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There Is No Room In America For Illegal Immigrants (That Includes The Children)

President Obama has taken the “Won’t someone think of the children” argument to a new extreme low.  Once again Obama has shown his complete contempt for American sovereignty, having  usurped his Constitutional authority and power, side-winded congress and the law, waved his hand in the air and said, “Wallah”, giving (for the moment) the perception to young illegal aliens that they are now free and clear from deportation.  This is of course a canard and a stunt, solely for the purpose of increasing voters among those Hispanics and Latinos that favor amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, or what ever you want to call this insidious, this odious, this demented, nightmarish and outlandish reckless disregard for American law, common sense and common decency.

The problems with allowing teenagers, 16 and under, what is essentially full immunity from prosecution and deportation for being in America illegally are numerous.  The first and biggest problem is that it is a lie, and the multitudes of young illegal aliens who think they are now granted a full pardon, as it were, are in for a very rude awakening in the near future – after the election, and when Obama no longer needs to rely on theirs, or anyone’s vote, whether he remains President or not.  The un-Constitutionality of Obama’s gesture will be a hard slap in the face to these young illegal aliens who think they are now, and always will be, untouchable by law enforcement.  If you are in this country illegally and you are arrested – you will be deported.  You may have a small window of freedom, but only until after the 2012 election.  Then, reality, and law, will set back in.

There are millions of Hispanics and Latinos in America who have come here the responsible way.  That is, legally and through the long and arduous legal process.  How does anyone expect them to react to the news that for all their hard work, all their patience, all their sacrifice and dedication, and all the money they invested in becoming American citizens, a whole class of illegal aliens has “passed go” and gotten the “get out of jail free” card and will not have to pay any fines?  If we are to talk about alienation, we must include how utterly alienated and abandoned by Obama and his Administration, and the Democrat Party as a whole, those Hispanics and Latinos have become who came to America through legal channels rather than through illegal underground tunnels and other avenues and pathways.  Don’t you think they might be just a little bit insulted by Obama’s obvious pandering?

It’s true that some people who come to America illegally are brought by their parents at relatively young ages.  (As babies and very small children.)  It is also true, and a well documented fact, that many more children come to America illegally on their own.  Look here, here, here, here and here for a video called Children in No Man’s Land, which documents the plight of children who try to enter America illegally by themselves, and what ultimately happens to them.  In granting young illegal aliens a short reprieve from deportation, Obama completely overlooks this astounding fact that so many kids, 12 and over, are coming to America illegally by themselves.  Obama’s pandering to the anti-American sovereignty wing, a very small group of radicals, will only encourage more of this dangerous and irresponsible behavior from other kids, under 16, who now will think all they have to do to secure their own visas is to just make is across the border before they are caught.

And what about black Americans?  How well received has their reaction been?  With unemployment still about 8% nationwide, and unemployment among blacks double that, approximately 800,000 (conservatively) illegal aliens will be competing for jobs that are already scarce, making finding work all that more difficult, and compounded even more for blacks.  With a stroke of mighty arrogance, Obama has begun issuing work permits for all illegal aliens who came here as children, 16 and under, and who have not broken any other of America’s laws expect that one law in particular, which neither Obama nor the Democrat Party thinks is an actual crime.  Millions of Americans out of work, Obama’s Recession and Obama’s Economy stagnating still under the heavy weight of taxation and regulation, and yet somehow there is room in America, and the American workplace, for illegal aliens?

Apparently America is a wide open, wild and lawless frontier for illegal aliens, and that is just how Obama and the Democrat Party want it to remain.  At least, until after the election.  No matter how you look at it, Obama is intentionally throwing all Americans under bus to pander to the few radicals and anti-American sovereignty groups he thinks he needs in order to win reelection.

What can be lower than a politician – a United States President – using children as props and tools, and pawns, simply to score political points and secure another term in office?

Hispanics/Latinos Without A Mind Of Their Own Is A Terrible Thing For Liberals To Waste

A Latino or Hispanic with a mind of their own is very dangerous indeed – for Democrats and liberals.  Dangerous because they tend to be more affluent, more educated, more financially stable, more firmly rooted in their families, their communities, in Americanism itself and supportive of  the original intent of the U.S. Constitution – and also very much legal American citizens with pro-American, pro-conservative attitudes who are more apt to vote Republican.

On the other hand, a Latino or Hispanic without a mind of their own is a terrible thing for a Democrat or liberal to let go to waste.  That is why Democrats and liberals always, always, pander, beg, prep their tongues and humble themselves before whatever orifice they need to lick to make Hispanics and Latinos without minds of their own feel they are needed, important and special by promising them amnesty, free money, free education, free housing, free health care, free food, and gosh darn it these mindless, robotic Latinos and Hispanics, who don’t have a mind of their own will go into the voting booth each election cycle and pull the lever, punch the card, press the place on the screen that says vote Democrat.  Even a Latino or Hispanic without a mind of their own can surely differentiate between a “D” and an “R”, can’t they?

What liberals want us to believe is that unless Romney plays the “amnesty card” or the “DREAM Act card” he will not win enough of the Latino and Hispanic votes he needs in order to beat Barack Obama in November 2012.  And to believe that is to believe that all Hispanics and all Latinos are just as shallow, just as corrupt, just as disingenuous and just as criminally-minded as are Democrats and liberals.  Also, to believe that is to believe that all Hispanics and Latinos really want from America is a free ride.  How gullible do Democrats think we, conservatives, are?  How gullible do Democrats think Hispanics and Latinos are?  And – just how many Latinos and Hispanics need to be gullible to secure and lock up the Democrat vote this 2012 election?

S.S. Latino Blogger for the Arianna Nation (HuffPost), Kristian Ramos, is counting heavily on the gullibility of Hispanics and Latinos, and counting on more of them without minds of their own to  look instead at all the pretty little pictures, colors and shiny objects Democrats dangle over their heads to enamor them, lure them, bait them, hook them and entrap them, and reel them in to the Democrat basket where they will flop around helplessly until Democrats release them back into the sea that is the American populace – but only if they vote Democrat.  Otherwise, Democrats will leave them flopping around until the inevitable happens.

Ramos wants to know if Romney “will ever reach out to Hispanic Voters”.  If by “reaching out” Ramos means “prepping for a tongue lap dance” as Democrats do, then no, Romney will not sully himself as Democrats so readily and eagerly do.  And for Romney’s “snobbery” Ramos believes Hispanics and Latinos will not vote for him.  As if all Hispanics and Latinos need to be bathed in, and caressed by, a politician’s pandering and schmoozing tongue.  Perhaps that is the case with Hispanics and Latinos without minds of their own.  But why would any Hispanic or Latino enjoy the feeling of a Democrat tongue lapping when that tongue Democrats wag and wiggle in front of them is razor sharp, diseased and laced with political poison?

Romney’s campaign outreach to Hispanics faces deep structural and policy deficits. His campaign does not have the necessary tools to present his best case to Hispanic voters. From a policy standpoint, his stance on the DREAM Act is complicated at best and his embrace of the Ryan Budget puts him at odds with Hispanic voters on education and Medicare.”

In other words – Romney won’t be corralled into the Democrat lie that all Hispanics and Latinos really want out of America is a free ride.  And that frustrates Ramos who knows that the more Hispanics and Latinos there are with minds of their own will vote for Romney, despite the fact that Romney will not support amnesty, the DREAM act or any type of free ride legislation scam and trap Ramos wants Latinos and Hispanics to fall for and become addicted to, and dependent upon from cradle to grave.

