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Although I am secular I am nonetheless a conservative.  I reject the premise that it is secularism which is in of itself evil or misguided, or that being secular is somehow immoral.  Rather, it is liberalism and the liberal agenda that is inherently immoral and evil, and destructive to America and the rest of the world.  Conservatism by its very nature forces one to be constrained, to confine oneself, into a set core of values.  This is actually a good thing.  (And yes, it is possible to adhere to these values independent of, but not diametrically opposed to, religion.)  Whereas liberalism by its very nature promotes a “free for all” mentality which is akin to chaos and disorder.  How could that possibly be a good thing?

I am pro-life, pro-business, pro-capitalism, but I also passionately support the rights of animals, conservation and preservation of wildlife, nature and the world’s ecosystems from a conservative outlook.  I would hope to see, and would support, creating “no-kill” states with regards to the heinous practice of euthanizing animals who have been abandoned, which cannot find good, caring homes or cannot otherwise be financially cared for by shelters.  Humans are most to blame for this.  Humans, not animals, need to be penalized.  As for animal overpopulation in areas, rather than culling them (killing them), controlled sterilization is still the most humane manner in which to solve this problem.  Expensive?  Perhaps.  Is that a problem?

I am not an apologist for religion (not directly), although I have grown up and grown enough courage of my own to understand that religion is not the enemy, not the obstacle, not the overriding problem we face – that would be liberalism.  If I am an apologist for anything it is for conservatism itself, for which happens to be comprised predominately by religious people.  When more secularists grow up and grow some courage of their own and realize that religion is not their foe, perhaps more secularists will abandon irrational liberalism for the rationality that is conservatism – and the mix between religious and secular conservatives will be more evenly split.

For those conservatives (otherwise religious) that might have doubts, misgivings and mistrust toward me I say to you – I say to all of you:

If at any time you doubt my sincerity with regards to conservatism and conservative values; if at any time you doubt the courage of my convictions – challenge me!

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent blog!

  2. Thank you. Let me know how I can improve upon it, move more people towards it and engage more constructive conversation, if you can think of any ideas.

  3. Very interesting blog! I added a link to this blog on my blog. I hope it brings you more traffic!

  4. jan4life on said:

    I love you, neosecularist. You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! Keep up the excellent writing.

  5. And this is the reason you are wrongheaded….

    Dogma is the problem. When you decide on “side” is always to blame you will, for a certain percentage, err. Pick logic, not a political ideology. Be an independent thinker. It’s not as much fun as having a bunch of amen corners, but you won’t make yourself a fool pandering to them.

    I’m a secularist myself. And a libertarian with socially liberal leanings. What you call “conservatism” is statism. Fascism, lite. You don’t have any links about the economy. It’s all culture war nonsense. See, this is why the republican party is a joke. This is why the republican party lost the presidential election and senate. You people need to stop coming off as sexually repressed creepers. The best way to start is (ironically) the old bill Clinton mantra: It’s the economy, stupid.

    And I don’t mean leaning on trickle down bs, which no real economist backs. I mean actual, old school accounting, real spending cuts (not the GOP version, either — “defense,” too), and unfortunately paying off the debt you and those other clowns made with taxes. Yeah, actual tax revenue. Not cuts. Revenue. If we don’t our children will choke on our debt. We need to be grown ups. For once.

    So, yeah. You were playing culture wars and avoiding the actual problem we have. Typical loon. Meanwhile real conservtives like me had no realistic chance of fixing this problem with an actual, viable presidential nominee — thanks to “conservatives” like you, who obsess over condoms and Limbaugh witticisms. Way to be constructive. Now look what that got us.

    Think really hard before you do this culture war crap. Really hard. No one wants to vote for a party obsessed with people’s sex lives and crap. Talk about creepy and weird. People WILL vote for a party concerned about fiscal responsibility though. Chew on that.

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