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The “War On Women” Is All About Abortion (The Daily Kos Proves It)

The Daily Kos links to an article at with “war on women” as its highlighted title link regarding a bill being pushed through in Tennessee that would put the names of doctors who performed abortions in a publication listed online, as well as provide more information about those abortionists.

Here is how it looks on The Daily Kos:

•  The War on Women continues, this week in Tennessee, where Republicans aren’t concerned about the privacy of women or the safety of doctors:

Doctors who perform abortions in Tennessee could see their names listed online, and women who undergo the procedures could be unintentionally identified under a bill pending in the state legislature.

So we have myriad liberal feminists decrying a “war on women” all over the fact – and it is now fact because it is on The Daily Kos, and they never lie about anything – that conservative lawmakers are working endlessly to save the lives of unborn children from the women who would abort them, who would want the right to abort them, who would want taxpayers to pay for the abortions.  We can argue about whether or not putting the mother’s name on the list is going too far.  Her name ought not be there, but as for the bill itself, if abortionists are that ashamed and embarrassed to have their names associated with the abortions they perform – what does that tell you about the doctors themselves and the overall practice of abortion itself?

And as for the “war on women”?  Women and young girls all over the Muslim world are being systematically beaten, tortured and murdered every single day.  In fact, while you are reading this, a woman or young girl is being beaten by a Muslim man who wants to control and dominate her.  Another woman or young girl has just been sold off to pay a “humiliation” debt – where the girl humiliated her family by being raped.  And yet another woman or young girl has been murdered.

But here in America, where the real “war on women” is raging, conservatives are sending women back into the Dark Ages according to whacked out feminists like Angelica Huston all over the right to kill an unborn child.  Someone needs to snap these delusional feminists out of there loony, tripped-up trance and point them back to reality.

Conservatives are waging a war to save lives – unborn lives.  If that justifies calling it a  “war on women” than words no longer have any meaning.  And what does that tell you about liberal feminists who put more value on words than they do on the unborn?

And – how many beatings and murders of women and young girls have there been just in the time it took you to read this?

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