to be the party of Henry Potter, the “meanest man in the county,” a man about whom George Bailey’s father said: “he’s a sick man, frustrated. Sick in his mind, sick in his soul, if he has one.”

Henry Potter was just as sick and frustrated, and soulless, as liberalism and the Democrat Party which betrays its followers into believing only through government can one achieve prosperity.  However, how can anyone in America achieve prosperity and independence when government is being guided and influenced by liberals who despise those concepts?

If taxing the “evil” rich was all that was needed to fix the economy and create jobs, why does government keep printing money out of thin air and put that debt in the hands of generations of Americans not yet born?

In the Republican world, where greed is good, it was appropriate for Henry Potter to keep the $8,000 in Bailey Building & Loan money that George Bailey’s uncle, Billy Bailey, accidentally handed him.

In the “Democrat [Party] world” where independence is bad, liberals feel it is “appropriate to keep” the wealth because they  want you to believe they know better how to use your money.  They, Democrats, also know the more a person is independent of government, the more this causes people to abandon the Democrat Party and their socialistic agenda for America, and embrace conservatism and capitalism.

Republicans are attempting to impose that selfish belief system on the selfless American people, people like the citizens of Bedford Falls who rush to the rescue of neighbors.

Independence!  We, conservatives, are indeed “attempting to impose that belief system on the American people”.  Truly, that is a “selfless” act.

What does that make liberalism and the Democrat Party which supports the opposite of independence?

If They Just Called It A “Holiday Tree”, Would The Christmas Tree Tax Still Apply?

What do Barack Obama and atheists have in common?  Hint:  It has to do with something “real”.

Christmas, apparently, is still that most divisive time of the year.  If it isn’t misguided atheists decrying and taking the name of “Christmas” in vane, doing all they can to remove all that is Christmas, the “realness” of Christmas, from the public square, it’s Barack Obama using Christmas, its “realness” to impose yet another tax.  Obama and atheists, working in unison for a shared goal, even if their methods are diametrically opposed.  (Remember, two perpendicular lines will eventually meet.)

Thanksgiving has not yet come and gone, (in some instances the Thanksgiving turkey is, let us say, still being fattened up) and, as usual, we are already deep into the heated debate that is the Christmas holiday, or the “Holiday” holiday.  Holiday, by the way, is derived from “holy” day.  But atheists are more comfortable with that than Christmas.

The Agriculture Department, a part of the Obama Administration, wants to tax Christmas trees to pay for the board that promotes buying real Christmas trees instead of artificial Christmas trees.  A tax which, if imposed would, like all taxes in general, be passed down to the consumer.  The tax is needed, they say, because of competition from “fake” Christmas tree sellers.  And in the “spirit of Christmas”, real Christmas tree sellers want some extra cold, hard cash.  Without it, they contend, they cannot promote their real Christmas trees.  Not being able to promote their real Christmas trees, they fear, will mean more people will purchase fake Christmas trees.  And if more people buy the fake version than their real version, that will be less of that cold, hard cash in their pockets.  With less of that cold, hard cash they themselves will ultimately have less of a “Merry Christmas”.  Therefore – a “nominal” tax, they are certain, will put that “Christmas cheer” back in their pocket books.  That is, for real Christmas tree sellers, the “real” spirit of Christmas.

And now, apparently, Obama has called off the Christmas Tree tax altogether, for now.  Perhaps he was visited by one of Dickens’ ghosts, or the ghostly apparition of Joe Biden.  Still, the idea of taxing the “realness” of Christmas is something worth pondering.  because this will not be the last we hear about it.

One might wonder whether these sellers of real Christmas trees could have “gotten around” paying for the tax if they called it a “Holiday” tree instead.  After-all, calling it a “Holiday” tree is just as fake as selling a plastic tree.  And it’s the “realness” of Christmas that Obama wants to tax.  It’s also the “realness” of Christmas that has, for decades now, been at odds with some in America who continue to be offended by it.

For example:

In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker is embroiled in another major controversy.  He has decided to break the long 25 year tradition of referring to the tree that stands in the capital’s rotunda as a Christmas tree, that had, up until this year, been referred to as the “Holiday” tree – and that had, for longer than 25 years prior to 1985, been called a “Christmas” tree.  The Governor, who took on the unions earlier this year and won, is now taking on an even more massive and hotheaded group of people – atheists.

