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Respect for Women Means Being Abstinent And Pro-Life

We can blame women directly for men’s ill-behavior toward them.  If women don’t want men acting like “animals”, women ought not to encourage them to give into “animalism” and the behavior for which women decry as being sexist, degrading and anti-woman.  It is the fault of women – those women who themselves have no respect for themselves, their own bodies and that of life itself.  And it is also the fault of men – those men who enjoy having sex with women, but do not want to marry them first.

If a woman is an advocate of “free” sex, sex before marriage and sex with multiple partners, what kind of a man is she going to attract other than a man who himself only sees women as sex objects, someone to delight in for a few minutes and whom he never has to see again?  What does any woman expect, the lower she lets slip her moral standards, the reaction to a man is going to be who is literally being invited to partake in her, ravage her body and then walk away without having to worry about the consequences?

In other words, men who truly respect women do not have sex with women outside of marriage, and women who want men to respect them don’t flaunt themselves in front of men, for men and to attract men for the sole purpose of sex.  Having sex, wanting sex and engaging in sex is human nature.  But humans are not the animals they once were, long, long, long ago.  Either women need to start respecting themselves, and their own bodies, by keeping their bodies closed until they are married, or women need to shut up and stop whining about how men are “sexist pigs”.   Either women want to be degraded, taken advantage of, used, treated like a piece of meat, chewed up and then spit out – or they want to be shown more respect.  Men don’t respect “loose” women any more than women respect “loose” men.

Women can’t expect men to be both respectful of them, but also lustful towards them.  Women can’t expect men to behave cordially around them, if women themselves are saying “come here” with their eyes and fingers.  Women can’t expect men to look away from women the more of themselves they put on full display.

So, how does any man – how is it expected any man will – as a boy who learns in school that having, and experimenting with, sex with girls is a normal part of adolescence and growing up, then grow up to respect women after he has spent his teen years “making friends with” as many teen girls as he could?  And girls are being taught the same thing as well, with regards to boys and their bodies.   Here, on the one hand, there is a demand from liberal feminists that kids know all about “safe” sex and how to have “safe” sex with one another (because they are going to do it anyway, and public school teachers, rather than take up a position of responsibility reverse course and instill irresponsibility) and on the other hand, liberal feminists are outraged, horrified and “shocked” with the amount of “gambling” going on in a girl’s or woman’s “back room”.  It’s a dangerous double standard being played by women.

Teaching kids sex at their age, and sex before marriage is normal, does not instill respect in one another.  Whether boys and girls abstain from sex before marriage or not, the longer they hold off into their adulthood, until they are married, the more respect they will have for one another and the fewer unwanted pregnancies and STD’s that will result..

Yet, the same worthless liberal feminists that demand a very thorough teaching of sex education be taught in public schools, where impressionable young boys and girls are being told that having sex at their age is perfectly normal (and won’t be prohibited, interfered with or frowned upon by their teaching staff) are the same hypocritical women that call men “sexist pigs” and decry being degrading by the very men who, as boys, learned in public school – from the dogma of liberal feminism – that it’s perfectly normal for them to view girls and women as sex objects, and to give into their carnal desires.

Ladies and gentlemen – how does taking away the truly greatest power a woman has over a man, namely her virginity, create a respect for women?  Liberal feminists are the “Frankenstein” which created the monster in the first place.  And now they cannot control their creation.  Is anyone surprised?

Liberal feminists, “worried” about the rise, or the prevalence, of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in young girls and women, rather than teach girls and young women to respect their bodies by abstaining from sex, encourage them to “just do it”.  But liberal feminists never tell impressionable young girls that so-called “safe” sex can still result in both pregnancy and STD’s.  Is it any wonder, then, why these same liberal feminists demand there be free contraception available, and abortions?  If young girls and women “loved their bodies” enough to abstain from sex until married Planned Parenthood would be out of business.  So would liberal feminism.  Both are certainly morally bankrupt.

There is absolutely nothing “prudish” or “backward” about boys and girls, young men and women, waiting to have sex until they are married.  Women can’t demand all men stop looking upon them as mere objects if they themselves are the ones giving men the green light to “go”.  Women can’t demand men stop their “sexist” attitude towards them if they themselves have the attitude that sex in an unmarried relationship is normal and acceptable.  Women can’t blame men for degrading them if they are degrading themselves by being so sexually open with their bodies.

If respect is a “two-way street”, why do so many women allow themselves to travel down that street in the wrong direction?  Isn’t it obvious, sooner or later, there will be a collision of a consequential magnitude?

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