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Scott Walker Wins! Democracy Lives In Wisconsin: People 1; Union And Liberal Thugs 0

WOW!  What a day in Wisconsin that was – and one that will live in infamy.  Governor Scott Walker beats his Democrat opposition, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett handily, easily and by a wide margin.  There was nothing close about this race as this map will indicate.  The people of Wisconsin, en masse, reelected Walker despise all the union and liberal thuggery and the negative campaigning against Walker by the liberal press.  It was absolutely amazing that amount of people who came out and voted, the sheer intensity of which was on the side of sanity, of reason and of democracy – yes, democracy.  We had heard that died, but we knew it wasn’t so.  Aren’t liberals just the whiniest bunch of sore losers you’ve ever seen?

Now, on to the big question.  Is this win going to at last settle everyone’s mind to the fact that Wisconsin is not the progressive stronghold liberals thought it was?  No.  Liberals will never be convinced Wisconsin is moving towards conservatism, though it clearly is.  Not as rapidly as we would like, but these steps are encouraging.  What is also encouraging is watching liberals disintegrate and beat their empty heads against each other trying to figure out why and how Walker won.  What marvelous, magnificent, brilliant answer did they arrive at?

Their one and only answer was money.  Scott Walker, it is true, was able to outspend Barrett, but that is hardly the reason why Walker won.  The Democrats could have outspent Walker and still lost.  They could have dug into Obama’s stash – he’s got a billion dollar war chest after-all.  Walker still would have won.  Why?  Because this election was never about money, or how much money each candidate had at his disposal.  Thus reelection, this recall, was about ideas.  Walker has them, Barrett doesn’t.  Walker is leading Wisconsin out of deep hole created by unions, progressives and pensions.  Walker solved that crisis, which is what brought about the recall.  How did things go so terribly wrong for Democrats?

When the people of Wisconsin were able to fully understand that it was their money going to fund pensions, and that all Walker had done was to defray a tiny amount of that cost onto the actual recipients of those pensions – the public union employees themselves – rather than raise taxes even more on the people; and when the people of Wisconsin were able to fully understand the deep-seeded arrogance, the belligerence, the hostility, the ruckus, the outrageous display of indignant tempers these uppity public employees showed, the people of Wisconsin were able to fully understand exactly how selfish and how rotten these public union employees have been, and were being, and how dishonestly unions and the Wisconsin Democrat Party have been towards the facts concerning Walker, the state budget and pension costs.

For all the belly-aching and crying liberals have been doing, in particular those liberal commentators on MSNBC, CNN, the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) and all the liberal MSM outlets, it’s been a complete waste of their time, and a sham.  The people of Wisconsin are turning away from progressivism and liberalism.  Democracy lives, as evidenced by the fact that there was a recall even allowed, and that the people had the opportunity to recast their vote for or against.  The vast majority of Wisconsinites chose to retain Walker – that is democracy.

What is also a sham is the actual amount of people in Wisconsin who support unions, and support their taxes going up to continue funding public pensions, welfare and the nanny-state concept.  The people of Wisconsin are far more wise, much more intelligent, entirely more educated in politics that liberals give them credit.  And let’s not forget that Democrats had to bus in loads of union supporters from other states.  When do you ever see conservatives do that?

And when do you ever see conservatives threaten to kill a sitting politician?  But liberals do.  And while liberals of all stripes are beside themselves, grieving, mourning, rocking themselves gently to sleep, wondering just what has happened to their world – conservatives have never been more upbeat and excited for America, for democracy, for freedom.

Walker’s win by no means was the equivalent of putting a sign out in front of Wisconsin saying, “Unions not allowed in”.  And Walker is not trying to get rid of unions.  But he is trying to make unions own up to their responsibility, their fair share of the pension costs – and for that unions declared war on Walker.  Remember, it was cowardly Democrats who ran away from the fight, rather than stay and duke it out with Walker.  There can be no doubt about just how terrified and scared liberals are of conservatives, which is why they always try to fight their battles in courts of law friendly to liberal persuasions.

What does all this mean for the Presidential election and Romney’s chance of taking Wisconsin away from Obama?  A lot.  Never mind the exit polling you’ve been hearing about from the liberals MSM.  It’s bogus, rigged and phony.  Romney is gaining ground in Wisconsin, and both he and Obama are virtually tied right now.  That bodes well for Romney, not Obama.  If Romney takes Wisconsin, that leaves Obama needed a win in Indiana or Ohio, or some other red state he didn’t win in 2008.  In other words, Obama needs to retain all the blue states he won last time around, but if he loses Wisconsin, where can go to pick up the extra electoral votes he needs?  Because all the red states that McCain won in 2008 will vote for Romney.  But the blue states that Obama carried in 2008, minus Wisconsin, leaves Obama scratching at the dirt looking for where he can pick up those extra votes.

Walker’s win was huge for Wisconsin, and it will be huge for America as well.  The Democrats may not have realized it, but they just gave Republicans and conservatives the strongest indication yet as to how the Presidential election will unfold.  Just think, if this recall never had happened, conservatives would still be worried that Wisconsin was out-of-bounds for them.  But not anymore.  Now, it’s the Democrats who have to worry whether or not they will keep Wisconsin for Obama.  Will Democrats learn anything of value from their historic blunder?  Or do they simply like the taste of their own feet too much to stop shoving them down their throats?

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One thought on “Scott Walker Wins! Democracy Lives In Wisconsin: People 1; Union And Liberal Thugs 0

  1. Very well said.
    I am putting you in my blog roll

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