How long will it be before atheists such as those from the Freedom From Religion Foundation begin complaining?  Or American Atheists?  Or even counterfeit Christians like Barry Lynn from Americans United for Separation of Church and State?

The ‘realness” that is Christmas for scores of millions of Americans has been under assault for decades now.  While Obama tried to tax the “realness” out of Christmas, atheists who are uncomfortable with Christmas use the courts to try to remove the “realness” altogether.

The Christmas tree tax is postponed for now, but could be reenacted at any time.  Ironically, that time may come when more and more Americans begin to see, and to celebrate, the “realness” that is Christmas.  Because, after-all, the more “fake”, the more phoniness, that creeps into Christmas, the less of Christmas there actually is to tax.  This is the goal both Obama and atheists share.  And while atheists use the courts to remove all vestiges of Christmas, the “realness” of Christmas, from the “Holiday” holiday, whatever is left, whatever “realness” atheists and the courts could not scrub away, Obama will seek to tax.

The upshot to all of this?  If ever the “realness” of Christmas was completely removed from Christmas; if Christmas became 100% fake; if atheists were ever successful in making Christmas just another “holiday” – liberal politicians would still find a way to tax it, not with a Christmas tree tax, of course, but something along the lines of a “fake” tax.

Do we really need another “fake” tax?

Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Ought To Mind Their Own Damn Business(es)

UPDATEHere’s another reason why Warren Buffett ought to mind his own damn business.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are both super rich, and super liars.

And they, among other super rich Americans, are on an unholy crusade to further bankrupt and cripple the American economy, American business, American workers and all Americans.

According to the article in the HuffPost/AOL Business Section, and using Alan Greenspan as its source:

Prominent economists may be agreeing with Americans that boosting taxes on millionaires would help to close the budget gap.

Said Alan Greenspan:

It’s time to let the George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire.”

Any economist who insists raising taxes on millionaires will help close the budget gap is a fraud.  The budget gap is not the result of rich people not paying “their fair share”.  Rather, the budget gap is a result of fiscal irresponsibility and out of control spending, the ever growing size of government, government programs and government employees.  A real economist would know that the way to “close to budget gap” is to shrink government itself.  Alan Greenspan, as an economist – is a fraud!

And even Bill Gates and Warren Buffett ought to know that raising taxes on the rich will only cause greedy, unscrupulous and corrupt politicians to use that money to increase the size of government and widen the budget gap.  But this is what we have come to expect from ultra-liberal, ultra-liars like them.

The over taxation of the rich in America (the people creating the businesses that put Americans to work, pay them a wage/salary and generates the tax revenue government collects) is one of the factors that has gotten us in this financial and economic mess we have been in, and will continue to be in for some years to come – unless we drastically cut both taxes and the size of government.  How can Bill Gates and Warren Buffett possess such intelligence on matters of business, finance and investment – areas of expertise which allowed them to make the billions of dollars they have – and yet be so incredibly stupid on matters pertaining to simple economics?

If Bill Gates and Warren Buffett want the federal government to take more of their money, all they have to do is write a check in whatever amount they want, and send it to the government.  What is so difficult about that?  And why haven’t they?

A coward is a coward.  Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, as well as being liars, are indeed cowards.  That goes for any other “rich” American who demands the rich pay more in taxes but won’t fork over more of their money.  There is no benevolence, piety or selfless action going on with these men.  They are drowning us in a pit of economic quicksand in their selfishness and arrogance, and they are trying to drag the rest of us down into the pit with them.  And don’t be surprised if they try to use you to climb out of the pit to save themselves.

Although millions of Americans shriek at lessening the size of our federal government, that is one of the steps we need to take.  A number of departments could be abolished including, education, agriculture, HUD and commerce to name a few.  If this is too “drastic” or “horrifying” for us, there at least ought to be a push for a semi aggressive across the board spending cut of 11 or twelve percent and a spending freeze for five or more years until the economy shows real recovery.

Another step is to abolish the taxes everyone finds unpopular:  the marriage tax penalty; the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT); the death tax; the inheritance tax; taxes on savings and tips many people rely on in industries such as restaurant and salons, to name a few.