Ramos insists Romney’s numbers among Hispanics and Latinos are “sagging”.  This is simply not so.  Ramos also gets his information about Romney’s supposedly “sagging numbers” from another highly questionable and dubious source – the media!

What “media” pray tell could that be?  The biased, prejudiced, pro-illegal immigration, pro-amnesty, liberal, anti-American MSM perhaps?

Ramos thinks Hispanics and Latinos will feel slighted, insulted and dehumanized by Romney’s “self-deportation” statements he made recently.  However, Ramos misses two important facts.  One – Hispanics and Latinos with minds of their own can clearly see through the Democrat lies and pandering, and won’t be fooled into believing Romney is anti-Hispanic, anti-Latino.  Two – Hispanics and Latinos without minds of their own are not intelligent enough to know when they are being slighted, insulted and dehumanized (and conned) to begin with.  Remember, all Hispanic and Latinos without minds of their own see are those pretty pictures, colors and shiny objects Democrats dangle overhead.  But they are merely illusions and mirages; intangible, unreachable, unattainable; unrealistic campaign promises, in other words.

How much of a mind does a Latino or Hispanic, or anyone, need to have to see through self-serving Democrats and liberals who only want their votes and are willing to do anything to court, pander and secure those votes, no matter how dirty, how disingenuous, how anti-American it is and they need to be?  How much of a mind does a Latino or Hispanic actually need to have to see that Republicans and conservatives do not view them as the mindless, robotic dummies Democrats do?  S.S. Blogger, Kristian Ramos, only believes Hispanics and Latinos without minds of their own are the key to a Democrat and Obama win this 2012 election.  Will he be right?

Anti-Americans Say Drop the “I” Word; Pro-Americans Say Drop The False Pretenses

If you lived outside of America, and you wanted to enter America, and were willing to do it illegally, would you do it merely for the purpose, the recognition of, being a human being, or more of a human being than you may feel you are now in your current locale?  Or would you do it, more logically, in order to find and secure a better life for yourself?

Supporters of Illegal Aliens are pushing a new anti-America propaganda scheme called “Drop the I-Word”.  In their view, the “I” word is illegal and it is in reference to illegal aliens and those illegal aliens that cross over into America illegally (that is to say without either the permission or knowledge of the United States Government.  Hence – illegally), insisting that illegal aliens are “human beings” and that alone entitles them to be in America and to be granted American citizenship, or at least all the rights American citizens have even if they are not actually American citizens.  The intent of this anti-America group is blatant, obvious and damning, and that is to further weaken the sovereignty of America and to literally melt, dissolve and absorb our entire nation, its geography and it borders, into that of Mexico so that becomes indistinguishable, invisible and irrelevant.  Try doing that with the Mexican-Guatemalan border!

Nobody denies that illegal aliens are human beings.  However, neither are they automatically American citizens if they happen to be lucky enough to sneak into America, illegally, and not be caught.  Anyone who does that ought to have their opportunity to be an American citizen permanently revoked.  Every nation on Earth, and that includes America, is a “nation of laws”.  (Even lawless nations like Syria, Iran and North Korea.)

Yet – millions of people, many of whom are Americans, don’t want to see it that way.  These people, who despise the prosperity of America, and those people who have become prosperous in America, will do everything and anything they can to undermine the legitimacy of America and of our Constitution and to steal the wealth created and earned by Americans through legal and honest means, and work to prevent poor and middle class Americans from having the same, or any, opportunities to rise up and realize their own economic and financial successes.

How is America made better if everyone is made, and made to be, poor?  Or does that just make everyone feel better, to be united in poverty, and an equal share of that poverty, and wholly dependent upon government to survive?  Because that is exactly where anti-American groups, which include any and all groups affiliates with, supportive of, and advocates for the “Drop the I-word” campaign are trying to take us all – and that includes Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

They hate the word illegal when it is applied to people sneaking/breaking into America, and yet they would use illegal in reference to all the wealth created and earned by millions of Americans, in particular that wealth created and earned through and from Wall Street.  Somehow, in their warped and idiotic, and narrow-minded, view trespassing onto, and into, America without authorization or permission is not illegal, but making, creating and especially earning wealth in America is, and ought to be, illegal.

The same anti-America crowd that despises wealth because they are convinced, wrongly so, that that wealth was generated off the backs of poor people (illegal alien migrants included) who sweated and toiled long, exhausting, back-breaking hours, making little money for themselves, in order for some Americans to attain that wealth is the same anti-America crowd that supports illegal immigration into America, calling those people not illegal aliens but human beings in search of a better life for themselves and their families.  Does anyone for a moment really accept the notion that being a human being ought to grant anyone immediate and permanent access, and citizenship, to America?

How is anyone (legal American and illegal alien respectively) supposed to attain wealth or any sense, any vision, of financial and economic freedom in America if wealth, and becoming wealthy, in America is made illegal because not everyone can, or will attain wealth, or the same amount of wealth?  In other words, anti-America crowds are literally seeking to ensure no one person in America (legal citizen or not) has more wealth than any other person.  Ironically, that may be the one factor, the one defining draw-back to illegal immigration into America, once people from other countries realize that even if they do break into America, and are successful at remaining hidden, they will never attain any wealth being here because wealth itself, and wealth creation, has been made illegal.  And then we will see whether or not being an American citizen, to illegal immigrants, is the same as being a human being, or worth it to them just to be defined as human beings, if there is no money in it.

What would the rationale be for breaking into a country in the hopes of better opportunities if all those opportunities are either illegal, or, because no one person is able to attain any more wealth than another, made worthless?

The greatness of American is that it affords (and in how it affords) any American citizen with freedoms and opportunities unlike, and unique to, any other nation on Earth.  When the right policies (low taxes, tax rates and regulations) are put in place, where every American has the same, and equal, opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families, it does not matter if you were born into poverty, or born in another country and immigrated legally to America – everyone has a fair and balanced opportunity to succeed.  Not everyone does, of course.  But does that mean we penalize all Americans, even those Americans who are on the verge of success, from succeeding and realizing the American Dream?  Or should all Americans be forced to fail because some Americans do?

The Democrat Party, and Barack Obama, have worked to destroy the American Dream, and while they have managed a few successes, they have not fully been able to implement their entire redistribution of wealth agenda.  Illegal immigration and illegal aliens are one of the weapons the Democrat Party is using to combat wealth in America by driving down the standards of living for, and the wages earned by, American citizens.  If illegal aliens will work for less, then obviously that is an incentive to hire illegal aliens.  It is also an incentive to keep wages down for everyone.  They (illegal aliens) also vote Democrat.

The whole “Drop the I-word” campaign is a canard and being orchestrated under very false, very dangerous, pretenses.  It is meant to both legalize, and legitimize, all the 12 to 20+ million illegal aliens that are now in America, and to usher in millions more people from, although mainly Mexico and Central America, anywhere in the world.  And, to a great extent, keep the Democrat Party in power.  Remember – illegal aliens vote Democrat.

But, if being an American citizen has no more value placed on it than simply being a human being, why do so many tens to hundreds of millions of people around the world want to be Americans if all it means to be an American is to be a human being, but a human being in perpetual poverty and servitude to government because wealth, and wealth creation, has been made illegal?  Isn’t that the whole reason why they are escaping their own country to come to America?  And – who wants to be, who cares about being, a human being if all it means to be a human being (aka an American citizen) means living under repressive and oppressive conditions such as those the Democrat Party wants to implement under the guise of wealth redistribution?

