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Clueless Peter Beinart Insults All Americans, Black and White (Mostly Black)

Will we ever reach a point in America where a white conservative, Newt Gingrich, can speak openly and honestly of how poorly black Americans are being treated by the Democrat Party, and of how little understanding a majority of black Americans have in knowing they are being intentionally used to propagate a liberal agenda that can only move forward, that can only survive, when most blacks and other “minorities” are kept in poverty and where their minds are kept darkened and diluted with racist, anti-white propaganda?  Liberals and the Democrat Party take the intelligence of black Americans for granted and, unfortunately, there is still a large portion of black Americans which give legitimate cause for why the Democrat Party can so easily take the intelligence of black Americans for granted.

Peter Beinhart, writing for The Daily Beast, attempts to slam Newt Gingrich because he dared to call President Obama the “food stamp” President, in reference to the fact that 47 million Americans are now on food stamps, and that black Americans ought to demand jobs not welfare checks.  How on earth can anyone find this “insulting” to black Americans, unless black Americans really only want to stay at home collecting welfare checks?  Beinhart calls Gingrich “ignorant”.

Gingrich’s problem isn’t racism; it’s ignorance. Only someone profoundly ignorant of African-American politics would suggest that black Americans have spent the past few decades seeking food stamps, not jobs.

The past few decades are not what is at issue.  The past few years, certainly since Obama took office, have seen an increase in black Americans demanding more free “goodies” from government and from Obama’s “stash”.  Black Americans who voted for Obama did so expecting he would deliver to them these free “goodies” in any number of government provided (but taxpayer funded) programs to assist them.  Black Americans aren’t exclusive to this idea, but more than any other group of Americans, they now feel they have been duped by Obama, and many blacks who once supported Obama are now openly criticizing him for not giving them more than they feel they deserve.

All Democrats, black and white, voted for Obama with the idea in mind that an Obama win would mean they would get something in return for their vote.  Obama never once during his campaign emphasized the importance and value of hard work over government assistance.  Obama has not done that as President.  His policies during his first two years, when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, weakened our economy which in turn forced more businesses to lay off more workers, which in turn created more unemployment and put more people on welfare and government dependence including food stamps.  So Gingrich rightfully labeled Obama the “food stamp” President, much to the astonishment of Beinhart.

But for Gingrich—a veteran politician from the state of Georgia, speaking at a debate in South Carolina on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday—not to understand why calling the first African-American in the Oval Office the “food stamp” president would offend African-Americans is simply amazing. The most plausible explanation is that Gingrich inhabits a cultural and intellectual bubble. A bubble called the Republican Party.

More Americans are falling into poverty, or closer to it, because of the anti-business, anti-capitalist agenda the Democrat Party has put forward since 2006.  These initiatives have grown and bloated the size of government, skyrocketing the cost of paying for the programs Democrats have created and expanded.  The number of Americans who have found themselves being provided government assistance in one or more forms is dramatically increasing.  And every time Republicans fight to halt government expansion they are called racist because Democrats, and liberals like Beinhart, insist a smaller government puts black Americans at a disadvantage.

Is more welfare or more jobs the answer to black poverty?  Because Democrats tout more welfare, whereas Republicans tout more jobs.  And for that, we are called racist, insensitive, bigoted, ignorant.  Beinhart is in his own little bubble, and it isn’t comprised with a shred of intellectuality or common sense.

If increasing the size of government, expanding already existing programs and creating even more programs to provide assistance to an ever larger pool of Americans who are out of work, is the answer to poverty in America, is raising taxes on business in order to pay for larger government and more government programs the solution to poverty in America?

In other words, if raising taxes on business, who in turn will have to pass that cost on to their customers, who in turn will stop purchasing from them, or purchase less, which in turn will slow and lower the profit base, which in turn will cause business owners to stop hiring, and/or lay off employees in order to stay afloat, which in turn creates more unemployment and more Americans on welfare and government assistance, which in turn causes government to expand and Democrats to call for raising taxes even more on business in order to pay for new government expansion – all of which creates this never-ending cycle of liberal madness, how are black Americans, any Americans, “helped” if the only way they can be “helped” is when government is large enough to provide every American with enough assistance to keep them from starving, from being thrown out of their homes, from falling further into poverty and despair – if the only way government can do this is to grow and expand by raising taxes on business which causes more and more businesses to lay off more employees – if business failure is the cause for more Americans forced to seek government dependence because government is ever-increasing their taxes, lowing their profits and making it harder for business owners to keep their employees and stay in business?

That is the very, very long and unnecessary way around the solution to a problem which is best answered by less government and lower taxes and regulation on business.  Do that and businesses will have more money and be more competitive and profitable, which will see fewer business laying off employees and more businesses hiring employees.  The more businesses hiring employees, the fewer people there will be on welfare and food stamps.