Also – if we can’t agree to completely abolish corporate and capital gains taxes, at least put a five year moratorium on both, after which bring them back at a competitive rate of 9% respectively.

If we really want the rich like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to pay “their fair share”, or more of their money in taxes; if we want to decrease taxes on the poor and middle class at the same time, what we then need to do is:

1.  Begin taking even more American taxpayers off the federal income tax.  We can do this simply by raising the level of income that is exempt from federal taxes.  Whether that new line is drawn at fifty, sixty or one hundred thousand dollars is something congress can iron out.

2.  After the new federal income tax line is drawn, and enacted, congress needs to further enact a federal sales tax at three, four, five percent or whatever percent a majority can agree on.  (Necessities such as food would be exempt from a federal sales tax.)  Doing this will create that “double tax” on the “rich” which millions of Americans support and help to bring that “underground” economy above ground.

Why it is super intelligent people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don’t understand that the more we cut taxes, the rate of taxation, the size of government and federal spending answers the question for how we “close the budget gap” must be asked of them directly.

But perhaps they do know that.  In which case they have an ulterior and devious motive for their assault on the rich in America, and those Americans who have the desire to be rich themselves.  They seem to like the idea of sharing when it comes to taxes, but not when it comes to sharing in profits.  They need to be challenged for their miscreant, misconstrued misconduct.  To not do so only encourages others with a sadistic agenda, like them, to make the unsubstantiated, unproved claim “the rich are not paying their fair share”.

In any event they ought to mind their own damn business, and businesses, and let the rest of us have the same opportunities they had in making their billions of dollars?  Their meddling, and their greed, is helping contribute to the downfall of our economy and keeping more Americans in poverty while they get to hold on tight to their own wealth.

Cowards and liars they are.  But does anyone really think Bill Gates or Warren Buffett is stupid enough to voluntarily give up more of their own money to government?

Abortion Is Murder; Abortionists are Murderers: Women Who Have Abortions Are Accessories To Murder – Plain And Simple

(Well, technically, from a legal standpoint, it’s only “killing”, not murder.  So, for those of you who are pro-abortion, yes indeed – abortion is just “killing”; abortionists are just “killers”, and women who have abortions are really nothing more than accessories to that “killing”.  From a “legal” stand point, anyway.  Is that more comforting?)

What is it with liberal Democrats always going around accusing conservative Republicans of wanting to kill everyone?  You’ve got Allen Grayson, Democrat, from Florida, giving his “Die Quickly”, speech, screaming that Republicans who opposed Obamacare wanted to kill Americans.

Now comes Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, from Planet California, on the House floor decrying and denouncing Republicans, who she believes are letting Women ‘Die on the Floor’ Without Medical Care because they are trying to pass a bill that would prevent American taxpayers from funding abortion, which would otherwise force religious hospitals to perform those abortions, and the legal “killing” (not murder) of an unborn child, and for which millions of Americans (those that value human life) find offense in supporting with their taxes.

Despite Pelosi’s incoherent blather, the bill passed in the House today.

There seems to always be a double standard with liberals in that while they demand all taxpayers be forced to contribute money which would be used to abort – kill an – unborn child, when Republicans try to pass another bill that has “choice” in it, a bill that instead of killing children is an attempt to help place them in a better education environment, like a school vouchers bill, those same liberals are dead set against that type of choice.  The reason?  Passing such a school vouchers bill would “conflict” with those Americans that are “uncomfortable” with their taxes going to religious schools.  But using tax dollars to kill an unborn child seems to not pose any moral “uncomfortableness”.

It’s a fact.  Conservatives value human life.  Liberals don’t.

Ladies and gentlemen – there are no Republicans, there are no hospitals in America, that would “let a woman die on the floor” of a hospital if her life was indeed, and legitimately – and really – in serious danger.  And if her life was in serious danger from complications due to a pregnancy, and the only way to save her life was to abort the fetus, than that clearly, in the minds of the vast, vast majority of all Americans (including fundamentalist Christians) is moral and proper and understandable.  With the exception of a very few crazies and crackpots, there is no one who would force, by law, or by any other means, a women to give birth to a child if that meant it would end her own life in the process.  Some women do this of there own free will, and that is a bravery to honor and to be commended.