America cannot let in everyone who wants to come in, and America certainly cannot allow just anyone to enter without being thoroughly documented, vetted and processed.  What country on Earth would ever do that, and why is America the only country on Earth expected to do that?

There is only one reason, and one reason alone, why anyone wants to come to America, legally and illegally.  Is that reason really just to be a human being?  If they can’t be “human beings” in their own countries, because their own countries are oppressive and repressive, how does making America as equally, or more, oppressive and repressive by making wealth, and wealth creation, illegal an incentive to immigrate to America legally and illegally?  And – will being an America citizen matter at all to anyone, including Americans citizens, once there is no distinction between being an American citizen and being a citizen of any other nation in the world if to be an American citizen is to be, and to remain in, an equal share of perpetual poverty and servitude to government?

If, and when, that ever happens we will all be trying to escape into Canada.  Can you ever imagine that?

Illegal Aliens Not “Innocent Immigrants”; U.S., Dem. Party Wasting Millions Not Deporting Them

UPDATE:  Obama, predictably, to make what to do with illegal aliens, an issue in his reelection bid.  But even he doesn’t want amnesty for them right away, saying he has “five more years to deliver on immigration reform“.  One has to wonder if he really wants amnesty for illegal aliens at all, or, if he is just using them as a tool and a pawn in his scheme to get reelected.

The Arianna Nation, and its puppet writer, Elise Foley, are shocked, shocked to find out that thousands of illegal aliens, which it dubs as “innocent immigrants” have been arrested and remain locked up without having been convicted.  Elise seems oblivious to the fact that these are illegal aliens, and that being an illegal alien in America, like anywhere else in the world, is a crime in of itself.  She is right to be outraged that these individuals have been held “in limbo” as long as they have.  However, they should have been deported long ago.

That they remain locked up is clear proof the Obama Administration is executing its constitutional authority very poorly, which, in turn, is costing American taxpayers – as Elise states – more than two million dollars a day, just to house the 13,000 illegal aliens she is complaining about.  It is also evidence that the Obama Administration is willing to put, and keep, Americans in grave danger simply to pander to the Hispanic and Latino vote.  In other words – if Obama, and his administration, really were concerned about the safety of all Americans, besides doing a much better and more effective job securing the border so illegal aliens could not cross over in the first place, Obama would make certain any illegal alien caught by law enforcement was quickly deported back to their country of origin, thereby saving us, the taxpayers, the hundreds of millions of dollars a year we now are spending to lock up these so-called “innocent immigrants”.

Elise writes:

“On a single day this past fall, the United States government held 13,185 people in immigration detention who had not been convicted of a crime, with no plans to charge them with one, according to information The Huffington Post obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.  Instead, at a cost of roughly 2 million taxpayer dollars per day, the innocent men and women were detained while immigration authorities sorted out their fates.  This case stands in stark contrast to the stated goal of immigration policy under the administration of President Barack Obama: to detain and deport unauthorized immigrants who’ve been convicted of crimes.”

Anyone who enters America “unauthorized” has committed a crime de-facto.  Anyone caught by law enforcement, at any level, in America, and for whom is discovered to be in America illegally ought to be deported ASAP, after a thorough background check has been conducted to ensure they are not wanted for, or suspected in, other reported crimes.  Barack Obama, directly, is responsible for why this course of action is not happening.  And Obama is also directly responsible for why, and when, illegal aliens who are released from custody, and back into the general public are able to commit more violent crimes.

If deportation really is the “stated goal of immigration policy under Barack Obama” (which it is not) since an illegal alien has committed a crime by entering America without permission and without proper documentation, that is plenty enough of a crime to warrant deportation.  There is absolutely no reason to prolong the stay of an illegal alien at taxpayer expense.  Neither the Arianna Nation or Elise would see it that way.  They would advocate simply releasing them back into the general population.  And while these specific illegal aliens may not have committed any further crimes (besides entering America illegally) we know, as it often happens, allowing them to remain in America often leads them to commit more violent crimes against Americans.

Elise says:

“It’s one thing to deport immigrants who are in the United States without authorization. Anyone who enters a country outside of the legal immigration channels, or over stays a visa, knows that such a possibility exists. But it’s quite another to separate that person from his or her family and lock him or her away for an indefinite period, while ICE works through its paperwork.”

So, in other words, Elise is saying that if an illegal aliens enters the country, illegally, “without authorization” they better make damn sure they have, or bring, their family with them?  How incredibly absurd is that?  Oh, woe to the poor illegal alien who hasn’t a family, according to Elise.  Because, as Elise would like to see happen, any illegal alien, with a family, who is arrested and detained, ought not be left in detention “away from their family”.  How ludicrous is this?  Giving preferential treatment to an illegal alien with a family is a pathetic response to ending illegal immigration.  And, we can’t help but feel just a bit of “sympathy” for the illegal alien all alone here in the United States, can we?

The solution to the “family” issue is simple.  For those apprehended illegal aliens with families – either they can return with their illegal family member back to their country of origin, or they can wait until their illegal alien family member goes through the proper legal channels for entering America, and does so by beginning at the back of the line, in back of everyone else who is trying to enter America legally.

Elise continues:

“There are alternatives to locking up people who would not otherwise be imprisoned if not for their immigration status, ones that would leave the person with his or her family, and cost taxpayers far less than the estimated $95 to $141 per day spent to detain them.”

The only real alternative to imprisonment is hasty deportation.  And we need to stop kidding ourselves that there is anything compassionate about allowing illegal aliens to remain in America, even if they haven’t (yet) committed any violent crimes.

Right now our economy is still in the tank, because of past Democrat control, and the anti-business, anti-capitalist policies they were able to enact.  That is the reason why, in number and in percentages, illegal aliens entering the United States have dropped precipitately.  However, once we do get the economy moving again, and as more and more Americans are able to find work, and business begins to improve, and opportunity for employment increases and expands, whether that is under a Democrat President or a Republican President, the rise of illegal aliens, in numbers and percentages, will reemerge and again plague our law enforcement and legal system.

The difference in how we deal with illegal aliens is key.  If Obama wins reelection, not only will the number of illegal aliens rise, but his administration will have direct control in influencing whether or not law enforcement has any authority, any power – any right – to arrest, detain, and deport them.  Obama has already gone out of his way to let law enforcement know he supports illegal immigration, and not only will he do nothing to punish those illegal aliens who are caught, but will do nothing to prevent them from entering the country illegally.

If a Republican wins, and once the economy improves (and this will happen more so under a Republican President, and even more so under a Republican controlled House and Senate) illegal immigration will continue, and it will rise.  However, so too will the number of deportation rise under a Republican President.  And the more illegal aliens we deport, the fewer that remain in lock up eating up millions and millions of tax dollars while they await their “fate”.

If every illegal alien knew, in advance, that should they be caught, they would be deported forthwith, the incentive to attempt the illegal entry in the first place would not be as strong.

Why would we want to reelect a man, Barack Obama, who would give the potential illegal alien that much more incentive to become a criminal illegal alien?  Isn’t it more cost-effective to the American taxpayer to advance a “no illegal alien left behind” policy?

“Universal Rights” Are Unconstitutional, Hilda Solis Is A National Disgrace

There is this beleaguered belief among liberals in America and around the world that no matter where on Earth you might hail from, you have a “universal right” to come to America illegally, become recognized as an American citizen, illegally, and start enjoying all the rights, benefits and privileges that any legal American citizen already enjoys.  So is the topic of Hilda Solis, U.S. Secretary of Labor, who advocates that the illegal aliens in Alabama (which she refers to as immigrants) have this “universal right” to the same protections Americans citizens have, and the right to live and work anywhere in America, without fear of deportation.

