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Who Is Brett Kimberlin? Conservatives Need To Know! (Inform The MSM Too)

Apparently Brett Kimberlin is an American terrorist who stops at nothing to silence his critics, including intimidation and murder.  He is also a liberal activist (surprised?) who has been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry.  And, one more thing – we are all supposed to be deftly afraid of him coming after us if we speak about him, literally.

Kimberlin seems intent on silencing everyone, any way he can, who speaks about him.  But isn’t that an act, a form, of cowardice in of itself, from someone who does not want to put on a defense?  Isn’t it the coward who uses verbal threats and intimidation tactics from a far distance so as not to actually have to confront the person they are attacking?  And isn’t that the epitome of liberalism?

Kimberlin spend time in prison for his terrorist activities and while there he began suing everyone, including the victims of his attacks.  Despite his lifelong criminal activity, he is, or has been, supported by liberal foundations.  We might understand why Soros would support him.  Do we understand why “Unfunny Girl” Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry gave him money?  Who else is contributing to him, and has any of this money been used in his intimidation of all the bloggers who have written about him?  What is their connect to Kimberlin?  How closely related to Kimberlin’s activities are they?  And – why haven’t they been questioned by the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. for their involvement?  What, and who, is protecting and sheltering these liberal elites from prosecution?

There is a very suspicious, evil and criminal element loose in America that is helping Kimberlin evade further prosecution.  That same criminal element is aiding the likes of Soros, Streisand, Heinz-Kerry and anyone who is, or has, funded Kimberlin.  Their intent is to silence not free speech, but conservative speech and those conservatives who have courageously written about Kimberlin and exposed his criminal past and his current dealings.

Our silence is what Kimberlin is counting on.  Our silence provides Kimberlin, and all his assorted associates, the cover they need to freely operate, to freely attack, harass, intimidate.  Kimberlin is apparently able to do this shielded within his Justice Through Music Project, which brings together popular bands and musicians who in turn help get young people involved in politics (the Democrat Party) and to protest on behalf of the Democrat and liberal agenda and to get out the vote.

We still have not answered the question – do any of these musicians know of Kimberlin’s past?  And if they do, is that why they associate with him?  What about the young people who are being sucked into this “Music Project”?  Do they know they are getting involved in, and committed to, a “Project” run by a terrorist?  And exactly what kind of “justice” is being called into action?  Well, anything that supports liberalism and helps defeat conservatism.  That’s how they define “justice”, and that undoubtedly attracts young people who have been inundated with anti-American rhetoric their whole public-school lives.

We must not be afraid to demand to know exactly what Kimberlin is up to.  We must not be afraid to demand to know how involved Soros is in funding Kimberlin and sheltering him.  We must not be afraid of the retribution he apparently wages against his critics, and for some reason is not arrested or prosecuted for.  We must not be afraid to take a stand.  Whatever Kimberlin is allegedly capable of doing, we must stand up to it.  Whatever proof of intimidation and harassment Kimberlin has conducted against his adversaries must be published and republished, and spread wide and far throughout the blogosphere.  We must press the MSM to become more actively involved in this as well.  We must press for more disclosure from Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and anyone else known to be, or to have been, involved with Kimberlin.  We must continue to find and expose all others involved with Kimberlin.

Who is Brett Kimberlin?  And who is Brett Kimberlin to think he can intimidate us?

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