What Nancy Pelosi is doing, which is what every other pro abortion organization does as well, by condemning Republicans who support and value human life, by throwing out phrases like “Republicans want to kill women” amounts to slander.  Nobody is suing, however.  It’s all political theater.  And not very entertaining.

The issue at hand is whether Americans ought to be forced to see their tax dollars go towards funding abortion, and whether religious hospitals ought to be forced to provide those abortion services against their religious beliefs, including non life threatening, abortions, and the reasons that compel a woman to seek an abortion rather than carry the child to term, give birth, then give it up for adoption if she really cannot psychologically or financially cope with raising the child herself.

Nobody condemns a woman for giving up her child, and nobody (except the very few crackpots) condemns the woman who has the abortion.  It is abortion, the act itself, which we condemn.  And we certainly condemn those pro abortion organizations which behave, and act, in irresponsible ways when it comes to disseminating information to women about their unborn child; that are quick to rush a woman to an abortion clinic to kill that child rather than find alternative solutions which allow for the child to at least be born; that put financial motives and gains ahead of everything else, especially the emotional needs and concerns of the woman being told to have the abortion.

In other words, what Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW and the gang are doing to women is an absolute act of betrayal to them.

Yes, abortion legally is just “killing”.  But morally and ethically it will always be murder.  And regardless of what one calls abortion, it still takes away a human life that might have had an opportunity to live.  That is what we in the pro-life movement are fighting for, and will continue to fight for.  Life!  And the high value we place on life.

What is the “high value” pro abortion groups place on abortion, and having an abortion?

In The Land Of Lincoln There Is No “Honesty”

Not in Cook (loving dubbed “Crook”) County, IL. anyway.  The folks there just received their property tax bills, and while most people feared they would rise, (because no one in Cook County would ever dream to envision their property taxes going down) they were not prepared for the shock that awaited them in their mailboxes.

Said Kelley Quinn, the spokeswoman for Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios:

What we’re seeing are a lot of anxious people.”

“Anxious people”?  If Quinn really wanted to “reach out to the citizens” she should first take a few lessons from a pickpocket.  They “reach out” to citizens all the time too.  But at least when a pickpocket steals your wallet or your jewelery, it’s only what’s in your wallet he pinches; most people have their jewelry insured; and you usually get the wallet back.  What do you get back from Quinn and Company when they pinch you?  If you can’t pay the increase in property taxes, Quinn and Company will take your house.

Quinn went on to say:

But what we’re also seeing is once they leave here, they’re satisfied and many of them are happy because they are seeing a tax bill that does go down a bit.”

Once they leave here?  In other words, people who go into a government office complaining about how high their tax bill is, why it is so high and what they can do about it are leaving these facilities “satisfied” and “happy” with an understanding that, although their tax bill is higher, they will actually be paying less?  Just what kind of brainwashing, manipulative double talk is going on at these places?  Maybe Quinn was referring to the people who leave Cook County, or the state of Illinois altogether.

And who are most of the people doing the complaining, according to Quinn?

Many of the people voicing complaints about their tax bills are senior citizens who didn’t apply for their senior exemption, which they must do every year, because of a new law.

Now it becomes clear.  It’s not the average “full time workaholic working 50 hours or more a week because I have a wife (husband) and kids, a mortgage, and bills, bills, bills – and an ever increasing property tax to pay” type of person doing any of the complaining.  It’s rowdy, raucous, retired senior citizens making all the trouble.  One must wonder what the “government man” says to them that makes them feel all “happy” and “satisfied”.  Of course we have all heard about how senior citizens living in these state run retirement homes have been “filled” with “Christmas cheer”, haven’t we?  Perhaps senior citizens complaining about their property taxes were “filled” with some of this same “cheer” – a bit early – and that is why they left feeling “happy” and “satisfied”.

What about everyone else?  What about the non senior citizens?

They could be out of luck, because taxing districts — from schools to parks — needed the extra revenue and the taxpayers were forced to foot the bill.

