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Boys Do Not Belong In The Girl Scouts (Even If They Think They Are Girls)

After one courageous fourteen year old Girl Scout decided to take matters into her own hands and protest her organization for letting in a boy who thinks he is a girl, liberals predictably declared war on her.  Liberals have called her a “bigot” and labeled her as “holier than thou“.  Now, imagine a conservative telling a sixteen year old girl, say an atheist, she is an unholier than thou bigot” for her public fight to ban a Christian prayer banner from a public high school.  Imagine a conservative writing – “Jessica Ahlquist, you are a smug and intolerant, insensitive, bigoted, unholier than thou little fool who should have minded her own business”.  How would liberals react to that?

The Girl Scouts are so named for a reason, and it did not happen by accident.  They are (or were) an organization comprised solely of, by and for girls.  Not boys, and not boys who want to be, or think they are, girls.  There is nothing “heartbreaking” about denying a boy entry into any organization meant exclusively for girls.  Parents who haven’t sense enough to tell a boy he is a boy, and not a girl, are doing that boy and his psyche irreparable harm and are failures as parents.  That is “heartbreaking”.  Boys and girls are different, and gender discrimination, and separation, and creating organizations and clubs exclusively for boys and for girls is not a bad idea.

In any event, even if a parent goes along with their boy’s insistence he is a girl, perhaps hoping it is merely a passing phase in the child’s life, when he comes to them and tells his parents he wants to join the Girls Scouts, they ought to draw the line right there and tell him that no matter how much he identifies with being a girl he is still a boy, and a very confused boy at that.  They ought to explain to their son it is highly and extremely inappropriate for him to invade a space created for girls, and they ought to ask him how he thinks the other girls would react to having a boy in their midst, and how their parents would react.

What this boy has done is incredibly selfish, and he is probably too young to understand that.  He needed his parents to explain that to him.  However, Lisa Belkin, writing for the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) is plenty old enough to know the difference.  She says:

Watching the smug video of a Girl Scout from California as she went viral yesterday asking us to boycott those cookies as a protest against — gasp — the policy that allows troops to include transgender children who live as girls, all I could think was “what were her parents thinking?”

Her parents were probably thinking – “gasp” – what a brave daughter they have, knowing the condescending remarks others would make against her, such as at the hands of rotten, human filth like Lisa Belkin and Jamie Peck.  Whether or not her parents had a hand in helping her with her video is unclear.  And if they did, so what?  Is Lisa inferring she was forced by her parents to make the video?

(UPDATE:  Jessica has posted a YouTube video of her success.  Liberal hypocrites like Lisa Belkin would condemn a Girl Scout for posting a video on YouTube reflecting her values, but it is a safe bet Belkin won’t be  condemning Jessica any time soon for hers.)

What is very clear is that the parents of a very confused little boy have had a hand in helping him destroy his life, and at the same time an organization, the Girls Scouts, which is steadfastly eroding in moral values.  At a time when this boy needed his parents to be strong, and to dispense sound and rational advice to their son, they caved.

Which is worse for the child, telling him to come to his senses that he is a boy, not a girl?  Or letting him go on with the charade and ruin not just himself, but the Girl Scouts as well, and all the girls who thought they were joining an organization exclusively for them and for their gender?  Or do girls no longer have the right to seperate themselves from the boys, if one boy thinks he is a girl and demands to be let in?  And where else will this lead?

There are consequences, and not just for the boy.  The Girl Scouts have made accommodations for him to be included in their all girl organization.  What is going to happen when other boys who think they are girls are let in, or boys who know they are boys and that is why they want to be let into an all girl club?

Lisa touts her own son, who left the Boy Scouts, and she is very proud of the reason why.

Many years ago, my son, who was still in elementary school, left the Boy Scouts in a similar — but very different — protest. That organization had done the opposite of what the GSA just did ; the BSA went all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for the right to ban gays as troop leaders.

So my husband and I sat Evan down and explained discrimination, and the responsibility of every individual, even a nine-year-old, to fight against it. We quoted the line about evil being triumphant when good men do nothing. He loved the Boy Scouts, but he trusted his parents view of the world, as children usually do. We have that kind of power, we grown-ups. And we have the responsibility to use our powers for good.

Was her son being “smug”?  Lisa certainly was, and she is now, being “smug”, and quite hypocritical.  She assumes the parents of this Girl Scout put her up to the video and the protest and condemns both the child and her parents.  But Lisa fully admits it was her, and her husband who had a hand in their son leaving the Boy Scouts.  And probably more of a hand.  Her son “trusted his parents worldview”.  Well, why should this Girl Scout trust her parents worldview also?  Shouldn’t she expect her parents have the responsibility to use their powers for good?

Well, you say, don’t Taylor’s parents think they are doing exactly that? If they truly believe that a youngster struggling with questions of identity and gender is a threat to their child, then aren’t they obligated to spread the word?

I am not using this space to question their beliefs, as intolerant and sanctimonious as I might find them. And I’m not even questioning their right to share those beliefs with their daughter. What I am here to question is their parenting.

But this is exactly why she is using this space, in the Arianna Nation, and what she is doing is expressing her own “intolerant” and “sanctimonious” beliefs.  It is her parenting, as well as her reasoning, that ought to be challenged.  She is the one demanding respect for one child, while she explodes in a fury of indignation and complete lack of respect for another child.  Does she expect every girl in the Girl Scouts is going to be comfortable, or should be, with a boy, with other boys, included?  Or should girls, and their parents, just shut up and accept it or risk being called a “bigot”?

A girl should expect that when she joins an all girl organization like the Girls Scouts she will be surrounded by girls – not boys  who think they are girls, or boys in general.  Why should any girl either be compelled to accept that gender confused boys, or boys with raging hormones, can now be Girl Scouts, or be forced to leave?  And why should she be the one made to feel uncomfortable, intolerant, unfeeling, “smug” having  joined an organization originally formed for her gender?

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