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Just Let The Kids Starve To Death Already

Is there a better way to wipe out hunger in America than using taxpayer funded PBS muppets to brainwash children, scaring them into thinking there is no hope, no solutions, no answers to one of America’s most puzzling and perplexing dilemma’s to be found anywhere but in big, expansive – and ever-expanding – expensive government programs?

Despite the fact that America produces enough food to feed every single American citizen, enough to satisfy fullness and prevent anyone from going to bed, or to school, hungry, including the 11 million or so illegal aliens residing in parts “unknown” throughout the U.S., we are still dealing with the reality that over 46 millions Americans are on food stamps – and that number continues to grow, and about half of all Americans remain on some type of government assistance program – and without doing anything at all, or continuing to do the same thing, relying too heavily on government “handouts”, we can expect that percentage to rise.

We need viable, realistic, cost-effective alternatives!

How did we become a nation founded on “rugged individualism”, and the principle of self-reliance and independence, to a nation of utterly inept citizens, scores of millions of Americans that have gone back to the pacifier and mother’s milk?  If, when one enters adulthood, if becoming, and being, a man, or woman, is marked by leaving the nest, what does that make those of us that revert back to it?  The American Experience was designed in part to end government’s monopoly on our lives.  We are supposed to be in control and in charge of our own destinies.  Not government.

Somehow, over the course of the past 80 years, from FDR’s “War on the Great Depression” to LBJ’s “War on Poverty” government has slowly but surely crept deeper and deeper into our everyday lives.  Since Obama became President, that pace of government expansion, government interference, government dependency has quickened.  We don’t seem to be as alarmed as we ought to be.  And, unfortunately, too many of us are relieved with the increasing relevance of government control, too comfortable passing on our problems to government.  But the quicker we are in letting government solve our problems, the quicker government is to use our problems against us, for their gain.  Don’t we know that by now?

The growing number of Americans, and Americans children in particular, going hungry, is but another example of how government has taken a problem that could have easily been resolved through other means, and turned it into a way for greedy, unscrupulous Washington politicians to enlarge government, create and expand unnecessary government programs, fuel those programs by printing money that does not exist; using deceptive tactics to scare Americans into believing taxes need to be raised to further fund these social government programs which millions of Americans now rely on; and, by using frightening language, spreading fear among these millions of Americans – and their children – they will be forced off these programs without an increase in taxes and made to suffer the devastating consequences.

It is this irrational reliance on the federal government, this unnatural obsession with clinging to government that has produced a bumper crop of hungry, starving Americans.

Federal government has absolutely no business providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any type of snacks or food to school children.   How did we allow this mess to be created in the first place?  How did we allow it to escalate?  It is out of control, and the only response from politicians is to expand it.  And with the number of hungry Americans steadily rising, will we ever get a firmer grip on it?  Can we get a firmer grip on it right now?


Although farm land in America continues to diminish, through advanced technology, farmers are nonetheless able to produce a surplus of crops, enough food that if properly dispensed could feed every single “starving” child and “food insecure” muppet in America.

Yet, Washington politicians continue to play politics with our, and our children’s, stomachs.  In other words, if your children are going to school without first having had breakfast, it is because our own federal government is holding hostage the surplus of food American farmers produce annually.  Their demands for releasing this surplus?  Keep them in power and keep their programs alive and well-funded; keep yourself dependent on government (them), and keep thinking you need government (them) for your every need, your day-to-day survival, and for ensuring you and your children will have food on your plates come tomorrow.  Give in to their demands by forking over the food to them, and they will distribute it throughout all of America’s public schools.

We can do better!

There is a tremendous, untapped opportunity to put an imposing dent in America’s hunger crisis using Not for Profit agencies and organizations that, working together, and in direct conjunction with, local farmers, local governments and local food banks, can ensure no one, no one child, is left hungry and no one is forced to rely on the federal government for food.  The only involvement the federal government ought to have in this is providing substantial tax relief to those farmers that are willing to contribute a portion of their surplus to their local communities.  States can also benefit farmers by providing tax relief to farmers.

The food to feed the hungry is there.  It exists now.  Getting it to the people who need it, and how the food is delivered is what is at issue.  Not for Profits, and the millions of people who volunteer to aid these organizations, can do a better, faster and more cost efficient job at dispensing food than the federal government.

By removing the burden of government, and the taxpayer, from having to subsidize food to the hungry, billions, perhaps hundreds of billions, of dollars overall will be saved; scores of programs that deal with hunger can be eliminated.  Less government bureaucracy, less government red tape, less government dependency means less government.

By taking these steps, we can easily eliminate hunger in America so that no child, or muppet, need go hungry, or rely on government to provide them with their meals.

Millions of Americans are starving for more than food.  We are also starving for creative solutions, outside of government.  Does the federal government, and do politicians, have the courage to allow this to happen?  Do we have the courage to ween ourselves off the government pacifier?

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