If raising the property tax is supposed to raise the standard of living, improve infrastructure, improve education, fix those bloody pots holes, as Quinn and other democrats keep on insisting, then why in the hell is everyone living there still complaining about how bad it is to live there?  Just where in the hell is all that money really going?  And if the money is going where most of us assume it is going, wouldn’t it be more financially beneficial and productive for Quinn to be picking their pockets instead?

Well, it is a fact that Democrats (heavily backed and supported by unions) have owned Cook county for decades; there has been scandal after scandal, many in Chicago and involving organized crime, but also in Cicero; and nefarious nepotism within Cook County politics itself.  Is it any wonder why it has been called “Crook” County for so long?

The 2010 Census shows us very clearly that people are abandoning Cook County.  The population is down almost four percent since 2000.  It’s likely to go down even further because of high taxation in the area, property taxes, sales taxes and the overall dramatic increase in the cost of living, and the dramatic decrease in the quality of living, in Cook County.   Try buying gas there.

Unscrupulous people like Quinn will always make excuses why it is important and right for everybody’s taxes to go up – usually spouting the “it’s for the children” mantra – and why we all ought to just shut up and be “happy” about it.  One has to wonder the calamity there would be if Cook County, any county, ever slashed its property taxes in half.

Most residents of Cook County simply don’t have the time, the energy or the interest to fight their government for explanations as to why their taxes keep going up.  Many residents just accept that their government is working for them, and that the tax increases are a necessary measure which goes into helping their communities – their schools, parks, infrastructure, etc.

And this is the lie, the why and how, these damned politicians are able to continue taking advantage of everybody.

If more people, locally, could find a little bit of time, an ounce or two of extra energy and a smidgeon more of interest in the goings on within their own governments, we could all make the positive difference needed to transfer power back to the people, and not leave that power in the hands of the greedy, corrupt politicians who are using our government as their own personal ATM station.

Illinois is proud to be associated with Abraham Lincoln.  Ronald Reagan has a claim there as well.  What other politician is Illinois “proud” to associate itself with?  What other politician could Illinois possibly find, in recent times, to call one of its very own?  Honestly?

Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies! – Part 2

UPDATE:  Obama wants a second term “badly”.  Hasn’t the damnable lying going on long enough?

Here is the link to Part 1 of Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies!

In President Barack Obama’s latest lie he asserts that:

Republican vision of government would “fundamentally cripple America.”

It must then be asked, what is the “Republican vision of government”?  Why does Obama say this vision will “cripple” America?  And why is this really nothing more than another Barack Hussein Obama lie, mmm, mmm, mmm?

The Republican vision of government, and of America, is very simple – a government that taxes less; a government that is smaller; a government that does not interfere so heavily in states rights and the personal freedom and liberty of all Americans as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Why is the Republican vision of taxing less “crippling” to America?

Obama, Democrats, liberals – they all assert that when taxes are cut this somehow equates to less overall revenue generation and this screws the poor.  In their minds, less money coming into government means less money for all the social programs they create and fund – and want to create and fund (and expand) – they say are intended to help “less fortunate” Americans.  They further attest that when taxes are raised, especially on the rich, this creates the new revenue necessary in order to provide for these programs.  Conversely, when taxes are cut, the money allocated for their social programs dries up, and said programs wither need to be cut or abolished.

This is yet another Barack Obama lie!

Whenever taxes are raised, whenever new taxes are created, whenever more money is taken out of the pockets of taxpayers this actually stifles revenue growth.  The reason is simple to anyone with a clear mind.  Rich people, in sound economic conditions, will invest capital in new projects; new innovations and inventions; research and development of new drugs and products that benefit everyone; the growth and expansion of their businesses, including the hiring of more employees, higher and more competitive salaries and benefit packages for those employees – all of which increases, not decreases, tax revenue.  The programs that Obama touts are absolutely unnecessary, absolutely useless, and are only there to tighten the grip of poorer Americans and ensure they keep voting Democrat.

Barack Obama hates entrepreneurship, in particular the non union, private business sector.  Obama hates wealth, as wealth equates to being independent of government.  What other explanation is there for someone who has waged a war on the American business sector?

Why is the Republican vision of less government “crippling” to America?