The fewer people there are on welfare and food stamps, the less likely Barack Obama will be dubbed the “food stamp” President, and perhaps Peter Beinhart can finally get a good night’s sleep knowing black Americans aren’t being “insulted” by such rhetoric.

I don’t doubt that Newt Gingrich wants to help African-Americans, just like I don’t doubt that George W. Bush wanted to help Iraqis. But in politics, if you want to help people, it’s a good idea to learn something about them first.

On the other hand, for someone, like Beinhart, who thinks Black Americans are too stupid to think for themselves, who wants black Americans to remain too stupid to think for themselves, if more black Americans were employed, making a living, and less dependent on government, wouldn’t they be smart enough to think for themselves – to themselves – and know that welfare and more government was never the solution to their poverty but the problem?

Isn’t it Peter Beinhart, not Newt Gingrich, who is really being “insulting” to black Americans?

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Do Black Americans Want Pay Checks Or Welfare Checks?

UPDATE:  Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams debate “blacks and food stamps” President remark.

At least one black American is outraged, incensed and insulted by what he perceived (wrongly) as Newt Gingrich making a racist comment against blacks.  What was the comment?

What I said was, there’s a real problem in America because you have a president who’s put more people on food stamps — people, I didn’t say any ethnic group, people — than any other president in history. … And I said I would be willing to go to the NAACP annual convention — which most Republicans are not willing to do — and I’d be willing to talk about the importance of food stamps versus paychecks.”

Why would anyone, black or otherwise, be so overwrought, so emotional, so taken aback by someone, Newt Gingrich, who has a desire to see all Americans working rather than collecting welfare checks?  When you collect a pay check, aside from what money is taken out, you own what money is left because you did something for someone who entitled you to earn it.  When you collect a welfare check, which is a pittance compared to a paycheck, not only is this money you did not earn, it is not your money, and you did absolutely nothing to earn it.

Black Americans have worked diligently and intensely, for generations, to rise above the post slavery and post Jim Crow era which did much to keep them in perpetual poverty and dependence and kept them from being full Americans.  Why would black Americans want to go back to that?  Don’t black Americans want to be independent?  Apparently many do not.  Apparently, as with this one black American, the idea of independence is too scary to realize and he, at least, is perfectly comfortable being a dependent welfare recipient rather than an independent, productive American – a man.

This is entirely the result of liberal ideology and brainwashing.  Conservatism teaches and instills the value of work and earning your way through life.  Liberalism, which teaches and instills victim hood, has long been telling black Americans that their poverty status is a result of past, and present, racism; that if they are poor, and cannot rise above their poverty it is because of racism and therefore they have a “right” to be “rewarded” certain “entitlements”.  Liberalism also says, of rich black Americans, their wealth is the result of “selling out”.

Somehow, so far as liberalism is concerned, the only way a black American can be a true American is to be poor and dependent on government and to accept it, to revel in it, even to love it.  Liberalism tells poor black Americans to despise rich black Americans, to shake their fists at them and shout “Uncle Tom” at them.  Liberalism says to black Americans their poverty is not their fault but the fault of white America, and until white America has paid the price in full for America’s racism black Americans will remain in poverty and be prevented from realizing the American dream.  But is it liberalism which is intentionally preventing black Americans from rising above the poverty they are in and realizing the American dream?

In other words, which is more pro-black American?  The conservative ethos that says no to welfare, no to “rewards” and no to “entitlements”, and yes to the dignity and respect which comes with work, having a job, earning a living and being independent?  Or the liberal ethos which has created, funded and is growing a system which has ensnared more and more black Americans into a perpetual dependence on government; a system which was intentionally designed to force more and more black Americans to remain in poverty?

If it is conservatism, which it is, which supports legislative initiatives that are pro job and pro business growth; legislation which, if and when passed, would create millions and millions of jobs for all Americans, and pave the way for millions of black Americans to go back to work, why do black Americans still insist conservatives are racists for supporting the very initiatives which take Americans off of welfare and bring them back into the workforce, earning a living and realizing the American dream?

Why is the liberal approach itself not racist?  Why is it not racist to have in place a system that only benefits, only provides for, only supplements someone who is poor, while at the same time forces them to remain in poverty in order to keep them in the system?

It is liberalism and liberals who are keeping black Americans down.  It is liberalism and liberals who have a strong political desire to keep blacks in poverty.  It is liberalism and liberals who are racist, and while there are conservative racists, there is no racism within conservatism.  And there is absolutely no excuse for any black American to be a liberal.

Newt Gingrich was, and is, absolutely right to condemn a system which has only one purpose – to keep as many Americans, including and especially black Americans, in perpetually poverty throughout their entire lives and to keep them dependent on government, and to keep them thinking that it, government, and them, liberals, are their ally and fighting for them.