She quotes Hillary Clinton, in a speech she gave in Geneva:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights … rights are not conferred by government; they are the birthright of all people. It does not matter what country we live in, who our leaders are, or even who we are. Because we are human, we therefore have rights. And because we have rights, governments are bound to protect them.

This is, of course, an absolute canard.  Not “all human beings are born free and equal”.  Look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, or any country dominated by Islamic law.  Look at Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela, or any country dominated by socialistic dictatorship.  America is dominated by Constitutional law.  And indeed, all people born in America have equal rights, and all people who legally immigrate to America and become American citizens have those same, and equal, rights.

Although Hillary did not give this speech specifically for the benefit of illegal aliens in Alabama, or anywhere in America, what Hilda is doing with Hillary’s speech is to twist it, reinterpret it, take it out of context and apply it to illegal aliens (which Hilda refers to as immigrants) to mean that someone born in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, or anywhere else who illegally enters America ought to have the “universal right” to, if not be recognized as American citizens, then nonetheless have an equal share in the benefits and rights of all Americans regardless.

Hilda spells it out exactly in her next line:

These basic rights extend to immigrants [illegal aliens] living in Alabama.”

Alabama, Hilda mentions, has the strictest anti-illegal immigration (which she refers to as anti-immigrant) law in America, H.B. 56, which Hilda says:

Make[s] it a felony punishable by 1 to 10 years in prison for any undocumented immigrant [illegal alien] living in the state to enter into a “business transaction.” That means signing a lease for an apartment or paying a utility bill.

The fact that Hilda Solis would refuse to recognize the difference between an actual American citizen and an illegal alien living, illegally, in America; that Hilda would reject Alabama’s Constitutional right to protect itself and its people – and call that un-constitutional; that Hilda would attempt to skew Hillary’s comments on “universal rights” and turn that into a call to protect illegal aliens and illegal immigration itself, is a national disgrace.

Hilda is engaged in anti-American rhetoric which is border line treason.  Why?  Because she is putting her prejudices for illegal aliens ahead of American citizens and of America itself, which threatens the stability and fabric of Alabama and our nation.   As Secretary of Labor she has a great deal of political influence which she could use to sway people in her own party, including Barack Obama (who doesn’t need much, if any, convincing).  Hilda is in a position where she can do great harm to America, if she chooses.  Well, that is what she is choosing to do.

America itself is under assault from within, by our own government.  People like Hilda Solis who have nothing but contempt for our Constitution.  So, what is she more worried about than protecting and upholding the Constitution?

As a result of this law, Alabamians are abandoning their jobs, agricultural fields are thinning, crops are going bad, businesses are closing, investors are looking elsewhere and students aren’t showing up to school. Parents are packing up and fleeing the state, leaving behind their homes and the hope of a better life for their children.

Notice that Hilda refers to these illegal aliens as “Alabamians”, as if they were full-fledged citizens.  This is extremely dangerous rhetoric, recognizing illegal aliens by virtue of living and working, illegally, in Alabama as “Alabamians”.  It is bad enough when the media, or a political organization uses this language.  To have the Secretary of Labor confirm and affirm the language is insulting to all Americans and as close to being a traitor as one can get.

That they are fleeing the state is good.  That they will migrate, illegally, to another state is bad.  Until other states follow Alabama’s lead, this devastating problem of illegal immigration will continue and persist.  So long as they, illegal immigrants, have friends in high places, such as Hilda Solis, who would abuse her status as Secretary of Labor, we will see this problem intensify into the future.

How much real danger is Hilda Solis putting America, and its citizens in?

The Obama administration is fighting Alabama’s unconstitutional law in federal court.  While we wait, the Department of Labor will vigorously protect the right of all workers in Alabama…”

Since we know that illegal aliens do not have any rights, including to work, Hilda is using her position in an illegal manner.  However, that is more semantics and politics.  Unless there are politicians in Washington with enough political muscle and influence themselves, little will be done to stop her.  And with the 2012 election less than a year away, most people would rather wait it out, hoping for a Republican victory which would effectively render Hilda powerless, and out of a job as Secretary of Labor.   And “while we wait” until the election, we can only hope Hilda will not have caused any more harm than she already has.

“Universal rights” may sound nice on paper, but have no business being put into effect, especially by corrupt political figureheads like Hilda Solis who would call upon America to recognize the “universal rights” of all the world’s people who illegally enter the United States as “equal” to all American citizens.

By doing so we endanger the future of America, our Constitution and ourselves, once anyone in the world can legally enter America illegally, and claim the same rights, benefits and privileges as all Americans.

If that happens, or when that happens, there will be no America.

A good idea?


Crooked, Corrupt Cook County Commissioners Contumely, Cozenage, Contempt Continues; Criminals Capitalize!

Cook County, IL. – “You’ll never find a more wretched hive of [political] scum and villainy”.  A brave new world in political corruption, where politics as usual has found a way to encapsulate an even darker side long known to exist, but only recently, dared explored by those political pollutants and irritants – those with enough cupidity and intestinal fortitude – who insatiably feed on their own legislative sewage and waste with crapulous delight, even complementing and congratulating themselves.

And for what?  For releasing back into the public criminal illegal aliens who, although they had posed a great danger to the citizens of Cook County before their arrest, nevertheless now present to the corrupt politicians who voted to let them out of jail an opportunity to secure a specific voting block they need in order to win reelection and maintain power.  Because to this “wretched hive of” politicians, mostly Democrat and liberal, it is all about the damn vote.

Ruthless, heartless, unconscionable, witless and worthless Democrat politicians like Joan Murphy who had said the law was intended only to address non violent illegal alien offenders:

It’s a misdemeanor.  It’s nothing.  This is the people that we’re talking about that are going to be released: not anyone that has a felony”

This, despite the fact that least three known violent criminals have already been released back into the public.  How many “unknown” violent offenders have since been let go?  And with such violent records, including assaulting police officers, what illegal alien released on “good faith” is going to show up to their court hearing, knowing it almost certainly means prison or deportation?

Releasing an illegal alien is wrong, whether they committed a felony or not.  They have committed a crime by entering America illegally.  That is enough to warrant an arrest and to have them deported as soon as possible.  There is nothing cruel about securing our borders and enforcing the laws within those borders.  American citizens must obey the law.  Why should illegal aliens get a pass?

And, why did Joan Murphy, Democrat, vote to release illegal aliens back into the public?  It is a rhetorical question, yet it demands her immediate answer.  Politicians like Murphy are literally playing Russian Roulette with the lives of everyone just so she might be reelected.  She must be held accountable for her actions.  Every politician who voted to protect illegal aliens from deportation must be held accountable.

But they probably won’t.

Cook County government is heavily controlled by liberal Democrats.  It’s been that way for decades.  As a result, illegal aliens have found a sanctuary, a place where they can feel more safe and not fear being arrested for being in America illegally.  Yet, the more “safe” we make illegal aliens, the more “unsafe” we make ourselves.  Because of this law Democrats supported and passed back in September, federal and local law enforcement have effectively been restrained from doing their job, and prevented from arresting illegal aliens.  Those illegal aliens that had been previously imprisoned and were awaiting deportation are being released, including violent offenders.

