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Welfare Recipients, Members of Congress All Ought To “Pee In A Cup”

Is it really too much to ask (demand) from welfare recipients that before they be illegible to collect any government money they first must be able to show they don’t have a drug addiction?

Millions of Americans are on welfare, and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are being siphoned away from working Americans to feed the laziness and sloth, and drug addictions, of many men and women who do collect welfare checks.  Requiring them “to pee in a cup” to prove they are clean, and therefore not likely to abuse the generosity of the American taxpayer is a very small price to bear.

The idea was sponsored by Republicans in Georgia, but ought to be revisited by Republican members of the U.S House of Representatives.  Forcing someone to submit a urine sample to prove they are clean and sober before they are handed over a taxpayer subsidy is not in the least bit controversial, nor ought any member of state or federal congress be so snobbish as to cringe at the idea.  In many businesses, job applicants must do the same thing before they are considered worth hiring.  Why should it be any different for someone collecting a welfare check; money which originally belonged to working Americans?

There is already enormous waste and fraud within welfare.  One of the ways to clean up this program and organize it into a more efficient means in which to actually help those Americans who truly need assistance, and who will not take advantage of it, is to throw out those worthless blights on society whose only purpose in collecting a welfare check is to turn around and “redistribute” that money back into the hands of their local street corner drug dealer – who does not pay taxes, by the way.

A hard thing to make happen.  Democrats and liberals are overly eager to dispense taxpayer dollars to anyone they feel is likely to help keep them in power, so naturally providing someone on welfare, even a junkie who would use that welfare check to buy drugs with our tax dollars, does not pose a problem to them, so long as Democrats can be certain that individual drug user will aid them in their reelection.  Which is exactly why Democrats scoffed at the idea of having welfare recipients “pee in a cup”, and why they refuse to consider such a measure.  And why Democrat sympathizers and puppets like John Stewart of The Daily Show ridicule the idea.

Assistant Minority Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) called the Republican drug test scheme unfair and insulting.

He is not the lone Democrat find the idea of submitting a urine sample “unfair and insulting”.  The reason exposes his own racism, and the racism of all liberals and the Democrat party.  In other words, Democrats, knowing that despite the fact that the majority of people on welfare are white, there are still millions of blacks on welfare.  Isn’t it obvious Democrats like Clyburn have the preconceived notion that a sizable population of blacks on welfare are themselves drug users, and forcing them to submit a urine sample would, by proving it, throw them out of the welfare system?  That would endanger the survival of the Democrat party, wouldn’t it?  So it is Clyburn himself, all Democrats opposed to welfare recipients “peeing in a cup”, who only oppose the measure not because they find it “unfair and insulting”.  Rather, the idea scares the hell out of them, because they fear losing support and voters.  This is what their opposition is really all about, plain and simple.

Republicans must have the courage to keep this issue at the forefront of any legislation dealing with welfare, where billions of dollars every year are misappropriated, mishandled and misplaced.  Republicans ought to demand from Democrats, who would oppose welfare recipients submitting a urine sample, how they can justify handing over taxpayer money to someone, anyone without any checks or balances.  In other words, how does this help the person and the family who really is in desperate need of government assistance?  If more money could be provided to help those in real need, isn’t it logical to remove the scum and vermin from the welfare roll which would only use the taxpayer subsidy for illegal and illicit purposes?

Or are we, those of us who work for a living, and work hard for a living, only to see our earnings ripped away from us by government, supposed to remain silence, obliged by our government to accept that some people on welfare are going to use our tax dollars in ways the welfare system was never intended or designed for?  Who the hell do Democrats think we are, that we would just shrug our shoulders and brush off the abuse and mishandling of the welfare system?

The arrogance of Democrats and liberals would have us believe that welfare abuse is no big deal; that so long as those in need are getting help, so what if “some” recipients are taking advantage of the system.  Deal with it, so Democrats say – those who reject legislation compelling welfare recipients to “pee in a cup”.

Because so long as government allows taxpayer money to be funneled into the hands of greedy, irresponsible and immoral welfare recipients, the rest of the people on welfare who are not so despicable, not so corruptible, not so easily tempted to misuse the money they are provided with are getting, and will remain, screwed, along with every single American taxpayer who has seen their earnings liberally dipped into and confiscated by our own government.

Yes, absolutely, force all members of congress to “pee in a cup” as well.  What’s wrong with that?  Make them provide a urine sample every two weeks before they can collect their taxpayer funded salaries, and make them continue to provide a urine sample after they have retired and begin collecting their lucrative pensions, also taxpayer provided.

And wouldn’t it be nice to make air heads like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Nancy Pelosi “pee in a cup”?  Wouldn’t we all like to know what they have been smoking?


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