Black Americans who reject conservatism for its perceived racism, who embrace liberalism and its value of “victim hood” and government dependence, do more to hurt black Americans than any white supremacist could ever hope to accomplish.  Black Americans who embrace “victim hood” and liberalism have rejected Martin Luther King’s teachings and have embraced slavery and Jim Crow.  Is there any real difference between being a slave to a master and being a slave to liberalism?  Whereas a slave master would beat his slave physically, liberalism beats black Americans as well.  Liberalism beats black Americans emotionally and psychologically and these scars run deep.  And there are probably some liberal thugs who do beat black Americans physically as well, to keep them in line, particularly at the polls.

Think of conservatism as the new underground railroad, and conservatives as the new Harriet Tubmans, helping black Americans escape liberalism’s never-ending cycle of “victim hood”, chained and in bondage to a system that treats them like garbage; that throws them a bone, such as a welfare check, with very little meat on it and tells them to keep in line and they will get another “bone”.

To all black Americans who remain embittered, trapped in poverty, trapped in liberalism, in the deceit of liberalism, the racism of liberalism, just walk away from it.  It isn’t any easier than that.  You’ve been a liberal all your life, and you are still poor, still dependent on government, still clinging to liberals who only care about your vote.  Abandoning the cause of, and for, your poverty and need for government assistance is the first, and biggest, step you can take to take back your life, your dignity, your self-worth.

Or, do you really want to continue believing you are only worth the sum total of a welfare check?

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Of The NAACP And The Art Of Exploiting Black Americans For Their Own Profit

Exploiting black Americans, it has become an art form.  Jesse Jackson is the Andy Warhol of black American exploitation.  Al Sharpton, the Vincent Van Gogh.  (It also works the other way around.)  But the real masters, the Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt of black American exploitation goes to the NAACP – The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People.  But, other than racism and exploitation, they haven’t advanced much else in decades.  They might as well rename themselves The National Association For The Advancement of Colored Racist American People – NAACRAP.

Their museum?  The gallery where the NAACP and other exploiters of black Americans display their “art”?  It’s on full display in every liberal media news outlet; television, cable, radio, internet, and running shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.  “The Race Card” has been playing for years.

Now, with less than a year before the 2012 election, and with more and more black Americans abandoning Barack Obama, and more blacks and others abandoning the increasingly irrelevant NAACP, it has unveiled their newest piece of black American exploitation, a petition to the United Nations to look into voter suppression among blacks and Hispanics.  If one were looking at this as art on a canvass they would be looking at a blank and empty space, because there is nothing, no substance, no depth, no character with which to study.

Even though the United Nations has no jurisdiction, no authority, no right to interfere with American elections, the NAACP will nonetheless make their case.  In other words – it’s a publicity stunt the NAACP is coordinating to draw attention to itself and to, it hopes, increase its membership.  Does anyone really believe Americans would sit back idly, apathetically, and allow the UN to come in and take over our American election process?

As more and more states rightfully crack down on voter and identity fraud, passing stronger voter registration laws which include mandating a photo ID to ensure when a voter entering a polling center are who they say they are, they have a legal right to vote, and are eligible to vote at that particular polling center, the NAACP sees this more as an orchestrated effort to intentionally suppress the black and Hispanic vote.  Presumably it is all about the cost of purchasing a photo ID, and too many blacks and Hispanics are much too poor to buy one, thus “disenfranchising” them from the voting process.

But – where do poor whites get the money to purchase a photo ID?  Nobody is complaining about poor whites being disenfranchised.  No one is calling attention to the racism and discrimination against poor whites.  Alas, nobody, not even the NAACP, cares enough about poor whites to include them in their petition to the UN.  What about poor Asian Americans?

Voting is not a universal right.  There are stringent, rigid rules that must be observed.  One must be at least 18 at the time of the election and an American citizen.  One cannot be an illegal alien, a conviction felon, dead, or otherwise nonhuman.  And one cannot vote multiple times.  Elections are important and serious business.  It’s not American Idol!  Nowhere does it say if you are black or Hispanic, or poor, you cannot vote.

Barack Obama is in very big trouble.  His approval rating has dipped lower that Jimmy Carter’s.  A portion of this disapproval comes from liberal black Americans who feel betrayed by him, feeling Obama hasn’t delivered on his promises to lift them out of their poverty, provide them with more jobs, housing, more government assistance, more from his “stash”, etc.

The NAACP is worried black Americans will either stay away from the polls in 2012, or worse, vote against Obama.  They need something, a bandwagon black Americans can jump on, a controversial issue to latch onto, to distract from Obama’s poor approval rating, his abysmal Presidency, his dismal leadership.  In other words, The NAACP needs Obama to be reelected at any cost.  The “race card” is wearing thin and they know it.

