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Palestine Does Not Deserve The Right (Or The Privilege)To Exist

For that matter, neither does the United Nations or UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which voted on Monday to allow Palestine into its organization, over the Unites States objections and threat to withdraw its funding of over 80 million dollars a year, and despite the fact that Palestine doesn’t actually exist as a country or a nation state, but as a culture and society in and around Israel itself.  And despite the fact there still is a buffoon and clown, Mahmoud Abbas, the pathetic Palestinian Chairman, stating he “will never recognize the state of Israel” which does exist and has existed since 1947, and for which, except for a few Arab Middle East countries, virtually the rest of the rational world recognizes.

How pathetic and worthless is Abbas?  He said of taking and holding the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shilat, hostage for five years:

Hamas kidnapped – or rather, captured – a soldier, and managed to keep him for five years, and that is a good thing.  We don’t deny it.  On the contrary, it’s a good thing that on a small strip of land, 40 × 7 kilometers, they were able to keep him and hide him.”

Now, Israel, as we know, is not in the habit of taking Palestinians hostage, although that may be a matter of debate among some Palestinians whose friends and family members have been arrested, tried and convicted for terrorist crimes against Israel and Israelis, and are right now sitting in an Israeli prison.  Which is why we have Islamic loons in the news offering rewards for Israeli hostages.  However, if Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, ever publicly called for taking a Palestinian soldier hostage, and said such an act was “a good thing”, what would the reaction of the Palestinian people be?  How about Hamas?  How about Abbas himself?

If the Palestinians really want to be recognized as a state, if they want the rest of the world to take them seriously, they first have to remove and distance themselves from all vestiges of terrorism and terror links within their government and their politics , i.e., Hamas and the PLO, and remove and distance themselves from anyone who refuses to recognize the existence of Israel, i.e. their own pathetic chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinians also need to affix real geographical borders and boundaries to their proposed state, which would be recognized and accepted by the nations around them.  Preferably, land not on Israeli soil.  Israel has already given up much in its own quest for peace, including the Gaza Strip.  What have the Palestinians given up?  What are they willing to give up for peace?  Are they willing to give up anything for peace?

And if Palestinians really want statehood status, they ought to stop attacking Israel right now.  How can they expect to be recognized as a state, while they continue to engage in the blowing up of Israeli buildings and the murdering of Israeli people?  How can they demand to be recognized as a state when they themselves flat out refuse to recognize the state of Israel?  If Palestinians are given statehood before they give up terrorism, does anyone believe they will stop the attacks?

Until the Palestinians grow up and are able to make some very straight forward and reasonable concessions, (like stop murdering Israelis for starters) they have absolutely no right, or privilege, whatsoever to exist, or to be recognized by any other nation.

And if history is any indication as to whether the Palestinians will have the courage to grow up and make reasonable concessions, and if the United States, Israel and our allies will hold firm and reject Palestinian statehood until after those concessions have been made – it will take a very long time, generations, before Palestine ever becomes the nation-state it wants to be.

Certainly Palestine should never be recognized before it recognizes Israel.  What’s unreasonable with that?

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Israel (Jewish) = Pro-Life; Palestinians (Muslim) = Pro-Death

Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, is soon (it is presumed) set to be released from captivity, where he has remained as a prisoner, and a hostage, for nearly 5 and one half years.  He was not a criminal at the time of capture, nor had he committed any such crimes, unless you consider it a crime to be Jewish, as most Palestinians do.  Certainly all members of the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations do.

But there is a catch.  In order for Gilad to be freed, Hamas has demanded Israel release over one thousand Palestinian prisoners in its custody.  Why are these Palestinians in Israeli prisons?  Because unlike Gilad, these prisoners were, and still remain hard to the core, savage, bloodthirsty terrorists.  It is presumed, without question, once this exchange occurs, the terrorists will not hang up their guns and live out their remaining lives in peace and piety.  Rather, they will go back to what they do best, what they have been programmed to do – kill Jews.