The Obama Administration, which openly supports illegal immigration, and supports expanding protection for illegal aliens is, as expected, silent.  Although Obama is in the process of suing four states which had passed tougher anti illegal immigration laws, he will undoubtedly be compelled to acquiesce to Cook County.

This is the epitome of liberalism.  The “compassion”, the “humanitarianism”, the “love” they swagger and banter about them is a facade.  While conservatives actually care about the public interest and the safety of everyone, and laws that protect the innocent and punish the guilty, what liberals really care about is power.  Cook County is living, breathing proof that liberals are willing to do whatever it takes, however evil the intentions, to maintain their power and hold on to it.  Unfortunately, part of their deception, which includes voter fraud, has put law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage when it comes to ousting them from power.

Until Obama is removed, and replaced by a conservative Republican, and a conservative administration that will not let Cook County, any county, city or state, so lightly abandon its oath to public safety and to protect its citizens, for allowing local governments to evade their responsibility to the law and to the citizens, for eliminating laws, or passing new laws, for the purpose of securing voting blocks, Democrats and liberals will be free to endanger us all.

In Wisconsin, corrupt unions are trying to recall Gov. Walker because he dared to stand up to them.  Who will have the courage in Cook County to stand up to the corrupt Joan Murphy, to the corrupt County President, Toni Preckwinkle, Democrat, (who also supports protecting illegal aliens in exchange for votes), to any deeply corrupt politician that supports, or would support laws which jeopardize the public’s safety?

Criminals will continue to capitalize on the weakness which is our silence and apathy towards corruption in Cook County, and anywhere corruption reigns unopposed.  Criminals will also capitalize on the “soft spot” liberals and Democrats have for them, and have a need for, in order to retain their power.

Until we can grow enough courage to overcome and stop this corruption, do we really expect anything in politics to change?

Castrating California – Crackpots Creating Catastrophy!

Are you watching closely?  Political magic and trickery is afoot in California, where at least one Democrat assemblyman, Felipe Fuentes, (where does that name originate?) is vying to pull off perhaps the greatest of all magic tricks ever attempted – make the entire state of California disappear off the face of the American map.  Only, should he be able to pull off his trick, he does not mean to make California reappear.  Not on the American map, anyway.

Fuentes wants to pass legislation allowing illegal aliens to legally work in the state of California.  Called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act, Fuentes, acting as a mad scientist would, or witch stirring a wicked potion, hopes the ingredients in his devilish scheme will put a spell on the people of California, scrambling their intelligence, rendering them unconscious of clever and independent thought.  In other words, turn them into useful idiots and mindless drones like all the many OWS protesters we’ve been watching make complete jackasses of themselves.

These “undocumented migrants”, as liberals lovingly refer to them, would be able to work “without fear of deportation”, creating the virtual unending line of cheap – near to slave – labor California liberals need in order to remain Democrat controlled, and proving once again, Democrats, like Fuentes, will sink to any depths of depravity and cover themselves in whatever political toxic slime, to gain votes.  It’s always about the votes to political scum like Fuentes.  Does anyone believe Fuentes has the best interest of California in mind?  Is this legislation in the best interest of California?

Fuentes called the measure a “moderate, common-sense approach” necessitated by the federal government’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Leave it to a Democrat to find “common sense” in doing the wrong thing.  Slave labor is slave labor.  Fuentes, who would decry the “evil” rich for making their profits on the backs of poor workers seems not to have a problem with generating what amounts to a slave labor force he himself is willing to hand over to the “evil” rich corporations and businesses he, as all liberals, purports to despise.  When will he be challenged to account for these atrocious, dehumanizing actions?

Fuentes does not have to be a magician to know what the future of California will look like if his measure passes.  Neither do we.  Remember the California gold rush?  Passing such a demonstrative measure as COPA (“cop a” what?) what other response will there be by illegal aliens but to rush to California?  And illegal aliens rushing to California not for gold, but for amnesty, which is better to an illegal alien than gold, and really what Fuentes’ legislation is hoping to ultimately produce, once enough illegal alien “prospectors” arrive in California and set up a claim for Californian citizenship.

Says Fuentes:

I hope this shows Washington, D.C., that if they fail to act, California will take the lead on this critical issue.”

What this ought to “show Washington D.C.”, what the irresponsible actions of Fuentes ought to show all of us, is how arrogant, conceited and condescending liberal politicians, exactly like Fuentes, really are.  This is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation.  It is bad enough providing funding for illegal aliens which allows them access to colleges and universities at the same instate tuition rates as actual citizens of California.  At least that burden, that cost is covered by state taxpayers themselves, which, of course, is no consolation if you happen to live in a state that does that.

Passing Fuentes’ legislation will initially drive more illegal aliens to California, both from other parts of America, as well as from Mexico and other parts of central and South America, once the people there realize California will accept them with open arms.  However, there are other liberal states in the Union which are Democrat controlled that would also seek to pass pro illegal immigration legislation.  Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, New York and Washington, for example.

What becomes of California, any state, once it allows illegal aliens free access?  What does the dramatic influx of an illegal, and illegally manufactured, population mean to the cost of housing, education and transportation for those of us here legally?  What does the dramatic up-swelling of an illegal population mean to our society and culture?  Already, legal immigrants, new American citizens, still refuse to learn our language, accept our culture and melt into our society.  Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to cater to legal immigrants (think elections and voting) who will not become full fledged Americans.  If legal immigrants have no incentive to embrace America, isn’t it obvious illegal aliens won’t either?

In order for Fuentes’ legislation to qualify” to be put on the California ballot and voted on, there needs to be 504,760 signatures.  With a population of over 37 million people, finding a mere half million signatures is virtually a cake walk.  And even if the legislation fails, California’s politicians have a history of disregarding the will of the people.

Now is not the time for California Dreaming.  What starts in California, often sweeps across the rest of America.  Liberal politicians are looking to California right now to lead the way in creating a back door for illegal aliens to enter America.  And President Obama is suing Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama, and now Utah over its legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.  Our government condemns legislation that restricts illegal immigration, but is silent with regards to legislation that aides and abets illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

If California, by the will of its people, passes legislation allowing illegal aliens free access to live and to work within its borders, how would Obama react to that?  If, on the other hand, the will of the people reject Fuentes’ legislation, denying illegal aliens right of passage, as it were, can we then expect to see another Obama lawsuit?

Crook County (Cook), IL. Politicians Intentionally Put Its Citizens In Life Threatening Danger To Appease Illegal Immigrants

Another story about illegal (ILLEGAL) immigrants – illegal immigrants who have committed crimes while in America illegally (which is still a crime in of itself, never mind what political garbage like Pelosi, Reid and Durbin have to say about it); illegal immigrants who were initially imprisoned for those crimes they committed; illegal immigrants who were set free while on bail by Democrat and liberal politicians who continue their coddling, wooing, courting and all around love affair with them, illegal immigrants.

We know it’s all about the votes.  We know Democrat and liberal politicians don’t really give a damn about immigrants, even those here legally, and those who have become American citizens through the proper legal channels.  So is it any stretch of the imagination to say that the Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle, who is in fact a Democrat, is intentionally, knowing and for the purpose of shoring up votes from Latinos and Hispanics, “acting stupidly” and putting all citizens of Cook County in danger by releasing illegal immigrants back into the general population, rather than turning them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for processing and deportation?

Why did Preckwinkle act so stupidly?

To “save money and keep families together”, according to the article.

In that event, why do we even have prisons to begin with?  Preckwinkle, the selfish, irresponsible, self serving political garbage that she is ought to be impeached, if not arrested, for her blatant disregard for the safety of Cook County citizens.  She, as a liberal Democrat, and by “acting stupidly”, has put her essential need of votes ahead of common sense and common decency, and the law itself.