Voter suppression is always a hot button issue.  States, as they always do during election cycles, gear up and prepare for the possibility of voter fraud.  The NAACP is getting an early jump with its “petition” to the UN.  Since there is nothing legally the UN can do to stop states from strengthening their own voter registration laws, what other purpose can the NAACP have in crying to the UN?

Every election cycle we hear how black Americans, especially, are being suppressed, are being denied their right to vote, despite the fact that black Americans came out in the largest majority ever, over 90%, in the 2008 election that saw our first black President elected.  The NAACP is perpetuating this lie of black voter suppression to increase its dwindling membership, to increase its membership dues and to intimidate more black Americans, who otherwise would vote Republican, or not at all, into voting for Obama.

Because if Obama loses, the NAACP loses.  It loses members, funding and Presidential support and cover for its ongoing, systematic, illegitimate war on a racism that no longer exists in America but in the literature, and in the mouths, of the NAACP itself.

Isn’t that more reason to vote Republican this November 2012?

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Racist New York Times Mocks Black Americans; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Look The Other Way

Can we expect mocking and degrading black Americans to become a staple at the New York Times?  Or was this just a one time incident?  And who at the New York Times should be held responsible for such blatant racism, such total disregard and hatred for black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why The New York Times hates black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why the New York Times accepts the debasing of black Americans to satisfy their own agenda?  If Fox News had written this editorial, Al “Uncle Tom” Sharpton would be calling them racist.  Jesse “Uncle Tom” Jackson would be filing a lawsuit.

And yet, for the New York Times to have used government layoffs, a very slight downsizing in the over all employment in the government work force, as justification for writing an editorial blasting racism as the reason for the loss of jobs, deflecting the cause for these eliminations onto conservatives and Republicans (who by in large support smaller government) itself evokes racism – and The New York Times knows it!

Black Americans are being used as puppets by The New York Times and most probably don’t even know it.  Black Americans are being intentionally taken advantage of and used by The New York Times in their slimy, yellow journalistic endeavor to help the Democrat Party.  In other words – The New York Times looks upon black Americans as being ignorant, uneducated, illiterate fools that are too stupid to see it, The New York Times, is mocking them, pointing their fingers and laughing at them.

Most black Americans will undoubtedly remain silent.  The Democrat Party, which is in league with The New York Times, has trained them to fall in line and march to their orders.  And those black Americans with a mind of their own – conservative blacks – are too few in number to make a difference right now; and every time they try to speak up they are shot down by the millions of black American pawns in the pocket of the Democrat Party, as well as the millions of white liberals who find comfort in justifying their own “latent racism” by condemning and excoriating black conservatives who would dare to have the courage to reject the “me, me, me” mentality liberals have, for generations, ingrained in America’s “minorities”.

Writes The New York Times:

The cutbacks hurt more than just services, they hit black workers particularly hard.  Millions of African-Americans — one in five who are employed — have entered the middle class through government employment, and they tend to make 25 percent more than other black workers. Now tens of thousands are leaving both their jobs and the middle class. Chicago, for example, is laying off 212 employees in the upcoming fiscal year, two-thirds of whom are black.

Did you catch the racism?

The New York Times is insisting, through subtext, that black Americans can only make a living, can only get ahead in life, in America, by being employed by the federal government; by being taken care of by the federal government; by being dependent on the federal government for everything in their lives, including jobs.  That is the blatant racism of The New York Times which will be overlooked by most black Americans.

What is missing, what is untold, is the story of how the federal government, its economic policies, structure of taxation and regulatory demands have confiscated an enormous amount of wealth from the private sector.  What The New York Times will not report is that should the federal government reverse its draconian anti-business, anti-capitalist policies (and this will happen more under Republican control than Democrat) millions, and millions, of high paying, highly competitive jobs will be created.  Enough jobs for all Americans (who want jobs), including for black Americans.

What the racist New York Times will not inform black Americans of is that unemployment within the black community can be decimated, permanently wiped out, should our federal government take a more pro business approach to solving the economic woes we all are currently feeling the effects of, instead of writing racist fodder for the Democrat Party.

Want more blatant racist, and Democrat butt-licking from The New York Times?

Many Republicans, however, don’t regard government jobs as actual jobs, and are eager to see them disappear. Republican governors around the Midwest have aggressively tried to break the power of public unions while slashing their work forces, and Congressional Republicans have proposed paying for a payroll tax cut by reducing federal employment rolls by 10 percent through attrition. That’s 200,000 jobs, many of which would be filled by blacks and Hispanics and others who tend to vote Democratic, and thus are considered politically superfluous.

We are “eager to see them disappear” not because we are salivating at the prospect of seeing even more black Americans thrown into unemployment, but because government is too vast, too encompassing, too controlling; because the more government jobs there are, the more of our money is being taken away to support their salaries.

