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“CCOKCS” Are “CCUNTTS”: Kirk Cameron, Homosexuality And Hollywood Has-beens

A lot of backlash has sprouted up over Kirk Cameron’s comments about homosexuality.  First, here is what Kirk said that has ignited a firestorm of hate and anti-Christian bigotry.  (And remember, from the liberal point of view, bigotry is perfectly acceptable so long as that bigotry is directed at Christianity,Catholicism, Judaism – and now Mormonism.

In response to Cameron’s comments, former, and has-been, child celebrities from sitcoms dating back to the 1980’s have wormed their way back into the public conscience with a new “Funny or Die” video, calling themselves “CCOKCS”, which is an acronym for Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. Here is their video: (Warning: vulgar, but mostly childish, language)

This, by the way, is how all but forgotten, and better to have been left behind in our dusty memories of fonder times, now all grown up and still out of control, Hollywood child “stars” behave themselves into their adulthood.  They are, after-all, a product of Hollywood, and the influences of that particular culture.  Kirk Cameron was as well, but he escaped from it.  He grew out of it, grew away from it and – grew up.

Cameron’s remarks about homosexuality should not bother anyone.  In fact, what Cameron says about the gay and lesbian lifestyle is incredibly tame, compared to what Islam says about it.  What about what Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam say about it?

The words of these washed-up, dried-up, shriveled-up, insignificant , tiny “CCOKCS ” are sterile, as are the rants of others who have jumped on the “Let’s mock Kirk Cameron” band-wagon.  These same people who deride and ridicule Cameron would absolutely never, at least openly, use or spread the same venomous words they employ against Cameron on Muslims or black converts to the Nation of Islam.  So, why do they feel comfortable mocking Cameron?

Because if these same Hollywood celebrities were to condemn Islam and the Nation of Islam for how they perceive homosexuality (which is far more vitriolic and forceful, and with a greater hatred, than Cameron) Muslims, as they have a tendency to do would overreact in violent ways, calling for death, for fatwas, for heads to literally roll.  Liberal Hollywood jet-setters know this, and they fear the retribution that would entail.  They also know Cameron would not only not threaten them, he would probably pray for them – which one must accept is worse a fate to them than being beheaded.

Hollywood liberals, safe inside their beltway, and among their kind, will continue to bash, and “Twitter” away against, Kirk Cameron and any Christian or religious person or group (except for Muslims) who speak out against homosexuality.  And once in a while, former television “stars”, who can find no other way to make public appearance respectively will instead make public spectacles of themselves.

We do, naturally, have a curiosity as to what has happened to the children who starred in the sitcoms we watched decades ago.  Just as curiosity killed the cat, so too have these “CCOKCS” killed any curiosity we might have had about what happened to them.  Which is why these “CCOKCS” are really nothing more than dry, saggy, loose, wrinkled, disgusting to look at “CCUNTTS”.

Childish Celebrities, Untalented Nitwits, Talking Trashy

What comes out of these “CCUNTTS”  just made tapioca pudding and cottage cheese so much more appetizing!

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2 thoughts on ““CCOKCS” Are “CCUNTTS”: Kirk Cameron, Homosexuality And Hollywood Has-beens

  1. I am not quite sure I am getting your comparison with the Nation of Islam or Louis Farrakhan because part of the relevance of the CCOKC critique is that Kirk Cameron was once a child actor that more than likely worked around homosexuals.

    I can guarantee you that if Louis Farrakhan or any other representative of the Nation of Islam got on a major television show and proclaimed such beliefs, they would be vigorously attacked (though perhaps not by those that made the video that I linked to) and raked over the coals.

    You seem to have a fixation with Muslims, which I am curious about because for quite awhile now to be one meant that you’re open game for harassment and even bodily harm, so I don’t quite see when or how Muslims, in recent memory, were treated as some sort of protected class, which you imply.

    I think that the message that CCOKC brings, namely that those people that Cameron is criticizing are just people, trying to live their lives in a way that works for them (may not work for me, you or Kirk Cameron, in which case I would suggest to not have sex with a same sex partner) is just as valid as any other.

    Other people being content doesn’t bother me, and since I am not arrogant enough to presume what God–if such a being exists, which I doubt–wants, then I would just be quiet about such matters, and let them live their lives.

    There are a lot of people that are homosexual, as well as support them, so I am not quite understanding why they should be quiet while Cameron attacks their way of life.

    You wouldn’t, nor would I.

  2. The point is simple. Liberals will ridicule Christians (I am secular, by the way) in ways they would never think to ridicule Muslims or even members of the Nation of Islam – both groups do have histories of violent behavior, especially when they are themselves ridiculed, or feel their religion is being threatened. All Cameron said was that homosexuality was “unnatural”. Big deal. The part of Christianity he belongs to adheres to that principle. However, nowhere is he advocating for the killing of gays and lesbians. Muslims do. And when one is a Muslim, unlike a Christian (of which there are myriad sects and representations) if a Muslim speaks out in favor, praise or solidarity with a principle in opposition to the Qur’an, like homosexuality, he/she is generally murdered, at least in Islamic countries and strongholds. Liberals in America will not condemn Muslims for this because they are generally cowards at heart, and know they would be putting their own lives in danger, and the lives of their families, should they talk against Islam. So far as me, personally, speaking of Islam – it is that part of Islam that is violent, terror-driven,murderous and for which we are at war with that I condemn and speak about in no uncertain terms.

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