From the article, Hanover Park Mayor Rod Craig:

Blasted the county ordinance after three suspected illegal immigrants accused of assaulting two of his village’s police officers were released back into the community rather than being detained by Cook County officials until they could be turned over to ICE.

Well, “Screw you, Mayor Craig,” says Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle as she holds up her middle finger to him and the rest of Cook County.  “Putting families back together is more important, even if it means some of them released will go on to commit more crimes.”  With raised fist, Preckwinkle shouts, “Illegal immigrant power!”  And then shrugging her shoulders, she smiles playfully and reiterates, “I’m saving the tax payers of Cook County money, what could be more important than that?  So what if they go on to commit rape and murder?  They have families too.”

Republican Senator, Charles Grassley, of Iowa has written a letter about Preckwinkle’s disdain for law and common sense to Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary.  A waste of paper and ink, and time.  Napolitano loves illegal immigrants just as much as Preckwinkle, and has herself  “acted stupidly” with regards to allowing illegal immigrants to work in the United States.  It should come as no surprise then that Napolitano is also a liberal Democrat.

From the article:

Approved in September, the ordinance disregards federal detainer requests by freeing suspected illegal immigrants charged with a crime if they’re able to make bail.

So, it becomes alright to disregard federal law in cases of allowing illegal immigrants back into the population “if they can make bail”.  But politicians hands are either tied when it comes to arresting illegal immigrants, or it is not the responsibility of local governments to arrest and detain illegal immigrants because that is a federal responsibility.  But if an illegal immigrant is arrested by the local authority for committing a crime (other than being here illegally) even though federal law dictates they should remain detained and in jail, because the arrest was not made by federal authorities, local politicians like Preckwinkle will use that as an excuse to release them “back to the arms of their loving families who, with tears in their eyes, await their return”.  Try and make sense of that.

Toni Preckwinkle needs the Hispanic and Latino vote and she feels very intensely the only way to get it is to release all the illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are Latino and Hispanic, back into Cook County.  Preckwinkle is perfectly willing to put the safety, the lives, of Cook County residents in harms way to get those votes.

Why does this not constitute a criminal act, let alone an impeachable offense?  But don’t expect to see Preckwinkle in handcuffs any time.

Another letter by Grassley, and other concerned Republicans, was written to Gary Mead, Executive Associate Director of ICE, who responded by saying:

Cook County presents a major problem for immigration enforcement efforts.”

Mead further stated the stupid actions of Preckwinkle were an:

An accident waiting to happen.”

That is of absolutely no concern whatsoever to Preckwinkle, Napalitano and other like-minded irresponsible, conceited, arrogant liberal Democrats, who hear the chant of “votes” ringing and echoing in their ears, and nothing else.

In the states of Alabama and Arizona (and other states are soon to follow suit) their governments are passing strong anti-illegal immigrant laws.  The good news for those states?  The illegal immigrant population is leaving.  The bad news for every other state, and sanctuary city, like Crook County, IL?  Guess where the illegals will go.  And it ain’t back to Mexico, or wherever they originally left to make the illegal trek to America.

Guess what that means for Cook County, IL.  Guess what that means for corrupt politicians like Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle.

Still scratching your head as to why it’s called “Crook” County?

On Putting Mexico Back In Its Place – Underneath America

Mexico is like that unwanted wart, scab or pimple (any type of blemish) that appears somewhere on our body, that the more we “pick” at it the more of a nuisance, and the more problematic, it becomes for us.  But the more we try to ignore it, the more the irritation grows.  In other words, we’re damned if we do anything, we’re damned if we don’t.  And with Mexico, like the irritating scab that pops up on our being from time to time, sometimes we just give in to the “itch” and scratch it.  The problem with “giving in to the itch” of course is that it only makes the problem – the pimple, scab, whatever – worse that it was before we scratched it.

Mexico is a third world nation.  It has no one to blame for its lowly status but itself.  And despite the fact that America has done more for Mexico, given more aid, support and money, than any other nation in the world, still – Mexicans love to hate America.  Its politicians in particular, as one would gather listening to them speak about (vilify) America, especially those Mexican politicians vying to be its next President.

America’s newest scab (boil it you prefer) is former Mexico City Mayor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is speaking his hate of America all across, of all places, American cities. (A tradition, it seems, with Mexican politicians running for President of Mexico.)

Said Obrador:

It is more effective and humane to implement cooperation in order to reach development, rather than insisting on giving priority to police and military cooperation.”

What could he possibly mean by “cooperation” other than more financial aid – money?  He wants America to stop defending its border with Mexico, where all Mexicans trying to illegally gain access to America go, because America is preventing them from attaining their goal of illegal entry.  Obrador wants America to open up our border and simply ignore the rush of Mexicans crossing over to the American side.  And once they are inside America, Obrador wants us to accept them as American citizens.  (Another tradition of Mexican Presidents)

Obrador continued:

It is not with military assistance or intelligence work, helicopters or weapons shipments that we will remedy the insecurity and violence problem in our country.”

Really?  At a time when Mexican drug cartels are more violent than ever, and that violence is spilling across into America, Obrador wants America to cease and desist from defending us, our border, to come to the aid of Mexico, not with “military assistance” or “helicopters” but with a huge chunk of our money confiscated in taxes; money we earned working our butts off, to make a life for ourselves and our families.

And what exactly would Obrador do with this money if, and once, he possesses it?

Said Obrador:

To incorporate young people back into Mexican society by giving them jobs and schools to continue their studies.”

In other words, Obrador would do with our money exactly what Obama wants to do with it – create a few hundred thousand public sector jobs that grow the size of government, forces more and more people to become fully dependent upon government to live their lives, but doesn’t do anything for the economy itself.  That type of socialistic approach doesn’t work in America, it doesn’t work anywhere in the world – it never has – nor would it work in Mexico.  It’s a waste of money any way you look at it.

If Mexico really wants America to pour billions and billions of dollars into its coffers; if Mexico really wants to put an end to its poverty, to put its “remaining” citizens back to work and become a nation where people are eager to flee to, and become a proud citizen of, instead of risking life and limb to escape from, it – Mexico – ought to open up its own borders and its land to American entrepreneurship, business and investment.

There is a golden opportunity for our two nations to join in partnership for the economic benefit of one another.  Mexicans needs jobs too, just as Americans do.  If Mexico really wants to see billions, tens and hundreds of billions, of American dollars pumped into its country, its economy, that can happen by bringing American business, investment and entrepreneurs into Mexico, opening up its land at low cost, in exchange for paying Mexicans a very fair wage – the equivalent of 9 or 10 U.S. dollars.

Mexico’s woes will not be solved by America giving it a chunk of “financial aid”, the vast bulk of which will ultimately find its way into the pockets of the corrupt, politician and drug lord alike.  Mexico’s woes will not be solved by America laying down its guard at the border, opening itself up to whatever wants to cross its path.  Mexico’s woes will not be solved by acquiescing to left leaning, socialist politicians like Obrador who demand American dollars, our money, at the same time he continues to slander us.

So long as Mexico continues down this path, it will remain a third world country of its own free will, and an irritating scab under the skin of America.  Fortunately, just as there are ointments for scabs, warts, pimples and the like, America has its own ointment to deal with the irritation that is Mexico.  We have our border fence, border security and patriotic Americans and American politicians, who are no longer doing nothing to curb the stem of illegal immigration into our country.