“Actual jobs’ are ones in which are created by the private sector because there is a need and a demand for them, and because these jobs satisfy and fill that demand.  There is a worth, a value, in having those private sector jobs, and business owners are willing to pay wages and salaries accordingly to ensure these positions are filled.  In other words – this is money being paid to employees, through private funds, which is not lost but invested wisely.  What “demand” do government jobs satisfy say in the Education, Transportation, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Labor and Energy?  Other than to enlarge government, and provide Democrats and Liberals reasons for raising taxes and keeping taxes perpetually, unfairly high, these federal departments have no value, no substance, no purpose.

Black Americans are not unequally, dis-proportionality unemployed because of conservatives and Republicans.  Rather, the high unemployment rate among black Americans is a result of a master plan engineered by liberals and the Democrat Party to keep them in poverty, unemployed and dependent on government.  The effect of this is to keep black Americans united within the Democrat Party itself – a powerful voting block to ensure Democrats remain in power.

What can be more racist than that?

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Harry Belafonte Is The Worm Inside The Apple Turning It Sour

Harry Belafonte has become the latest black American to come out swinging against Herman Cain, calling the conservative Republican candidate for U.S. President “A bad apple”.  In other words, a sell out and “Uncle Tom” who has turned his back on the “real” black community.  It seems every day a new black American comes out of the wood work to demonize Cain.  Who will it be tomorrow?

Said Belafonte:

Well, you know, it’s very hard to comment on somebody who is so denied intelligence and certainly someone who is as denied a view of history such as he reveals. He knows very little,”

Once again, we have a situation where one black American (liberal) is criticizing and condemning the “intelligence” of another black American (conservative).  And yet, Herman Cain’s intelligence is already documented.

Belafonte continued:

Because he happened to have had good fortune, because he happened to have had a moment when he broke through – the moment someone blinked – does not make him the authority on the plight of people of color.”

So in other words, the only way a black American, in Belafonte’s view, can show or possess any “intelligence”, remain “true” to the black community in America and keep from becoming a “bad apple”  is if they willingly allow themselves to remain in perpetual poverty, slavery to, and in absolute need of, government dependence.  How stupid, how low, how much of a “traitor” Herman Cain must really be.  A black man who did “break through” and did “blink” – and when he opened his eyes he saw his “moment” and seized it.  A black man who, when he speaks, does not “drop his g’s”, use ebonics, broken or bad English whether he is talking among whites or “real” blacks.  Harry Belafonte would do well to open his own eyes and ‘blink” a few times.  It’s still not too late for him to refocus on everything in America he has remained blind to for so many years.

A “real” black American, according to Belafonte, will obediently, methodically, recall their southern roots, their slave heritage, their white captors who would not let them learn to read and write, the era of segregation and Jim Crow which denied them everything in America, including an education on par with whites.  A “real” black American will remember the struggles of their ancestors and, according to Belafonte, will desire more to remain just as ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, unequal and enslaved as were they – because to be educated, to speak proper American English, to rise above the poverty, the government dependence, the cycle of crime so prevalent in much of our inner cities and become free, to realize the American Dream would make any black American white!  At least, according to Belafonte.

In other words, a “real” black American is any black man or woman who remains stuck in the mud of American history and refuses to climb out.  We had slavery in America.  So did countless other countries throughout the world and throughout history.  We had segregation and Jim Crow in America.  Many other countries throughout history have held similar practices.  The difference between America, (the founding of America, not while under British occupation) and the rest of the world is that we ended it fairly early in our own history.

Harry Belafonte is living in his own denial of American history.  Although he marched with Martin Luther King, and supported him, Belafonte clearly has never really known King.  Would King ever call Cain a “bad apple”?  Would King have rejected Cain’s rise from poverty to wealth and independence?  Would King ever call Cain a “sell out” or “Uncle Tom” – a traitor to the black community?  Is Cain living Martin Luther King’s “Dream”, or would King view Cain as a nightmare within, and for, the Black community?

In other words – what the hell was King marching for?  Was it for blacks, like Belafonte, Al Sharpton, Samuel L. Jackson, Cornell West, et. al., to advocate that the only way for black Americans to realize “real” equality in America is for all of black  America to remain poor and enslaved to government?  Or was it for blacks, like Cain, Clarence Thomas, Condaleezza Rice, Thomas Sowell, et. al., to advocate that all of black America break free and realize their true potential, their true self worth and the true American/King Dream?  Just which was the “Dream” of Martin Luther King?  Slavery or independence?

Belafonte added:

The Republican party, the tea party, all those forces to the extreme right have consistently tried to come up with representations for what they call black, what they call the real Negroes.”