With all the red tape, bureaucracy and roadblocks in getting legislation passed, one would naturally assume a smaller government would also be a more efficient government.  Not liberals.  Not Barack Obama.   They demand an even larger, more encompassing government that reaches into the lives of all Americans, American business and American lifestyle.  Obama insists on the creation of new programs, like Obamacare, that has added trillions of dollars in new debt, and will continue adding trillions of dollars in even more debt for years to come.  More government programs to ensnare and entrap more Americans into government dependency.   More departments, more agencies, more government employees, more government in of itself is not the solution to poverty in America, nor is it the solution to economic growth and prosperity.  Obama says that it is.

This is also another Barack Obama lie!

More government creates more problems and allows for more money to “disappear” into thin air.  More government allows for more money to be hidden into obscure programs which either don’t really exist or are used merely as a front to payoff groups and organizations that voted for, and helped elect, a specific candidate.  More government allows huge sums of money to be transported virtually, if not completely, unseen, until long after it is too late to recoup it.  More government strangles economic growth, freedom and prosperity, individual liberty.  More government gives more power to politicians, and unelected governmental bureaucrats, who would desire to use that power in unethical and immoral ways to create artificial chaos for the purpose of tricking Americans into believing they need more government.

What would happen, for example, if the Department of Education, created in 1979, was abolished?  All that means is that the control, decision making and policies and funding of all public schools reverts back to the individual states.  It means states, and local communities, have greater power and influence and more flexibility to change what’s not working and become even more competitive, thereby becoming that much more attractive to parents wishing to relocate to another state and another community.  What’s wrong with that?  Only liberals, only Barack Obama, would see that as a problem.

Why is the Republican vision of more personal freedom “crippling” to America?

Expect for liberal’s, and Obama’s, insistence that women have “more personal freedom” to kill their unborn child, there is not much support for “personal freedom’ among Democrats, liberals or Barack Obama.  The government must control everything and everyone, because only government knows how best to guide our lives  and our decisions.  From healthcare to education; from gun control to food safety; from the cars we drive to the gas we buy for those cars – Obama believes government must have its hand – and his hand, by extension – in everything.

This, too, constitutes, another Barack Obama lie!

More government oversight, more governmental regulations, more government control into our lives and businesses is what is “crippling to America”.  Our economy is worse now because of Obama and the Democrat Party, and because of more government, more governmental regulations, more governmental programs and scams, more out of control governmental spending, etc.

“Evil” rich people are holding onto their money because the risk of losing it, of not making a profit on it, is much too great as a direct result of Obama and his draconian economic policies.  “Evil” rich people are not growing their businesses, are not hiring new employees – are laying more employees off – because the demands for their products and services has dropped, in direct correlation to Obama’s rigid economic policies.

It is Obama, the Democrat Party and liberals that are “crippling to America”.  It is Obama, the Democrat Party and liberals, their vision of government, that is “crippling America”.  It is those Americans who accept higher taxes, more government, less personal freedom out of ignorance or a true hatred and snobbish attitude of wealth and the wealthy in America, that is “crippling to America”.

It’s not Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Party that is “crippling to America”.

Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies! (And More Obama Lies) Part 1…

American politicians lie, by in large.  Some more than others and some politicians are just better liars than others.  It’s a fact of life that’s been with us since the founding.  They do so, Republican and Democrat alike, to gain curry and favor from constituents and secure necessary and vital donations from influential donors.  Mostly, they lie to get elected because that is all they really care about and they will do anything to make that happen   Why, then, is it so hard to accept that President Barack Obama is above such reproach?  Why then, when Barack Obama does lie (he is not anywhere near the exception to the rule) does this become a controversy when his blatant and ridiculous lies are exposed?

Obama, contrary to his supporters beliefs ( for example, the newest running joke of the Obama Administration which has successfully both replaced and took attention away from, its other running joke, Vice President, Joe Biden) has been telling lie after lie on every topic imaginable.  He’s done this long before becoming President, and subsequently after, with and without the help of TOTUS, the infamous “teleprompter of the United States”, and certainly with the help of his entire staff, so called czars and all the minions, puppets and lapdogs at the mainstream media.  Over Obama’s 2 and 1/2 years as President he has told some whoppers that all American ought to be aware of, especially  For example:

Obama’s Lies On Taxes: (And Taxing The Rich)

Like all liberals, Obama has lied about taxes and the disbursement of taxes, the distribution of taxes and the variation in taxes among rich and poor.  In particular his red in the face temper tantrum that the rich don’t pay their fair share; that the poor are getting poorer at the expense, and on the backs, of the rich; that the rich actually pay less in taxes than do the poor and that the only way to get our economy back on track and put people to work is to raise taxes on the rich.

