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Obama Must Fail!

Obama must fail!  And conservatives must keep up the pressure, and the attacks, just as Obama will be doing, in order to ensure Obama does fail.  If our own lives are too busy, too complicated, too frustrated with financial and economic insecurities and worrying about when our next pay check is going to come in, hoping it will be enough to endure another two weeks – until our next check – that we don’t have the time, the energy, the interest or enthusiasm in anything else (politics especially) to understand or care what is going on in the world, beyond our own lives – why is that and whom do we most have to blame?  Barack Obama!  When Obama fails, America succeeds.

The American Dream is not about living paycheck to paycheck, whether that money comes from the  job we work at or from the welfare we collect from government, both of which are not enough to survive on in this economic catastrophe.  The American Dream does not revolve around having government confiscate our money, and more and more of our money, to pay for programs specifically designed to entrap more of us in a web of government dependence from which we cannot escape.  The American Dream is defined by rugged individualism, making a life on one’s own without the aid of government, and certainly without the government bearing down on you; being able to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labors without having the government take more and more of that fruit away.  Obama’s appetite for devouring more fruit from your labors is a priority with him.  Obama must fail!  When Obama fails, America succeeds.

What happens every time the government does take more of what we earn away from us?  We either have to find another job to supplement what has been confiscated, or we have to find ways to do with less.  Who wants to work two or more jobs because our government keeps taking more away?  Who wants to do with less, or have to wait for those luxuries we otherwise could be enjoying for ourselves right now, but aren’t because our own government keeps taking more and more away?  Our money is not paying for our own pleasures like it should, but most likely for someone else’s.  Do we go to work for the benefit of ourselves and our families, or for the benefit of the federal government?  Barack Obama and the Democrat Party seem to think so.  Which is why when Obama fail, America succeeds.

We do have a serious problem in America in that millions of people are either out of work and unemployed or they are underemployed and unable to earn enough to live on.  Obama demands those of us who are fully employed to shelter and care for those people who can’t, or won’t, provide for themselves.  In doing so, Obama has made it extraordinarily difficult on business to hire new employees and pay them enough to provide for themselves, which in turn makes it extraordinarily difficult for those of us unemployed to find a job, and those of us underemployed to find a good paying job.  In other words, the types of policies and regulations Obama and the Democrat Party have enacted are the reason why millions of Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, and why business must lay off employees, cut benefits and salaries and raise its prices.  Which is why when Obama fails, America succeeds.

How does it make sense to support policies and politicians that want to keep taking more away from someone when all that does is hurt everyone from the top on down?  When government takes something away from business, or makes it more difficult for business to operate, isn’t it obvious that business will be slowed?  Democrats, and Obama think just the opposite.  Or they want you to believe they think the opposite, when they really know that what they are doing is extremely harmful to business.  They believe that in raising taxes on business more people will benefit when in actuality all that is happening is more people are suffering because they are being forced to live with less.  Which is why Obama must fail!  When Obama fails, America succeeds.

However, if Obama and the Democrat Party succeed in their objectives, more Americans will find themselves out of work, more businesses will fold, and Obama will use that as an excuse to expand and grow the size of government under the guise that government must provide a safety net for all the Americans out of work.  It’s not terribly hard to understand that the more you tax and regulate a business, the more likely that business will be doomed.  Which is why if Obama succeeds, business will fail.  Therefore, when Obama fails, business succeeds.

The more government takes away from a business, the more business must make up for the loss.  If and when a business can no longer remain competitive it fails.  Right now, you are paying more for food, gas and everything else because business has been so heavily taxed and regulated by government that it cannot remain solvent without passing off the cost of those taxes and regulations onto you – the consumer.  Because of the policies of Obama and the Democrat party you are paying more for items that otherwise would cost less and be more competitively priced.  As you are paying more, you are left with less for yourself, making it that much more difficult for you to remain independent.  The less independent you are, the more likely you are to become dependent on government.  The more dependent you become on government, the more government must grow and expand to meet your needs, and the needs of  all the others now facing their own economic disasters.  Obama caused this through his own mischievous policies.  Which is why if Obama succeeds, we all fail.  Therefore it must be Obama who fails.

By making you less independent, and by making your life more miserable in the process; by making it harder for business to stay afloat and competitive, Obama is helping no one but himself and the Democrat Party.  The only way to get out of this mess is for Obama to fail.  Because when Obama fails, America succeeds.  American business succeeds.  Americans, all of us, succeed.  Either Obama fails – or America does!

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