What conservatives are looking for, what we “try to come up with”, is people who represent, and are representative of, American conservatism, regardless of whether they are black or white.   Men and women, regardless of color, who hold strong, conservative, American values like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Conversely, liberals look to blacks and all they see is a voting block that will continue to vote Democrat so long as they (black Americans) can remain brainwashed – stuck in the mud of American history -  into believing their struggles and hardship in life are still the result of white racism in America, not their own faults, or their own bad choices.

How can one find “life” while encouraging that life remain indentured and enslaved to one’s own government?  How can one find “liberty” while supporting perpetual dependence on that government?  How can one pursue “happiness” while clinging to eternal poverty and waiting for the few crumbs, the few pennies, handed out by their government; just enough of a handout to keep you coming back for more time and time again?

Was that Martin Luther King’s Dream?

The good thing about “bad apples” is that often we can eat around the “bad” and still find the benefit, the value, the nutrition from the rest of what the apple has to provide without throwing the whole apple away.  Harry Belafonte is the “bad” part of the apple.  The apple, of course, being and representing black America.  And we don’t need to throw all of black America away just because some parts of it are bad, and rotten, and sour, and are sucking and leeching off the rest of it.  There is plenty of “good” left in that apple for all Americans, black and white, to find benefit and value in.

Wasn’t that Martin Luther King’s Dream?

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Al Sharpton: “Authentically Black” Or An “Authentic” Black American Sell Out/Uncle Tom?

According to Al Sharpton, among others, who have decried the rise of Republican candidate Herman Cain, he is adamant that any black American who holds conservative views, such as Herman Cain, cannot possibly be a real black person.  Of Herman Cain, says Sharpton:

I would assume he is either socially ignorant or playing games to get votes, that he couldn’t possibly have grown up and come to that conclusion unless he was one or the other.”

For anyone who has actually ever listened to Herman Cain speak, to call him “socially ignorant” is a racist, bigoted and “ignorant” statement to make, even coming from the prominent and esteemed race baiter/racist, Al Sharpton himself.  His contention that Cain is “playing games for votes” is pathetic.  How many times have we listened to Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other so called “authentically black” Americans play the race card in front of black audiences to garner support for liberal Democrats “to get votes”?

Herman Cain grew up in the “deep south”, being born in Tennessee, during segregation and Jim Crow.  For Al Sharpton, who has no claims to the south whatsoever, having been born and grown up in Brooklyn, NY, to claim that Cain has “forgotten his roots” or has abandoned them for votes, shows Sharpton’s desperation.  He is losing his control over black America.  More and more blacks are turning away from Sharpton’s racist, anti-black rhetoric and embracing the pro-black wisdom of Herman Cain, despite Sharpton’s unfounded claim that Cain’s views are the ones “at odds with a majority of the black community” in America.

One has to wonder whether it’s white people Sharpton hates more, or if it is black people he more despises.

Sharpton’s definition of “authentically black” means that a black man or woman must oppose freedom and independence and embrace slavery to, and complete dependence on, government.  In other words, the definition of being “authentically black” is the same definition of being a liberal.  And should a black man or woman denounce this, should they rather embrace the concept of freedom and liberty, in Sharpton’s anti-black and racist mind, these black Americans are the real sell outs and Uncle Tom’s.

Could it be that Al Sharpton is the one putting on the “black face” here, pretending to be black, mocking blacks, degrading blacks, all at the expense, and for the amusement of, white liberals?

Herman Cain, as former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is a self made man.  This irritates race baiters like Sharpton because Cain never went looking for a handout from the federal government.  And Sharpton knows that any black American looking for a handout must first go through him, or Jesse Jackson, or some other middle man, and pay tribute to them for protection, counsel and representation.

In other words, Sharpton is running a mafia-like scam and racket within the black community.  It’s not criminal in the legal sense, but it is, and most reprehensible, in the moral sense.

It is Sharpton who hates black Americans who can, and want to, think for themselves.  Because those blacks that can have no need to pay Sharpton to think for them, or speak for them, on their behalf.  And that takes money of out Sharpton’s pockets.

Sharpton wants “authentically black” Americans to remain engrossed in the distorted lies and propaganda that liberalism – and white liberals – have disseminated for decades; that blacks still live under an umbrella of white racism in America; that blacks continue to be left out and held down because of white racism in America; that blacks are being intentionally denied economic, financial and educational opportunities because of white racism in America.

Fine.  But all black Americans, “authentic” or not ought to realize that the white racism that is alive and well in America can be found most prominently and directly within liberalism and the Democrat Party; that it is Al Sharpton who has willingly enslaved himself to liberalism and the Democrat Party; that he wants all black Americans to put on the shackles anew, to renounce and abandon conservatism, because it teaches and instills the idea that we really are all created equal.  He also wants black Americans to continue paying him for his “services”.