Barack Obama lie #1:  The rich pay less in taxes than the poor!

If someone earns a millions dollars, and pays 35% to the federal government, that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 350 thousand dollars.  Conversely, someone making under 50 thousand dollars (and paying a lower rate) pays the federal government no where near the same amount in taxes than a millionaire.  How is it even possible to say the rich pay less, when it is mathematically impossible for that to occur?  It’s a Barack Obama lie, a liberal lie, to say the rich pay less in the taxes they earn than the poor.


Poor people either pay very little in taxes or don’t pay any taxes at all.  Ideally, with this current tax structure, anyone making under 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year would be exempt altogether from paying a federal income.   And if liberals really wanted the rich to pay the same rate as the poor, that’s easy.  Enact a flat tax, say a 15% across the board flat tax for all Americans.  Or, eliminate the income tax obligation for 95% of all Americans and replace it with a national sales tax of between 2 and 5 percent.  Then exempt the first 500,000 dollars of every individuals earnings from federal taxation.  For businesses, exempt the first 5 million dollars from all federal business taxes.  This way, at least, the less money you make the less likely you will have to pay any federal income, and with a national sales tax the government is still collecting revenue.  And  –  the “evil” rich will pay more!

Barack Obama lie #2:  Raising taxes on the rich creates jobs.

How is that even possible?  If you are a business owner and the federal government raises your taxes and takes more of your business earnings away from your bottom line are you, as a business owner, going to then use this as an opportunity to start hiring more employees, paying them a higher salary, growing and expanding your business, buying more equipment for your business, etc.?  There is that expression about “Doing more with less”.  However:


In the case of raising taxes on businesses you cannot do more with less.  You can only do less with less.  It is rich people that create the jobs in America.  Poor people have not created a single job anywhere, ever, in America.  And if a poor person did create a job, what kind of job could that possible be; who would want to come work for them; where would they get the money to pay the employee, which would have to be set at least at the federal hourly minimum wage?  Who would want to work for a poor person?  Poor people are poor for many reasons.  It is a Barack Obama lie that, if you are poor, it is because the rich don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. 

Barack Obama lie #3:  It’s Bush’s Fault

Our American economy is in a dire state and there is talk of a double dip recession, and even another depression.  Although a depression is more Democrat scare tactic that reality, Barack Obama, along with the Democrat party, helped in tanking our economy.  Prior to the Democrat takeover of the house and senate in 2006, during the George Bush Administration, our economy was in recovery and unemployment was under 5%.

Truth:  It’s Obama’s fault!

It is Obama that threw our economy under the bus, not Bush, not the GOP and not the rich.  Our economy began to stumble beginning after the Democrat majority had control and once they had the power to enact new laws and regulations which ultimately hurt business growth, job creation, the housing market, to name a few.  And when Obama became President, he, and the Democrat party took hold of their power and with no one to stop them passed a bailout scam, enacted trillions of dollars in new spending without having any way in which to pay for it, created new rules and regulations (health care and environmental in particular) against not only businesses but against the American people.  And although the House is now in safer hands, and with the 2012 election a year away and situations looking brighter for a Republican sweep, what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to the American economy will have lasting consequences and take a long time to reverse.

Barack Obama is a politician.  Like most of them, Obama lies.  And these lies of Obama are easily disprovable, despite the attempts of crony’s like those at to spin Obama’s lies into facts.  It was Rumpelstiltskin who could spin straw into gold, but Obama and his crony’s can only spin their lies into even bigger lies until those lies eventually unravel into a huge mess.  And much like Rumpelstiltskin, Barack Obama’s lies are nothing more than a fairy tale.

Update – Here is the link to Part 2: Obama’s Lies; Obama’s Damned Lies; Obama’s Damnable Lies!

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