It is telling just how much value Jewish Israel puts on human life (and is willing to put on human life) and how so little value the Muslim Palestinians do not, when Israel is prepared to have Gilad, one soul, returned at a cost of freeing over one thousand soulless, murderous, Muslim terrorists back into the hands of Hamas and the PLO.  Why is it impossible for Palestinians to recognize that the prisoners Israel has in its custody are hardened terrorists whose only mission in life concerns the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of all Jews?  Unless there is unanimous consensus among all Palestinians that Israel and all Jews must “disappear”.  Is this how “peaceful Muslims” desire to be known?

And after the exchange?  Does anyone expect to see peace and harmony between Israel and the Palestinians?  Does anyone really believe Hamas, the PLO or Hezbollah will end their bloody feud, accept the Israelis and find a way to live with and among one another?  All this going on at the same time they are still calling for a Palestinian state, and when their desire to wipe Israel and all Jews off the face of the Earth is as strong as ever!

Most Israelis support the exchange, according to a just published poll.  What does that tell you about the moral strength and moral character of the average Jewish Israeli?  Would the Palestinians ever even considered a one on one exchange for Gilad?  What does that tell you about the moral weakness and immoral character of the average Muslim Palestinian?

One prisoner set to be released in exchange for Gilad is:

Ahlam Tamimi, a woman who drove a suicide bomber to a crowded Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001.  He killed 15 people, including seven children and teenagers.

Can you imagine if someone had aided and abetting a Jewish suicide bomber into a Palestinian place of business, and had killed a number of Palestinians?  First of all, that doesn’t happen.  Secondly, if it had, or ever does, and Hamas or the PLO had captured the accomplice, would they even live long enough to be part of a prisoner exchange?  Would the Palestinians ever consider exchanging such a person for one of their own homemade terrorists?

While Hamas is preparing a “heroes” welcome for hundreds of these Palestinian terrorists, many of the parents and relatives of Israelis murdered by these same terrorists are petitioning the Israeli court to reject the deal, knowing that, from previous experience, it will lead to the further murdering of more Jews.  They are not holding out much hope, considering the majority support among Israelis for the deal going forward.

What will be interesting, in the coming months, and next year or two, is how the Palestinians conduct themselves with regards to committing acts of terrorism against Israelis.  The reason?  Palestinians want statehood, are demanding statehood, are demanding they be recognized as a legitimate state and are demanding to be recognized by the U.N. and the rest of the world.  But if Hamas, the PLO and Hezbollah, if their own people, cannot restrain themselves, if they pursue more acts of terrorism against Israelis, if they continue to murder Israelis, will the U.N. really have the audacity to grant statehood status to a people who, although they have a brain, don’t know how to use it?

Assuming that Palestinian terrorists can restrain themselves until their statehood is recognized (and if and when such a Palestinian statehood is accepted, it will only come from land divvied up from Arab countries, not Israel) will cooler Palestinian heads prevail, or will all that hate and antisemitism that has built up all this time, brewing, boiling, bubbling over explode into full scale terrorism once again?

Even now, before statehood, before the prisoner exchange, Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel, refuse to accept Israel, refuse to let Israel live in peace.  Why would anyone postulate an immaculate change in attitude after the exchange and after statehood?

It will be up to the young Palestinians to decide for themselves how they want their culture, their identity to move forward into the future.  You just can’t teach old Palestinians new tricks.  And you can’t teach a hardened, pro-death Palestinian Muslim terrorist to “love thy neighbor” if that neighbor happens to be a Jew.

History, sadly, is very clear on this.

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Sometimes Peace Can Only Be Secured Through War…

An impetuous and confused Hillary Clinton has put her foot in her mouth calling Israeli Settlement Expansion In East Jerusalem ‘Counterproductive’.

Said Clinton:

“We have long urged both sides to avoid any kind of action which could undermine trust, including, and perhaps most particularly, in Jerusalem, any action that could be viewed as provocative by either side.”

Clinton calls an additional 1,100 units “provocative” and says she wants to “avoid any kind of action which could undermine trust” at the same time the Palestinians are demanding statehood, refusing to recognize the state of Israel and promising to exterminate all Jews.  Who the hell is it who is being “provocative” here, and who is she trying to fool with her double talk?  It is Hillary Clinton, not Israel, that is being “counterproductive”.  It is Hillary Clinton who is “undermining trust”.  It is Hillary Clinton who is going out of her way not to “avoid any action”.  Clearly her inflammatory, anti-Israel rhetoric demands “action”.  It demands her apology to Israel!  Good luck with that ever happening.

