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Feminists Complaining About The “War On Women” Ought To Keep Their Mouths Shut

The so-called “war on women” supposedly being waged by men (conservative men) like Rush Limbaugh is baseless, without merit, and extremely shallow, self-centered and just plain BS, and just as low and calculated as what Sandra Fluke is trying to do to Georgetown University by demanding it provide free contraception.  If these pathetic worthless feminists want to see a real war on women – look here!  Some American women, it seems, are just too spoiled, and have been so, rottenly, all theirs lives, to see how tremendously well off they are living in America, being Americans – and not living elsewhere, and being something other than Americans, like subjugated, dominated, repressed and oppressed, and controlled by men in a real war on women.

What is going on in Afghanistan against women, by its own government is a true war on women that even conservatives would be, and are, appalled at.  Real men, and certainly American men, do not treat women like they do in Afghanistan or anywhere else in Islamic controlled societies.  And an American government, even run by staunch conservatives, would never uphold the vulgar, demeaning anti-women rules and laws that President Karzai has just agreed to.  What Karzai has accepted, solely in order to appease the Taliban, which is gaining renewed strength in Afghanistan, is 100% unconstitutional in America.

The “code of conduct” issued Friday by the Ulema Council as part of a longer statement on national political issues is cast as a set of guidelines that religious women should obey voluntarily, but activists are concerned it will herald a reversal of the trend in Afghanistan since 2001 to pass laws aimed at expanding women’s rights.

Among the rules: Women should not travel without a male guardian and women should not mingle with strange men in places like schools, markets or offices. Beating one’s wife is prohibited only if there is no “Shariah-compliant reason,” it said, referring to the principles of Islamic law.

In America, the war conservatives are waging is a war to regain the respect both for women and for life itself.  One would never know that listening to the MSM, or any liberal outlet like the Arianna Nation, The Daily Kos or even The Daily Beast.  Conservatives do not support any laws that allow husbands to beat their wives, keep their daughters out of school and illiterate, marry them off to the highest bidder or to settle a family disgrace.  They do that to women and girls in Afghanistan and most everywhere else in Muslin dominated societies.  Sharia law allows for that – which is another reason to fight to keep such barbarism as Sharia law out of American courts, and out of America itself.

Sharia law allows for, condones and sanctions the legal mistreatment of women and girls.  Where in the American Constitution does it allow for that?  Where in American law are women not equal to men?

When liberal feminists cry “war on women”, what they are really crying about is any restrictions on the right to kill an unborn child in the womb, which, if it is allowed to live, dooms a woman to motherhood, and keeps her out of the work force.  Compare the so-called “war on women” in America to the real war on women in Afghanistan and elsewhere where Islam reigns.  The paltriness, the feeble-mindedness, the gall these liberal feminists have in calling conservatives anti-woman because we are pro-life.  It’s all to distract from their own culture of death, anti-male agenda.  The “war on women” liberal feminists purport exists, if it is anything, is a cultural war against trashiness, sleaziness and decadence itself, not a “war on women”.

Conservatives fight to ban abortion in most cases, except to save the life of the mother.  How is that anti-woman?  We also fight to ensure religious institutions are not forced to dispense services that go against their religious objections.  How is that anti-woman?  We fight to remove “safe” sex education in public schools because to teach anything other than abstinence only is a complete act of betrayal between the teacher/adult and the student/child.  How is that anti-woman?  And yet, for that, liberal feminists call us sexist, anti-woman and misogynist – all because we care about the lives of unborn children, and the lives of impressionable teenagers (both male and female) and we don’t want to see them led down a path of moral destruction – which liberal feminism, and its dogmatic mantra does.

Women and girls are being brutally beaten, tortured and killed all over the world under Islam in a real war on women, and garbage like Terry O’Neill, Cecile Richards, Nancy Pelosi and all your usual liberal feminist suspects feel as though they are second class citizens living in a past age where they have no rights, no voice, no control over their bodies because conservatives fight to ban abortion.  Women like that, who hold those views, exceeding arrogance as they are, ought to keep their mouths shut and look at what is going on in the rest of the world.  The Taliban and radical Muslims aren’t the only ones waging a war on women.  Disgusting, despicable, repulsive liberal feminists are the ones waging a war on women, and what it means to be a woman.

And whatever “war on women” liberal feminists have manufactured and created out of the nothingness that has replaced the area that once held their brains, pales in comparison to the war being waged against women and girls in Afghanistan.  In Afghanistan women and girls do not have any rights at all, except the right to be beaten, tortured, raped, sold and killed by their husbands and other male family members.  What conservative advocates for anything remotely similar to that for women in America?

War on women in America?  What war?

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