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There Are Cuts On George Zimmerman’s Head, But – Who Put Them There?

How did these cuts find their way atop George Zimmerman’s head?

Real? Fake? From Trayvon? Or from Zimmerman himself?

This photo of cut marks on top of George Zimmerman’s head was initially, and intentionally, kept from the public by the liberal MSM who, in its biased and slanted journalism wanted Zimmerman to be absolutely guilty, without question, of killing Trayvon Martin.  Now that this photo has been published, and millions of Americans have seen it, what conclusions can we draw?

Either Trayvon did this to Zimmerman, or Zimmerman did this to himself.  On the other hand, even if Trayvon did do this to Zimmerman, did Trayvon do it as the aggressor, or was he actually defending himself against Zimmerman?  In other words, was Trayvon attacked by Zimmerman, because Zimmerman sincerely thought Trayvon was threatening him and Zimmerman feared for his life?  This may very well be an example where both Trayvon and Zimmerman were acting in self-defense, or where they both perceived they were acting in self-defense because neither really knew the other person’s intentions.

Due to a complete misunderstanding, there may not have actually been an aggressor, if both Trayvon and Zimmerman thought they were defending themselves from being verbally and physically threatened and attacked.  What that would mean is that neither Trayvon nor Zimmerman is legally guilty of committing a crime, because, from a serious misunderstanding, each person thought they were being, or going to be, attacked and physically harmed, and rather than second guessing the other person’s motives, each one went on the defense.

What ramifications could that possibly have here in America, if neither Zimmerman or Trayvon is guilty?

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3 thoughts on “There Are Cuts On George Zimmerman’s Head, But – Who Put Them There?

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  2. Anyone who has heard the 911 tape of Trayvon Martin screaming for help knows George Zimmerman is guilty. Yes I do believe it was the kid on the tape screaming and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. Also on the Zimmerman tape he said he knew the kid was in his “late teens” but in court less than 24hrs before he was released on bail he looked straight at Martin’s parents and said he thought Martin was just a couple years younger than he was. Zimmerman is violent, severely mentally ill, he lied in court, and let’s face it, he’s not all that bright. Sad state of affairs on all sides, and if he doesn’t get convicted because of the stand your ground law, I fear people may riot.

  3. Molly on said:

    David I completely agree with everything you said. If anyone has ever cut their head or seen a cut on someone’s head knows that even the smallest cut bleeds like crazy. That picture that is supposedly GZ’s head doesn’t convince me of anything. GZ got trigger happy in his SuperCop persona, killed Trayvon and then had to make it look like self defence…….his old buddy Taaffe probably cut georgies head and took pics!

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