Mexico either can engage in a real partnership with America and become a nation on par with America, or it can see more of its citizens being returned, via Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), to the poverty, the nothingness, they originally fled from, looking for a better opportunity than their own third world nation could provide.

Until then, Mexico’s place will rightly remain where it is – “underneath” America.

What say you, Mexico?

Silly Hispanics – America Is For Legal Americans (And That Includes Alabama)

What does it mean to be an American citizen these days?

That is the question which is being asked everywhere in America where local and state governments are passing laws to deal directly, and more strictly, with illegal immigration.  Alabama is the latest state to draw attention, and fire, for asking this question.  Sadly, up until the 1980’s this question never needed to be asked or addressed.  From the time of our country’s founding, until Ronald Reagan made the worst mistake of his Presidency and signed into law an amnesty for three million illegal immigrants, we knew exactly what it meant to be an American.  No lines, no shade or shadows in the law in that regard.  And once Reagan signed that law, he unwittingly opened up a Pandora’s Box.

As Arizona, Alabama and other states try to put the lid back on that box, liberals keep removing it, opening up new holes around it to ensure illegal immigration into the United States continues unimpeded.  Why?  Votes!

In today’s society we have reached critical mass.  Because of liberal intervention, because of their continued assault on, and dismantling of, our laws and our Constitution, it has become virtually impossible to ensure all people in America, citizens and non citizens alike, are here legally.  Most definitely they, liberals, have made enforcing our laws uncomfortable, to the extent it isn’t worth the hassle or the bother for many in law enforcement, or in politics, to uphold their sworn duty – if in upholding our laws it makes their jobs and their lives that much more difficult.

Why should someone, anyone, who is in America illegally, and knows it, at all times not be in constant fear they will be caught?  Why should someone who is here illegally, and caught, not expected to be deported?  Why, rather, should someone who is here illegally expect, demand as it were, to be protected, coddled and afforded the same rights as an American citizen?

Because, according to liberals, to not grant these rights and protections to illegal immigrants is tantamount to racism.  Make sense?  Also, according to liberals, not only is it asking too much to ensure all people in America have a legal right to be here, the question itself is so audaciously controversial and racist it ought not to be asked at all.  They, liberals, have latched themselves part and parcel to so called “immigrants rights” groups who demand equal status, guaranteed Constitutional rights and protections for people who are in this country illegally, aligning themselves with others in the Hispanic, Latino and Mexican communities in and around America who have a blatant disregard and hatred of America and American law.

This stench, this seething, bubbling, rotting, deep-seeded arrogance that many in the Hispanic, Latino and Mexican community have and espouse towards American law, and therefore America itself; their unfounded, misplaced bitterness; their errant, misdirected, hypocritical vitriol continues to rattle ones intellect.

We recognize the fact that there are decent, law-abiding and upstanding Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans who have immigrated to America in order to make a better life for themselves and their families – and have done so legally.  We have always commended them.  We also recognize the fact that there are many millions of Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans who have come to America for jobs, education, healthcare, etc. for themselves and their children – and have done so illegally in order leech off the hard work of law abiding American citizens.  We further recognize the fact that liberals have a vested interest in seeing illegal immigration into the United States continue.  We have always condemned them, and their actions, and we will continue to fight them everywhere they attempt to rip our Constitution and our laws to shreds.

Alabama has passed one of, if not, the toughest anti illegal immigration bills in the country in response to a growing illegal immigrant population into its state.  As a sovereign state, Alabama has the right to pass such laws, as do all American states.  Other states are looking very closely as to what happens with Alabama’s law.  What the courts ultimately decide will have a direct bearing on the action these states take to protect their own borders from unwanted, unregulated illegal immigration.

As it becomes apparent to supporters of illegal immigration that the courts have sided with Alabama, and against them, they have ramped up their campaign, using the civil rights movement of fifty years ago as their stage, comparing the plight of black Americans (who were Americans to begin with) as their spring board.  In other words – these pro illegal immigration groups have sunk to a new low.

If Alabama’s law is ruled unconstitutional – which it is not – by a judge or a court that does not respect rule of law, or our Constitution, then it will open up the real possibility for an influx of illegal immigration into every state in the Union.  If Alabama is blocked from protecting its state, its borders, its legal citizens, it means illegal immigrants will legally be able to attain free housing, free education, free healthcare, jobs, and all the protection and rights we as American citizens enjoy and pay for, at our expense as taxpayers.

If that happens, then the obvious question still needs to be asked.  What does it mean to be an American citizen?

Another “Great” Day For Mexico Means Another Bad (Very Bad) Day For America

Live in California?  Ever get that creepy feeling you accidentally crossed over to the Mexican side of the border?  You’re not alone.  Only, you are where you are supposed to be, following the law, abiding by the law, staying within the law.  Because you give a damn about the law.  It’s the bloody Mexicans who criminally crossed over into the American side – and it was by no accident.

The illegal alien invasion marches on unhindered, and is being helped and protected by the very people who have sworn to uphold American law, which continues to be watered down, evaded, overlooked, shred and reinterpreted entirely by evil minded, immoral people who see yet another way to take advantage of a situation, like illegal immigration, as an opportunity to either make a quick buck or secure political influence.  Either way you look at it, America is being scammed.  Both by Mexican politicians – and American.

Mexicans living here in America, illegally, and therefore criminally, have reason to breathe a little easier now.  Police in Northern California will now recognize and accept Mexican ID’s (AKA matricula consular ID’s) as a valid form of identification.  The problem?  One does not need a matricula consular ID unless one is an illegal alien.  Legal migrants have other forms of documentation to show they are here legally.  In fact, it was those very documents they produced to border security before they were even allowed legal entry into the United States.  The matricula consular ID is a handy little piece of information for anyone who either broke into our country illegally or overstayed their visa and did not leave when they were supposed to.

Ever since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America has made an effort to better secure our borders from people who might desire to do us more harm.  And while our government has done a good job in keeping out the terrorists, they have disregarded the other undesirables – the illegals.  Mexico, unperturbed, has been capitalizing on our government’s lackadaisical approach to the waves of illegal aliens which still create a serious breach in our security with a dangerous fervor.  Realizing that another round of amnesty for its citizens who have abandoned Mexico for America (illegally) is unrealistic, Mexico’s intent it clear – get as many illegal Mexicans in America as much “legal” protection, recognition and status as possible before they can be deported back to Mexico, where they are of absolutely no use whatsoever to its government.

Helping Mexico in its madness to accomplish what is essentially a backdoor amnesty are many Hispanic organizations, including the North Bay Organizing Project.  (The “project” being set up to give aide and shelter to as many illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California as it can)

Said Leticia Romero, its Vice President:

It’s important for a community to feel safe where they live,” she told “The fear of being pulled over on your way to work could be difficult.”

The “fear” of course being that once pulled over, and unable to produce documentation to prove you are here legally, you will rightly be arrested, processed and then deported.  Only an illegal alien has that to fear.  Romero, showing her unashamed conceit and contempt for American law, and America itself, labors to ensure her “community” of illegal aliens “feel safe where they live” even if it means they, and she, are willing to break the law in order provide a buffer, a comfort zone where, once inside, an illegal alien cannot be touched, questioned or ordered to show proof of legal status.

In the classic western “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, there was the line given, “I live where I hang my hat”.  Well, thanks to the despicable actions of Romero and those law enforcement agencies that have contributed to this criminal enterprise, illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California can live wherever they hang their matricula consular ID.