Thankfully a level headed Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed her anti-Israel grumblings and will proceed with the expansion of Jewish settlements.  However, this is not the end of it.  Hillary Clinton, like most in the Obama Administration, appear to be closely imbedded with, and growing closer to, the enemies of Israel who have grown more emboldened since Barack Obama became President.  And remarks like those Clinton made against Jewish expansion will not make Israel’s enemies bite their tongues or curb their desire to make peace with Israel a real possibility any time soon.

On the contrary, you have Islamic Imams threatening Jihad against the United States; an arrogant Iranian government taunting America with its navy, ramping up its own military forces, confident America is in a weaker position, both politically and militarily, to counter attack; and now Egypt wants all Jews, Israelis and Zionists expelled from its nation.

All this going on throughout the world and Hillary Clinton is worried that 1,100 housing units for a growing Israeli population is going to upset the peace process?  Someone needs to inform Clinton there isn’t any “peace process”, there won’t ever be a peace process; that the so called “peace process” is, and always has been, a charade.  Arabs and Muslims don’t want peace – not with Israel, not with  America.  Not now, not in the future.

Hillary Clinton and the Barack Obama Administration have the audacity to talk of peace between Israel and the Palestinians through Israeli concessions, while the Palestinians talk openly of annihilating the Jews and taking the whole of Israel for themselves.  These bizarre actions, the deafening silence of Barack Obama to not scold the Palestinians, demand an explanation.

The longer we continue to merely talk of peace, the more our enemies the world over are becoming less fearful of America’s might and moving toward war, all at a time when Barack Obama does not have a plan to avert deep cuts in our defense spending.  If these cuts in defense occur, America will be made that much weaker, that much more vulnerable, that much less able to provide military assistance to our allies, Israel included, if war were to break out, let alone ourselves.

The time for talk is passed.  The time for peace negotiations had ended.  It is time to talk of war.  It is time to threaten war against America’s enemies and those enemies that would harm Israel.  We’ve tried for years, for decades to “give peace a chance”.  Our enemies don’t want peace, they want war.  They want war!  And how do we contend with a people who are so staunchly set on war if we don’t acquiesce to their ridiculous demand that Israel give up its right to exist and its people give up their right to live?  How do we rationally deal with a people who have every intention of making war against Israel and America until this ridiculous, idiotic demand is met?  How, and why, do we continue to deal with them at all?

Have we really become a nation that readily bows to our enemies like Obama bows to foreign leaders?

Perhaps it is for the best to continue the “talk”, ever stalling for time, for hope, for better, more courageous leadership, until at least after the 2012 election.  Obama is weak now.  But if he wins a second term, how much longer can we merely talk before our enemies, and Israel’s, realize we have no stomach for war, no desire for war, no funding in the budget to pay for war?

All that giving “peace a chance” accomplishes is to give our enemies that much more time and leverage, that much more of an advantage.

It’s time to “give war a chance“!

It’s time to elect a strong, solid Presidential candidate who is willing to “give war a chance“.  It’s time to stop fooling ourselves into believing our enemies want peace.  It’s time to accept that sometimes in order to secure peace, that peace can only be secured through war.

History has proven that war better solves the problems, and more quickly ends the wide spread suffering, that peace talk merely prolongs.  History has also proven what happens the longer that war is prolonged.

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Israel Has The Right To Exist (And To Expand Their Settlements)

Israel, with roughly 8000 to 8500 square miles in total land value, is roughly equivalent with the state of New Jersey, which is actually only slightly larger.  Yet, the Palestinian Liberation Organization demands a piece of it for their own homeland.   And if it was not for the strong relationship Israel has with the United States (the Barack Obama Administration aside) not only would the PLO be demanding an even greater piece, but they would have, long ago, brazenly, and with the support of Hamas and most of the Middle East, invaded Israel and fought a very bloody, very costly war to take it.  Although Israel most likely would prevail in such a war, without the support of the United States, its only real ally, the casualties would have been considerably greater simply because, without the United States, lawless insurgents and terrorists would be that much more emboldened, leading to a greater death toll on both sides.

