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Dead Or Brain Dead More Likely To Vote Democrat

The living, and those people with a working brain are, and have been, an obstacle for Democrats.  They have found a way around that by enlisting the dead to vote Democrat.  We have known Democrats have been doing this for years (decades), now here is some proof to back up the claim.

Apparently the list of illegal aliens is drying up, which gives some credibility that, in numbers and percentages, illegal aliens really are becoming more scarce in America.  Either that, or perhaps less interested in politics.  What about cartoon characters?  Probably too many copyrights to deal with and it’s not worth the hassle of a lawsuit.  And animals?  There is that moral and ethical issue there that even Democrats are uncomfortable with crossing – that and PETA.

But the dead have always appealed to Democrats, which may explain their love affair with abortion and assisted suicide.  After-all, the more living and unborn they can kill off, the more names they can add to their registry of  “eligible” voters.  And it is a fact that more dead people vote Democrat than vote Republican.  Just as it is a fact that more Democrats will vie for, and pander to, the dead and their votes than would Republicans.

It’s probably another reason why Democrats are so opposed to voter ID.  Imagine a dead person showing up at the polls to vote, only to be asked for identification.  That’s another thing “you can’t take with you”.

There has always been fierce competition among candidates for votes.  Never before has there been more of a push from one party, Democrats, to secure this particular voting block, the dead.  This can only be explained as being the result of fewer and fewer brain-dead living individuals, which is more evidence America really is becoming more conservative.  And it lends credence to the idea that the smarter and more intelligent one is, the more likely they will be a conservative and vote Republican.

Democrats – they don’t want the living to live, and they don’t want the dead to rest in peace.



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