It may sound as though America is lost.  However, while some in America have lost their way, there is still the possibility of this being revoked, but only if more Americans begin to stand up, to have the courage to fight for what is right, knowing that for their efforts to protect America and American law there will be those who will label us as “racists”.  We can overcome the childish name calling.  For we must stand against America’s enemies like Romero and the North Bay Organizing Project if we are ever to regain control of our nation from the hoards of people who have no regard whatsoever for rule of law; whose goal it is to eliminate all concept of borders and allow anyone entry into America without documentation; who will break, bend, distort any law to do it.

California is, and will remain, a stopping ground for illegal aliens because it is right on the border with Mexico and there they will be protected by unscrupulous politicians, police, lawyers and malevolent groups, like Romero’s.  For those of us who love America and still hold out hope for its survival, we cannot allow this type of criminal activity to continue unabated.  If America itself is becoming a dumping ground for Mexicans its own government does not want, then California is the land bridge for which they are using to cross into other states, and a testing ground for seeing how far they can push the law, law enforcement and law abiding citizens.

California, thus far, has been a real “pushover”.  Hence its nickname “Mexi-fornia”.

If we don’t want America given the nickname “Mex-America” or “Mexica” then the time to act is now.  Without action, America may one day be known as Mexico.  And all of us as Mexicans.

That might be a “great” day for Mexico and Mexicans.  How about for America and Americans?

It’s “IL” legal Immigration, Stupid…

So, illegal is the new legal?

It is if you are a Democrat politician and desperate for every vote you can scrape together to win your election.  Hell, Democrats steal the names of dead people; those too young to even vote; the unborn (and possibly soon to be aborted); cats, dogs and other non humans; people pretending to be someone they are not, cartoon characters, etc..

Democrats will take any name they can get their greedy, corrupt hands on to win back and secure political power, political influence, political dollars.  There is no spot so low in which a Democrat will not stoop, will not stump, for votes.  So of course they would not overlook people in this country who came here via illegal means, and are thus illegal aliens.  Of course Democrats would not overlook an opportunity to exploit, take advantage – use –  another group of people for their own political advantage, to save and protect their own political rear ends.

Nobody knows the exact number of illegal aliens that are in America.  It’s 12 million at the low end, 20 million at the high end.  We know Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to all the illegals who were here back in the 1980’s.  And we now know, as we have known for a long time, what a great and grave mistake that turned out to be.

We further know that granting amnesty to the new crop of illegal aliens that are here now, or even providing them with a “pathway to citizenship”, will only encourage others to travel to America illegally, by any means they can, no matter the perils, for an opportunity to step foot on American soil and claim their right to be an American citizen just like all the other illegal aliens that came before them.

And we have hundreds of bozos, clowns, worthless and no nothing legal American citizens right now protesting on Wall Street, and other cities across America, decrying what a terrible, miserable, uncaring, selfish country America is.  At the same time millions of people all around the world are trying (and mostly through legal channels) to come to America so they too can live the American Dream these puppets and drones on Wall Street so revile and loathe.  The many freedoms and liberties, the rights guaranteed under a unique constitution, and capitalism are the reasons billions of people around this world envy America and wish they too could be Americans.

How many people try to sneak into Cuba or Venezuela?  Or Iran or Syria for that matter?.  How many people from East Berlin ever tried to sneak into West Berlin?  Maybe only if they were spies.  It’s America everyone in the world tries to sneak into if they can’t get here legally.  People trying to sneak into America from Central America often have to sneak  into and across Mexico first.  That same Mexico, which soils itself every time the American government tries to enforce its policy on illegal aliens and deport those, from Mexico, who are here illegally, back to Mexico.  Because God knows Mexico doesn’t want them back!  That same Mexico, when they find people in their country illegally Mexico has a different approach to solving its own illegal alien crisis.

As states like Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and others try to bring the illegal alien crisis under control within their own states, predictably, liberals, Democrats, otherwise anti-Americans and so called “immigrant rights” groups like La Raze, MALDEF, the ACLU, and others, including President Barack Hussein Obama, are also soiling themselves.

It’s all more political theater, however.  Democrats don’t care about these people any more than their own countries do.  But because the population of Hispanics is growing in America, anything Democrats can do to secure their vote, no matter how cheap and tawdry, immoral and unethical, inhuman and inhumane – Democrats will do, even if it means reaching to the bottom of a bottomless pit.

And no matter what you call them, “migrant workers”, “undocumented workers”, or anything else, they are still here illegally, without citizenship; hence – illegal aliens.  And we have a right to deport them forthwith, ASAP, as we arrest them and process them, first ensuring they are not wanted for committing crimes here in America.  No other country in the world does, or is expected to grant amnesty to anyone who enters their country illegally; no other country in the world is so condemned, so reviled, so criticized – expect America – when we enforce our laws and deport those who are here illegally.

There is no such thing as an “undocumented worker”, and there is not a single migrant worker in America, who is here illegally, that has a claim to all the rights of an American citizen.  Even migrants here legally cannot claim those rights.  But at least they had the courtesy and common decency, and respect, to come to America through proper channels.  And what does America do for them?  America tells them to wait in the back of the line, in the back of the bus (or under it) while it processes those people which came into America illegally first.  That only makes sense to a liberal Democrat.

What must go on in the mind of someone who is willing to disregard rule of law, sneak into America via illegal channels, and then once they are here, and have eluded capture for a time, claim they have some fictitious right to be an American citizen, and enjoy all the rights of an American citizen guaranteed under our Constitution?  What kind of impudence, arrogance, self-deprecation is controlling and restraining them from thinking clearly and rationally?

Yes, there is always the “sob” story to go along with why they had to “risk life and limb” to come here, even if it meant doing so illegally.  And the “we just want to work” mantra; the “we do the work Americans won’t do” gibberish, and whatever excuse can be made for why they could not wait in line like the others who did come here legally.  And how we have to “slap in the face” every legal immigrant vying for American citizenship through proper, legal channels so that we can cater to the needs and wants – and outright demands, as ridiculous as they are, to those illegal immigrants who maintain, wrongfully, they have a right to become American citizens now.

And we might stomach these stories; we might feel empathy and remorse and understanding.  But not when so many of them are out there in the streets of America protesting that they should have, or already have, full American rights, despite the fact they are illegal aliens, that are not being recognized; not when they are out there condemning, ridiculing, denouncing America as evil, as occupiers, as land grabbers and thieves.  And not when they are being prodded and urged on by inconceivably corrupt, unconscionable deviants and predators like MALDEF, La Raza and the ACLU who feed off the anguish, the heartache, the suffering of these people.

There is a reason for borders.  There is a reason for protecting those borders that we have.  There is a reason why we have laws and why those laws mean something.  There is a reason for why we invest the capital, the resources, the man power into ensuring both our borders and our laws remain enforced, intact and secure.  There is a reason for why “good fences make good neighbors”.  And there is a difference between the meaning of legal and illegal.  They are not one in the same, nor are the inseparable.

And if and when those reasons cease to exist, or mean anything, or become so lax, so watered down and not worth fighting for, then what?  When America becomes the only country in the world without laws, or meaning of those laws; when America becomes the only country in the world without borders, or enforcement and security for those borders; when America becomes the only country in the world where “il” legal really is the new legal, what then?

And what will the people think to rename it?  And how will they hold power before someone else takes it away?  And what, then, will they remain it, before someone else comes and takes it away and renames it?  And so forth, and so on…

Remember the fall of the Roman Empire?  The Dark Ages?

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