Israel already gave up the Gaza Strip in the name of peace, and in the hope of more peaceful relations with the Palestinians.  That has not come to fruition.  (The Israelis had constructed state of the art greenhouses which were promptly destroyed once the Palestinians took control of the land.  Obviously the Palestinians are not that much into environmentalism or the whole “going green” movement.)

Situations have only become worse.   The Palestinians have continued their attacks, and recently have stepped up those attacks, and won’t be satisfied until they get control of the West Bank and, eventually, the rest of Israel itself.  And because the Obama Administration has been, for the most part either silent, or teetering back and forth without a definitive resolution, and except for a statement Barack Obama made early on in his presidency in which he had hoped to see the United Nations welcome a new Palestinian state into it fold (he has since backed away from that), the misguided passion of the Palestinians has only grown, along with their hostility toward, and contempt for, Israel and their ever surmountable anger with Israel’s expanding settlements.

Now, the PLO is demanding the United Nations grant them statehood status, a dangerous move which, if it is aloud to proceed, will have devastating consequences, and almost certainly lead to war.   The PLO has already gone on record saying such a new Palestinian state would be devoid of any and all Jews.  Considering they want a part of Israel to claim as their own, (a piece the size of which they will never be satisfied with), land which is presently occupied with Jews, the ramifications are obvious – mass expulsions.  It’s hard to believe these Jews would go quietly.  They didn’t even go quietly when they were removed by their own government from the Gaza Strip.

The United States has promised to veto any move to allow Palestinian statehood, and to keep such a bid from ever reaching the United Nations.  Many are nonetheless fearful that in doing so, new violence would emerge.  However, it must be recognized that there would be violence regardless.  The PLO, Hamas, Palestinians in general, and the Middle East at large, have yet to affirm Israel’s own right to exist.  Quite humorous, then, and no hypocrisy whatsoever, this is exactly what the Palestinians are demanding for themselves.

The question has to be asked – do the Palestinians really want statehood, or do they really want the State of Israel itself.  In other words, would they accept statehood status if land was offered from Egypt, Syria, Iran or any other Middle east nation?  God knows these nations have plenty of open, fertile space between them to offer up the Palestinians.  (And not many, if any, Jews residing in the area.)  And such a move would be praised by the United States, and, although reluctantly, the U.N. (The U.N. is no fan of Israel.)  It would promote peace and prosperity for the Palestinians, promote pride in their newly formed state and gain accolades from leaders all over the world.  It is of no surprise the PLO is reluctant to even consider such an move.  Their agenda is clear – the annexation of all Israeli land and the annihilation of all the Jews.  This is their mantra and they won’t be satisfied until it has been met.

We, that is, America (there really isn’t anyone else) must be firm.  Absolutely no statehood for the Palestinians.  Not until long after they have ceased their attacks, given up entirely their goal of conquest, dismantled the PLO, Hamas and any other anti-Israel terror organization, accepted Israel’s right to exist and have shown and demonstrated a very real and genuine attempt to live peaceably with its Jewish neighbors.   They don’t have to invite each other over for tea, or even carry on a social conversation with one another.

But there must absolutely be peace.  A peace strongly enforced by a new Palestinian government, free of any links to terrorism or terrorists.  And if any Israeli land is to be annexed and incorporated into this new Palestinian state, (though this seems unnecessary) it ought to be done with the full cooperation of the Israeli government and its people.  Included in this agreement, a legal stipulation that if ever the Palestinians recreate the PLO, Hamas or any Palestinian organization, under any name, affiliate themselves with any anti-Israeli terror groups in any way, however remote; if the Palestinians ever again attempt to seize control of Israeli land, wage, or sponsor, attacks against Israel, or do not suppress such attacks by its own people, such a move would automatically revert any and all land earlier annexed for the new Palestinian state back to Israel.

Until that happens – the PLO, and all Palestinians, ought to keep their hands and their eyes off Israel.  It is the prize of the Israelis.

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