For – it is impossible for Sharpton, and other “authentic” black American sellouts, to make their living – to make a living – when they have made that living, and based that entire living, on the premise that black Americans are still unequal in America, and still have a long way to go to being equal in America.

Know this – so long as black Americans continue to listen to, heed, pay attention to (and pay money to) black garbage like Al Sharpton, they will continue to be told (sold) a counterfeit bill of goods, and they will continue to remain enslaved to the liberal premise that they are unequal.  And thus, if they believe they are unequal, they will live their lives as though they are unequal and they will never make any attempt find equality because their education into equality begins and ends with the manipulative teachings of Al Sharpton.

Herman Cain is the real deal.  Herman Cain is a real black American and a real “authentic” American.  Herman Cain is living proof any black American can been born into poverty and rise above, and out, of it to become wealthy and independent.  Herman Cain is living proof that equality among black and white Americans does exist.

Al Sharpton, conversely, is living proof that idiocy is indeed color blind.

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Is Reverse Racism Still Racism If It’s Black Americans Being Racist? (If Not, Then What Do You Call It?)

American liberalism has whitewashed the fine line between what many black Americans consider to be racist behavior.  Apparently if you are a member of the Tea Party, you are a racist by default.  And if you are a conservative, black American (whether you are a member of the Tea Party or not, but especially if you are) you are both racist and an “Uncle Tom”.

But what if you are a liberal, black American that goes around screaming racism at the top of your lungs?  Ask Maxine Waters about it.  Ask Morgan Freeman.  Ask Samuel L. Jackson about it.  And ask these people in St, Louis about it.  Why do we not have the courage to take people like this to task and call them on their own racist behavior?  And if these aren’t examples of blacks being racists themselves, what in hell would one call it?

For too long, blacks in America (and this is referring to those blacks which identify themselves as liberal, progressive, Democrats), and spurred on by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have gotten away with the double standard that because America once was a slave nation, blacks, no matter what they do or say, or how they conduct themselves, cannot be racists.  (Unless they are black conservatives)  That is one of the greatest lies of liberalism.  Another great lie of liberalism?  It teaches and propagandizes to blacks that they are still being oppressed by white America.

In actuality it is liberalism, and liberal values, that teaches and instills these repulsive ideals into the minds of black Americans.  It is liberalism, and liberals values, that seeks to intentionally oppress black Americans and keep them disenfranchised.  It is liberalism, and liberal values, which promotes government dependency, a welfare state, more and more social programs to keep black Americans from ever realizing their true potential; to keep black Americans from having any opportunities of moving up in society, moving away from government dependency, moving out of poverty and into the middle and upper classes.

Conversely, then, it is conservatism, and conservative values, which teaches and instills just the opposite of what liberalism teaches – that black Americans have self worth; that black Americans can be independent; that black Americans can move up in society and realize unlimited wealth potential; that black Americans can throw off the shackles of liberalism and rejoice and bask in real freedom, already guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, which conservatism, and conservatives (white and black) are fighting to preserve.

So why, then, do so many millions of black Americans still allow themselves to be spellbound and brainwashed by liberals, by Democrats, by other arrogant, conceited black Americans who are only concerned about power for themselves?  Why do so many millions of black Americans still desire to be told, over and over, they are the ones being oppressed; that they need to be dependent on government – and that it is conservative, white Americans, and conservative, black, “Uncle Tom” Americans which are keeping them from living the American dream?  And why do these same black Americans so violently condemn other black Americans who do throw off the shackles of liberalism, who do embrace conservatism, who do join the Tea Party?

Why do liberal, black Americans insist that those conservative, black Americans who are able to overcome the hardships and difficulties in their lives, to move away from the poverty, the crime, the crumbling infrastructure, poor education and housing, etc., have themselves become the “Uncle Toms”?

The answer may not be easy to digest.  But the reason why is obvious.   Jealousy!

There is no other reasonable explanation for it.  For the millions of black Americans who cannot dig themselves out of their own hardships and difficulties, (and the reasons are numerous) they have embraced the liberal mantra that their hardships and difficulties are not their fault but white America’s fault, and due to white racism, and have allowed themselves to be blindsided by liberalism, and black race baiters, for decades because listening to this nonsense has given them some emotional and psychological comfort.

It is the growing number of conservative, black Americans who are rejecting liberalism’s disturbing, its own racist, values, which have irked the remaining liberal, black Americans.

There is, and there will continue to be, a tug of war, an earthquake like rumbling within the American black community as more and more black Americans take off the blinders of liberalism.  There will be violent struggle.  There will be millions of black American who, by their own free will, remain lost and bewildered, and left behind.  But for the remaining millions of black Americans the aftermath, after the walls of liberalism have crumbled and fallen down, and the rebuilding process begun, will be glorious.

The only remaining question, then, is – for those Americans who are black, where will you be in the aftermath?  Will you be found?  Or will you continue to retain your liberalism in stubbornness, in vane, and remain lost in your own jealousy?

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Why Liberals Always Play The “Conservatives Are Racist” Card

Very simply, it works.  And liberals do it to deflect, detract and distract black Americans from their own racist streaks.

We’re still discussing, analyzing (and mostly mocking)  Morgan Freeman’s silly, misdirected tirade against the Tea Party.  This was not long after the Tea Party “suffered another setback” when Maxine Waters put in her two cents.  Now we have a brand new rant from an old, tired face, Janeane Garofalo,  She has called Republicans racist for Supporting Presidential contender Herman Cain.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Tea Party, it is a:

• Grass roots movement within the Republican Party that is fighting to bring back the core conservative values which they, and many other conservatives, feel has been watered down to the point that it has become almost impossible to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will reign in fiscal spending and reduce the size of government.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will cut taxes.   Its very name is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.

The Tea Party is largely responsible for helping conservative Republicans win back the House of Representatives in an historic sweep in the the 2010 mid term elections.  A feat, a devastating shock and a major set back which liberals have not, nor will they, ever get over.  This is why Hollywood liberals like Morgan Freeman and Janeane Garofalo play the “conservatives are racist” card; why liberal politicians like Maxine waters does; why liberal pundits like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, etc., do it; and why the liberal media establishment does nothing to expose their lies, their hypocrisy and their own racist, anti-black views which liberals have harbored for generations.  It it Janene Garafalo who is the racist!

In the above link, she has called Republicans racist for supporting Herman Cain; a business man, a candidate for President of the United States (winner of the Florida Straw Poll) and a black man.  She attests that supporting Cain helps “hide the racist element within the Republican Party”.

Ladies and gentleman – conservatives cannot seem to win.  Conservatives were called racist for opposing Barack Obama, a black man, during his successful run for the Presidency.  Now we are called racist for supporting Herman Cain, another black man, in his bid to become the second black President of the United States.

What’s going on here?

Herman Cain is both black and conservative.  This is double dynamite to liberals who view any black man or woman who rejects liberalism, who embraces conservatism and conservative values, as sell outs.  It is the reason Clarence Thomas was so vilified during his confirmation hearings; it is why Condoleezza Rice was mocked during her tenure as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush; it is why Herman Cain will not receive any support or love among most black Americans.  And if Cain wins, if he becomes the second black American President, as a conservative he will be excoriated, raked over the coals and torn to shreds by the white, liberal media establishment and Hollywood liberals like Garafalo, as black Americans like Morgan Freeman, black politicians like Waters, the majority of whom are Democrat, do nothing to stop it.

It is conservatives who love other conservatives, regardless of whether they are black or white, or even hispanic or latino, as in the case of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.  (He is very seriously being considered as a Vice Presidential candidate)  Why would conservatives, if we really were racist, support a black man for President and a latino for Vice President?

Conversely, it is liberals like Garofalo, Freeman, Waters, Matthews, etc., who hate, despise and loathe any and all conservatives, including those who are black.  And it is why they see no hypocrisy, no racism whatsoever in their own words and beliefs (which are blatantly racist and filled with racist overtones) regarding conservatives, including those who are black.

Who are the real racists here?

It will be interesting to see, if Herman Cain does become the candidate of choice, whether or not liberals will insist on continuing to play the “conservatives are racist” card, and whether black Americans will oblige them, or finally begin to see liberals for the real racists that they are.  It will also be fascinating to observe liberals and their reaction to a Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or another white candidate becoming the Republican choice for President, and whether liberals will still cry “racism” for not more vigorously and enthusiastically supporting Cain.

However loud the “conservatives are racists” cry is now, and during the 2012 Presidential election, from liberals both black and white, an intriguing development is occurring in America.  Not only is America becoming more conservative, but more blacks are themselves throwing off the shackles of liberalism and embracing conservatism.  It is evidenced by the black exodus which is occurring, and for which the 2010 Census indicates.  More blacks are fleeing the oppressive, liberal north for the more inviting, conservative south which offer blacks better living conditions, less crime and more job opportunities with more competitive wages.

In the next ten years, as this steady migration among blacks from the north to the south continues, as more blacks become conservatives, as more states become “redstate” conservative states and Democrats and liberals lose even more power and influence, one thing is for sure – that cry of “conservatives are racists” will be most loudest among white liberals and less apparent within black circles.  That cry of “conservatives are racists” will be drowned out by a rousing conservative “Huzzah!” by both whites and blacks shouting in unison, in harmony, in the spirit of American conservatism, in the spirit of America itself.

And white liberals will have nowhere, or no one, to play their “conservatives are racists” card to.  Except themselves.

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